Miss Eco International Scandal

The recent Miss Eco International scandal illustrates why pageants are seen as superficial in the face of the global coronavirus pandemic.

As Peru, Japan and Thailand have made public their withdrawal of local franchises, this Miss Earth copycat pageant has a troubled future ahead of it

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Miss World Philippines Batch 2017: All Winners

With the Miss World Philippines application currently ongoing, we review the achievement of the current set of queens in terms of their performances at their respective international competitions…

Miss Eco-International 2018,  Cynthia Thomalla – she was rumored to be the pageant favorite from the get go and she was deserving to win the first crown for the Philippines in the Egypt-based pageant. If rumors are true that she was supposedly Julia Morley’s favorite during the nationals, it surely was a gain for the Miss Eco pageant as Cynthia is well prepared for the job she has to do as winner. Her win would be a tall order to match by her national successor, Cynthia’s beauty & charm is superbly superior in her batch…
Miss Multinational 2018, Sophia Senoron – hers was a surprise win at the nationals which she translated into a strong performance in her international tilt. Naysayers changed their minds after her victory in India for the first Miss Multinational competition. Will a back-to-back win be possible? Slim chances to almost nil I should say. The international competition will be on its 2nd pageant next year and I seriously doubt crowning a back-to-back could happen. But I could be wrong, MW first two winners came from the same country… so it could happen.

Reina HispanoAmericana 2017,  Teresita Ssen Marquez -this is the girl who has the fighting spirit of a tiger. Thus, her win at the Reina Hispanoamericana pageant was fluke as she did work hard to prove herself for it. Had she been sent to Miss World instead, we could have seen one who would fight tooth and nail for the crown. But we are happy to see her as the first Filipina to win the RH title. She is gonna be a tough act to follow definitely.
Miss World Philippines 2017, Laura Lehman – it is kinda sad to see her as the only ‘crownless’ beauty in her batch. A very low top 40 placement was almost non-bearing at all. How was it possible that a BWAP winner at MW didn’t even make top 20? Her placement is the lowest placement the country had since 2011. Her successor should work harder to bring the country back into the top 20/10 at least… a difficult but extremely workable challenge.

Overall, it was a very great batch, one that is commendable being the first year under the directorship of Arnold Vegafria. The 2017 batch of queens had shown their merit on the international stage. While we celebrate their international titles, we are also worried if the next batch of national candidates will be able to replicate the achievements of the current  batch? I am quite doubtful of a triple back-to-back challenges as we have experienced this scenario before in 2013/2014 (MW, MS and MI). That is something that this year’s batch of applicants would have to think and mull about…

Miss Eco-International Cynthia Thomalla is Ready for Work!

It’s been merely just weeks since Cynthia Thomalla was crowned as Miss Eco International and yet she is ready to roll up her sleeves and work! The Cebuana beauty has expressed in an interview that she is more than excited to start with her duties and responsibilities as a winner. Here below is a snippet of an article from ManilaTimes.net…

“I think the basic job description for me would be to promote eco-tourism as well as sustainable tourism. I actually want to sit down with Miss Eco International organization so that we are on the same page regarding matters of becoming a UN ambassadress,” she said.

But before going full-time on her duties, Thomalla is first and foremost excited to start her advocacy in her hometown.
“I am looking forward to go back to my home province, Southern Leyte because as I said before, I want to educate people and also the youth with sustainable tourism and encourage them to be responsible travelers. And I want to start that advocacy with programs in my hometown,” Thomalla said hopefully.

Thereafter, it will be a constant travel for Thomalla, whose pageant prize included an exclusive diplomatic passport with a six-year validity.
Among the countries and cities lined up for her are her host country Egypt, where she is to return after the holy month of Ramadan; New York, where she will be a speaker for the United Nations; Australia; Singapore; and Malaysia. She is also headed to India to promote the makeup brand that supported Miss Eco International.
The latest beauty pride of the Philippines imparted that in the middle of her success, she wished her people were just as pleased with her achievement. “I really hope I made you guys proud,” she ended.
* http://www.manilatimes.net/cynthia-thomalla-ready-to-roll-up-sleeves/399201/

Cynthia Thomalla, Sticking to her Gameplan for Miss Eco International

Miss Eco International- Philippines Cynthia Thomalla is now competing in Egypt for the Miss Eco International pageant. And she is one of the standout girls in the competition.

Competing in field of 50+ candidates, Cynthia or Thia can easily best it out with the much favored Latinas in the pageant. While she may not look much of an overly standout in her early pics, she does have a gameplan for the competition. According to a person close to her, some of the candidates are throwing some attitude early in the competition and she is careful not to put a target on her back. The pageant is aware of how their competition will get mileage from Filipino pageant fans should Cynthia win, hence she really have to follow her plan with care.

Standing out while blending in. That is so far the best play she can use and deliver at the crucial activities of the pageant later. Preparation is the key and all should be well with Cynthia in the competition. Finals will be on April 27th, 7pm (that’s 1am on April 28th in the Philippines) at the Cairo Opera Theatre.