Demi Leigh Nel-Peters on Hard Work

Miss Universe Demi-Leigh on success: I’ve had to work hard for everything! Thus reads the headline of South Africa’s article on reigning Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel Peters.

Demi said that she takes pride in the fact that success hasn’t just landed in her lap and she’s had to earn everything she has achieved.
I’ve had to work really hard for anything that has ever come my way. That is why I never take any victory for granted. I believe every situation and experience I’ve lived has prepared me for the present and has made me the woman I am today.
As the reigning Miss Universe, she does work hard since the start of her reign. She has traveled to Indonesia, the Philippines, France, Peru, Mexico, different parts of the US and recently to Thailand for the Miss Universe 2018 official announcement. She has completed a couple of media tour since her winning MU, done a number of endorsements, numerous photoshoots and magazine covers, different speaking engagements and different public appearances (including television appearances). Hence hardwork is nothing strange to her.

Additional snippets of the article below…
Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters was recently unveiled as the August cover star of Women’s Health magazine where she opened up about the importance of keeping your body and mind healthy.
“Beauty is about being healthy, feeling good, being energised and glowing from the inside out. It’s about being able to take care of yourself and your body and giving it the nutrition it needs. I mean, it’s the only body you’ll ever have.”


IMG|WME Played Cupid for Miss Universe Demi Leigh and Tim Tebow?

Did IMG|WME play match-maker with sports superstar Tim Tebow and reigning Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel-Peters?

Looks like it as both talents are currently under IMG management and have confirmed to be dating.
Tim broke the news in an interview with ESPN’s Pedro Gomez gushing about Demi saying,”she is a really special girl and I am very lucky and blessed for her coming into my life. I am usually very private with these things but I am very thankful.”
This isn’t the first time that the sportsman dated a beauty queen as he has dated another former Miss Universe, Olivia Culpo. Olivia is currently back with Danny Amendola after a split earlier in the year.

Long Gaps in Between Miss Universe Victories

Did you know that France had the longest wait in terms of winning its next Miss Universe title? They won their first title back in 1953 with Christianne Martel and had their second win only in 2016 with Iris Mittenaere.

Coming in second is Colombia whose Luz Marina Zuluaga won in 1958 and would only be replicated by Paulina Vega in 2014. It would also been the shortest wait for a Miss Universe victory had Paulina passed her title to Ariadna Gutierrez in what could have been a back-to-back win. Unfortunately, an error was made in the announcement winners and it was the Philippines’ Pia Wurtzbach who actually won (making the 4th longest gap between 2 wins in Miss Universe history).
Japan holds the record for the third  longest gap between two wins. So far, Japan has won the crown twice. The first time happened when Akiko Kojima became Miss Universe 1959 (8th Edition). The next and second time after 48 years, when Riyo Mori became Miss Universe 2007 (56th Edition).

Australia, 32 year gap – Miss Universe 1972 & 2004
South Africa, 39 year gap – Miss Universe 1978 & 2017
Philippines, 42 year gap – Miss Universe 1973 & 2015
Japan, 48 year gap – Miss Universe 1959 & 2007
Colombia, 56 year gap – Miss Universe 1958 & 2014
France, 63 year gap – Miss Universe 1953 & 2016
As of now, Peru (61 years and counting), Germany (57 years and counting), Argentina (56 years and counting), Greece (54 years and counting) and Brazil (50 years and counting) are the 5 countries with the longest wait for their next Miss Universe crown…

Tamaryn Green, Miss South Africa 2018

23 year old Tamaryn Green is named Miss South Africa during the 60th anniversary of the pageant. The 5’9″ tall lass was also named Miss Universe South Africa while second placer Thulisa Keyi was named Miss World South Africa. Tamaryn was crowned with the Miss SA Enhle crown by outgoing Miss South Africa Ade van Heerden who was elevated to the  title upon the victory of Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters as Miss Universe.

Tamaryn is currently a medical student and training to be a doctor. She is in her final year as a medical student but would have to halt her studies to fulfill her duties as the reigning queen. In her Miss South Africa bio, she lists Rolene Strauss, Miss World 2014, as her inspiration among past winners. Both ladies were medical student when they won the title of Miss South Africa.
The raven haired, brown-eyed beauty will attempt a back to back win for South Africa in Miss Universe later this year.
As the new winner she gets a cash prize from the Miss SA Organisation (Sun International and Cell C) R1 million in cash (around US$ 80,000) and the use of an apartment throughout her reign.
* Africology product and spa services
* Bacher and Co watch and fragrance sponsorship
* blackBOX with one year’s subscription to Binge Premium Plus on black.
* Brow Bar product and services
* Cahi Dental Practice dental services and aesthetic improvements
* Call It Spring footwear
* Cell C voice and data contracts
* Ciro Coffee equipment and product
* Discovery Insure insurance and medical aid
* Edgars Mobile retail vouchers
* Exclusive Dry Cleaners services for year of reign
* Forever New fashion
* Generosity water
* Jack Friedman jewellery
* Lebelle Hair Extensions
* Lightsculpt skincare treatments and product
* Lipault Luggage luxury travel gear
* Nissan Qashqai
* Paul Mitchell hair products and services
* Planet Fitness gym membership
* Samsung S9+, Tablet and Gear Fit Pro Red
* Shock Absorber fitness products
* Smashbox make up product and applications
* Soviet denim apparel
* USN products and clothing
* Wonderbra intimate wear

It surely is great to be Tamaryn right now!

Demi Leigh Nel-Peters Supports Transgender Females in Miss Universe?

In 2012, the Miss Universe pageant started the move to be more inclusive and ruled in favor of accepting transgender women into the competition. 5 years since then it is still a hot topic of debate among pageant fans whether to accept transgender women in Miss Universe or not.

Those on the PRO side of the debate has found an ally with reigning Miss Universe Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters. During her visit in Mexico for the Mexicana Universal pageant, the South African queen has expressed approval to the Miss Universe pageant for their support for trans-women joining the pageant.  She even said, “I think it’s wonderful of Miss Universe, because the pageant is inclusive.” Continue reading “Demi Leigh Nel-Peters Supports Transgender Females in Miss Universe?”

IMG|WME’s Miss Universe Era: Height is No Longer Might?

The new Miss USA Sarah Rose Summers is 5’5″.
Hailey Colborn, the recently crowned Miss Teen USA is only 5’4″.
Even the reigning Miss Universe Demi Leigh Nel Peters is reported to be between 5’6″-5’7″.
Is IMG|WME intentionally looking for short(er) winners?

That may depend on where you are coming from. In some parts of the world being 5’6″ is already considered tall. Specially when the average population is only about 5’2″. This is a stark contrast in the days of the Trump era when most winners would be standing around 5’7″ or taller. It is undeniable however that personality and intelligence seems to be highly favoured these days in the IMG|WME Miss Universe age. Hailey Colborn smashed down the competition during the final question and answer in Miss Teen USA. Sarah Rose was clearly the best communicator among the top 5 girls during Miss USA finals. Demi Leigh is a strong speaker and has a winning personality as well.

Does this mean that tall ladies are no longer a the standard in the IMG|WME owned pageants? Not necessarily. But it does say one thing: height is no longer might in these three pageants…

Demi-Leigh and Vickie Rushton: on Sibling Love

What does Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh Nel-Peters and Binibini 1 Vickie Marie Rushton have in common? Yes, they both stand tall at 5’6″ and blessed with gorgeous faces… but they are also wonderful sisters to their siblings with disabilities.

Demi Leigh credits her sister disabled sister as her biggest motivation. She said, “My half-sister was born without a cerebellum and is completely disabled. She is my biggest motivator and inspiration, because her situation makes me realize how special life is and I always want to work twice as hard, enjoy life twice as much so that I can enjoy it for her as well…” Vickie, whose 27 year old brother Kian is with Down’s Syndrome, has been one of the main caretakers of her sibling. She credits her brother as one of the reasons for her Binibini journey. In an atricle from she stated, “We are blessed that God chose us to be with an angel here on earth to experience and feel this kind of love they give, so genuine and true. Isn’t it amazing that even if we’re quiet, they know whenever we need a hug? That’s how special they are. I hope there will be more families that will embrace their uniqueness because they bring so much happiness. Let’s not be violent but rather be patient and shower them with pure love. They depend on us so let’s not fail them. Let’s be strong for them.

It is understandable that Vickie chose her advocacy to be something that hits closer to home and to the heart.  She is advocating for the welfare of people with disabilities, and this draws from her own experiences being very hands-on with her brother, Kian. I have a new-found respect and admiration for Vickie upon learning this about her. Now I understand where her patience, poise and grace comes from. It came from a place of love and empathy.


Demi Leigh Nel-Peters in Indonesia!

Miss Universe 2017 Demi Leigh Nel-Peters is at Labuhan Bajo, Indonesia shooting a vitamin drink commercial! Labuhan Bajo is on one of the Flores group of islands in Indonesia, a tourist hotspot/ destination…

Demi is scheduled for her homecoming in South Africa later on January 24th…

Demi Leigh’s Homecoming!

Rejoice South Africa as your universal queen is coming home! Two months after her Miss Universe 2017 win in Las Vegas, Demi Leigh Nel-Peters is set to come home to her country.

22 year-old Demi will be coming home to her official welcome celebration on January 24th and is set to visit Johannesburg, Cape Town and Sedgefield. The Miss South Africa organization has officially announced that Demi will be at the Cell C Connect Centre, Waterfall Campus on 24 January from 16:00 to 17:30 (4pm to 5;30pm).
She is also said to be hosting workshops under her advocacy named Unbreakable. The Unbreakable campaign “aims to empower women through self-defence by training them on how to handle a variety of situations including assault, domestic violence and sexual harassment”.


Demi-Leigh Says “For Me, It has Always been Miss Universe”

It has always been Miss Universe for Demi-Leigh Nel-Peters… at least that is what she revealed post Miss Universe crowning.

South Africa is one of the countries that has always sent its main winner to both Miss Universe and Miss World competitions. Most often than not, they would compete in Miss World first before thinking of competing in Miss Universe. But when the pageant dates overlap, the winner usually gets to decide which pageant she would prefer to compete in.
In the case of Demi-Leigh, she revealed that it has always been Miss Universe for her. When MW President Julia Morley and the 2016 MW winners visited South Africa, fans thought that Demi might be competing in MW. Most pageant fans would have wanted her to compete in MU and that she would perhaps be wasted in MW (who traditionally prefers taller women). Then came the reveal that Demi would be competing in Miss Universe. Her decision led her to winning the title in Las Vegas last November 26th. A good decision since even her Miss South Africa runner up Ade van Heerden also gets to compete in Miss World. Ade landed among the top 10 of MW last year.