Mister National Universe 2018 Winners

Mister National Universe had recently finished with its second annual competition. And here are the winners of the Thailand-based male pageant…

Grand Winner – Phanendra Prasai (Nepal)
1st Runner-Up – Natchanon Singlum (Thailand)
2nd – Markos Vinicius (Brazil)
Top 5 – India & Malaysia
Kenley Filarca Ong of the Philippines was heralded as Mister National Universe Ambassador  at the finals of the competition.

Special awardees were:
Mr. Congeniality – David Ponte (USA)
Mr. Photogenic – Lionel Luthi (Switzeland)
Best National Costume – Natchanon Singlum (Thailand)
After the pageant, we were able to ask a couple of question from out rep, Keny Ong about the competition and here is what he had to say…
What is the most difficult thing you had to do for the competition?
The most difficult thing I had to do for the competition was to manage my time because I work in the bank, I manage my restaurants and I work on my thesis
What does the Mr National Universe Ambassador title mean to you?
When we say Ambassador, we mean the spokesperson aside from being the role model. The organization has entrusted me the responsibility of representing them, same with the MNU 2018. I am very thankful that still, I got one of the titles. I am still a winner.

Congratulations to all winners!


PhotoCollage of the Day: Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017 Winners

Congratulations to the winners of the recently concluded Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017!

1st Runner Up – Keny Ong & 2nd Runner Up – Carlo Aquino
Mister Grand International Philippines – Manny Silvestre Quintos, Mister Tourism World Philippines – Richard Angelo Adarlo and Mister Teen International 2018 – Argel Saycon

Mister Universal Ambassador Philippines – Paul Guarnes
Mister Model International Philippines – Kevin Hernandez
Mister National Universe Philippines 2018 – Ralf Lao
Best Global Model Philippines – John Alfred Bendana
Mister Grand International Philippines – Manny Silvestre Quintos
Mister Tourism World Philippines – Richard Angelo Adarlo
Mister Teen International 2018 – Argel Saycon
1st Runner Up – Keny Ong
2nd Runner Up – Carlo Aquino

While I only was able to have six of the winners in my list, the surprise winners (including runner up) were nonetheless a refreshing addition to the bunch. Manny Silvestre Quintos was definitely one. Had some of the guys not flubbed the speech/ Q&A, I would have predicted that there would be more from my list who won. Ralf Lao was my darkhorse and to see him win Mister National Philippines proves that. John Alfred Bendana was among the guys I thought would be perfect for any of the modeling competitions thus his win as Best Global Model Philippines was justified. I am very much delighted with Paul Guarnes and Kevin Hernandez clinching two of the top titles. I had Paul as one of my Spoilers as he could easily fit into any of the titles up for grabs. Kevin’s 6’1″ height was perfectly fit in Mister Model International.

Heavy Contenders of Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017 Pt.2

After publishing the first part on the guys that I feel to be among the heavy hitters in this year’s Gentlemen of the Philippines competition, this is the second and final part of the two -part blogpost.

Two Possible Spoilers –  Paul Guarnes & Gerard Bonanza
These two are undeniably among the sexiest guys in the bunch, and that is without even trying. They simply are just that hot hot hot… Paul is indeed one of the guys we can call a threat to any of the contestants. He just can’t seem to dial down the sex appeal. Gerard has that face that looks sexy when he pouts but turns up the charm when he smiles. His good looks very arresting for this criminologist…

Mister Tourism WorldKeny Ong VS Miguel de Castro
These two are among the guys with good physiques in the competition. Its doesn’t hurt that both stand at a respectable 5’10”- 5’11” heights respectively. Keny’s journey is what we can say admirable. He was an underdog who was on the chubby side and transformed himself to this physically-fit and successful entrepreneur. Miguel on the other hand is growing on me day by day, he’s a true definition of a darkhorse in GotPh2017. An OR Nurse by profession, Miguel gives us reasons to visit the hospital to be taken cared off by this good looking fella… 

Mister Universal AmbassadorKevin Hernandez VS Argel Saycon
Arguably these two are among the well-rounded guys in the contest. Kevin stands at a veritable 6’1″ while Argel stands at a respectable 5’11”. They are just a couple of the favorites to win this year. Argel recently won the Darling of the Press award while Kevin bagged the Best in Swimwear at the preliminaries.

I’d have to say that these 12 guys (including the first six in  part 1) are ones to look out for. I also believe that we should be on the look out as well for Kristian Sarmiento, Aaron Sangcap and Christian Castillo. These for me could possibly be the list of the semifinalists that could battle it out for the titles at stake…

A Gentlemanly Interview with Keny Ong

Name: Keny Ong
Age: 27
Height: 5’10
Waist: 29
Shoe size: 10

How would you describe yourself… Would you tell us something that most people do not know about you…
I am a person with perseverance. I can describe myself as a Dream Chaser. I started in the lowest point. I was a bagger before I became a banker and a restaurateur.

What motivated you to join Gentlemen of the Philippines? Do you have some inspiration in joining the competition?
Never did I win a title back when I was in College for the 2 pageants I have joined at. Even if I get the Mr. Intelligence on a (50%looks 50%intelligence) judging point, never did they make me win. It was because I was too dark and too thin. Because of this experience, I was able to draw a motivation to improve myself.
What is/are your personal advocacy/ social responsibility program for the competition? And how do you promote such cause?
I am a band member and we have this organization called “ACAUSETIKEROS” which helps the less fortunate children for education materials be provided and also the old aged people thru “Balay Taripato” (Home of the Aged) being helped thru goods. But aside from that, I have signed up with UNHCR which primary advocacy is to locate the missing family members of the families being affected by wars and tragedies especially here in the Philippines. Being a family oriented person, I would also like to push thru this project.

What do you think is your advantage that sets you apart from the other candidates in this year’s competition?
Everyone has his own advantage among others. For me, I see my life’s experiences as my advantage. I was not born with a silver spoon. Everything that I have now were brought by hardwork, perseverance and prayers. These experiences that I have had could also serve as an inspiration to others. As Gentlemen of the Philippines believes in more than good looks, I believe I am really more than that.
What do you think you can offer as potential Gentlemen of the Philippines winner?
Aside from the promise of being the pride of the Philippines in an international stage, I can say that I can live on GCI’s slogan More than Good Looks. My story, my passion and my dedication could inspire others to live their dreams too.

What is/are the thing/s about the country (Philippines) that makes you proud the most and why?
Being hospitable will always be the flag bearer among all the values that we have. And this makes me so proud as a Filipino. Regardless of how limited our resources are, we still give a good experience to our visitors, be it local or foreigners. That is why we truly live on IT’S MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES

Do you believe that winning a competition is destiny or it is something that you work hard and prepare for?
I believe that destiny comes with hardwork and perseverance. A competition is set to test who is most prepared and most deserving. Though, at times, I believe luck plays a role. So maybe above all, PRAYERS.

Do you speak other language/s? Can you say something in that language something for your followers/fans…
Ilocano, Tagalog, English and a little Bisaya.
Agyamanak kanyayo amin gagayyem ken kakabsat ti ayat ken suporta yu kanyak. Sa pay koma ta suportaan dak nga maala iti maysa kadagiti titulo ti Gentlemen of the Philippines.
(Thank you for the overwhelming love and support. I hope that you are with me in prayers and hope to get one of the titles in Gentlemen of the Philippines)