The Binibining Pilipinas Universe and International Crowns

Nostalgia plays a part in today’s post, specifically the various crowns used for the Binibining Pilipinas top titles: Binibining Pilipinas Universe and Binibining Pilipinas International.
With the lack of high resolution photos it is quite difficult to check the accuracy of the Binibining Pilipinas crowns of the pageant’s early years. However we are able to unearth several vintage photos that reveal that the BBP pageant has changed crowns around 6 times in its history.
It should be noted that in 1969 when the two top titles of BPCI are awarded, the chosen rep to Miss Universe was awarded the title “Binibining Pilipinas” and the chosen rep to Miss International was named “Miss Philippines“. It was only in 1972 that the BBPU and BBPI titles were awarded to the winners. (More on this Binibining Pilipinas trivia on this link). 
The First Binibining Pilipinas crown, 1964
– the first crown worn by Myrna Panlilio looked to have a wider arcs than that of the 1967 crowns. With very little source material on the source material, we couldn’t very if this crown is the same crown as the 1968 crown.
The Second Binibining Pilipinas crown, 1967 – this crown features more arcs with taller points. Some may argue that this could possibly be the first real crown change of the pageant. Continue reading “The Binibining Pilipinas Universe and International Crowns”


Chavit Singson on getting Miss Universe Franchise

Philippine STAR: There have been rumors that you’re negotiating with the Miss Universe Organization (MUO) to acquire the Philippine franchise of the pageant from Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. (BPCI), but Stella Marquez-Araneta just told media on Jan. 3 that the franchise is still with them. What’s the real score?

CHAVIT SINGSON: True, the franchise is already with me, but it has not yet been announced. I think it shall be formally announced this January or February, when Catriona comes back again to the Philippines. “Binibining Pilipinas Universe” will be replaced with “Miss Universe Philippines.” Noon pa binibigay sa akin ‘yan (It was being offered to me since before), because I’ve been helping them since 2016.
How did you get it when the Miss Universe franchise has been with the Aranetas for 55 years?
I dealt with them for the hosting of the Miss Universe pageant here in the Philippines in 2016. Instead of talking to many companies before, they just talked to me and I then gave them a non-refundable deposit of $1 million. Who would disagree to that, non-refundable? I gained their trust. Before the signing in 2016, they even first asked me to pay $12 million.
Is it true you’re helping stage Miss Universe this year? Where in South Korea will it be, and can you share some details?
Yes, it’s in South Korea, but I’m not yet sure exactly where. Before, it was held in Jeju island because it doesn’t require visas for foreign tourists. The 2019 Miss Universe will be unique because for the first time in history, North Korea will participate but no swimsuit portion for their candidate, only the national costume.

Are you courting Catriona Gray, because the first Instagram and Facebook photos I saw of you and her, the two of you were dining and havin wine on your private jet. Your comments about her?
Hindi, hindi (No, no), I’m not courting her. Catriona deserves the crown, she’s very confident, intelligent, beautiful. Walang masabi (nothing to say), she really deserves to win.
What did you tell Catriona after she won? How about President Duterte’s reaction to her?
I told her that her life will change and she said that she still couldn’t believe it… President Duterte? Natuwa siya, gusto nga niya i-appoint siya (he’s delighted, in fact he wants to appoint her) somewhere.

We’ve lifted transcipts of the breaking news directly from the Philippine Star Article… Read more at

Catriona Gray’s Thoughts on “Home Court Advantage” Should the Philippines Host Miss Universe 2018

In a blogpost I have posted about several days ago, I have written about my thoughts on the chances of Miss Universe Philippines Catriona Gray winning the Miss Universe title should the Philippines host the pageant. Now we have heard her respond to that query in an interview posted on the Philippine Star’s website.

The reigning MUP reiterated my thoughts on the issue specially on how ready she would be to represent the country whichever is the host country. Below is a snippet of the Philstar article… Continue reading “Catriona Gray’s Thoughts on “Home Court Advantage” Should the Philippines Host Miss Universe 2018”

Sashes&Scripts’ Final Leaderboard for Bb.Pilipinas2018

40 ladies…
6 crowns…
1 nerve-wracking finals night…
With a very competitive batch of ladies I can name at least 20 ladies that should make semis and it still wouldn’t be enough to fairly squeeze in the strong girls in the competition. So this year, my final leaderboard follows a different format. I took away the ranking of the semifinalists as it would not matter who makes #15 vis-a-vis #9.

Alternate Semifinalists – one way or another, these ladies have left an impression on this blogger. Each girl could easily sneak into the top 16 semis this year. But I am sure that these ladies will make top 25 in the finals.
* Loren Mar Artajos
* Sarah Joson
* Shane Tormes
* Aubrey Asuncion
* Wynonah Buot
* Kristie Cequeña
* Janette Sturm
* Patrizia Garcia
* Anjame Magbitang
Semifinalists – no surprises here as these ladies have continually made a mark in the course of the competition. However, these ladies at some point lost consistency along the competition. Some had a strong start, other had their moment on the latter parts of the competition. But they are still a threat for those in the upper half of the list
* Agatha Romero
* Ahtisa Manalo
* Samantha Bernardo
* Ana Patricia Asturias
* Karen Gallman
* Sandra Lemonon
Continue reading “Sashes&Scripts’ Final Leaderboard for Bb.Pilipinas2018”

The Philippines’ Longest Streak in Miss Universe

2010-2017 has been longest streak of the Philippines in terms of placements in Miss Universe.

It started off with 4 successive runner up placements with Venus, Shamcey, Janine and Ariella. Then came the Miss Universe win of Pia and culminated with the top 10 placement of Rachel.  This is partly due to the support that the girls have received from the Binibining Pilipinas organization headed by Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta. 8 consecutive years of placements that is only seconded by the 4 successive placements of the Binibining Pilipinas Universe winners of 1972-75. SMA surely stands tall with how her ward has made the country proud.

2010 – Venus Raj, 4th runner up
2011 – Shamcey Supsup, 3rd runner up
2012 – Janine Tugonon, 1st runner up
2013 – Ariella Arida, 3rd runner up
2014 – Mary Jean Lastimosa, Top 10
2015 – Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe
2016 – Maxine Medina, Top 6
2017 – Rachel Peters, Top 10

#PhotoCollage of the Day: Rachel Peters in MU2017 Top Gowns

I chanced upon these photos on Facebook, somebody named Raphy Yecyec edited Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters’ face into the photographs of the Miss Universe 2017 top 5 in their evening gowns.

NOTE: Keysi Sayago’s evening gown was from the bridal brand Pronovias. The original design of the gown didn’t have the sweetheart inner on the upper part of the torso.

The results are surprisingly good as if no matter what gown Rachel wore, she would all look good on them. This is not a surprise considering Rachel has one of the most enviable body proportions among the Miss Universe semifinalists of 2017. It has something to do with her long legs and whistle-bait figure. Enjoy these photos!

Here is Rachel in her Val Taguba gown side by side with those of Thailand and South Africa’s gowns…

Rachel Peters and her Miss Universe Top 10 Finish

At the heat of the debate regarding Rachel Peters’ top 10 finish, I have refrained from posting my own thoughts and feelings on the said outcome. Now that I have had more than enough time to ponder thru it, here are my thoughts on the matter…

Despite a strong performance during the finals (swimsuit and evening gown) what we should have to consider is that the judges are all briefed on what the Miss Universe organization is looking for in a winner. So it is unfair to solely blame Pia Wurtzbach alone on the outcome as all the judges are briefed accordingly by the org. By the time the judges were introduced, they may already have a winner picked in their minds and they probably stuck through their favorites throughout the telecast. Not to mention that the highest and lowest scores by the judges are cancelled to get the median scores.
We should also consider that the judging panel is heavily comprised of Americans and that their perception of beauty may be different from ours. Their perception on the girls could have easily been influenced by the sexual harassment issue enveloping the US right now and hence they chose someone like Demi who was speaking in behalf of self-defense for women.

We cannot fault the gown as well since Rachel’s Val Taguba gown was immaculate onstage. Because if we fault the gown, then how can we explain Jamaica’s yellow gown that didn’t look very chic onstage. Personally, the Val Taguba powder blue confection is the best evening gown that a Miss Universe Philippines worn on the MU stage since 2010. Rachel carried the gown with an elegance and she didn’t have to over-do her facial expressions (yes I’m looking at you Laura, even Shandy Finnessey called you out on it). Here are several recorded videos of Rachel during the Miss Universe from Instagram… and I couldn’t see a flaw on Rachel’s overall performance.

IMHO, I still believe that Rachel deserved a top 5 spot during the Miss Universe finals. She could have given the Philippines at least another runner up placement in the pageant. Too bad that the judges didn’t see her as Miss Universe potential as we did… I believe that it all boiled down to luck. Former Miss Universe Gloria Diaz once summarized it briefly saying that winning is a matter of luck, of being in the right place at the right time with the right judges.

PhotoCollage of the Day: Rachel Peters at the Miss Universe Pt.3

Here is part 3… This is Rachel in her Val Taguba evening gown…

For one who has seen her compete in the evening gown portion  of the Miss Universe pageant. I really believed that she would make it to top 5. She carried her gown very well and with class and elegance without overdoing facial expressions (unlike some girls).
While she may not have been favored by the MUOrg and the judges, we can all at least take pride with the way Rachel did her best during the finals…

PhotoCollage of the Day: Rachel Peters at the Miss Universe Pt.2

Here is part 2… Rachel has been one of the strongest girls in terms of the swimsuit presentation IMHO. It is clearly shown in these photos how she worked the stage. If the rumored scores floating around on how high she scored in the swimsuit rounds is true, all you need to see are the photos below to know why…