Miss Philippines Earth Applications Now Open!

It’s that time again Filipinas Earth Warriors! It’s time for the Miss Philippines Earth!

Calling all aspiring beauty queens, this is your chance to be the next Filipina Earth Warrior. Applications for Miss Philippines Earth is open to 18-26 year old (no older than 26 as of October 23rd of this year) Filipinas who are at least 5’4″ in height. You can download the application forms at www.missphilippines-earth.com 
Please attach:
1 One headshot photo
1 One full body shot photo
1 One full body photo in cocktail dress
1 One full body photo in swimsuit

True to its advocacy, any interested applicant should have at least planted 16 trees and promoted environmental projects in the city or municipality she is representing. This shows how serious the pageant is on its ‘Beauties for a Cause’ advocacy. 
Sashes&Scripts is excited for the next bumper crop of beauties joining the pageant…

Christopher Munar: A Jewelry Maker in Our Midst

This post is actually long overdue, I have actually written this piece last December but due to the madness that was Miss Universe I had to postpone its release until the most opportune time. So I believe that this is the right time to re-fresh this article in time with the coming pageant season ahead.

Christopher Munar was a introduced to me through our mutual friend Jian Lasala. It only goes to show that the people you should keep in life are people that should be worth keeping as they will enrich your life further. And this is what Jian did upon introducing me the work of Christopher. Apparently, I have featured countless pieces of his that I had no idea that was made by this jewelry designer. Before you say that this is a novelty to have a jewelry designer, may I remind you that he has adorned countless beauty queens and models like Angelia Ong, Valerie Weigmann, Pia Wurtzbach, Kylie Verzosa, Maxine Medina, Catriona Gray and countless others. So his work isn’t any novelty at all.

While most of his works that are usually featured are his earrings, Christopher actually has done more than that. He makes necklaces, bracelets and cuffs, body jewelry, embellished gloves and yes even nose rings. I am actually just waiting to hear that he also does crowns and other headpieces. In fact I would love to see him make new crowns for Binibining Pilipinas to add a ‘Filipino stamp’ to the local crowns that have brought pride and honor through countless international titles our ladies have won. Wouldn’t it be perfect to see the Binibini crowns being made by a Filipino artisan?

And wouldn’t it be even more perfect with the coming national of Bb Pilipinas? After all, it took only sometime before a simple wishful thinking before a featured shoe designer became the official go-to-shoe-designer of the local BBP pageant. I wish the same good fortune to befall Christopher. With his talent and hardwork, I am positively sure to see more of his work in the coming years ahead.

Charmaine Elima: Binibini Gold Returns Pt.2

So let’s start where we left off previously.
At the lobby of the MOA Arena, Charmaine Elima stood for an hour taking pics with pageant fans and chatting them up. That time, she also bumped with one of the Binibining Pilipinas stalwarts near the restrooms. It was the same scenario until we had to leave as it was almost time for our next appointment.

After the 65th Miss Universe finals, it was time to leave for lunch. And we met up with an acquaintance over at Resorts World Manila for Japanese food. Little did we know that the lunch would stretch out to 4 hours of long conversations. Not to mention that Maine was still wearing her Pablo Galicia Mendez gown and those shoulder-sweeper earring for almost 10 hours! And oh, did I mention that Sir Chavit Singson and his family was having lunch as well at the table behind us?
During that time I was quite impressed with how Maine’s stint with Philippine Airlines and her numerous travels had brought out a more confident and self-assured speaker in her. She was able to carry the entire conversation single-handedly which assured my fears that the Q&A might now be a less daunting task in any pageant. I believed that it was because of Maine’s charm that we were given a special treat: free VIP passes for the Miss Universe After Party at Okada Manila!

Yep, we did go to that party even if we were not prepared for it… In fact, Maine only brought two casual dresses with her that time. I did however choose a navy knit dress as that was the only one we could jazz up. The dress was paired with a nude Jojo Bragais shoes and simple tied back hair. A couple of gold bangles, a gold waist belt and a hoop earrings also in gold completed the outfit… we have to deal with the deck we are dealt with.
At Okada Manila, a number of people thought that she was a candidate. Since we were being hurried inside, she would speak with people in Tagalog to let them know that she is a Filipina. We weren’t supposed to pass thru the red carpet but because several photogs requested some pics, Maine had to take several snaps.
Inside the VIP area, we met up with several people from the Miss Universe org and had some drinks with them. Maine was handed vodka which she switched with my Evian water. The girl didn’t even take a sip since she knows that she still had to go to work in the morning. Quite sensible of her to have that thought out. We also saw Sir Chavit in there who smile at Maine having probably noticed her earlier from lunch. And guess who is the matriarch who kept on looking over at Maine at the VIP area… I’ll leave that one out as a mystery, for now…

And when it was already  11pm, time has quickly passed… we had to graciously say goodbye to our hosts. I have a 9am flight back to Jakarta and Maine has to be at work at the same time in the morning.
Overall, I can say that Charmaine Elima is ripe for Binibining Pilipinas. Its still early to tell but I feel a major crown coming for this confidently beautiful lady.

Charmaine Elima: Binibini Gold Returns Pt.1

During the 65th Miss Universe pageant in Manila, me and Sash Factor owner Brix Vera were accompanied by a gorgeous lady by the name of Charmaine Elima. And what a day it was.

One of the things that I had requested was to have Maine watch the Miss Universe finals even back in 2015. It should be noted that even as early as late 2014, there have been buzz that a number of pageant insiders are asking if Maine has plans to comeback at all. It was due to the conversations I had with her uncle Sir Larry Elima, I thought that if Maine had watched the MU pageant live she might decide if she is done with pageants once and for all. It has been discussed that she would watch the pageant with us during our coverages but it never happened in the two years we made plans but it never materialized due to her dizzying schedules with PAL. So when Manila hosted the pageant, our reasons for not to be able to watch were running out. And it finally did.

On that day, Sir Brix and I had to escort her to the MOA Arena being that we are seated together. Upon arrival at the venue, we were surprised with how people would want to take pics of her thinking that she might be one of the candidates. Several fans thought that she was Janine Tugonon or some other beauty queen. It was quite surprising that it took us over an hour just to get to our seats as she would graciously stop to have pics taken with fans. I am amazed at her patience as she would engage with anyone who would want to talk or take pics with her.
When we finally had to be on our seats, I had to pull double duty taking coverage pics and explaining the goings in and out during the pageant to her. She was very inquisitive and would ask questions about the proceedings. She would even answer each of the final six questions herself and offer her own thoughts on the subject. It was that curiosity that I found in her that made me think that she is finally ready to take on the Binibining Pilipinas pageant once again.

After the pageant, we were supposed to meet up with some pageant friends at the lobby who were seated at the VIP area. Even after the pageant, every time a fan or two would approach her for photographs she would handle the situation like a pro. No more timid and shy 2013 version. This is a 2017 confident, beautiful lady. I guess her stint with Philippine Airlines have molded her self-esteem and it is no wonder why a number of former Binibinis are now with PAL.
But that was not the end of that long day. The day didn’t actually finish until 11 in the evening. And that is another blogpost for tomorrow.

Jennyline Carla Malpaya for Binibining Pilipinas 2017

One of the girls that have been rumored to have already submitted her applications in Binibining Pilipinas 2017 is Jennyline Carla Malpaya. If it is indeed true, then this year’s pageant is truly becoming a battle of repeaters and crossovers.

Jennyline or Carla, whichever you prefer, can be remembered as one of the candidates in last year’s pageant, she was Candidate #32 behind Kylie Verzosa. The 5’6 1/2″ looker from Marilao, Bulacan is gonna give it another shot this year. At age 25, she has at least a couple more shots for the title before age requirements would prevent her to do so.
This year, I would love this dusky high-cheekboned lass to have a more memorable participation in the pageant. I would suggest for her to have some bangs added to frame her face a little better and to add an extra shot of youthfulness to her look. If you haven’t noticed anybody with bangs looks a little younger (this does not apply to a certain ginger-haired pageant owner whose comb-over looks is upstaged by that person’s Twitter posts).

Got lost a bit there, going back Jennyline, I hope that she does make a better impression this time around.

Rachel Peters for Binibining Pilipinas 2017!

During the Miss World Philippines 2014 pageant, there was only one lady that I thought would be the biggest threat to eventual winner Valerie Weigmann and that was Rachel Peters. Tall, leggy, articulate and drop dead gorgeous, I am excited to see her finally in Binibining Pilipinas 2017.

In a teaser from Kagandahang Flores Facebook page, a blurred photo of the 5’10” beauty was posted with below text:
She is your typical ‘third culture kid’. She studied in Colegio San Agustin until 5th grade and then moved to Phuket, Thailand where she and her family lived for more than ten years until she graduated high school and completed her International Baccalaureate. She graduated from La Trobe University in Melbourne, Australia with a double degree in Business: Majoring in Tourism and Event Management.

Rachel, who oddly reminds me of Bb Pilipinas International Yedda marie Mendoza – Kittilstvedt now Romualdez, is a shoo in of one of the titles. I expect to see this lady with a major crown this time around. Who knows, she might be bringing back the Miss Universe Philippines title to KF…

10 Things About Kylie Verzosa (from StarStyle.ph)

Miss International 2016 Kylie Verzosa did a shoot with StarStyle Philippines and even when we think we know much about our favorite beauty queen, she still revealed several things that we ought to know about her.
In that shoot she mentioned 10 things that people don’t know about her in a video and we listed them for you…
Ms International Kylie
Here is her list:
1. Every morning she meditates to clear her mind and gets her ready for the day…
2. She goes to the gym regularly with yoga, pilates, cycling and boxing…
3. Kylie, despite being a model & beauty queen, likes to eat a lot!
4. This beauty queen loves peanut butter.
5. She loves chocolates (tell us a girl who doesn’t?!?!)
6. She reads a lot on her spare time.
7. Paulo Coelho is her favorite author and “The Alchemist” is her fave from the author.
8. She has a favorite pink shirt she always wore during non-uniform Fridays back in her elementary days.
9. She grew up in Baguio City and was a Girl Scout during her school days.
10. Her first fashion show as a model was with Forever21.


Katherine, Kylie & Megan: Three Alpha Queens in Pagudpud

What does three Alpha pageant winners doing together in one photo? Well three of them were recently invited in Pagudpud…

Department of Tourism Usec Kat De Castro was among the guests at the inauguration of Hannah’s Beach Resort Premium Suites in Balaoi, Pagudpud held last weekend that also included reigning queens Miss International Kylie Versoza, Miss Earth Katherine Espin and 2013 Miss World Megan Young. And it goes to show that the Alpha queens can get along well and not in competition against each other having different advocacy. And this is not the first time as well that Kylie and Katherine are seen together in public. Last January, during the Miss Universe After party at Okada Manila, both ladies are seen together at the red carpet.

It is quite refreshing to see that at least three Alpha queens are seen together in public getting along. We just hope to see all 4 Alpha winners in one frame together in the future…

The Pajares Sisters: Dindi VS Kim in BBP2017

Is a budding rivalry between the Pajares sisters come full blast come Binibining Pilipinas 2017?

Kimberly Pajares and younger sibling Dindi Pajares have more than just blood relations in common. Both girls are beauty queens who cracked the semis of their respective pageants (Kim in Miss World Philippines 2014 and Dindi in last year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant), both ladies are flight attendants of the Philippine Airlines, both are tall at 5’9″, and it seems that both are gonna vie for the top titles in Binibining Pilipinas this year. The 26 year old Kimberly is near the border of the age requirements for international pageants (oldest being at 27 years old) so this might be the last chance for her to join. Dindi on the other hand is around 23 years old which gives her more than enough time.

Do we see Dindi giving way for her older sister? We hope not because there is room for both ladies. There are at least 6 titles up for grabs in Binibini that two of them can aspire to.

BBP or MWP for Mariel de Leon?

One of the lovely faces that graced past editions of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant was that of Mariel de Leon. With the imminent return in pageantry, which national pageant do you believe she would be a good fit?

While I personally would want to see her in Miss World (her being articulate, talented and from a de Buena familia), it seems that all roads might be pointing towards the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. Why not? This lady is rumored to have been one of the favorites during the Binibining Pilipinas Gold edition. Mariel has one of the most lovely faces in that batch but was very much a greenhorn back then. If rumors are true that she is coming back this year, then we can pretty much expect that it will be an exciting year for BBP.

I only see the two top BBP crowns for this lass. While I don’t necessarily see yet a Miss Universe vibe in her, I am nevertheless confident that she might be the first girl to bring a back to back win in Miss International.

Is Having a Beauty Pageant Camp No Longer an Advantage?

Within the next two years we are seeing a possible trend declining, so we ask the question: is being in a beauty pageant camp no longer a competitive advantage for beauty pageant hopefuls?

With the second Golden Era of Philippine pageantry already at its peak, we now see the possible beginnings of the decrease on the dependence on beauty pageant camps. Why is that? Because nowadays, every pageant girl who is trained by beauty camps realizes that their once-thought competitive advantage is no longer an actual advantage… as everyone nowadays belong to one pageant camp or another. This is illustrated with the rise in the numbers of pageant girls switching pageant camps. And with camps swarming with 15 to 20 girls being trained, there is no longer the exclusivity of being trained one-on-one so the focus is now divided over the number of girls they train. This is where pageant hopefuls are in need of finding auxiliary help from outside who can dedicate their time exclusively to her.

Does this mean that the obsolescence of the pageant camps is at hand? No, but it signals the rise of the individual glam-squad.
What is a glam-squad? These are usually makeup artists, fashion stylists, designers, photographers and hairstylists that help out the pageant hopeful in competing for local and international pageants. These usually are friends and/or close acquaintances of the girl or of her family and friends. This mode works to augment the beauty camps that could be swamped with dozens of girls that need training and provide necessary back ups for the girls in their pageant participation. The rise of the glam-squad is also a rise in the number of fashion professionals who can get client referrals and regular paid work thru exposure via the pageant hopeful.

The phenomena of the personal glam-squad arose in the time of Pia Wurtzbach (prior to competing in Miss Universe) when she had a regular team of fashion entourage. She had Albert Andrada as her go-to-designer, Gery Penaso for her makeup, Renz Pangilinan for her hair plus friends like Luis Concepcion and Harley Tan for support on anything fashion and lifestyle related. Having them plus her mentors became a catalyst for her success in Miss Universe in Las Vegas. We also saw this with Maxine Medina whose go-to-designer is Rhett Eala, Jennifer Hammond with Nat Manilag and Kylie Verzosa with Francis Libiran plus countless fashion professionals too many to mention in this short blogpost.

While this trend might have brewed starting in the last quarter of 2015, I am expecting that its full maturity will be felt and seen sometime in the international pageant season of 2017. This might be the future direction that all pageant hopefuls have to think about…
NOTE: This blogpost was updated with additional images for relevancy…

Mr. Universal Ambassador 2017 in Dallas, Texas

The Indonesian Male Pageants Organization, Producer of Mister Universal Ambassador, Mister Indonesia, and Mister Teen Indonesia Pageants has officially announced the location of the 2017 Mister Universal Ambassador competition.The reigning Mister Universal Ambassador, Aleksa Gavrilovic will crown his new successor in Dallas, Texas in the US this coming September 2017.

In 2016, it was the most attended Male Competition in the world with 48 delegates, surpassing all International events of this caliber. 2017 marks the 3rd anniversary of the competition, which began several years ago as a “promotional event” to increase tourism and economic initiatives in Indonesia.
The event will boldly travel to the shores of the USA to display one of the most culturally diverse parades of talent, intelligence and fitness. As one of the most challenging and sought after competitions for men, the worldwide broadcast will unify the competitors as they vie for the coveted title.
Dallas is home to a diverse set of experiences perfect for anyone! With 12,000 delicious places to eat, 4.6 million people to meet, 77,000 places to stay for any budget and 2,200 daily flights it is no wonder they say, “Big things happen here!” Boasting the largest contiguous urban arts district in the nation, Dallas offers World Class exhibits and experiences for culture lovers.
Konjo International, a USA based company who specializes in Fashion and Beauty special events will serve as the Host Committee and producer. Their plans include presenting some of the top International Male Fashion Designers and unveiling the Mister Universal Ambassador delegates to some of the most important talent agents in the world! Expect full details on the Host Resort and the location, date & time of the Grand Final coming soon!

Katarina Rodriguez for Binibining Pilipinas 2017

One of the most anticipated ladies to join this year’s Binibining Pilipinas  pageant is Asia’s Next TopModel alum Katarina Rodriguez. Will this 5’8″ stunner become one of the most well-supported girls in the pageant?

Miss Venezuela Internacional 2017, Rosangelica Piscitelli

Keysi Sayago’s court must be a lucky one as last year two of her runners up went into international competitions, and it does not stop there. 2016 Miss Venezuela 4th runner up Rosangelica Piscitelli has been handpicked as Miss Venezuela Internacional 2017!

Following Diana Croce’s appointment as Miss Mundo Venezuela and Antonella Massaro’s competing in Reina Hispanoamericana (where she finished as 2nd runner up once more), the green-eyed Rosangelica has been named as Venezuela’s rep to Miss International. The 5’11” leggy lass was Sash Factor’s top pick last year in Miss Venezuela. Now she has started to train for the Japan-based pageant. She is bi-lingual, being able to speak in Spanish and English, and has already started with her training with Osmel Sousa. It is said that they do not want the same fate as Jessica Duarte to befall on the lady from Miranda. 

Rosangelica is expected to place this year and is said to be trained according to the pattern as how Edymar Martinez was prepared. Will she Venezuela’s 8th Miss International winner?

Stephanie Lincoln: Prepping for MWP2017 or BBP2018?

When one of the heads of A&Q, Gerry Diaz, posted a teaser pic of a Europe-based model who was convinced to join pageants, netizens are quick to guess who the lass is.

Meet Stephanie Lincoln, a half-Filipina/ half Irish charmer who works as a model living in London. The 5’7″ lass with a whistle-bait waistline of 23″ is said to be convinced to join local pageants. If this holds true and pushes thru, she might be joining the Miss World Philippines pageant (which is now under the management of Arnold Vegafria after Cory Quirino dropped the franchise last January). The Binibining Pilipinas residency requirements states that an applicant has to have a 6-month residency in the Philippines to be allowed to compete. If such is the case, the most possible bet is to speculate that she could be joining the MWP later this year or Binibining Pilipinas 2018.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this situation, but we can be assured that the next development is gonna be an exciting one…