Two Gentlemen for The NEXT: Jun Jun Ablaza

During the Manila Fashion Festival, two Gentlemen of the Philippines alum has walked the ramp for designer Jun Jun Ablaza: Johannes Rissler and Emanuele Mendoza. Both hunks modeled avant garde creations from the designer’s #MuchMadness collection. Check out their pictures on today’s #MANicMondays photo-collages…

Johannes has one of those finely chiseled faces good for modeling…
Emanule with those intense eyes of his…

Two Gentlemen of the Philippines making it big on the ramp…

PhotoCollage of the Day: Christian Lumasag & Rex Peter Calimbayan

It might be December and the weather is supposedly going to be cold but not with two Gentlemen of the Philippines winners’ latest shoot with Thai photographer Sunya Yamaka. Gentlemen of the Philippines’ Christian Lumasag and Rex Peter Calimbayan posed in a picturesque shoot in Ilocos Sur’s Vitalis Villas, a magnificent resort that looks like Santorini with its cyan blue and white villas. 

My Favorites for Mister Tourism World

It’s hours before the finals and here are my four favorites for the Mister Tourism World title…

Australia, Luke MiddleBrook – undoubtedly he should not be ignored in the competition as Luke is arguably the best looking in the bunch. Those blue eyes of his are to die for as well as his sexy Aussie accent.
Brazil, Tieze Emiliano – the hunk oozing with sex appeal without even trying. Tieze has so much energy that he jumps out from pics as the one of the guys to beat. 
Netherlands, Cas Winters – good natured, handsome and tall: these are the qualities that makes him a winner in my book. Cas is much more well rounded than most of the guys which I believe could be his edge.
Philippines, Kian Sumague – despite his disadvantage being the host candidate, I believe Kian deserves a high placement. 

Wishing all the best to these guys!

Mister Tourism World Philippines, Kian Sumague

Name: Kian Sumague
Height: 5’10”
Eye Color: black
Hair Color: black

Kian speaks at least three languages: Tagalog, English and Italian, having lived in Florence, Italy for more than 10 years. This 21 year old Tourism major enjoys cross-fit training and swimming aside from being a soccer and basketball enthusiast.

Kian Sumague’s Latest Headshots

Kian: all wet and sexy…

Mister Tourism World – Philippines and Gentlemen of the Philippines winner, Kian Sumague, had a shoot and we are lucky to have gotten hi-res pics of him. The multi-lingual Kian is currently in Vigan for his competition whose finals is this coming December 10th. 

Photog: Niño Panagsagan
HaMu: Cheska Fandialan
Styling: Ghune Katigbak
Location: Velvet Stills

Special thanks to Sir Ghune Katigbak for these pics…

PhotoCollage of the Day: Kian Sumague’s Dapper Pics

 Looking all dapper and devilishly handsome...
Looking all dapper and devilishly handsome…

If there was something I like about Kian Sumague’s face is the fact that he has a masculine face with high cheekbones and strong jawline. This is why he would be a great model for face & beauty products.

Photog: Niño Panagsagan
HaMu: Cheska Fandialan
Styling: Ghune Katigbak
Location: Velvet Stills

Special thanks to Sir Ghune for these pics…

#FunArt Banner #2 for Kian Sumague

For the Kian Sumague fans and supporters out there, here is another #FunArt banner! The good looking Gentlemen of the Philippines winner was captured by lensman Andy Cayna who had graciously allowed us to use his pics for this banner.

Kian will be competing in Vigan for the Mister Tourism World pageant this December…