Heavy Contenders of Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017 Pt.1

Time to start pumping up the noise for the following Gentlement of the Philippines candidates. So far, these guys have exhibited potential to be Philippine reps in international competitions abroad this year…

Two Darkhorses  – Ralf Lao & Jamil Permigones
These two names have suddenly popped into my list. Despite being just 19 years old Ralf has a certain Kit Harrington-vibe to him (that’s Jon Snow a.k.a Aegon targaryen for you Game of Thrones fans). Jamil has the bod, the face and a good voice to match. They weren’t originally in my list of possible strong contenders but as the competition progressed I am beginning to see how they are shaping up nicely in the running. My gut tells me to keep tabs on these gents they could easily spoil the competition for the more popular candidates.

Mister Model InternationalJayJay Olano VS John Alfred Bendana
In modeling contests height is might so with JayJay (standing at 6’3″) and John Alfred Bendana (impressive at 5’11”) its gonna be an interesting match up between the two. JayJay is the tallest in this year’s batch and I am positively sure that he won’t walk away empty handed. All he needs is a proper styling and make-over to transform his boyish good looks into a
more manly and masculine vibe. John Alfred on the other hand has a very clean look that makes him always looking fresh. I just have a little peeve on the baby hairs on his mustache as it makes him look pre-pubescent at times. But look at his bod and you see a hunk.

Best Global Model of the Year John Berganio VS Jose Gabriel Aquino
Height is a major consideration and with these two at around 5’11” they both could be a shoo-in for this title. And amazingly both guys have the magnetic masculine appeal. They exude raw masculine sexiness or in local terms ‘lalaking lalaki’. While both still need polishing on their looks to get into the international caliber level, it wouldn’t be too hard to prep them up as these two hunk have the goods…  John has the high cheekbones and strong Filipino features that makes his face interesting for modeling. Jose on the other hand has his smouldering eyes and sharp edgy jawlines to his advantage.
Part 2 on this link!


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