Hannah’s Beach Resort & Male Competitions

Earlier this year, I have blogged about Hannah Beach Resort and Convention Center becoming a destination for the biggest pageants in the Philippines. Well, the premier pageant destination in the Philippines truly is living up to that name.

They have recently extended their support for national and international male pageants. Recently Mister Indonesia welcome Hannahs Beach Resort and Convention Center, as one of the official sponsors of the biggest male pageant in Indonesia. Mister Indonesia is the owner of the Mister Universal Ambassador and is also reportedly getting the local franchise for Mister Supranational and Mister World.
Also on the pipeline is the Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017 competition! The GotPh2017 is scheduled to be held on September 9th. It is expected that the field of candidates this year will be narrowed down to only 25-30 gents competing for the confirmed titles at stake.

Not to mention that Hannah’s was also the venue for the recent Mutya ng Pilipinas swimwear mini-competition. With a heavy participation of the resort in pageants, we can see what this Pagudpud resort has to offer. So the next time you plan your vacay, put Hannah’s Beach Resort in mind as you may just glance the next national and international titleholders frolicking at their beaches…


#MANicMondays: Bobby Andreas Ida for Mister Indonesia 2017

Every week on mondays, to perk up those dreary mornings, Sashes&Scripts will feature a hunk to spice it up a bit….hence we call it our #MANicMondays post. Today would be no different as we feature another hunk, this time from Indonesia…

The Mister Indonesia 2017 pageant has confirmed that around 25 candidates will be competing for the chance to represent Indonesia in Mister Universal Ambassador this year… and one of them is Bobby Andreas Ida. 
The 6’1 1/2″ hunk is a physique model and an entrepreneur. He Studied Economics at Universität Hamburg and is representing the Indonesian community in Berlin for this year’s competition.

With a body like his, I am sure that he is going to be a frontrunner for the title… not to mention the intimidating height. There are a number of candidates to be revealed but we are keeping an eye on this one…