Gazini Ganados: Binibining Pilipinas Paved the Reunion with Her Father

Gazini Ganados may not have brought home the Miss Universe title but she is still thankful to the Binibining Pilipinas and Miss Universe experience for it paved the way for her to meet her father…

In an interview with Bobby Requintina of Manila Bulletin, Gazini said that she is grateful to Binibining Pilipinas the ABSCBN daily morning show “Umagang Kay Ganda” in helping to reunite her finally with her Palestinian father.

“Grateful. I found my father because of Miss Universe Philippines when I competed in Bb. Pilipinas. I am maximizing my reign and I am lending my service towards my advocacy... 

“It happened when he messaged me on my Facebook page which I and my boyfriend are handling. It was like a telenovela. I was speechless and then I cried. I thanked him for the good genes. And then I just let it go. I am just happy that he is here..."

In one of our earliest meetings with her during Binibining Pilipinas 2019, Gazini confided that the Binibining Pilipinas pageant may help pave the way for her to meet her dad whom she never met. And that if she is given the chance she would be thankful for the genes and the life that he help give her. She said that there won’t be any bitterness because all she had was gratitude for him.


A Relaxed Samantha Bernardo for Binibining Pilipinas 2020

Joining a national pageant takes tremendous commitment. But joining the Binibining Pilipinas for three straight years is a testament of one’s loyalty and determination.
And that is what Samantha Bernardo is showing us for this past 3 years.

Ending up with the same 2nd runner up finish in the Binibining Pilipinas pageant for two consecutive years is nothing short of heart-breaking for one who is aiming for a title. More so with Samantha who has been eyeing a Binibining Pilipinas crown since 2018. She could have opted to join the Miss Universe Philippines pageant and yet she kept her loyalties to the BPCI. Because of that loyalty, she has endeared herself to pageant fans. That kind of loyalty is rare for girls who are more accustomed to pageant hopping if they aren’t getting the results that they wanted.

With her third try, she visibly is more relaxed nowadays. The ‘gigil factor’ has gone down and is replaced with a quiet confidence. But that doesn’t mean she’s slacking behind, it only shows how she is retooling her strategies so as not to put full efforts on areas that need not be given too much attention to. And to reserve her energies on areas that matters most. These days you see her with a more natural approach to her hair and makeup. In person she also exudes an aura of a woman who has no baggage going into the Binibini competition.

It is our belief that when a more relaxed and fun approach to pageants is employed, a pageant girl’s chances is higher. It is that resignation to enjoy the experience while giving it your best is the best way towards securing a victory, crown or no crown. That is what we are seeing and hope to see more from Samantha. And hopefully a Binibining Pilipinas crown by the end of the finals night in April 26th…

Kylie Verzosa’s Winning Speech in Miss International 2016

The sixth Filipina Miss International title was won by a mental health advocate and a nursery school teacher, Kylie Verzosa in  October 27, 2016.  Her winning Miss International speech is regarded as one of the benchmarks in terms of content, delivery and pace.

Let’s relive for today her winning speech…

"Three things come to mind when I think of Miss International: culture, education, and international understanding. These 3 work together to make the brand of the Miss International beauty pageant relevant to the global community and to our time.

"If I become Miss International 2016, I will devote myself to cultural understanding and international understanding because I believe that it is by developing in each of us sensitivity to other cultures that we expand our horizons, tolerate difference, and appreciate diversity. All this enables us to achieve international understanding. And I believe that I am prepared to take on this responsibility."

- Kylie Verzosa, Miss International 2016

Since her winning days, a number of the pageant’s winners have emulated her manner of delivery of the MI speech portion. And it is still to this day the gold standard in Miss International speeches…

Top 10 Q&A Topics for the 2020 Philippine National Pageant Season

Aside from the usual bikinis, gowns and glamshots, one of the most anticipated parts of any pageant is the question and answer portion. Pageant fans put a premium on intelligence and this is why the Q&A is a make or break portion of any competition.

The Philippine national pageant season is already afoot. Which means that every pageant hopeful would have to polish their public speaking skills and prepare for the dreaded Q&A portion. That is what we will be discussing today. Current events and other socio-political issues are going to be a rich well of pageant questions.
Here are several topics that every pageant girl must prepare for:

  1. Reproductive Health Bill and its Impact on Women’s Health – not an easy topic to discuss due to the involvement of the Church and the conservative communities. However, this topic goes along the ‘women empowerment’ thrust of most pageants, especially with several women’s rights advocates saying the decisions about a woman’s body should be decided upon by women involved.
  2. SOGIE Bill and the basic Human Right of the LGBTQ+ community in the Philippines – this is one of the trickiest topics in pageants because non-support means alienating a huge population of the pageant fandom. So it is best to choose carefully your words and articulate your thoughts in a very honest but sensitive way.
  3. Traffic congestion in Metro Manila, TNVS vs traditional means of transport, and the Safety of motorcycle taxis – thankfully we have James Deakin’s viral video as a jump off point into this conversation. Pageant girls who use Uber and Angkas should use their personal experiences in their answers to any question replated to this topic.
  4. Freedom of the press and the Government’s role in suppressing Media Outlets (Rappler, The Philippine Daily Inquirer & ABSCBN) – this will be a politically-charged topic in any type of question, so pageant hopefuls need to be extra diplomatic in their response. Freedom of expression is a cornerstone of democracy and this is a good starting point to further your thoughts on the matter.
  5. The Effects of ABSCBN’s Franchise/ License revocation on 11,000 employees & their families – this one is a bit more specific than the previous one. Answering this question requires a little more finesse and a lot more heart. You do not want to look like your are against your government but you need to be sympathetic to the families affected.
  6. The Plight of Hungry and Desperate Philippine Farmers – this is arguably one of the most necessary issues talked about in a national scale but currently isn’t. It takes a deeper sense of understanding of this issue if one is asked on this topic.
  7. The Philippines’ Role as one of the Highest Infection Rates for HIV-AIDS – the HIV-AIDS epidemic is one of the most relevant social issues in the country. Globally, the infection is going down, but in the Philippines the infection rates are getting higher.
  8. NCoV Information Dissemination and How it Exposes Discrimination against Chinese Nationals – discrimination in any forms usually is rooted in ignorance, so pageant girls have to be educated on the facts about this global pandemic.
  9. Disaster Awareness and Preparedness (Mt. Taal Eruption, Mindanao Earthquakes and Super-Typhoons) – the Philippines has the misfortune of being on the Pacific Ring of Fire and in the path of typhoons during the moonsoon season. Filipinos may have build a strong resilient gene to these calamities but the government has to strengthen efforts on how to respond to natural disasters.
  10. Kobe Bryant’s Legacy and Philanthropy – a life lost in a huge magnitude. Pageant girls, you need to learn what are Kobe’s philanthropic contributions (Make a Wish Foundation is one of them).

Nowadays, being unprepared or unaware of social issues is no longer something that can be swept under the rug. Pageant hopefuls for Binibining Pilipinas, Miss Philippines Earth and Miss Universe Philippines have to understand the issues of the country that they wish to represent at an international level. One cannot be unaware of the culture, history and issues of the country. Because how can a pageant girl represent a country that she has a knowledge of?

If you think there still are topics needed to be included in this list, let us know on the comment section below…

The Problem with Maureen Montagne Is…

Binibini #11 Maureen Montagne is one of the high caliber beauties that is competing in the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. And she is the hottest pageant topic these days.

Her surprise application for BBP2020 made pageant fans wonder about her reasons why not Miss Universe Philippines. During the application period she has answered this with a simple statement: it was the legacy of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant that made her decide to apply. But her decision to join BBP and of course switch camps to Kagandahang Flores had painted a target on her back. This is why she is such a hot topic these days.

Maureen is in a unique position being one of the most buzzed about contestant at the national levels. It is no wonder that she is generating so much praise (and alongside it hate too). More so that she can be placed with any of the BBP titles and is expected to do well.

Maureen for Miss Globe – in all honesty a lot of pageant fans would feel that it would be a waste to send her to this pageant considering she is of Alpha pageant caliber. Personally we wouldn’t want her in this pageant considering that there seems to be a wide pendulum swing on what the pageant looks for in a winner. It might be too much of a risk for her to be sent in MG.

Maureen for Miss Grand International – in all honesty if we want our first Grand title, then maybe she is just the best girl to be sent into this pageant. She ticks off everything that this pageant seems to look for in a winner: gorgeous face, great body, strong presence and pasarela. But then again, on a personal note, there is no guarantee that a crown is waiting for her in this pageant. So why would we risk someone of her caliber here?

Maureen for Miss Intercontinental – she’d definitely do well in this pageant of German origins. However, the Philippines just won a couple of years ago and hoping for a winner this soon might be a tad more difficult to achieve.

Maureen for Miss Supranational – personally, we feel that this title is so perfect for her. Her ability to switch from girl-next-door to a sultry diva in a snap would be great match for this pageant. IMHO, it is high time to bring back the blue crown of this Polish-owned pageant to the Philippines. And Maureen would be the perfect girl to do just that.

Maureen for Miss International – the only thing needed for her to do to claim this title is to show more of her sweet, down-to-earth side. The rest of the packaging and styling can follow suit. With her doll-like face, she would definitely be a standout in Tokyo.

Maureen’s biggest problem is that she fits perfectly well with all of the Binibining Pilipinas title at stake. That is a huge problem because you wouldn’t want her wasted on a pageant that won’t fit her personality and when she could be sent to a much more challenging one at par to her caliber and character.
The unique quality of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant is that the deliberation process would assign what the org and judges might believe to be the optimal crown that you can win internationally. And we have to rely and trust on their 50+ years of experience in pageantry in the hopes that the perfect title would be given to Maureen that is truly fit for her.

It’s No Longer Only About the Miss Universe Pageant

There are more international pageants these days than we can count. And that comes with a sudden realization that nowadays, it’s no longer just about the Miss Universe pageant anymore.

Pageant fans like myself are in this bubble thinking that the most relevant, most prestigious and most important beauty pageant is still the Miss Universe pageant. However, with the surge of newer international competitions being more aggressive in their promotions and the series of letdowns and inherent flaws of the MUOrg, we wonder if are fans unaware that the pageant is suffering an erosion of its prestige?

The Golden Era of Miss Universe
It can be argued that the Golden era of the Miss Universe pageant happened in the 70’s to 90’s. It was a time when the winner get to go home with a car, jewelry from sponsors, wardrobe and even fur coats, and a hefty cash prize ranging from US$10,000 to 20,000. In total, the cash and prizes awarded to the Miss Universe winner amounts up to US$250,000. Winners back in the 80’s to 90’s get to keep their Miss Universe rhinestone crown by Sarah Coventry, a trophy and a Miss Universe brooch. The last titleholder to have seen with the MU brooch was Alicia Machado back in 1996. Newspapers would even publish the cash prizes that a winner like Chelsi Smith in 1995 would receive, something that is hush hush nowadays.
Chelsi Smith's prizes amounted to around US$250,000
Big name celebrities have also served as either judge or host in the pageant. Names like Gloria Estefan, Julio Iglesias (Sr.), etc… aside from notable dignitaries are usually invited. The pageant is aired by big name television networks and pageant venues are announced a year in advance.
Back then, it means something to be a Miss Universe. Winners are celebrities even in celebrity circles. Imagine having breakfast together with notable artists like Salvador Dali at the St. Regis Hotel and getting an invitation from him to paint you.
It was the age of glamour and everyone knew it. Back then beauty pageants are un-apologetically glamorous. Continue reading “It’s No Longer Only About the Miss Universe Pageant”

Dark Horses of the Miss Universe Philippines Pageant

Despite what seem to be slim pickings in the Miss Universe Philippines pageant, there are a handful of ladies that pageant fans have to watch out for.
While it seems that majority of the fans are gravitating to two of the most popular girls in the competition this year, there are a handful of ladies that are poised to bring in good competition for the crown. These six ladies could comprise the group that could be considered as the next set of possible contenders for the Miss Universe Philippines title.

Ysabella Ysmael – this petite stunner is perhaps one of the most ‘alta sociedad’ among the girls in the competition. A ballet dancer, this niece of former Miss Universe Margie Moran, speaks with much intelligence and substance.

Rabiya Mateo – a physical therapy graduate and a PT review teacher, the Ilongga beauty is a definite darkhorse in the pageant. She is passionate about education and she’ll do well in the competition should she carefully plan her moves in the entire pageant.

Skelly Ivy Florida – she looks great on photos and has a slight resemblance with former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz. Her dark complexion is to die for and she’s the proverbial black Barbie that would stand out in a sea of mestiza beauties.

Pauline Amelinckx – a former Mutya ng Pilipinas and Miss Bohol winner, this Filipina-Belgian looker is one of the prettiest faces in the competition. Watch out for this one because we feel that if she doesn’t make it in the MUP pageant, she has a bright future in other national pageants.

Isabela Galeria – the girl that wowed us in last year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant with her red-orange mark Bumgarner gown. Her comeback is a welcome move in adding excitement in the MUP pageant. She is arguably on of the high profile gals in the contest that could really spell trouble come finals.

Sandra Lemonon – everybody loves a comeback story and Sandra has that. After a booboo in the BBP finals q&a in 2018, Sandra went back to the drawing board and build a gameplan for MUP. We’ll be on the lookout on what she has in-store this time around.

These ladies may not be on top of the charts right now but they can over turn that in the coming weeks. Their best weapon in the competition?
There are no pressures for them to win and that weight off their shoulders will surely come in handy when the stakes get high. If they are able to keep a calm demeanor throughout the competition, they’d be able to snatch a very welcome surprise victory!

Rumor Mill: Is This Pageant Having an Ego?

Know your worth as the saying goes but it goes both ways.
We all know of the recent moves of international pageants “shopping around” for local franchises. It seems like they are slow dancing to Patti Page’s “Changing Partners” more frequently recently.

Now there is this rumored pageant that has been said to be very ‘demanding’ when it comes to its local franchise. It is said that said pageant has been wanting to move franchise holders locally for the past 3 years. Insiders say that the demand is to make their pageant the top title in the local franchise and several other perks. While we do acknowledge their wish to be given accommodations when they visit for the local pageant’s finals, they cannot be too demanding on the franchise fee that they are asking. Rumor has it that they are demanding around US$70,000 for the local franchise. That is roughly PHP 3.5 million, almost an equivalent to a condominium unit in any of the Ayala Land developments. And that figure is expected to rise up every year.
This is said to be one of the reasons why it was rumored earlier that it was going to move from its current local franchise holder to another local pageant that holds the franchise of its male pageant counterpart. Our moles are guessing that the current local franchise bid a higher number than that to retain the franchise of the pageant.
While the pageant is quite glamorous and has a superb production, it hasn’t yet achieved that longevity and level of prestige and accolades that the Big 4 pageants have. So this is one of the things that we are baffled about. Where is their loyalties lie when the local organization remained loyal to them during the time that the pageant ran into controversy when a splinter org from within created a separate same name pageant in India? Ego much? Dementia much?
How easy was it for them to forget?

Let us know of your thoughts on this rumor mill post below. Just remember not to drop names…

Binibining Pilipinas 2020 in a Historical and Cultural Tour

DID YOU KNOW that the Binibining Pilipinas Gateway Museum Tour is more than just appreciation of the arts?
One of the good things in being invited to these Binibining Pilipinas events is that it puts into light the significance of these events not just to the ladies but also to the media people present.
The Gateway Museum is a joint project of the Araneta Group of Companies and the University of the Philippines, Diliman to bring cultural and historical awareness integrated through arts. With this year’s BBP hashtag #IAmBinibini this tour is very apt to bring more awareness of Philippine culture to the 40 ladies vying for the titles at stake in Bb. Pilipinas.

Continue reading “Binibining Pilipinas 2020 in a Historical and Cultural Tour”

Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Between Michele and Alaiza

It seems that the Miss Universe Philippines title may look like a battle between two Binibining Pilipinas alums after all.
During the MUP press presentation of candidates, two ladies stood taller  above the rest of the competition: Michele Gumabao and Alaiza Flor Malinao.

A volleyball player, TV personality and former Binibining Pilipinas Globe, Michele has one of the best faces in the batch. Her Filipino-American features are exquisite to begin with, and she is quite tall as well standing close to 5’10”. Her communication skills are good enough to battle it out in the international arena. She carries a conversation quite well and that comes in handy in a pageant that values a spokesperson over a physically beautiful specimen.
With all that, she does have some weak areas she needs to improve on. First is her walk that needs finesse and polish. Poise and stature is one of the things that most beauty queens have to train on until it becomes a muscle memory.
She also has to work on being more charismatic and that her personality should translate even in photographs. She does have a very cheer-y personality though but that should translate well enough that it becomes her trademark. This is the part where she can use a strong point to cover for a weak area.
One of the easiest critique pageant pundits have is on her body. Being a volleyball player, Michele’s body/ bone structure is wider than most. Even if she becomes very thin, its her bone structure that makes her look wide. We just have to accept that and for Michele to just be on her best physical shape. Instead she has to learn to make curves with her body type.
Take for instance Gul Panag of India in Miss Universe 1999. She was quite heavy set but she made sure she nailed the Q&A and posed to created curves with what she have. Michele has to learn how to do that too.

Alaiza is the embodiment of physical perfection in a kayumangging kaligatan beauty.
She is the undoubtedly the best overall girl among this batch. She is tall at 5’9″, she has the curves and a very whistle-bait body, her facial bone structure is to die for and most importantly, she can carry an interesting conversation with you. She also is a clothes-horse that can make any outfit look good without really trying. So style-wise she is easy to dress up and package to suit what the Miss Universe organization is looking for. It does help that she moves very gracefully and with panache being a model for the most part of her career.
One of Alaiza’s best asset is that she is funny and has an easy-going personality. She can win you over with her personality because she is very grounded as a person.
But that doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have areas that she needs to work on. Alaiza being the easy-going gal she is has this aura that you cannot take seriously when in comes to serious topics. And that is one of the areas she needs to work on. People should take her seriously when she speaks.
Let us clarify, Alaiza has no problem with her speaking skills because she is a good conversationalist. She however has to speak with authority when talking about things that she is passionate about, like her advocacy on agriculture and farmers’ welfare. She needs to be convincing and taken seriously if she is to become a spokesperson of the Miss Universe org.

Our pageant instincts are shouting that it will be a death match between these two for the title.
But their biggest competition is still themselves and how to conquer their perceived weaknesses. Who among these two ladies can beat their weak areas might be the one to romp away with the Miss Unvierse Philippines title.

Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Talent Show Standouts

The criteria for the Binibining Pilipinas judging still places 50% value to beauty of face. And there was no shortage of beautiful ladies in the BBP 2020 Talent show.
But if we are to narrow down the ladies that stood out during the Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Talent show, it will all boil down to these 4 ladies…

Vickie Marie Rushton
She is the proverbial ‘face that could launch a thousand ships’ but it is her demeanor that endears her to fans. Vickie isn’t the overly aggressive type in pageants but she still does get noticed. And this is very evident after the show where it took almost 30 minutes for the crowd around her to subside. The 5’6″ stunner gamely posed for pics with her fans and loyal supporters with patience, a trait you’d want in a winner.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Basiano
She’s got the face and the height to be noticed among the bevy of 40 candidates this year. Gabby is quite modelesque owing to her 5’10” frame. She is one of the tallest ladies in the batch this year and it would be a shame to let her potential go to waste. Not a fan of her red dress in the show but her white outfit after made her look more stunning. Gabby might be the sleeper hit in this batch. Continue reading “Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Talent Show Standouts”

Binibining Pilipinas 2020: Talent Show

The Binibining Pilipinas 2020 pageant staged a one-of-a-kind talent competition to heat up Valentine’s Day, with select candidates showing off their amazing talents at The New Frontier Theater in Araneta City.

Considered as one of the most anticipated activities in Binibining Pilipinas, the talent competition was a testament to how well-rounded the contestants are. Twenty of the 40 official contestants impressed the audience and judges with their singing, dancing, and artistic talents.

Binibini #1 Samantha Panlilio opened the performances with an astounding poi dance routine. This was followed by the sizzling choreographies of Binibini #2 Rowena Sasuluya, Binibini #3 Lois Anne Badando (hula) and Binibini #5 Arianne Deseree Viardo.

Binibini #6 Princess Ann Guanzon serenaded the audiences with her golden voice, while Binibini #7 Shanon Tampon showed-off her acting skills with her monologue. Binibini #8 Meiji Cruz gave an intrinsic folk dance, followed by Binibini #12 Vianca Marcelo’s magic performance. Binibini #14 Hazel Joy Ortiz danced the paso Doble while Binibini #16 Alexandra Rosales danced a traditional Ifugao dance, while Binibini #17 Justine Felizarta did both singing and dancing to Dua Lipa’s “Don’t Start Now”.

Binibini #20 Ana Thea Cenarosa changed the flavor of the show with her one-of-a-kind dribbling skills. Binibini #22 Maria Ruth Erika Quin showed her painting skills, then Binibini #27 Jashmin Dimaculangan followed with a song number. Binibini #28 provided the audience with a declamation piece.

Binibini #30 Noriza Valerio offered a satisfying dance, followed by the unique puppeteering of Binibini #32 Danica Joy Acuna. Binibini #33 Alexandra Garcia heated up the stage with her dance, while Binibini #34 Mercedes Pair gave us her cool voice. Binibini #37 Alexangela Salvador capped off the performances with her exquisite painting.

The panel of judges was led by Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. Chair Madame Stella Marquez Araneta. She was joined by the reigning Binibini queens (Binibining Pilipinas – International Bea Patricia Magtanong, Miss Universe Philippines Gazini Ganados, Binibining Pilipinas – Supranational Resham Saeed and Binibining Pilipinas Grand International Aya Abesamis) and last year’s Best in Talent Cassandra Chan.

The winner of this year’s talent competition will be announced during the Binibining Pilipinas coronation night on April 26.

In true Binibining Pilipinas fashion, the event was coupled with segments of fashion shows. Before the talent competition, the girls sashayed on stage wearing clothes and shoes from Jag Jeans and World Balance.

After the talent showdown, the candidates graced the stage in their beautifully designed red dresses as they were serenaded by Kapamilya singer and Pilipinas Got Talent season 1 finalist Markki Stroem.

It is the first time that Binibining Pilipinas held the talent competition at the New Frontier Theater. The event was made special, as part of proceeds from the ticket sales were donated to the Philippine Red Cross – Quezon City Chapter.

Binibining Pilipinas – Intercontinental 2019 Emma Mary Tiglao and Youtube celebrity Prince de Guzman hosted the show.

Binibining Pilipinas VS Miss Universe Philippines 2020

So it can be said, it will not only be candidates that will battle it out this national pageant season, but national pageants themselves.
The Binibining Pilipinas pageant has revealed their partial schedule of activities several days ago while we wait for updates from the Miss Universe Philippines the reveal of their candidates and schedule of their events.

Posting through their official social media accounts, the BPCI made public their schedule of pageant events leading to the finals on the 26 of April at the Araneta Coliseum. A week later the Miss Universe Philippines will be having its coronation night at the MOA Arena in Pasay reportedly on May 3rd. And get this, both pageants are said to be aired on the Kapamilya Network, ABS-CBN.
With their final dates so close in proximity, their schedules are bound to overlap. One of those are the coming Talent Night show of BPCI and the Press Presentation of the MUP candidates both on February 14th. And we expect that this won’t be the first and last time that their pageant schedules would conflict with each other. Continue reading “Binibining Pilipinas VS Miss Universe Philippines 2020”

Thoughts on the Leaked BBP2020 Schedule

Several days ago, a photo of the schedule of activities and a certificate of candidacy was leaked. Members of the pageant media got hold of those and some chose to publish the schedule.
Leakages are usually treated as a negative but in the case of the leaked Binibining Pilipinas schedule of activities, it’s a great thing.
Here’s why…

First off, it is clear that it was from one of the candidates or members of her team that the leakage came from. As for the schedules it looked like notes from a production meeting and this could only come from within the broadcasting network or the org itself. So we know that the schedules seem to be legit. But we cannot fault that to the candidates as during the final screening a network staff was overheard mentioning the April 26 date as the date for the coronation. So there were loose lips all around from the start. We at Sashes&Scripts chose not to be the first to spill on the scoop (though we dropped hints prior to the final screening in a rumor mill post) as we don’t want our accreditation to be in jeopardy. It simply wasn’t for us to make it public.

Second, this leakage is not a huge deal because it gives everyone time to put into priority important dates where pageant media need to be present for the BBP activities. This also allows regular pageant fans to move around their schedules and be present in these activities. One cannot prepare to go to an event if you do not know the time, date and venue for that event. More people in the Binibini events mean better publicity and noise both on traditional medial and social media platforms. We see this as a win-win situation for everyone!
Finally, the very detailed leakage of schedules only showcases how organized the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc in staging this year’s edition of the pageant. From shoots to every public events, each are named in detail in the list. Everything is in place because the level of organization to pull such schedules off is remarkable since the pageant is a part of a huge business conglomerate. It also seems to show that the BBP pageant doesn’t look affected if their schedules conflict with those of other competitions.
In honesty, if we were in the position of the BPCI, we would just leave it be for the schedule to be public and not budge or move any dates. We would let others work around the BBP schedules. Why would they need to move their schedules if some quarters conveniently leaked those schedules. BBP should act unbothered and move like this was just a blip in their plans. Go full steam ahead!
In the end the leakage is not a big deal to even be fussed about. What it does is to show how much of a well-oiled machine the Binibining Pilipinas is…

EDIT: With the schedule now published by the BPCI, we can now freely talk about the schedule of activities freely.