Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Talent Show Standouts

The criteria for the Binibining Pilipinas judging still places 50% value to beauty of face. And there was no shortage of beautiful ladies in the BBP 2020 Talent show.
But if we are to narrow down the ladies that stood out during the Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Talent show, it will all boil down to these 4 ladies…

Vickie Marie Rushton
She is the proverbial ‘face that could launch a thousand ships’ but it is her demeanor that endears her to fans. Vickie isn’t the overly aggressive type in pageants but she still does get noticed. And this is very evident after the show where it took almost 30 minutes for the crowd around her to subside. The 5’6″ stunner gamely posed for pics with her fans and loyal supporters with patience, a trait you’d want in a winner.

Gabrielle “Gabby” Basiano
She’s got the face and the height to be noticed among the bevy of 40 candidates this year. Gabby is quite modelesque owing to her 5’10” frame. She is one of the tallest ladies in the batch this year and it would be a shame to let her potential go to waste. Not a fan of her red dress in the show but her white outfit after made her look more stunning. Gabby might be the sleeper hit in this batch.

Samantha Mae Bernardo
This lady is a fighter but this year, she’s more relaxed and puts on more of a natural look for her makeup. That is what Sam did during the Talent show, she sported a more natural look that showed off her cheekbones and jawline. Samantha is definitely coasting along well in the competition and people can’t help but get drawn to her. But now she is handling the competition in a relaxed manner and with more finesse and suave.

Maureen Montagne
The girl du jour. This lady is the one that everyone is talking about, from pageant insiders, to fans and even by haters. And there is reason for her to be the talk of the town because she is the proverbial candidate that can fit nicely into every title in BBP. She surely showed everyone last February 14 why she is being talked about. In a lineup of the first 20 candidates, she’s right smack in the middle. Front and center. And for her to wear a simple vavavoom red dress was a stroke of genius so that people are looking at her face and see how pretty truly she is.

It is interesting to note that Samantha Bernardo, Carina Carino and Vickie Marie Rushton had the loudest cheers that night.
Coincidentally, five of the six ladies in our list opted out from performing a talent during the Talent Show. But they still stood out from among the 40 candidates in that night.
It is interesting to note that there were a number of other notable faces that got our attention that night. And we need to mention them here as well:
Faith Garcia – loving her face more now than the first time she joined BBP but she needs to pick her hairstyles more carefully so that it does not age her too much.
Alexandra Rosales – this fresh faced lass brings a youthful vibe around her. She also looked stunning in her Ifugao dance during the talent competition.
Patrizia Garcia – also one of the gorgeous faces in the batch this year though not quite a fan of her hairstyle and make up that night. It made her look a bit washed out onstage.
Karen Lauriee Mendoza – interestingly she has one of the best faces of the batch but did not stand out in the line up of 40 girls. She needs to work on her stage presence a bit more to get noticed.

So there you have our list of the standouts during the Binibining Pilipinas 2020 Talent show.
Did your faves made the list? Who else do you think should have made it, let us know on the comments below.

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