No Miss Universe Pageant for 2020!

That is what Miss Universe Puerto Rico National Director Denise Quinones has confirmed in an official statement on the MUPR website.

The Covid-19 Pandemic has made such disruption that the Miss Universe pageant is the second Alpha pageant to cancel their 2020 finals. Initial rumors circulated that the original pageant date eyed was on December 6th in the US but with the mounting cases of Covid-19 related deaths and infections in the US, this is probably for the best. It is rumored that Miami is to host the next MU edition sometime mid-2021. What is confirmed though is the cancellation of this year’s finals to next year.
This would make Zozibini Tunzi’s reign as one of the longest Miss Universe reigns alongside Leila Lopes, Gabriela Isler, Natalie Glebova and Pia Wurtzbach.

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Below is the statement from Denise:

¨Unfortunately, this situation has affected all areas and our contest is no exception. Our priority is to maintain the health and safety of all pre-candidates and our team. We have kept in touch with them to find out how they are and let them know that we will give them more information soon. So far, the Miss Universe organization has not offered an official statement about the international pageant or the selection process, however, they told us that the event will not be held this year and that they are evaluating dates probably for the first quarter of 2021. This will allow us to have more time for the selection and preparation of the candidate from Puerto Rico. As soon as we receive instructions from the Organization we will be able to evaluate the available options. We trust that, As we have done for the past years, the decision made will be positive for our representation. We appreciate all the interest, support and affection that our followers have expressed in this process. We will keep in touch to let you know the next details of Miss Universe Puerto Rico 2020¨.

Endeavor: Facts, Figures and Financial Woes

The Miss Universe pageant’s parent company, Endeavor (formerly known as WME|IMG) is in a financial quandary.
Here’s how to make sense of all of these financial woes…

COMPANY NAME: Endeavor Group Holdings, formerly known as William Morris Endeavor Entertainment (WME or WME-IMG)
– Endeavor also leads a group which owns the Ultimate Fighting Championship and owns the Miss Universe pageant. It is headed by CEO Ari Emanuel and executive chairman Patrick Whitesell.
INDUSTRY: Entertainment Industry (talent management, live entertainment, sports, etc…)
– William Morris Agency was founded in New York in 1898.
– The Endeavor Talent Agency was launched in 1995.
– WMA and the Endeavor Talent Agency announced that they were forming William Morris Endeavor in 2009.
– WME and Silver Lake announced the acquisition of IMG for $2.4 billion in 2013.
– WME-IMG reorganized in October 2017 with the parent company being renamed from WME-IMG to Endeavor.
PRIMARY HEADQUARTERS: 9601 Wilshire Boulevard, Beverly Hills, California 90210, United States
OWNERSHIP STATUS: Privately Held (backing)
FINANCING STATUS: Private Equity-Backed
NUMBER OF EMPLOYEES: estimated between 5,000 to 10,000

NOTES ON FINANCES: Endeavor’s revenue was $3.61 billion in 2018 with a net income of $100.1 million after adjustments. Recent filings as of 2018-2019, the company is saddled with $4.6 billion of long-term debt, with total liabilities of $7.2 billion and $830.9 million in cash assets.

In December 18, 2013, WME announced the acquisition of IMG for $2.4 billion. The following years to come between 2015 to 2016, the company acquired several sports-related companies and events like the Professional Bull Riders, Ultimate Fighting Championship, as well as literary agency Rabineau Wachter Sanford & Gillett and the Miss Universe pageant.

May 24, 2019 – Endeavor Group files for IPO (Initial Public Offering). An initial public offering (IPO) refers to the process of offering shares of a private corporation to the public in a new stock issuance.

September 26, 2019 – Endeavor cancelled its planned IPO that was set for September 27. The cancellation was due to weak IPO demand.

March 25, 2020 – the company laid off around 250 staff as the sports and film industries continue to be on shut down amid the global spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

April 2020 – S&P Global Inc. dropped its credit ratings for WME|IMG and Endeavor.
– Endeavor is cutting, furloughing, or slashing the pay of one-third of its approximately 7,500 employees
– The pay reductions will proportionately increase according to base salary, from 5% to 30%.
– CEO Ari Emanuel and Patrick Whitesell, Endeavor’s executive chairman, are to give up the remainder of their 2020 salaries. 

April 27, 2020 – Endeavor decided to cut about one-third of its staff.

May 7, 2020 – WME announced that it would lay off or furlough roughly 20% of its work force.

May 11, 2020 – Moody’s Investors Service Inc. downgraded its outlook for Beverly Hills-based WME IMG Holdings to negative from stable, and lowered the company’s credit rating.

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IN HUGE DEBTS! Endeavor currently has an astonishing $4.6 billion in long-term debts and overall liabilities totaling $7.2 billion. And selling their assets is possibly one of the things they can do to pay creditors. Question is, will they sell the Miss Universe pageant? Your thoughts? What their debt means and how it may affect the Miss Universe pageant is on the link in bio! . . . . . . . #SashesAndScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #pageantblogger #pageantblog #Mikimoto #MikimotoCrown #MissUniverse #ConfidentlyBeautiful #MissUniverso #Endeavor #IMGWME #IMG #WME #piawurtzbach #catrionagray #paulinavega #zozibinitunzi #irismittenaere #gabrielaisler #demileighnelpeters

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Miss Universe Franchise Holders: Out with the Old, In with the New

Find a bigger business partner, remove the franchise from old partner, give the franchise to the new business partner, then front a former Miss Universe pageant girl for the new national pageant organization. Or look out for the local financier of the MU pageant, negotiate a 5-year franchise deal, then remove the franchise from the old partner to the new one…

That seems to be the current modus operandi of the Miss Universe pageant in finding new business partners to hold national franchises for the MU pageant.

NOTE: some of the points enumerated here maybe based on rumors alone, reader discretion is advised… 

Do you think money is the major factor in the transfer of these franchises? Do you think this will end here or will there be another casualty in the next few months?
Join in the discussions below…

How Much is the Annual Franchise Fee for Miss Universe?

Is the MU franchise fee is too expensive to pay for any pageant powerhouse country? How much does pageant franchise holders have to pay every year to the Miss Universe organization?

It is said that the Miss Universe pageant franchise varies from country to country. Smaller countries who have little competition in their hometown for a rival pageant could pay around US$ 10,000 for the annual fee. And if a country wins the MU title, they are exempt from paying the franchise fee the subsequent year.

In the Philippines, BPCI through its Chairperson Stella Marquez Araneta has a stable cash cow with the annual Binibining Pilipinas pageant thus is able to pay off the annual franchise payments. The BPCI stalwart has been able to manage 50 years of holding the franchise with her ability to manage the funds of the pageant. Pageant insiders has it that by the late 2000’s, the Philippines pays around US$ 40,000 annually. Rumored updated figures have it now between US$ 50,000- 60,000.

Alpha Pageant Franchise Fees
The (unconfirmed) Franchise Fee estimates of the Alpha Four Pageants…

During Mariangel Ruiz’ time the Venezuelan franchise was only around US$ 70,000.00 to 80,000. And she too had the misfortune of almost not being able to be sent to MU, until other countries stepped in to pay the lacking amount. But that was in 2003, recent reports say that the Venezuelan franchise fee may currently be around US$ 100,000. However, some pageant insiders estimates that it could be more and we may be looking at a figure between US$ 110,000- 120,000.

Those amounts seem to be too exorbitant compared to the annual US$ 10,000 franchise fees for Miss World. But that comes with a catch, each national organization has to select a national winner in a separate beauty pageant. And we know how extremely difficult it is to set up two national pageants for MW and MU. Just ask Osmel Sousa when he headed the Miss Venezuela oraganization. It is clear how the Miss World Venezuela pageant is less spectacular than the main Miss Venezuela pageant itself. Even the candidates of the MW-Venezuela are somewhat ‘recycled’ from previous MW editions. That is altogether a different expense that could impound to a struggling national pageant. Nowadays with three different national directors heading the pageant, the MW-Venezuela is selected from the pool of the MV pageant and is scheduled ahead.

Although the exact figures are unconfirmed, we are looking at huge amounts of money being spent annually. After all, the franchise fees are one of the sources of revenue for the Miss Universe organization. Rumor has it that the MUOrg’s parent company IMG Endeavour has since asked the pageant to be self-sustainable/ self-sufficient financially. Hence, we will be seeing increases in fees in the coming years and possibly even more national franchise turnovers…

NOTE: this post was originally published in July 2017 and is updated for relevancy and accuracy.

IMG|WME in Financial Trouble, Miss Universe Pageant Survival in Question

The Miss Universe parent company Endeavor, suffered another setback as its credit ratings has been downgraded to a “substantial risk”.

Endeavor, formerly IMG|WME, has its S&P credit rating lowered. It has been downgraded from B to CCC, which means that the company is currently vulnerable and is dependent upon favorable business, financial, and economic conditions to meet its financial commitments. The credit rating agency also changed the company’s outlook to negative.

S&P Global Ratings (previously Standard & Poors) is an American credit rating agency that publishes financial research and analysis on stocks, bonds, and commodities. S&P developed the standard rating scale used to rate both short- and long-term debt.


Endeavor currently has an astonishing $4.6 billion in long-term debts and overall liabilities totaling $7.2 billion. With a large chunk of its business is on live events like the Miss Universe pageant, the current coronavirus pandemic puts it in a more precarious state that it has raised questions about Endeavor’s ability to survive. Continue reading “IMG|WME in Financial Trouble, Miss Universe Pageant Survival in Question”

The Evolution of the Miss Universe Crown

With the introduction of the new Mouawad crown last year, let’s take a stroll back in time and revisit all the crowns used in the Miss Universe pageant…

This post is all about the crowns used in the Miss Universe pageant and how it has evolved through time. While I already have posted individually on each of the 9 crowns previously used of Miss Universe, I realized that I never had one post on all of them. Hence, we are featuring all of them in one easy post with links to the individual features on the crowns (to know more about the make, cost and years in use).

* The First Miss Universe Crown – The Romanov Nuptial Crown
Arguably the most expensive crown that has ever graced an international pageant. This crown may have been insured for US$500,000 at that time but it is actually priceless due to its association with the Romanov Imperial family. More on the Romanov crown here.

* The Second Miss Universe Crown – The Bronze Crown of 1953
Not much is know about this crown and remains to be one of the most enigmatic crowns of the pageant. This was only used once in crowning a winner. More of the Bronze crown here.
* The Third Miss Universe Crown – The Star of the Universe Crown
This is perhaps one of the most expensive crowns made specifically for the Miss Universe pageant as it is made out of pearls set in gold. The crown was so expensive that it can only be worn by the winner 3 times throughout her reign. More on the crown here.
* The Fourth Miss Universe Crown – The 10th Anniversary Crown
This is the first rhinestone crown used in crowning the winner of the pageant. This is only used twice. Read more on this link.

* The Fifth Miss Universe Crown – The Lady Crown AKA The Sarah Coventry Crown
Arguably the most iconic of all Miss Universe crowns. Used for 33 years, this crown has been passed on from one winner to another with a copy being given to each winner. Arguably also the most well-used crown, this rhinestone crown was one of the most visibly photographed crowns of the all. It was used in majority of a Miss Universe’s public appearances.
Didn’t you know that this crown was made adjustable only in the 80’s? Furthermore, all former winners get to keep their version of the crown. More here on this link.

* The Sixth Miss Universe Crown – The Phoenix Mikimoto Crown
Inspired by the feathers of the famed mythical bird, this crown made by the Mikimoto company of Japan is one of the best loved crown designs by the fans of the pageant. It is so well loved that it was returned in use after an absence of almost a decade. More of the crown here.
* The Seventh Miss Universe Crown – The Vietnamese CAO Crown
It was a ‘courtesy’ crown and was only used once in the crowning of a Miss Universe winner. This was used in the 2008 pageant held in Vietnam as a celebration of the Vietnamese people’s hospitality. Know more about this crown on this link.

* The Eighth Miss Universe Crown – The Diamond Nexus Crown
This is the one of the most traveled crowns among the recent crowns of the Miss Universe pageant. With its eco-friendly, laboratory-grown diamonds, the Diamond Nexus crown was commissioned during the end of the Mikimoto tenure. Miss Universe pageant co-owner (prior to its 2015 sale to IMG) NBC’s green initiative prompted the creation of this ‘green friendly’ crown. Read more here.
* The Ninth Miss Universe Crown – The DIC Crown
Nicknamed the ‘French Fries crown’ by pageant fans, this is perhaps one of the least loved crowns of the pageant. It was used only in crowning three Miss Universe winners. After a lawsuit was filed with the crownmakers in 2017 due to non payment of contractual obligations, the crown was discontinued in use. More of this crown on this link.

* The Tenth Miss Universe Crown – The Mouawad Crown
Arguably one of the smallest crowns used in the pageant, this tiara is valued at $5 million and is called the “Power of Unity” crown. It is first used in 2019 and was created by the Lebanese/ Thai jewelry brand Mouawad.

The pageant has created some seriously gorgeous crowns over the years. But my personal favorite is still the Sarah Coventry crown/ the Lady crown simply because is was the one that I grew up with. Most millennials would identify with the Mikimoto more and I understand why. What I loved about the Lady crown is that the outgoing winner gets to wear her own crown as she crowns the next Miss Universe with a new one. Each of the winners could gladly boast that they own a piece of the Miss Universe history with their own crowns, sashes and trophies, and for some lucky few in the late 60’s and early 70’s they get to keep their Miss Universe scepters.

NOTE: This post was originally published in July 2018. It has since then updated for accuracy and relevancy.

Rumor Mill: Miss Universe 2020 on December 6th!

THIS JUST IN! Miss Universe 2020 will likely be on December 6th!
Despite the current CoVid-19 pandemic crippling the globe, the Miss Universe 2020 is still full steam ahead! According to some insiders the National Directors of the Miss Universe pageant have been informed by the Miss Universe organization that the TENTATIVE date for the 2020 pageant is on December 6th, Sunday. Our mole also said that the date might move a week earlier or later depending on securing a viable venue aside from a host city/ country.
It was said that information has been sent to the NDs that a candidate should be named by first of November this year. This was earlier confirmed in a Facebook live by Mexican ND & former Miss Universe, Lupita Jones. This would make October as the last month for national organizations to hold their pageants to select a representative.
The November 1st deadline was set for the national orgs as the national representatives should be filling up their Miss Universe candidate forms online before the said date. Everyone must note that aside from the online forms that the ladies have to fill up, they are also to submit some photo and video requirements to be used on the website and/ or live telecast.
Aside from the communications that each national pageant should have a representative by November 1st , every National Director have these three options in selecting a MU rep:
1. Elevate the 2019 1st runner up as the new queen – this option was already availed by the Señorita Panama organization by appointing last year’s 1st runner up, Carmen Jaramillo as the Panamanian representative to Miss Universe 2020.
2. Hold the national pageant upon lifting of each of the country’s respective Covid-19 quarantine/ lockdown – this option is the preferred option of the Mexicana Universal pageant as confirmed by Lupita Jones. Other countries are on a “wait and see” status on how their respective quarantines and lockdowns would play out.
3. Hold a casting with a panel of judges – since it is indicated int he MUOrg’s rules and regulations that a MU representative must be a ‘crowned winner’ of the national pageant, a smaller competition has been allowed for MU national franchise holders.
Currently no confirmed schedule is confirmed but it is speculated that the pageant might follow last year’s schedule of a week-long pageant (7-10 days). Organizers would not want to prolong the pageant in case that the pandemic is still creating havoc around the globe. Our moles also said that the rumored venue will be held in another US city that isn’t hugely stricken by the corona virus pandemic.
As of the moment, the org is planning contingency measures should the quarantine or lockdown take longer than usual. If the dreaded 2nd wave of the CoVid-19 virus strike and take a longer time to subside, there is a high possibility of moving dates and venues.

The Miss Universe Evening Gown Top-Scorers

Today’s post in about the 10 Miss Universe candidates who nabbed the highest televised scores in the pageant final’s evening gown competition.


Back in 2015, on my old Sash Factor blog, I wrote a number of  interesting articles on the  Miss Universe pageant. One of the most fascinating researches we ever made was to track down the highest swimsuit and evening gown scorers in the Miss Universe competition. We posted this several years back and now we are revisiting this topic today.

Note that these scores were taken when the telecast would flash the scores of the girls onscreen, something that was taken out during the 2000’s.

10. Lana Buchberger, Canada

9. Verna Vasquez, Curacao

8. Sushmita Sen, India

7. Paula Andrea Betancourt, Colombia

6. Angela Visser, Netherlands

5. Taliana Vargas, Colombia

4. Wendy Fitzwilliams, Trinidad & Tobago

3. Minorka Mercado, Venezuela

2. Alicia Machado, Venezuela

1. Carolina Gomez, Colombia

Did your favorite girl/s made the list? Was there a candidate that you were surprised to earn top scores in the Miss Universe pageant? Let us know on the comment section below.

We’re working on the top-scorers for the swimsuit competition next. So watch our for that.

How Much is the Miss Universe Pageant Worth?

If someone has to ask how much is the Miss Universe pageant is worth, it would be safe to say that it would be millions of dollars involved.

But no one could really pinpoint the actual number of zeros involved in the estimation of the pageant’s cost just yet. Except in 2015 when then owner Donald Trump submitted financial disclosure forms with the Federal Election Commission. It was written in the forms that the Miss Universe pageant’s estimated value between $5 million to $25 million dollars. It is estimated that in 2014 alone, the MUOrg revenues are at around $3.4million.
Below is the detailed Finanacial Disclosure Forms that President Trump submitted during his candidacy…

The US$5-25 million amount is only an estimated value not the actual purchase figures when WME|IMG acquired the pageant. CNN analysts estimated the deal may fall between $10-20 million. The actual purchase may possibly increased with the annual income generated, global reach and prestige of the pageant as leverage. Then owner Donald Trump even tweeted that he sold it for hundred million (which is clearly an overstatement).

However the news last year that the Miss Universe parent company Endeavor (WME|IMG has rebranded to Endeavor) is on shaky financial terms could put a dent on the actual worth of the pageant. In a report by the LA Times, it said that “Endeavor would be the first talent agency to go public and, as such, has been the subject of much speculation, in large part because of the heavy debt load the company is carrying and the volatile nature of many of its businesses. Its long-term debt totaled $4.6 billion with liabilities of $7.2 billion and cash on hand of $830.9 million, the company reported last month.”

CNBC further reported in September of 2019 that “Endeavor pulled the $400 million IPO hours before it was scheduled to price and one day before it was due to list on the New York Stock Exchange. It had lowered its indicated price range earlier in the day.”
Such negative news may have impacted the actual worth of the Miss Universe pageant today.


Gloria Diaz and her Quotable Quotes

Gloria Diaz is a Diva. With someone of her stature as the first Filipina Miss Universe and an award-winning actress, we are used to her sharp witty punchlines. And we have listed 9 instances where Gloria Diaz was a diva!

  1. Bob Barker: Is it true that you Filipinos use your hands to eat?
    Gloria Diaz: Why, do you use your feet?
    – that is how you make a comeback. This happened allegedly in a preliminary interview of the Miss Universe 1969 pageant. The instance should have been a sign that we have a diva in the making.
  2. “Alphabetically or according to rank?”
    – during the Miss Universe telecast, host Bob Barker challenged Gloria to name all her 11 other siblings. The quick-witted Gloria asked back if Bob wants them named alphabetically or according to their rank (we presume she was thinking of age).
  3. Leila Benitez (a well-known stage director): Miss Diaz, please come back on stage, who do you think you are?
    Gloria Diaz in a nonchalant manner: “Miss Universe.”
    – this supposedly happened during a rehearsal for a fashion show. Gloria took a break when she got tired. Back then Leila was one of the undisputed ‘Taray Queens’ which was a match to Gloria’s ‘diva-ness’.
  4. “Sige na nga, I was just joking. Actually, Maxine is the one talaga who is going to win. Oh, OK na ba sila? Bakit? Si Duterte nga nagbabago ang isip, eh ‘di ako rin.”
    – this was one of Gloria Diaz’ best moments when it comes to pageant trolls and haters. The 5’5″ beauty responded with a statement that was dripping with so much sarcasm.
  5. Gloria: You should join a beauty contest.
    Lady: I already did.
    Gloria: Did you win?
    Lady: Yes, I did.
    Gloria: Did you compete internationally?
    Lady: Yes.
    Gloria: What contest?
    Lady: Miss International.
    The lady was Kylie Verzosa, 2016 Miss International. Gloria later clarified that since after her stint in the BBP pageant she has graced a number of them already that she hardly remembers the faces of the winners.

  6. “Happiness is for princesses. Queens take control.”
    – in 2019, the veteran actress was cast in the role of Gloria Reyes, a’former Miss Universe from the Philippines’ for the the Netflix original series Insatiable. In her episode 6 guesting, she uttered this line which was one of the more memorable lines in the dark humor series.
  7. “Nobody remembers the runners up…”
    – during her media tour with Insatiable main cast Dallas Roberts and Debby Ryan, Gloria brought her Diva game with her and uttered this sharp but very divalicious line.
  8. “My Miss Universe trophy? I left that at the airport — excess baggage.”
    – this one truly illustrates her #divaliciousness. Her trophy is supposed to be sitting somewhere in the Philippine Airlines office in San Francisco.
  9. “You can harp all you want to be a runner up, but in the end they only remember the one who won.”
    – the statement was rumored to be a snide comment on Ruffa Gutierrez’ win as Miss World 2nd Princess in 1993, when Gloria was allegedly irked at Ruffa wearing her tiara in every public appearance.

Did we miss any of her divalicious quotes? Write them down below on the comment section…

Miss Universe Theme Songs: The Orente Suite

Back in May of last year, we’ve written an article on the Orente music suite of the Miss Universe pageant. While there was a scarcity of sources then, we decided to revisit the topic with newer and clearer videos available. Thanks to the efforts of YouTuber Spymoxx and his channel, Sountrax, we’ve compiled all of the available Orente Music in one nifty blogpost!

Here are Spymoxx’s recreation of the Miss Universe theme songs from 2008 to 2014, the Orente music suite… Continue reading “Miss Universe Theme Songs: The Orente Suite”

Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini Tunzi

How rare is it for a black African woman to win Miss Universe?
Well very rare. Let’s put it this way, out of 67 women who have won the Miss Universe title, only 3 black African women from the continent has been named MU.
The 6th black woman and the 3rd black African lady to ever win the Miss Universe title is Zozibini Tunzi of South Africa. And today we put the spotlight on her.

Zozibini is the third woman from South Africa to win the title, and the second black woman after Leila Lopes of Angola was crowned Miss Universe 2011. The 5’8 Zozi graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and image management in 2018. Her pageantry career began back in 2017, when she was named as one of the top 26 semifinalists of Miss South Africa 2017. She failed though to make it to the final 12 candidates to compete for the title on the coronation night.

"I think the most important thing we should be teaching young girls today is leadership. It's something that has been lacking in young girls and women for a very long time, not because we don't want to but because of what society has labelled women to be. I think we are the most powerful beings in the world and that we should be given every opportunity and that is what we should be teaching these young girls, to take up space, nothing is as important as taking up space in society and cementing yourself."
- Zozibini Tunzi's final answer at Miss Universe 2019

Here’s clips from a Hollywood Life article on the things you should know about her:
1. She’s a passionate advocate and activist for women’s rights and equality. Zozibini’s campaign as Miss South Africa included partnering with HeForShe, a UN organization represented by celebrities like Emma Watson that encourages men to fight alongside women for gender equality. Zozibini asked that South African men to write messages of support to women, which would be printed on pieces of ribbon. Those notes made up her national costume at Miss Universe!
2. She’s close to her parents. On the day of Miss Universe 2019, Zozibini posted a loving message to her parents, Philiswa Nadapu and Lungisa Tunzi, on Instagram. She captioned a set of photos, which showed her parents hanging out with her backstage, “I am because you are. You’ve given me life, you’ve raised me to be the woman I am so that I can stand in a far away land proudly knowing where I’m rooted and where I come from. You’ve sacrificed so much and fought battles I don’t even know about, everything so that we could have all the opportunities the Universe has to offer. I am forever grateful and hope to make you proud, every single day of my life! Ndiyabulela, kwaye ndinithanda ngentliziyo yam yonke.❤️
3. She’s a public relations specialist. Zozibini graduated with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and image management from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, in 2018. She went on to complete a Bachelor of Technology graduate degree in public relations, also at Cape Peninsula, shortly before winning Miss South Africa. She held an internship during grad school in the PR department of Ogilvy Cape Town.

Year-End Special: The Most Memorable Miss Universe Gowns of the Decade

This decade has seen a number of gorgeous gowns worn in the Miss Universe pageant. But these are the ones that stood out the most!

Today we will bring out the fashionista in this pageant blogger. Being the fashion industry since graduation (I took up Clothing Technology from the University of the Philippines so that is where the fashion aspect comes in) I always loved the evening gown competition of any pageant. It was through pageants that I got my first taste of fashion, which later translated to a career in the industry.
So it is no surprise that our list of the best in the decade is populated by fashion choices from someone who has actual industry experience, locally and internationally. And this is our best-10-list of pageant gowns of the decade…
Continue reading “Year-End Special: The Most Memorable Miss Universe Gowns of the Decade”

When Interviews and Social/ Community Involvement Counts

If you think that the 90’s era of Miss Universe has returned, you gotta think twice. It’s not just enough to nail the interviews, future Miss Universe hopeful has to stand for something and has to be able to tell a story of empowerment and triumph.

Of course beauty and presence still count in pageants. Beauty and universality still weights heavily when selecting the winner from the top 3. While it was evident in the past 2 editions of Miss Universe that the interview bears a huge weight, we also have to factor in that community involvement/ social awareness and advocacy also plays a part. Pageant girls have to add a social dimension to their pageant stories and resumes. Because this allows them to have a jump off point for conversations in the closed-door interviews. It also allows the judges and the MUOrg to see that their possible winner is not self-involved but rather one who has something to contribute to her community.

In my humble observation, the people at the MUOrg are looking for someone who is not just a manufactured doll with a pre-packaged backstory. They want someone with an authentic story and authentic advocacy. It is easily recognizable if it is inauthentic and faked just for the pageant. Even if it is said to have been established years ago, the question of consistency and sincerity are just things that couldn’t be faked. There has to be visible proof not just press releases to make it look ‘real’.
Because if it was manufactured, how it is presented would be robotic/ rehearsed… and judges would pick up on that during the interviews. That is because 80% of communication relies on non-verbal cues. Lying  would be very obvious during the close door preliminaries. This is perhaps why the interviews contribute to 60% of the preliminary scores in Miss Universe. Candidates are not just judged on confidence and speaking ability but also on sincerity. Of course if one is not sincere, how could that person represent the MU organization?

The Miss Universe is truly trying to reinvent itself to be relevant, hence their way of looking for a winner that speaks of relevant topics and advocacies is the way to go. It enables the potential winner something to talk about during her reign. Because after all the glitz and glamour of the finals night, the work as Miss Universe truly begins.

The Most Memorable Miss Universe National Costumes of the Past Decade

The national costumes is perhaps one of the most festive aspects of the Miss Universe pageant. This segment of the competition is likened to a quick trip around the world in just minutes.

For a number of pageant fans, this is one of the most awaited portions of the pageant. While it no longer is a part of the finals night telecast of the pageant, it still remains a fan favorite.
Before we proceed to the list, let us first mention that these are personal picks of this blogger. Some of these costumes have won the Best National Costume award while some we’ve seen in person and in motion. This list But one thing is for sure, they all looked spectacular.

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