#MANicMondays: Mister Gay World Wishlist, Angel David Rodriguez

Angel David Rodriguez, that name should ring a bell since he was Mister Venezuela Deporte 2014 and Mister Model Venezuela in 2015.

This 23 year old came out of the closet by posting a photo on his social media account last January 3, 2016 with his then boyfriend. His coming out came  after the Mister Model International 2015 pageant where he finished among the top 13 and earned for himself the elegance award. 
Turning 24 later this year, this 6’0″ hottie would be a nice Venezuelan rep to the Mister Gay World pageant, whose current winner is John Raspado of the Philippines. The Mister Gay World is an annual international male pageant for gay men. According to its website, “the Mr Gay World competition strives to be a mentor in grooming gay leaders that will advance gay human rights both locally and throughout the world.” Surely, Angel would be qualified to join and compete.

Hopefully he takes this as an opportunity. He is too good looking not take a shot at the title.

My Favorites for Mister Model International 2016

This year’s Mister Model International might look to be a competition between two Alejandro’s namely Alejandro Garcia of Mexico and Alejandro Nieto of Spain.

The batch this year isn’t as impressive as last year with a number of strong candidates vying for the title. However there are a number of candidates that I believe could be the best options for the crown.
Mister Model International – Mexico, Alejandro Garcia, 6’3″
1st runner up – Spain, Alejandro Nieto, 6’1 1/2″
2nd Runner up – Paraguay, Edmaycom Silva, 6,1″
4th Place – Indonesia, Omet Candra, 5’10”
5th Place – Dominican Republic, Cesar Polanco, 6’1″

Rounding up the rest of my top 12 would be Thailand, Kazakhstan, India, Serbia, USA, Philippines and Venezuela.
Good luck to all the candidates!

Miguel Alexis Maliwat for Mister Model International

Mister Model Philippines Miguel Alexis Maliwat has arrived in India!

The 6’0 Migs was shown earlier to have attended the briefing and pageant orientation of the Mister Model International competition. So far 21 hunks from the world over has arrived from the 33 countries expected (although Mister Model Australia will no longer be able to compete). The Gentlemen of the Philippines winner is ready to compete against the rest of the world.
Swimsuit photoshoot had commenced earlier in the day as well with our bet posting a facebook Live video. Migs was also shown earlier in his national costume by Dendrige Alvarez together with several other candidates. His red salakot & bahag ensemble was remarkably designed and I would not be surprised if he makes it into the shortlist of best costumes this year.

We are hoping that Migs would get your support via the popular vote thru the link below: