Charmaine Elima: Binibini Gold Returns Pt.2

So let’s start where we left off previously.
At the lobby of the MOA Arena, Charmaine Elima stood for an hour taking pics with pageant fans and chatting them up. That time, she also bumped with one of the Binibining Pilipinas stalwarts near the restrooms. It was the same scenario until we had to leave as it was almost time for our next appointment.

After the 65th Miss Universe finals, it was time to leave for lunch. And we met up with an acquaintance over at Resorts World Manila for Japanese food. Little did we know that the lunch would stretch out to 4 hours of long conversations. Not to mention that Maine was still wearing her Pablo Galicia Mendez gown and those shoulder-sweeper earring for almost 10 hours! And oh, did I mention that Sir Chavit Singson and his family was having lunch as well at the table behind us?
During that time I was quite impressed with how Maine’s stint with Philippine Airlines and her numerous travels had brought out a more confident and self-assured speaker in her. She was able to carry the entire conversation single-handedly which assured my fears that the Q&A might now be a less daunting task in any pageant. I believed that it was because of Maine’s charm that we were given a special treat: free VIP passes for the Miss Universe After Party at Okada Manila!

Yep, we did go to that party even if we were not prepared for it… In fact, Maine only brought two casual dresses with her that time. I did however choose a navy knit dress as that was the only one we could jazz up. The dress was paired with a nude Jojo Bragais shoes and simple tied back hair. A couple of gold bangles, a gold waist belt and a hoop earrings also in gold completed the outfit… we have to deal with the deck we are dealt with.
At Okada Manila, a number of people thought that she was a candidate. Since we were being hurried inside, she would speak with people in Tagalog to let them know that she is a Filipina. We weren’t supposed to pass thru the red carpet but because several photogs requested some pics, Maine had to take several snaps.
Inside the VIP area, we met up with several people from the Miss Universe org and had some drinks with them. Maine was handed vodka which she switched with my Evian water. The girl didn’t even take a sip since she knows that she still had to go to work in the morning. Quite sensible of her to have that thought out. We also saw Sir Chavit in there who smile at Maine having probably noticed her earlier from lunch. And guess who is the matriarch who kept on looking over at Maine at the VIP area… I’ll leave that one out as a mystery, for now…

And when it was already  11pm, time has quickly passed… we had to graciously say goodbye to our hosts. I have a 9am flight back to Jakarta and Maine has to be at work at the same time in the morning.
Overall, I can say that Charmaine Elima is ripe for Binibining Pilipinas. Its still early to tell but I feel a major crown coming for this confidently beautiful lady.


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