Miss Supranational

The Miss Supranational pageant is an annual international beauty pageant that is run by the World Beauty Association.  The World Beauty Association (WBA) is based in Panama although the Miss Supranational is annually held in Poland and is produced by Nowa Scena.

Every year contestants from almost 80 countries participate in the contest which focuses on grace and natural beauty among its contestants. This was a far cry from its first edition that gathered 36 candidates a decade ago. The pageant’s motto is: Glamour, fashion and natural beauty.

The first Miss Supranational competition began life in 2009 held in the beautiful city of Plock, Poland. Over the years Miss Supranational has become associated with high standards of television production, stage design and entertainment. The pageant was usually held in the months of August or September of each year, but starting 2014 it is held during the first week of December.

2009 – Oksana Moria, Ukraine
2010 – Karina Pinilla, Panama
2011 – Monika Lewczuk, Poland
2012 – Katsyarina Buraya, Belarus
2013 – Mutya Johanna Datul, Philippines
2014 – Asha Bhat, India
2015 – Stephania Stegman, Paraguay
2016 – Srinidhi Shetty, India
2017 – Jenny Kim, Korea
2018 – Valeria Vazquez Latorre, Puerto Rico
2019 – Anntonia Porsild,  Thailand


Year Date # of Participants
2009 September 5 36
2010 August 28 66
2011 August 26 70
2012 September 14 53
2013 September 6 82
2014 December 5 71
2015 December 4 82
2016 December 2 71
2017 December 1 65
2018 December 7 73
2019 December 6 78

Executive Producer: Gerhard Parzutka von Lipinski
Creative Director: Andre Sleigh
Project Manager and Production: Pawel Dudek
Project Coordinators: Paulina osiewicz, Bartek Osumek
International Licensing Director:  Marina Fusquine
Partner TV Station: POLSAT


Age Requirements for Major International Pageants

Age and pageants are two concepts that go hand in hand like bread and butter. As we have previously posted on the age requirements of international pageants in the past, there have been some updates since then. Before we are to post the age requirements of the four Alpha pageants, we thought it would be of help if we also posted on the age requirements of other international pageants around.

The age requirements/ age limits posted below are acquired from various sources such as the pageants’ websites, news articles, information from their national franchises (as in the case of Miss Globe), etc… Some of the pageants’ website do not actually say their age requirements which is a quandary as this would help build up their reputation.

Age Requirements for Miss Supranational, Miss Intercontinental & Miss Globe
Age Requirements for Misses Global, Grand International and Miss Tourism International

In the Miss Intercontinental website, the age requirements are listed as: “Delegates must be at least 18 but under 27 years of age before the date of the Miss Intercontinental pageant.” This meant that a candidate cannot turn 27 during the pageant proper until the finals. Safe to say that any delegate should be around 26 within the competition proper.
So for the ladies who are thinking of applying or joining a beauty pageant, it helps to know the age limits as required by each of the pageants you hope to join in. Make sure as well that you check the national franchisee’s website as they may have a narrower age brackets than those of the international competition.

2018 International Pageant Calendar

We are almost halfway done with the year and it is almost time again for the international pageant season to begin. Today we are posting the latest updates on the international pageant dates on 8 of the most awaited international pageants…

Miss Intercontinental – according to an IG post from Missosology, the Miss Intercontinental will be held in the Philippines on January 2019. In effect, this would make the pageant skip one year for 2016.
Miss Globe – after the pageant was on the discussions to be held in Vietnam, it was announced it will be back in Albania again this year. Negotiations failed as government officials were strict with the numerous pageant hosting proposals in the country (as rumors have it). Finals will be on October 21st.
Miss Supranational – the Miss Supranational pageant will once again be held in Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. It will will be a day ahead of it’s European rival, the Miss World pageant, by one day. The pageant finals is slated on December 7.
Miss Grand International – the earliest to announce its pageant venue and date. The Miss Grand International pageant will be held on October 25th in Myanmar.

Miss Earth – with the opening of the pageant rumored to be on the newly opened island of Boracay, the pageant is will be hosted at the MOA Arena on November 3rd this year.
Miss International – the pageant is consistently held in Japan since 2012 and this year is no different. The pageant is slated to be held at the Tokyo Dome on November 9th.
Miss World – Sanya will once again host the Miss World pageant on its second straight year. Pageant finals would be in December 8th. It would be the 9th time that the pageant will be held in China.
Miss Universe – MU Puerto Rico National Director & Miss Universe 2001 Denise Quinones was right after all. She claimed that the pageant will be on December and indeed the pageant will be on December 16th (that’s December 17th in Asia) in the Impact Arena in Bangkok.
NOTE: This article was first published in June this year and was updated with the latest data available.

RumorMill: Osmel Sousa to Put Up a New Pageant in Venezuela?

Is retired Miss Venezuela President Osmel Sousa putting up a new pageant?Well that is the buzz going around in social media these days after the Czar of Beauty posted some cryptic photo on his Instagram feed…

According to rumors he has acquired the franchise of the Miss Supranational and the Miss Grand International pageants and is now looking up to setting up a national pageant for those international competitions. It is also being said that his new team/ organization is also on the works in acquiring at least two more international pageant franchises.

Will this be his redemption story after the trafficking and prostitution scandal that rocked the end of his Presidency in the Miss Venezuela pageant? Only time will tell. The only thing we are sure of is you can’t pull a good man down…

Bb. Pilipinas Supranational: Still a Title in Bb. Pilipinas 2018!

While my thoughts and review of the Binibining Pilipinas Talent competition is an important article to be posted, I have to give way to the urgency of the topic of this blogpost.

While a rumor has been spreading that the Miss Supranational has jumped ship to another national pageant, it is made clear during the Bb. Pilipinas Talent competition that the Binibining Pilipinas Supranational title is still up for grabs. All six national titles were mentioned by reigning Bb. Pilipinas Supranational Chanel Olive Thomas during her hosting of the said event (with Miss Grand International 2nd runner up Elizabeth Clenci).
Perhaps the so-called rumored move didn’t materialize or it may have fallen apart in the negotiations. Perhaps it’s the India/ Hong Kong based secondary Miss Supranational organization that has been taken over. (Yes, there was a secondary Miss Supranational pageant that became a huge news in 2014). Whatever it is, what is clear is that there will still be a Binibining Pilipinas Supranational title that will be up for grabs.

My take on this issue is that if there is truth that the Polish-based pageant jumped ship because they wanted to be given top priority in BBP, then that doesn’t look well for the Miss Supranational pageant’s image. Afterall, the pageant only gotten Filipino fan following and popularity (and all the perks of that) after Bb. Pilipinas started giving it importance in 2012 and 2013. Not to mention that there was a rumored dispute between Miss World chairperson Julia Morley with the MS owner (who was once the national director of Miss World Poland) over “pirating other NDs” to his international pageant back in 2014/2015. So if I were the Miss Supranational organization, I would be careful on such moves and not to be too hasty. Think of the risks involved…and weight in if the rewards are better than the losses.

Chanel Olive Thomas: A Ball of Energy for Miss Supranational

Vivacious, energetic, bubbly, fun – those are just several words to describe the half-Pinay Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2017, Chanel Olive Thomas.

The 5’9″ model has a lot on her shoulders following several near misses of the Philippines at the Miss Supranational pageant. After having Mutya Datul win the title in 2013, we haven’t been in the top 5 since. With Chanel’s modeling background, we have high expectations for her to do well in the Polish-based pageant. That bubbly personality of hers will be a lot of help later on as she competes internationally, specially when the pressures of being a Philippine rep will be at its heaviest. Keeping things light will be a blessing.

Back in 2015, when she participated in Miss Philippines Earth she was looking more like a model (she placed Miss Philippines – Air to Angelia Gabrena Ong’s Miss Philippines Earth and eventually became Miss Earth 2015). Nowadays, the beauty queen in her is in full bloom. She looks more self-assured and comfortable being a public personality. Something she shared during her guesting on CNN Philippines regarding being a public persona was this: “I really believe before you enter the pageant, you should already be considering that to happen. From my case, I was already prepared. I was aware that with this, comes great responsibility, and I always, always, always, always, always, always recommend for young girls — wait ‘til you’re a little bit older, when you have lots of experience, you grow up a little, and you know what you want before you enter. Because once you enter, and it’s God’s will, and you win, you have to step up, because you’re not just living for yourself, you’re living for others around you.”

Aside from a more confident outlook, we hope that she polish and strengthen her catwalk skills as this is something that the Miss Supranational seems to prefer. But most of all, she should keep her vivacious personality in the competition as this will separate her from the rest of the girl…

My Miss Supranational 2016 Favorites

The Miss Supranational finals is gonna be held a day before the first Mister Supranational pageant. While there are very little activity (why has the multitude photoshoots gone?) and the slim pickings this year, there were several girls who personally stood out for me.
Will we be having a back to back win for Paraguay care of Viviana Florentin? Not if Miss Venezuela Valeria Vespoli has something to say on it. Completing the top 5 girls on my list are Miss Malaysia Julylen Liew Gizelle and Germany’s Anja Vanessa Peter.

1. Venezuela, Valeria Vespoli
2. Paraguay, Viviana Florentin
3. Sri Lanka, Ornella Gunesekere
4. Malaysia, Julylen Liew Gizelle
5. Germany, Anja Vanessa Peter
6. Gibraltar, Aisha Ben Yahya
7. South Africa, Talitha Bothma
8. Philippines, Joanna Eden
9. Thailand, Chatchadaporn Kimakorn
10. Indonesia, Intan Aletrino
11. Australia, Silka Kurzak
12. Mexico, Cynthia de la Vega
13. Suriname, Jaleesa Pigot
14. Poland, Ewa Mielnicka
15. Brazil, Cloris Ioanna Junges
16. Canada, Hanna Begovic
17. Panama, Leydis Maybeth Gonzalez
18. Belgium, Amina Serroukh
19. Trinidad & Tobago, Lia Djemila Ross
20. Vietnam, Kha Trang

While I am personally rooting for a back to back win for Paraguay, I would not have a problem with Venezuela winning this time.

Anja Vanessa Peter & Joanna Eden, a Miss Supranational Battle Royale

Will be it be a battle royale between two Filipina halfies in Miss Supranational? Miss Supranational Germany Anja Vanessa Peter and Binibining Pilipinas Supranational Joana Eden may have Filipina blood running in their veins but that won’t matter come competition time.

Miss Germany 2015 1st runner up Anja (who would have been the better rep to MU2015 than Sarah Lorraine IMHO) is now a seasoned model who has sashayed on the runways for several years now. The 5’9” stunner has an enviable resume being a former professional tennis player and is currently pursuing a Masters degree in Media Management. So Miss Supranational Germany isn’t easy to just dismiss.
If the recent IG photos of Joanna Eden is any indication, then our Miss Supranational bet is ready for the battle ahead. Sporting an enviable abs, the Filipina-Australian lass surely has a body that is enviable for the competition in Poland. The 5’7” looker aims to be the second Filipina to win the Miss Supranational title after Mutya Johanna Datul.

Who do you think will reign supreme come finals?

Miss Supranational Germany2016 is Anja Vanessa Peter!

Look who is back with a bang!

Its our favorite German-Filipina tennis player Anja Vanessa Peter is now competing in Miss Supranational 2016! This 5’9 stunner was officially announced earlier to be her country’s official rep to the pageant in Poland this coming December 2nd.
I have been a supporter of this lovely lady since she first competed and ended up as a semifinalist in Binibining Pilipinas 2015. A veteran of national pageants, being last year’s Miss Germany 1st runner up, this is her first time to compete in an international pageant. Anja is  Communication and Business graduate and is currently working on getting her Master’s degree in Organization and Communication. Miss Supranational has long been competition that favours strong catwalk and I am looking forward to improvements in her pasarela. Anja, who IMHO looks better when she smirks than when she has full blown smile, will be competing with another Kagandahang Flores trained Joanna Eden. 

Good luck Anja!