Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 Winners!

For the second time in a row, I have predicted the winner of Mister Universal Ambassador!

After predicting Aleksa Gavrilovic of Serbia last year, Sashes&Scripts once again predicted the win of Vietnam’s Luong Gia Huy in this year’s competition. The 5’11” soft-spoken “Mister Nice Guy” bested 18 other candidates in the pageant held in Makassar, Indonesia. In a competition where the English-speaking candidates were favorites, the Vietnamese model held his ground and cemented his win in the crucial closed-door personality interviews. This year, the organizers were not only looking for good looks and role-models, they were actively seeking a winner with good personality as well.

Gentlemen of the Philippines winner Paul Guarnes, who was one of the org’s favorites, was named 1st runner up. Paul was a latebloomer in the contest but came along victorious alongside India and Vietnam who were the early frontrunners of the competition. Candidates from Uzbezkistan, Nicaragua, Hungary, Malaysia and Thailand completed the top 10 semi-finalist. 

Mr Universal Ambassador Oceania – Australia, Nathan Howe
Mr Universal Ambassador Europe – Hungary, Andris Varga
Mr Universal Ambassador Africa – Algeria
Mr Universal Ambassador Asia – India,  Rohit Jakhar
Mr Universal Ambassador America – Nicaragua, Elvis Murillo
Mr Photogenic – Uzbekistan, Shakhboz Makhmudov
Mr Congeniality – Malaysia, Anas Dzulkefflee
4th runner up – India, Rohit Jakhar
3rd runner up – Indonesia, Gilbert Pangalila
2nd runner up – Sweden, Johannes Leonidas
1st runner up – Philippines, Paul Guarnes
Mister Universal Ambassador 2017 – Vietnam, Luong Gia Huy
Out of the winners,  I have predicted the correct placements of Vietnam, the Philippines and India. I got 4 out of the top 5 and 8 out of the top 10 semifinalists!



My Faves for Mister Universal Ambassador 2017

On the rare occasions that I am not able to join Sash Factor’s deliberations during the SashPicks, I would usually do my own predictions. This is the case for my list of possible winners for Mister Universal Ambassador 2017. And guess what? My faves are a bit similar to that of the SashPicks albeit some rankin differences. 

Who’s hot enough to win Mister Universal Ambassador 2017?

Here is my list this year…
10. Sweden,  Johannes Leonidas
9. Australia, Nathan Howe
8. Nicaragua,  Elvis Murillo
7. Malaysia,  Anas Dzulkefflee
6. Mexico, Erick Bolivar
5. India, Rohit Jakhar
4. Uzbekistan, Shakhboz Makhmudov
3. Indonesia, Gilbert Pangalila
2. Philippines,  Paul Guarnes
1. Vietnam, Luong Gia Huy
Yes, it is going to be an Asian domination this year as the reps from Asia came in prepared and polished for the competition. It wouldn’t be a surprise to see anyone in the top 5 list winning the coveted title.

Paul Guarnes for Mister Universal Ambassador 2017

Name: Paul Guarnes
Country: Philippines
Height: 5’10”
Eye: Brown
Hair: Black

Paul is competing following a very strong representation of Andrea Biondo last year. While it might be difficult to replicate Andrea’s feat (due to a very limited time-frame of preparations), he does have the charms that could work to his advantage. Paul looks great with a lesser smile, he needs to dial down his smile so that his eyes don’t become to chinky and to control his smile to look less gummy. He looks great with his trademark smolder, he has sensual eyes and he should use that more often. All of this could have been addressed early on if there was enough time to polish him further… Nevertheless it’s not too late to dial up more heat in the like he did during the Gentlemen of the Philippines competition .

Assessment: A guaranteed semi-finals could be in the offering but he can definitely work his way up to a top 5 or even a runner up finish.

PhotoCollage of the Day: Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the recently concluded Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017!

1st Runner Up – Keny Ong & 2nd Runner Up – Carlo Aquino
Mister Grand International Philippines – Manny Silvestre Quintos, Mister Tourism World Philippines – Richard Angelo Adarlo and Mister Teen International 2018 – Argel Saycon

Mister Universal Ambassador Philippines – Paul Guarnes
Mister Model International Philippines – Kevin Hernandez
Mister National Universe Philippines 2018 – Ralf Lao
Best Global Model Philippines – John Alfred Bendana
Mister Grand International Philippines – Manny Silvestre Quintos
Mister Tourism World Philippines – Richard Angelo Adarlo
Mister Teen International 2018 – Argel Saycon
1st Runner Up – Keny Ong
2nd Runner Up – Carlo Aquino

While I only was able to have six of the winners in my list, the surprise winners (including runner up) were nonetheless a refreshing addition to the bunch. Manny Silvestre Quintos was definitely one. Had some of the guys not flubbed the speech/ Q&A, I would have predicted that there would be more from my list who won. Ralf Lao was my darkhorse and to see him win Mister National Philippines proves that. John Alfred Bendana was among the guys I thought would be perfect for any of the modeling competitions thus his win as Best Global Model Philippines was justified. I am very much delighted with Paul Guarnes and Kevin Hernandez clinching two of the top titles. I had Paul as one of my Spoilers as he could easily fit into any of the titles up for grabs. Kevin’s 6’1″ height was perfectly fit in Mister Model International.

Heavy Contenders of Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017 Pt.2

After publishing the first part on the guys that I feel to be among the heavy hitters in this year’s Gentlemen of the Philippines competition, this is the second and final part of the two -part blogpost.

Two Possible Spoilers –  Paul Guarnes & Gerard Bonanza
These two are undeniably among the sexiest guys in the bunch, and that is without even trying. They simply are just that hot hot hot… Paul is indeed one of the guys we can call a threat to any of the contestants. He just can’t seem to dial down the sex appeal. Gerard has that face that looks sexy when he pouts but turns up the charm when he smiles. His good looks very arresting for this criminologist…

Mister Tourism WorldKeny Ong VS Miguel de Castro
These two are among the guys with good physiques in the competition. Its doesn’t hurt that both stand at a respectable 5’10”- 5’11” heights respectively. Keny’s journey is what we can say admirable. He was an underdog who was on the chubby side and transformed himself to this physically-fit and successful entrepreneur. Miguel on the other hand is growing on me day by day, he’s a true definition of a darkhorse in GotPh2017. An OR Nurse by profession, Miguel gives us reasons to visit the hospital to be taken cared off by this good looking fella… 

Mister Universal AmbassadorKevin Hernandez VS Argel Saycon
Arguably these two are among the well-rounded guys in the contest. Kevin stands at a veritable 6’1″ while Argel stands at a respectable 5’11”. They are just a couple of the favorites to win this year. Argel recently won the Darling of the Press award while Kevin bagged the Best in Swimwear at the preliminaries.

I’d have to say that these 12 guys (including the first six in  part 1) are ones to look out for. I also believe that we should be on the look out as well for Kristian Sarmiento, Aaron Sangcap and Christian Castillo. These for me could possibly be the list of the semifinalists that could battle it out for the titles at stake…

A Gentlemanly Interview with JayJay Olano

Name: Jay Jay Olano
Age: 20
Height: 6’3
Waist: 33
Shoe size: 45 1/2

How would you describe yourself… Would you tell us something that most people do not know about you…
Maybe at first people might think that I am an unpleasant person. But the reality is that I am the kind of person who doesn’t show confidence immediately if I do not know person I have in front of me. I am actually a very sociable and open person, I do laugh a lot on jokes. I do jokes as well. But when it’s time be serious and focused, then I am totally into it.

In your spare time, what hobbies or activities do you do? How often do you have time to do them?
On my spare time I play basketball, volleyball and I love biking although I can’t always do them specially when it’s school period. I do them often during school vacations during summer.

What motivated you to join Gentlemen of the Philippines? Do you have some inspiration in joining the competition?
I joined this pageant because I want to show to everyone but most especially to myself what I am capable to do. I am confident that this experience will definitely help to have more confidence and self esteem and also a good chance to gain more friends and meet different personalities.
My inspiration like in everything that I have done and will do, will always be my family and grandmother who recently passed away. Through them, I have learned how to love without expecting nothing in return. They taught me also that when you love someone, you just need to show them through actions how you care for them and not with expensive gifts, and I strongly believe in that.
How did you prepare for this competition? Gym or thru sports? Any personality development training you attended?
My preparation for the competition is basically going to the gym 5 times a week following a strict training. Also, I am following all the tips and instructions from my mentors to be prepared and ready once the pageant starts this coming 31st of August.

Do you believe that winning a competition is destiny or it is something that you work hard and prepare for?
I strongly believe that to win a competition, you have to be first committed to it and it takes a lot of sacrifices and hard work. And if you have these, then you are destined to win.

With his enviable height, he is a shoo-in for one of the titles. I am thinking that he might be perfect for the Mister Model International title. He would be a great follow up to the likes of Arcel Yambing who did us proud in the international competition. I do have some additional pointers for him in the competition, he should try to do more of his smoulder/ smize as he looks much better with it. Add to that is a shorter crop of hair, one that is short on the sides but longer on top to allow a wider variety of styling. Then workout more at the gym to add more definition to his bod, if he is able to do that, then he is undeniably the best bet to be sent to the Mister Model International competition slated in Miami…

8 Facts About John Alfred Bendaña Gentleman of the Philippines- England

Meet one of the guys that could possibly the next Gentlemen of the Philippines winner.  John Alfred Bendana is one of the guys that I see as possible contender for the Mister Model International Philippines title. But upon knowing that he is still quite young, he might also fit well with the Mister Teen International Philippines title. He may just in fact be a good fit for a couple other titles as well.

Now on to the list of 8 Facts about him:
1) He was born on August 18, 1999 in Batangas but raised in England 
2) Almost 5’11” and just turned 18 years young just last month
3) Took up Building Services at Harlow College of England
4) International Runway and Print model and can sing professionally 
5) Can cook Filipino dishes like “sinigang”
6) A member of Harlow College Basketball Team
7) The very first Gentleman of the Philippines UK Grand Winner

Photography/ Ross Paris
Creative Director / Shandy Montecarlo Lim
Fashion Coordinator/ Jhong Sudlon
Produced by Molly Malone
Location/ Victoria Sports Tower