Early Frontrunners and Underdogs of the 69th Miss Universe Pageant

The season to be excited about the Miss Universe pageant has begun! Based on what we have been seeing online there are at least 15 ladies to be on the look out in the coming  69th edition of the Miss Universe pageant.

Despite the lack of reliable information on the dates of the MU pageant, we cannot help but sense the feeling that an official announcement may be made by the end of December. But that shouldn’t be of our concern for the moment because the Miss Universe fever seems to have started. And we have listed the ladies that every pageant fan should watch out for!

Blogger’s note: the names are listed in random order and shouldn’t be mistaken for a ranked list.  

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Is 2020 the Rise of the WOC/ Bi-Racial Queens?

Women of color and bi-racial women are on the rise in pageantry. At least 5 recently crowned Miss Universe representatives are women with mixed ancestry and heritages. Featuring several high profile national titleholders, we are delving into this emerging trend among national pageants.

Women of mixed ancestry aren’t hardly new in the Miss Universe pageant. One of the high profile winners of the pageant, Brooke Mahaelani Lee, is Hawaiian-Korean-Chinese and is also perhaps one of the most outspoken Miss Universe winners. However, in most cases winners of the pageant in the last 10-20 years have seen mostly Latinas or those with half Caucasian ancestry with the MU title. It is rare seeing women of color or bi-racial women of color winning the title.

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Rabiya Mateo | Miss Universe Philippines 2020

Meet your new Miss Universe Philippines 2020, Rabiya mateo from Iloilo! The 5’7″dusky skinned beauty was crowned last October 23rd at the Cordillera Convention Hall in Baguio City. The finals aired both on TV and online on Sunday, October 25.

The 23-year-old has beaten over 40 other candidates for the coveted inaugural title. A licensed physical therapist, Rabiya graduated with Latin Honors (cum laude) from the Iloilo Doctor’s College back in 2018. She works as a lecturer at review centers in different provinces for both local and international PT exams. Rabiya is also part of a charity that helps educate children who live near a dumpsite in Iloilo City. Continue reading “Rabiya Mateo | Miss Universe Philippines 2020”

Thoughts on the Supposed Leaks of the Miss Universe Philippines Results

Filipino pageant fans had threw themselves into a frenzy over the rumored leaks of the top 5 results of the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 pageant.

The finals of the said pageant was held last night at the Cordillera Convention Hall with a limited number of audience. The entire pageant finals is taped to be broadcasted over GMA7 on Sunday, October 25th.

However there are some supposed leaked results saying that the top 5 comprised of Bohol’s Pauline Amelinckx, Cavite’s Billie Hakenson, Iloilo’s Rabiya Mateo, Parañaque’s Bella Ysmael and Quezon City’s Michele Gumabao. Other supposed leaks include Bohol and Davao’s Alaiza Malinao ended up as the last two ladies standing for the title.

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Miss Universe Philippines 2020: Battle of the Veterans

After numerous delays, the Miss Universe Philippines will finally culminate on October 25, 2020 with a taped telecast via GMA channel 7.

Initially, we thought that a “Binibining Pilipinas All-Stars” scenario will likely to happen in the inaugural batch of the Miss Universe Philippines. Everyone yearned for commanding racehorses in the batch of candidates joining the pageant. Sadly, that was not the case. Instead we saw a number of girls with great potential that still needed to be polished and refined to be of international caliber. Add to that was the pandemic which further separated the pageant veterans from the newbies.

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Best Miss Universe Philippines 2020 Headshots

All 51 headshots are in!

The headshot photos of the 51 candidates of the Miss Universe Philippines are a huge improvement from the gown portraits.  Shot by photographer Dookie Ducay, these new images had the candidates set up in a neutral gray background which resulted with better images than those shot with a gold backgdrop. And these 10 are our picks of the best headshot photos.

1. Michele Gumabao
2. Pauline Amelinckx
3. Alaiza Malinao
4.  Rabiya Mateo
5. Skelly Ivy Florida
6. Isabela Galeria
7. Christine Nicole Silvernale
8. Christelle Abello
9. Jo-Ann Flores
10. Sandra Lemonon

Undeniably, Michele stole best photo in this batch. I do however, needed to point out that her image stood out as well for having a stronger color contrast as compared to all the photos. Her pic also reminded us of Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s pic, which probably also contributed to it being a good photo overall. Pauline did well although she looked a bit washed out (too pale) in her picture. Alaiza comes in 3rd although she could have been easily our #2 pick with her very modern looking headshot, no fuss, just straightforward beauty. Rabiya and Skelly completes our top 5 fave headshots and we do have to commend Skelly for going full on smile on her pic as it made it look like a Dove commercial. Rabiya would have looked better had her tan looked more prominent. Isabela have a great 3/4 shot here with her strong jawline and high cheekbones.

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1st leaderboard for Miss Universe Philippines 2020

The Miss Universe Philippines 2020 press presentation is done, the first set of gown photos have been released and the first runway challenge happened several days ago. We can now safely say that the Miss Universe Philippines  frontrunners have clearly established themselves in the competition and they are most likely the ones to watch out for in the entire duration of the pageant.

Today we reveal to you our first leaderboard for the Miss Universe Philippines pageant!

  1. Alaiza Malinao
  2. Isabela Galeria
  3. Ysabella ‘Bella’ Ysmael
  4. Apriel Smith
  5. Michele Gumabao
  6. Rabiya Mateo
  7. Lou Dominique Piczon
  8. Sandra Lemonon
  9. Pauline Amelinckx

During the runway challenge it was easy to pick who among the girls stood out among the rest. Alaiza, Isabela, Bella, and Apriel were the ladies that killed the runway challenge. Alaiza was in control throughout her pasarela, Apriel was a performer on the 200 meter makeshift ramp, Isabela hammed up her pasarela and Bella showed personality. In terms of the gown pictorial released it isn’t undeniable that Sandra, Lou, Bella, Apriel and Isabela were leading the pack. Sandra’s blush gown made her a standout even with the ugly gold background.

Honestly, we probably only need to take notice and follow around 8-10 ladies in this competition as they would perhaps be the ones who would end up with the MUP title. And we are confident that the winner is probably among the 9 ladies in our list.

Who do you pick for the MUP title? Let us know in the comments below…

Dark Horses of the Miss Universe Philippines Pageant

Despite what seem to be slim pickings in the Miss Universe Philippines pageant, there are a handful of ladies that pageant fans have to watch out for.
While it seems that majority of the fans are gravitating to two of the most popular girls in the competition this year, there are a handful of ladies that are poised to bring in good competition for the crown. These six ladies could comprise the group that could be considered as the next set of possible contenders for the Miss Universe Philippines title.

Ysabella Ysmael – this petite stunner is perhaps one of the most ‘alta sociedad’ among the girls in the competition. A ballet dancer, this niece of former Miss Universe Margie Moran, speaks with much intelligence and substance.

Rabiya Mateo – a physical therapy graduate and a PT review teacher, the Ilongga beauty is a definite darkhorse in the pageant. She is passionate about education and she’ll do well in the competition should she carefully plan her moves in the entire pageant.

Skelly Ivy Florida – she looks great on photos and has a slight resemblance with former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz. Her dark complexion is to die for and she’s the proverbial black Barbie that would stand out in a sea of mestiza beauties.

Pauline Amelinckx – a former Mutya ng Pilipinas and Miss Bohol winner, this Filipina-Belgian looker is one of the prettiest faces in the competition. Watch out for this one because we feel that if she doesn’t make it in the MUP pageant, she has a bright future in other national pageants.

Isabela Galeria – the girl that wowed us in last year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant with her red-orange mark Bumgarner gown. Her comeback is a welcome move in adding excitement in the MUP pageant. She is arguably on of the high profile gals in the contest that could really spell trouble come finals.

Sandra Lemonon – everybody loves a comeback story and Sandra has that. After a booboo in the BBP finals q&a in 2018, Sandra went back to the drawing board and build a gameplan for MUP. We’ll be on the lookout on what she has in-store this time around.

These ladies may not be on top of the charts right now but they can over turn that in the coming weeks. Their best weapon in the competition?
There are no pressures for them to win and that weight off their shoulders will surely come in handy when the stakes get high. If they are able to keep a calm demeanor throughout the competition, they’d be able to snatch a very welcome surprise victory!