JayJay Olano for Gentlemen of the Philippines 2017

Filipino-Italians have done quite well in Gentlemen of the Philippines with Andrea Biondo winning the top title last year. This year Mister Bachelor Philippines-Italy 2017 is sending JayJay Olano to compete in the upcoming finals on September 9th.

JayJay who is born and raised in Milan, Italy is a 20 year old with a towering 6’3″ in height and is a Computer Technology student. He is speak fluently Italian and Tagalog and he speaks also in English. He spend most of his spare time to the gym and reading books apart from playing basketball and ride his bike.*
With a height made for modeling, I am almost quite sure that he would be a great rep for the Mister Model International competition to be held in Miami this year. All he needs to do is to develop a little more musculature and he would be good to go. I am also liking his facial hair as it adds more character to his face, hopefully he keeps it for the competition.

We cannot wait for more of the GotPh2017 guys to be revealed. It surely is shaping up to be a competition for the best that the global Filipino has to offer…

* https://mbpisite.wordpress.com/2017/07/11/road-to-gotph2017-part1/


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