Rachel Peters & Why Pinoy Pageant Fans should Chillax

I have a bone to pick with some of our kababayans who would just love to criticize without offering any helpful tips or advise. When Rachel Peter’s MetroMag.Ph article and several of the behind the scenes photos of her pictorial was made available to the public, a lot of naysayers immediately had something negative to say.

Here’s my take on those…
1. There are comments from Pinoy fans saying “she still doesn’t have the spark”, “parang may kulang”, “mukhang tumanda”, “not looking fresh”, etc… Rachel is not as photogenic like other girls in her BBP batch. Well fact is even the reigning Miss Universe Iris Mittenaere isn’t that photogenic as well. Which means that these girls look better in person. Trust me when I say that the judges won’t be looking at stationary glam-shot photos of the girls and select the winner just by their pictures. Lemme ask you one thing, how many Miss Photogenic winners eventually become Miss Universe? Not even 10% of them do, in fact only 4 of them actually became MU. Yes, that’s 4 out of 65…

2. Comments comparing how her camp Kagandahang Flores isn’t training her enough or isn’t preparing her is just bull. With all due respect, before you criticize, know first that Rachel’s official training doesn’t start until next month. Why is that? Because she is still busy with public appearances that is part of her duties as Miss Universe Philippines. And please stop with the comparison how KF and A&Q train their girls. We don’t want a camp war when we already have a rep selected for MU. 
3. Rachel still has 4 months to prepare for the MU pageant. Add to that is the year-long preparations she made for Binibining Pilipinas. There isn’t anything major for her to do in terms of body transformation as she is in tip-top shape. If you haven’t seen her swimsuit pictorial then head over to her IG account and look for yourself. Styling can easily be done within the 3-4 months timeframe. Surely with these photoshoots around she is experimenting makeup looks for her together with her personal glamsquad and KF camp.

To assuage your fears, I was able to ask Rachel personally about her preparations weeks ago and here is what she had to say:
“Hi Jesson, I’ve been well thank you. Thoroughly enjoying my reign and of course all the appearances and guestings we’ve been doing thus far! Still can’t believe it but I’m so grateful for the opportunities coming my way!
I get asked how I’m dealing with the pressure quite often and I always say (truthfully) that I’m actually not feeling much pressure at this point in time. I’m still so overwhelmed and excited about everything that’s been happening to me and I really want to enjoy it and take it all in. I think it’s important to go into the pageant with a very positive mindset so I’ll just keep training, doing my best and try not to stress myself out by comparing myself to the queens before me or to the girls I’m competing against. After all, my advocacy is all about celebrating ones individuality 😉”
There is no need to panic. So chillax people, she got this…

Rachel Louise Peters on Megastyle.ph

Reigning Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters is featured on the Megastyle.ph website where we get to know more about the 5’10” beauty from CamSur…

How does it feel representing your country in the Miss Universe pageant later this year?
It’s amazing! We have all worked to hard leading up to the pageant and our hard work has paid off in a position that we matter and what we say matters. We are able to touch lives, whereas before, if we believed in something, we weren’t really heard.
So now we can touch lives for the better, we can promote our advocacies – mine is celebrating one’s individuality.
Could you expound on your chosen advocacy?
It’s mainly promoting to be yourself. There’s so much pressure these days caused by social media, to conform to a certain ideal of beauty. I’m here to be the voice to remind people that it’s not all about what you see on the outside, you don’t have to follow the standard of beauty we see through media.

How did you uphold your advocacy throughout Binibining Pilipinas?
Throughout the pageant I tried to stay true to myself and in the industry we’re in it’s tough. You get bashed a lot and people say things about you, it’s quite hard to block out what people say, but I did and tried to stay true to myself and just by being Rachel. Hopefully I can inspire others to do the same but in everyday life.

Was it a dream of yours to become a beauty queen?
Growing up I wasn’t very girly. I’d always hang out with boys and we’d be playing on the beach, I’d also play lots of sports like rugby. You can imagine how it was a transition for me when I needed to start walking in heels, but I kept my style completely the same. As I said my advocacy is staying true to oneself and that’s what I did all throughout.

How did you keep your style while joining the pageant?
I didn’t want to conform to the usual beauty queen image, as a matter of fact, in one of our interviews, I showed up in ripped jeans while other people were in cocktail dresses. That is what’s expected of me but I stand by my advocacy.

You’re an inspiration to a lot of young girls. Any last words you’d like to share with them?
My advice for young girls is to know yourself. Take some time to sit down and think about what you stand for, what your purpose is in life and set goals and boundaries for yourself. Once you truly know yourself, you can literally do anything you ever imagined and so much more. Don’t let anyone put you down and celebrate your individuality!

Words: Louise Sicat | Art Direction: Deiniel Cuvin | Photographer: Erwin Canlas | Creative Direction: Rain Dagala | Styling: Patricia Melliza | Makeup: Sari Campos of Makeup Forever | Hair: Renz Pangilinan | Location and Special Thanks to Moss Manila Home


Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters Posts a Prayer for Marawi

Rachel Peters is not just beautiful woman but also a lady with a lovely heart.

During the Philippine Independence Day parade, the 5’10” beauty was dressed in Albert Andrada as Inang Bayan for the parade. The reigning MissUniverse Philippines posted a message calling out for a prayer for Marawi on her Instagram account:
Today, as we celebrate our 119th Independence Day, let us honor and remember all the Filipinos who have fought, sacrificed and who have given their all for our country. Let’s also continue to support and pray for our brave soldiers who are fighting to protect our country even today, in Marawi. 💙 As a nation we must work together to provide peace and the strength for each other to achieve the stability in our lives, that we all deserve and strive for. ❤️ I am a proud Filipina and feel so grateful everyday for the opportunity to be representing this beautiful country I call home on the Miss Universe stage soon. 💛 Mabuhay ang Pilipinas!

Starting next month, Rachel will begin her intensive training for the Miss Universe pageant. With the possibility that it might be held in Manila, she will be leaving no stones unturned for the competition…

Rachel Peters: Not Just a Woman of Allure

ADVENTUROUS, PASSIONATE, GENEROUS – that is how Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters described herself when Sashes&Scripts interviewed her prior to the Binibining Pilipinas finals. And those are the same things that makes her a Woman of Allure.

Joining this year’s list of Philippine Star’s Women of Allure for 2017 is the 5’10” British-Filipina beauty. She joins the ranks of other former Binibining Pilipinas winners like Kylie Verzosa, Mary Jean Lastimosa, Pia Wurtzbach, Bianca Guidotti, etc… to be afforded the honor. Photographed in dazzling yellow Rachel is decked with a pair of diamond dangling earrings and diamond necklace from Miladay’s Prima Collection for the Women of Allure shoot. And why not be included in this list as we see in her the focus and determination to do the Philippines proud.
I fondly remember Rachel among the BBP2017 candidates for her energy and enthusiasm. When posed with our interview question, “Why do you think you should be the next Binibining Pilipinas winner?” she gamely changed the question to “Why do you think you deserve to be the next MUP?” Even back then, it was a clear indication that she has her eyes set on the Universe. True enough in post-pageant interviews she mentioned how she trained for a year as she set her goals eyeing the said title. If indeed that this is how clear-set she is with her objectives, then she would be a force to reckon with come Miss Universe 2017 (wherever it may be hosted).

You don’t exert half-baked efforts and expect full results. You don’t go half-way, go all the way and see it through the end. And this is what I see Rachel doing for the Philippines in preparations for the Miss Universe pageant.

Barely-there Makeup for Mariel and Rachel

Check out these lovely Instagram photos of Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters and Binibining Pilipinas International Mariel de Leon… These two beauties represent only a couple of distinct Filipina looks among a multitude of Filipina faces. 

Rachel Peters is looking divine specially with her sun-kissed tan…
Mariel’s mestiza good looks are highlighted in this natural looking make up…

Makeup: Sari Campos for Rachel & Lei Ponce for Mariel
Hair: Renz Pangilinan/ Kierlo Velasco

Is Rachel Peters Gonna be Playing Host Delegate this Year?

Yes, you heard it right. The latest (to be confirmed) reports is that the Philippines is playing host to the Miss Universe pageant once again…

Pageant insiders have buzzed that last May 17th, the Department of Tourism Secretary, Wanda Teo, has communicated that the country might host the pageant again this year. Several pageant insiders have also posted on their social media that the Philippines is to play host the second time this year. If such is the case, Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Louise Peters is gonna play host delegate just like her predecessor Maxine Medina just last January of this year. 
It is also said that part of the activities of the MU candidates is to visit scenic spots that wasn’t visited in the 65th edition last January. Who knows it may be possible that the girls would visit Caramoan in Camarines Sur. And they would definitely be given royal reception there by the Governor, Miguel Luis Villafuerte, himself… Surely our MUP wouldn’t object to that (wink, wink).

In the case that this comes to fruition, the Philippines become the only country to host the Miss Universe pageant twice in just a span of 12 months… and wouldn’t it be exciting if Rachel wins on her home country with a Miss Universe sandwich victory… 

Is the Miss Universe Philippines Between Charmaine Elima & Rachel Peters?

As the Binibining Pilipinas 2017 competition has progressed, I am seeing only two girls with massive Miss Universe potential that could possibly clinch the most coveted title of Miss Universe Philippines 2017: Charmaine Elima and Rachel Peters. What is the more interesting is that these two ladies have different strengths that they can use to their advantages.

Charmaine undoubtedly has a universal face that could give the Latinas and Europeans a run for their money. High cheek bones, small button nose, refined jawline on a swan-like neck; qualities that are universal benchmarks of what is considered beautiful. Most people would have difficulty guessing her nationality with just one look. Beauty-wise, the lady from Binangonan has the pure Filipina quality that pageant fans are clamoring for a possible MU contender. Charmaine also has a strong fanbase online with her Elimazonas comprising of several key fans from the Pianatics group.

Rachel on the other hand has the Miss Universe body written all over her as her proportions are similar to those of Paulina Vega and Gabriela Isler. This gal can stand shoulder to shoulder with the rest of the tall girls in the “P group” in MU too. She has legs that goes on for days and days. Her British-Filipina mix brings an aristocratic air to this mestiza beauty that could connect the Eurasian market.
They hardly have similar physical qualities but both of them are transformable and fit the mold that the Miss Universe org might be looking for a winner: strong, natural, feminine and has universal appeal. It is also worth mentioning that both ladies are conversant in English and that I have confidence in their communication skills.

Add to it is the fact that insiders seem to think that both ladies are the flagbearers of their respective camps.
It is going to be interesting as these two ladies are going to pit the two biggest beauty camps once more for the top crown. The competition between these two amazing ladies is gonna bring the Kagandahang Flores and Aces & Queens camp rivalry into surface once again.
While these two might be my picks as the last two slugging it out for the top crown, fair warning comes as a darkhorse named Sirene Sutton can spoil it all and come out just from under their noses.