Pageant Training Basics: Part 3

This is the final part of the three-part series on the things you need to know regarding the basics of pageant training…
What do you need to mentally prepare for a pageant? Today’s final blog post on the basics you need to know about pageant preparation and training covers three intangibles:
1. Q&A/ Interview
2. Personality development
3. Pageant etiquette

Have a Winning Personal Introduction – The personal introduction answers the common question: Could you tell us something about yourself? A winning introduction is one that describes who you are, what you are interested in or passionate about and what makes you qualified for the title. It is something short of a short but concise way of selling yourself to the judges. It should pique their interest so that they ask you more questions about yourself. If judges are asking you more personal questions, it means that they are interested with you.
Don’t Fake It! – Faking your answers during the interviews is one of the biggest mistake you can make. Always be truthful and honest when asked about your opinions but remember to be nice and polite when saying your piece. If you do not know the topic, you can respond telling them you don’t know much about the topic or  ask to clarify the question. You can try to take contextual clues from the question itself. But if the answer escapes you, be honest that you have limited knowledge about the topic.

Get to Know Who You Are – there is an exercise book used by a number of personal/ life coaches that can be useful for pageant girls. The book forces you to know yourself better on a personal, psychological & emotional level. Who are you? What values do you stand for? How would you describe yourself as a human being? How do you define your humanity? Those are just a number of tough questions you have to answer as you work introspectively on yourself. Knowing who you are is the best confidence building exercise you can ever do. It trumps any other cosmetic confidence booster as you are strong in your core foundations.
Practice Makes Perfect – commit to frequent and regular practice for interviews, walking, hair and makeup preparation, and training for physical fitness. Aside from the mental preparation, nothing beats the added boost of knowing you prepared physically for the competition at hand. This means that you bring yourself at your best for the pageant.

Stop Comparing Yourself to Other Candidates – there will be times when your confidence will be tested specially at the midst of competition. Stop yourself when you start comparing yourself to other girls. Stop yourself when you find yourself getting envious of other girls’ wardrobe or physical traits. Know that who you are is enough to make you win.

– It pays to be professional in pageants without loosing your personality. If you are the quiet type, no need to put on an outgoing front just to get the judges and organization to like you. If you are the naturally outgoing type, then be just that, without making it appear that you aren’t taking the pageant seriously.

Etiquette and Attitude Matters – acting like a Diva or like God’s gift to pageantry will not get you anywhere. Do not act as if the world revolves around you because it doesn’t. Nowadays, pageant orgs have a hand in selecting the semi-finalist or even the winner. So if they see you as a potential problem to work with then you might not get the chance to even advance to the semis, much less to win the title. You have to go into the pageants with the mindset that you are competing with ladies who are just as qualified for the title as you. So do not think you are superior in any way. Learn a thing or two on basic etiquette so you don’t look out of place when you are dining or talking with sponsors, politicians, and judges.
That concludes the basics of pageant training. We here at Sashes&Scripts encourage pageant hopefuls to be selective with who they get as coaches and mentors. Make sure that the ones you work with are ones who you feel good working with and one who will make you take ownership of your pageant journey.
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Pageant Training Basics: Part 2

Most pageant girls who are aspiring to join competitions at the local or national pageants are usually lost when it comes to pageant training and preparations. More so for those who are without resources, financial or otherwise to contact, pay and be trained by pageant professionals and coaches.

Our three-part series aims to cover a wide range of topics on a pageant girl’s preparations for those who are still new to pageantry. Our topic today  includes two key points that all pageant girls must know and learn:
1. Pasarela/ walking exercises
2. Posture/ Poise

The Pageant Walk
More commonly known in the Latin world as the ‘Pasarela’, the pageant walk is loads more complicated than the catwalk modelling that we see on fashion shows. In fashion shows, the model is selling the clothes she wears. In pageants, the pageant girl has to use the clothes to show off her personality and ‘sell herself’ to the judges as the potential winner.

There are multitudes of methodology in terms of teaching how to walk but it must all involve 3 major aspects: Stride, Turns and Center of Gravity.
CENTER OF GRAVITY – Emphasis on the body’s center of gravity should be paid attention to as wearing high heels forces the body to arch the back, makes both the pelvis and chest thrust forward, the butt clenches and sticks out, the muscles of the calves are tightened, and the body’s center of gravity is shifted forward. The body does this to compensate for the weaker balance. (I would suggest everyone to read more here.) This makes the posture look alert and looks very visually appealing.
STRIDE – when  walking in heels, a woman’s stride becomes shorter because of the change in the center of gravity of the body*.  When walking in a straight line the hip movement is exaggerated as the pelvic bones sways higher because of the elevated heel. Studies show that the change in gait makes women look more attractive**. This is why catwalk coaches emphasize the hip sway and longer graceful stride.
TURNS – Most pageant coaches would also advise to walk from the heel to toe but that is easier said than done. High heel forces the entire weight of the body towards the ball of the foot instead of the more spread out pressure on the entire foot.  This is why it is better advised to take two half turns than a full turn as it may throw anyone’s center of balance.

Body Posture for Pageants
Pageant hopefuls are taught to stand, sit, pose and smile a certain way.  Emphasis is made on proper posture. While high heels tend to pull up the body straight and upward, it does not guarantee the best visual posture that pageant girls might aim for. The head has to be held perpendicular to the floor and should not held forward. The neck should be in alignment with the shoulder. The shoulders shouldn’t be rounded but straight, no over arching of the back and the knees should not lock tight.
THE POSE – In some cases, the pageant stance requires some adjustments to make the girls look taller, leaner and visually longer. This is why some pageant coaches teaches their student to twist their hips higher with whichever foot is forwarded to create an illusion of longer legs. Some would advise pageant girls to put their hands on the hip instead of the natural waist to emphasize a smaller waist. Or to keep their hands at the sides to create a longer visual appearance.

Nowadays, there are no hard and fast rules on how pageant girls are to sit properly in closed-door interviews. Some may still adapt how the royals sit by slanting their legs and tucking one ankle at the back. This is called the Windsor tuck. Others may prefer crossing their legs, provided that they aren’t wearing short skirts.
THE PAGEANT SMILE – there are a number of ways to smile. Most common is the full on smile with teeth showing. This is the most common pageant way to smile, but this could be tiring and could potentially dry your mouth. A trick pageant girls use is to use vaseline on your teeth and gums to make the teeth look shinier and to prevent drying of the mouth. Then there is the smaller smile with teeth. This is perhaps the best type of smile as it won’t tire you quickly. Then there is the smirk, or the shy smile without teeth. This is the most enigmatic type of smile, and certainly very intriguing. Then finally we have the “smize” which Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach is so fondly known for. It is a type of ‘sexy face’ that uses more of the eyes than the lips.
A good pageant coach can explain more of these in detail and could tailor-make the type of smile, pose and walk that would work for a pageant girl’s personality and body type. This is why selecting a pageant coach that can give you more one-on-one coaching is important. So be very picky on who you want to work with.
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Pageant Training Basics: Part 1

After our blog post on whether beauty queens are born or made, we got a number of queries regarding pageant training. What areas does a basic pageant training and preparation should cover?
This three-part series will try to cover a wide range of topics on a pageant girl’s preparations. Today’s post will cover topics which includes:
1. Wardrobe building
2. Gym training and physical fitness
3. Makeup and hair classes

Essential Elements of Pageant Wardrobe Building
One must understand that being in your best means having a pageant wardrobe that showcases the best in you. A pageant wardrobe would usually consist of your day dresses and outfits, cocktail dresses for the evening activities, evening gowns and competition gown/s, swimsuits, a national costume, and an interview outfit. You are expected to have your own accessories and shoes (aside from those that the pageant sponsors would provide), makeup for daily use (as some makeup sponsors would only be present during prelims and finals) and personal hygienic products and toiletries.
More on pageant wardrobe building here and here. Continue reading “Pageant Training Basics: Part 1”

Are Beauty Queens Made or Born?

One of the biggest questions that pageant enthusiast would have to answer is a simple but complicated question: Are beauty queens made or born?
In this blog post, we will try to answer these questions as they pertain to whether beauty queens are made or are they born.
* Is it enough to be tall, blessed with good body proportions and pretty face?
* Is being pretty enough to win pageants?
* Is being tall an advantage in pageants?
* What do you prepare for in pageants?
* How long is a pageant training?
* What pageant training are available?

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Asia: Hosting All of 2018’s Alpha Pageants

Asia is currently the focus of every international pageant as four of the biggest international pageants are held in Asia. Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World are all being hosted in Asian countries which shows why this continent is the market that the Alpha pageants are fighting for.

Miss Universe in Bangkok, Thailand – with the finale to be held in December 17 (am, Bangkok time) it is expected that the spectacle will live up to its claims as the most prestigious pageant in the Universe. With an estimated USD$15 million budget, the Ms Universe competition is going to be a most awaited event that will be broadcasted live all over the world from the Impact Arena.

Miss World in Sanya, China – China is hosting Ms World yet again with the coronation of the winner on the 8th December, a day after it’s European rival, Miss Supranational crowns its winner.
Miss International in Tokyo, Japan – judging by the teasers we have been seeing on the Ms International’s official Facebook page, we are expected to see a very packed pre-pageant activities for its candidates. The MI pageant is one of the beauty contests that have the best pre-pageant activities scheduled every year. The finals will be at the Tokyo Dome on November 9.

Miss Earth in Pasig City, Philippines – the pageant is to be held live from the Mall of Asia Arena (which also hosted the Miss Universe 2016 pageant) on November 3rd. Notable to watch would be the opening activities of the pageant in the re-opening of the paradise island of Boracay!
The international pageant season is almost upon us and each country has started  their preparations for the international pageant competitions ahead (and for some at least mid-way through preparations). A huge majority have selected their respective reps to Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World with only a few still in the process of searching for their candidates for each pageant. Asia, with its rich cultural heritage and wealth of tourist attractions is certainly going to be welcoming these gals will arms wide open…

Does the Philippines Lack Quality Beauty Queens?

Several weeks ago I have read a very intriguing piece of essay/article that practically said this: the Philippines have many beauty pageants but it lacked quality in its queens. Add to it is the criticism that the country has too many pageants, candidates being unintelligent to answer simple questions, and a general downfall on the quality of Filipina candidates.

Let’s first address the biggest issue: Do we lack great quality queens? IMHO, that’s a huge “hell the f#ck no”! Continue reading “Does the Philippines Lack Quality Beauty Queens?”

The Biggest Scandals and Controversies of Miss World

The Miss World pageant has perhaps been the pageant that has had to endure the most number of scandals through its history.
10. Resignations galore – Helen Morgan of Wales and Gabriela Brum of Germany are two high profile resignations form the pageant. Helen was found out to be an unwed mother after her coronation which prompted the pageant to change their rules regarding unwed mothers joining the pageant. Gabriela Brum on the other hand was said to have resigned due to her posing on Playboy magazine prior to winning. MW is the only pageant among the Big 4 to have multiple resignations and dethronements.
9. Miss World Apartheid – one of the biggest stain in the MW brand was its involvement in the Apartheid issue in segregating a Miss Africa South and a Miss South Africa (one black and one white)in the 70’s. This practice continued until 1976.

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My Mister World Philippines 2018 Picks

Height is might, that is specially true in male pageants. On average, international winners tend to be at around 6’0″-6’1″ in height. So it is no surprise that the tallest guys are the ones on top of my list.

Before we get to our top 2 pick, here are three guys completing our top 5 for Mister World Philippines 2018. I might add that any of these three hunks would be a great rep in Mister Eco International.
* JB Saliba – he is all man and that is his best physical asset. This 5’10” hunk is competing against ‘boys’ and that is why he is my wildcard pick for the Mister World Philippines title.
* Robin Hanrath – standing at 5’10” and blessed with a boyish charm, this guy is definitely the best face in the competition. He is definitely the runaway winner for the Mister Photogenic award if there is such an award. He is my personal fave for the Mister Eco-International.
* Ricardo de Jesus – I remember this hunk from the Mister United Continents pageant in 2015. He stands  5’11” and his advantage is his very Filipino features. I have him as my Mister Supranational Philippines alternate.

Now on to my top two. Since both Mister Supranational and Mister World are two of the biggest names in male pageants, it would be fitting to send the two tallest candidates there. Either pageants would be great for the 6’4″ Marco Poli and the 6’3″ Ameen Sardouk. Personally I would prefer Ameen’s similar facial features with Andrew Wolff for Mister World. I know that Marco’s impressive height will be much appreciated in Mister Supranational. But I also think that Marco would be a good opening salvo in MW as he seems to have the polished looks that the pageant prefers. Eitherway, I would be fine who wins which as long as the two would end up with the top titles in the pageant.

Who’s Afraid of Catriona Elisa Gray?

We’ve asked this question before and we are asking it all over again: Who is Afraid of Catriona Gray? The answer seems to be still the same: Everybody!

Why is this lady such a remarkable pageant girl and what makes her a formidable force in pageantry? Truth be told, that is simply because like Miss Universe 2015, Pia Wurtzbach, she is out to prove herself in pageantry. Catriona’s latest appearance at the New York Fashion Week for the Sherri Hill fashion show was a major testament to her being a force to be reckoned with.
What was remarkable with this feat is that she became the Miss Universe hopeful to be invited to walk the show even before she competed in the international pageant. Iris Mittenaere, Dayana Mendoza, Ximena Navarette and Olivia Culpo only walked for Sherri Hill after they won MU. Of course we cannot discount the MU connection as Sherri Hill has been a major clothing sponsor of the pageant.

Does this bear any weight? No, not really, but it does give us a clue on the reach and clout she can give to the MU pageant should she become Miss Universe 2018.
Just imagine what she can offer to Paula Shugart, Shawn McClain, Esther Swan and the rest of the Miss Universe organization should she win. The pageant, tagged as the Superbowl of Beauty, would not need much effort on publicity as it will come free with any small move of the 5’10 Australian-Filipina stunner. They wouldn’t worry about her on media tours as she is a natural spokesperson for any organization, whether it be for promoting a foundation like Young Focus or for HIV/AIDS awareness for Love Yourself. She has charisma and draw that she could promote any brand much like Pia Wurtzbach did and still does. She could even possibly be the first Miss Universe winner to walk the Victoria’s Secret fashion show with her beauty and statuesque height.

There is so much that Catriona can offer the Miss Universe organization should she win. That Sherri Hill appearance is only a taste on what she can offer to a pageant organization, even more so with IMG|WME being an entertainment company. Can we mention the lady can sing? Another thing that a talent management company like IMG could put in on their prospective reasons to book her as a talent.
Those are reasons why every pageant girl aspiring to compete against her should be very scared. Catriona is not only there to compete, but she is there to bring something to the Miss Universe organization that other girls could only possibly hope to deliver.

Sandwich Wins in Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World

What is a ‘sandwich victory’? And what countries have claimed sandwich victories in the four biggest pageants in existence?
A sandwich victory happens when a country wins two titles within three years with a year gap between the two. Some countries might aspire for back to back wins but sandwich victories are more common and easier to achieve. The Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss Earth and Miss World are the most prestigious pageant crowns that any pageant fan would follow or for any pageant girl would aspire to win. And hence, the focus on these four pageants…

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Countries that Won Miss Universe and Miss World in the Same Year

What countries have had the Miss Universe & Miss World titles simultaneously? Well, read on and find out…

The Miss Universe and Miss World pageants ate two of the oldest pageant in in existence. So it is no surprise that they have been the most followed competitions by pageant fans around the world. To such a point that each has argued which title is more prestigious than the other. While there are other pageants like the Miss Earth and Miss International, there is no doubt that the aforementioned two are the biggest rivals in pageantry. We have already previously featured which countries have had multiple Alpha pageant wins in a single yearContinue reading “Countries that Won Miss Universe and Miss World in the Same Year”