The Tallest Miss Universe Winners

Sometime ago, I have written about how it seems that height is no longer might in the IMG|WME era of the Miss Universe organization. The crop of the current set of winners (Demi Leigh Nel-Peters, Sarah Rose Summers and Hailey Colborn) were all 5’7″ below in height. So in contrast to that feature, I thought it would be a great idea to list the tallest Miss Universe winners.

In the pageant’s history, only 3 winners stood at 6’0″ or taller, they are Michelle McLean (Namibia), Wendy Fitzwilliam (Trinidad & Tobago) and Amelia Vega (Dominican Republic).  Michelle and Wendy both stands at 6’0″ and Amelia is the tallest winner at 6’1″. The average Miss Universe winner stands around 5’7″- 5’8 1/2″ so these three women are really heads above the rest of other Miss Universe winners, specially with the late Luz Marina Zuluaga (R.I.P) who only stood 5’4″ tall, the shortest Miss Universe winner.

Will the next Miss Universe be on the taller end of the spectrum or will she be around the shorter side?

CONTROVERSY: Mexicana Universal Puts Candidates in Danger!

Was Mexicana Universal headhoncho Lupita Jones in a good moral position in allowing to endanger the lives of her candidates?

While reading up on the latest news and updates on the Mexicana Universal pageant, I came across this news article from illustrating how finalists of the pageant had to walk the ramp in gowns and high heels trying to avoid punching bags from hitting them. Mexicana Universal Veracruz Martha Briano wasn’t fortunate enough and was hit then fell onstage. Even if there are foam pads to cushion her fall, a wrong angle of the fall could still pose serious injuries. Seeing her getting left out of the top 6 also adds insult… not that it was a justification should she had made top 6. This ‘reality TV’ antic was a terrible way of treating the contenders. Continue reading “CONTROVERSY: Mexicana Universal Puts Candidates in Danger!”

Sashes&Scripts 10 Best Musical Performances in the Miss Universe Pageant

Have you ever wondered what songs are the most memorable songs performed in the Miss Universe pageant? Well guess no more as Sashes&Scripts lists down its top 10 best songs.

Before we go to the list let us first enumerate some of the honorable mentions to the list:
* A Whole New World by Peobo Bryson and Dayanara Torres in Miss Universe 1994
* One More Chance by Julio Iglesias Jr in Miss Universe 1999
* Seal Medley in Miss Universe 2015 – Crazy, Everytime I’m With You & Kiss from a Rose
* Boys II Men Medley in Miss Universe 2016 – On Bended Knee, I’ll Make Love to You & End of the Road
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National Costume Wish-List for Ahtisa Manalo

We know that the Miss International pageant is still quite far, but we just can’t help but to be excited at the prospect of what would our reps’ national costume be. So we came up with several ideas on possible options.
Today’s post is all about possible national costume ideas for Binibining Pilipinas International Ahtisa Manalo…

1. La Jota Moncadena Costume – the dancers in lavish Maria Clara costume would flick their feet to create a swooshing movement of the saya’s cola. The drama for this costume would be lavish enaguas (petticoats) underneath the costume. In the olden Hispanic times, the more elaborate the embroidery and lace work of the enagua, the more wealthy and affluent the family the lady comes from.
2. Ifugao-themed costume – it is rare to see traditional costumes from the Mountain Provinces being showcased in pageants. With the wealth of ideas and cultures from the collective Ifugao peoples (Bontok, Kankanaey, Ibaloy, Isnag and Kalinga tribes) or even the lowland tribes of the Gaddang and Yogad, surely there is a number of costumes that we can mine from its heritage and traditions.

Which of these wish-list for a national costume would you like for Ahtisa? Comment below!

Tamaryn Green, Miss South Africa 2018

23 year old Tamaryn Green is named Miss South Africa during the 60th anniversary of the pageant. The 5’9″ tall lass was also named Miss Universe South Africa while second placer Thulisa Keyi was named Miss World South Africa. Tamaryn was crowned with the Miss SA Enhle crown by outgoing Miss South Africa Ade van Heerden who was elevated to the  title upon the victory of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters as Miss Universe.

Tamaryn is currently a medical student and training to be a doctor. She is in her final year as a medical student but would have to halt her studies to fulfill her duties as the reigning queen. In her Miss South Africa bio, she lists Rolene Strauss, Miss World 2014, as her inspiration among past winners. Both ladies were medical student when they won the title of Miss South Africa.
The raven haired, brown-eyed beauty will attempt a back to back win for South Africa in Miss Universe later this year.
As the new winner she gets a cash prize from the Miss SA Organisation (Sun International and Cell C) R1 million in cash (around US$ 80,000) and the use of an apartment throughout her reign.
* Africology product and spa services
* Bacher and Co watch and fragrance sponsorship
* blackBOX with one year’s subscription to Binge Premium Plus on black.
* Brow Bar product and services
* Cahi Dental Practice dental services and aesthetic improvements
* Call It Spring footwear
* Cell C voice and data contracts
* Ciro Coffee equipment and product
* Discovery Insure insurance and medical aid
* Edgars Mobile retail vouchers
* Exclusive Dry Cleaners services for year of reign
* Forever New fashion
* Generosity water
* Jack Friedman jewellery
* Lebelle Hair Extensions
* Lightsculpt skincare treatments and product
* Lipault Luggage luxury travel gear
* Nissan Qashqai
* Paul Mitchell hair products and services
* Planet Fitness gym membership
* Samsung S9+, Tablet and Gear Fit Pro Red
* Shock Absorber fitness products
* Smashbox make up product and applications
* Soviet denim apparel
* USN products and clothing
* Wonderbra intimate wear

It surely is great to be Tamaryn right now!

RumorMill: Osmel Sousa to Put Up a New Pageant in Venezuela?

Is retired Miss Venezuela President Osmel Sousa putting up a new pageant?Well that is the buzz going around in social media these days after the Czar of Beauty posted some cryptic photo on his Instagram feed…

According to rumors he has acquired the franchise of the Miss Supranational and the Miss Grand International pageants and is now looking up to setting up a national pageant for those international competitions. It is also being said that his new team/ organization is also on the works in acquiring at least two more international pageant franchises.

Will this be his redemption story after the trafficking and prostitution scandal that rocked the end of his Presidency in the Miss Venezuela pageant? Only time will tell. The only thing we are sure of is you can’t pull a good man down…

Sashes&Scripts Final Picks for Miss South Africa 2018

If it was all up to me I’d have a law student for Miss Universe and a Medical student in Miss World, with a young 19 year old as possible spoiler for the Miss South Africa title this year…

With the 12 national finalists competing for the title tonight, I thought of narrowing them all down to just three of my personal faves for the title. And here they are:
For Miss Universe – I’d pick Thandokazi Mfundisi, a 24 year old law student who I believe to be a great rep. Nevermind the short hair, it suits her perfectly. I think this lady can talk the talk and she looks to be a lady with great personality. And it helps that she seems to have that presence we all can see in past MU winners.
For Miss World – my choice would be Karishma Ramdev, a 23 year old medical student. With her Indian background I think she can win the Miss World title easily. India and South Africa are powerhouses in Miss World so Karishma has total advantage there. Placing her strategically at Miss World would be a great move for South Africa.
And just to throw a monkey-wrench to these girls plans of winning is a Wildcard/ Spoiler pick in the person of Danielle de Jager. Youngest in this year’s competition but she seem to have that spark that will make you turn heads and want to engage with her. And it also helps that she reminds me of a mix of Miss Universe 1997 1st runner up Marena Bencomo and former French First Lady Carla Bruni Sarkozy.

With two titles up for grabs I think that this year’s Miss South Africa will be a culmination of 60 glorious years. And I feel that this is just the start of South Africa’s rise in the international pageant arena…

The Miss Universe Crowns: The Vietnamese CAO Crown

The Vietnamese CAO Crown
About the Crown: when Vietnam hosted the competition in 2008, the host country had a special crown made for the winner. The is made of 18-carat white and yellow gold. It is composed of over 1,000 precious stones; including 555 white diamonds (30 carats), 375 cognac diamonds (14 carats), 10 smoky quartz crystals (20 carats) and 19 morganite gemstones (60 carats). Its design is said to be inspired by the crane which represents the spirit and culture of the country.

Timeline: 2008 (it was only used for crowning once)
Cost/ Price: estimated value of $120,000
Trivia: Only Dayana Mendoza wore this crown and she only wore it once. When it was time for her to crown her successor, she defaulted in wearing the Mikimoto crown.

Monserrat Curis and Nebai Torres for Mexicana Universal 2018!

It’s just a matter of counting the days before we finally see who wins Mexicana Universal. On the evening of May 27th (that’s early morning of the 28th on the other side of the international dateline), the six remaining grand finalists will be whittled down to the final 2 who will go head to head on June 3rd for the title.

I have my two faves Monserrat Curis and Nebai Torres for the top 6. Montse, my personal pick for Miss International, now moves up as my main pick for the title. She would be a good rep for Mexico in Miss Universe 2018! I know, a lot of people would argue that she’s only 5’7 ” but who cares. Height doesn’t seem to be very important in MU nowadays, specially with the newly crowned Miss Teen USA and Miss USA who are 5’4″ and 5’5″ tall respectively. Nebai still remains a darkhorse for me. Her beauty seems to be a mix of Rachel Weisz and Meghan Markle, and she has the enviable height of 5’10” that most pageant fans would approve of.

I have hopes that either these two ladies will bring home the Mexicana Universal crown. And that despite rumors of ‘friction’ between the reigning queen Denise Franco and MxU ND Lupita Jones, I’d still want to see Denisse crown her successor…

How Much Does it Cost to Host the Miss Universe Pageant?

For any regular pageant fan, hosting the Miss Universe pageant seems to be a trivial matter. It is as if anyone or any country for that matter could easily make the investment to host a huge dealing. The reality is quite far from what you’d expect…

What pageant fans don’t know that hosting the Miss Universe pageant is a serious business deal and involves a serious amount of money. This post will attempt to shed a little more light into the finances involved in hosting the Miss Universe pageant.

(Disclaimer: the figures presented here were taken from various news articles and are indicated on the list of sources on the bottom of the page…)
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Ho Chi Minh City will Play Host to Manhunt International!!!

HO CHI MINH VIETNAM – 23 MAY 2018 – Manhunt International Executive President,
Rosko Dickinson, today announced the Manhunt International 2018 World Final. It will be held in Ho CHi Minh City Vietnam with delegates from over 40 countries on March 2019 and will be televised on HTV, the leading Television Station in Ho Chi Minh and streamed live worldwide.

The first ever Manhunt International World Final was held in Australia in 1993, when Rosko Dickinson and Alex Liu joined forces with a dream to offer the men of the World a platform to showcase their talents. Continue reading “Ho Chi Minh City will Play Host to Manhunt International!!!”

Miss Eco-International Cynthia Thomalla is Ready for Work!

It’s been merely just weeks since Cynthia Thomalla was crowned as Miss Eco International and yet she is ready to roll up her sleeves and work! The Cebuana beauty has expressed in an interview that she is more than excited to start with her duties and responsibilities as a winner. Here below is a snippet of an article from…

“I think the basic job description for me would be to promote eco-tourism as well as sustainable tourism. I actually want to sit down with Miss Eco International organization so that we are on the same page regarding matters of becoming a UN ambassadress,” she said.

But before going full-time on her duties, Thomalla is first and foremost excited to start her advocacy in her hometown.
“I am looking forward to go back to my home province, Southern Leyte because as I said before, I want to educate people and also the youth with sustainable tourism and encourage them to be responsible travelers. And I want to start that advocacy with programs in my hometown,” Thomalla said hopefully.

Thereafter, it will be a constant travel for Thomalla, whose pageant prize included an exclusive diplomatic passport with a six-year validity.
Among the countries and cities lined up for her are her host country Egypt, where she is to return after the holy month of Ramadan; New York, where she will be a speaker for the United Nations; Australia; Singapore; and Malaysia. She is also headed to India to promote the makeup brand that supported Miss Eco International.
The latest beauty pride of the Philippines imparted that in the middle of her success, she wished her people were just as pleased with her achievement. “I really hope I made you guys proud,” she ended.

Demi Leigh Nel-Peters Supports Transgender Females in Miss Universe?

In 2012, the Miss Universe pageant started the move to be more inclusive and ruled in favor of accepting transgender women into the competition. 5 years since then it is still a hot topic of debate among pageant fans whether to accept transgender women in Miss Universe or not.

Those on the PRO side of the debate has found an ally with reigning Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. During her visit in Mexico for the Mexicana Universal pageant, the South African queen has expressed approval to the Miss Universe pageant for their support for trans-women joining the pageant.  She even said, “I think it’s wonderful of Miss Universe, because the pageant is inclusive.” Continue reading “Demi Leigh Nel-Peters Supports Transgender Females in Miss Universe?”

Miss USA 2018 – Who Had the Best Final Q&A?

During the recently concluded Miss USA 2018 who among the top three nailed the question best?

While there have been good quality videos of how Miss USA 2018 Sarah Rose Summers answered the final question, there isn’t a lot of  vids on the answers of Nevada’s Carolina Urrea or North Carolina’s Caelynn Miller-Keyes. Today’s post features a transcript of their answers for comparison.
THE FINAL QUESTION: “You’re on your way to a march and someone hands you a blank sign and a marker. What do you put on your sign and why?”
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IMG|WME’s Miss Universe Era: Height is No Longer Might?

The new Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers is 5’5″.
Hailey Colborn, the recently crowned Miss Teen USA is only 5’4″.
Even the reigning Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel Peters is reported to be between 5’6″-5’7″.
Is IMG|WME intentionally looking for short(er) winners?

That may depend on where you are coming from. In some parts of the world being 5’6″ is already considered tall. Specially when the average population is only about 5’2″. This is a stark contrast in the days of the Trump era when most winners would be standing around 5’7″ or taller. It is undeniable however that personality and intelligence seems to be highly favoured these days in the IMG|WME Miss Universe age. Hailey Colborn smashed down the competition during the final question and answer in Miss Teen USA. Sarah Rose was clearly the best communicator among the top 5 girls during Miss USA finals. Demi Leigh is a strong speaker and has a winning personality as well.

Does this mean that tall ladies are no longer a the standard in the IMG|WME owned pageants? Not necessarily. But it does say one thing: height is no longer might in these three pageants…