Stephanie Lincoln: Prepping for MWP2017 or BBP2018?

When one of the heads of A&Q, Gerry Diaz, posted a teaser pic of a Europe-based model who was convinced to join pageants, netizens are quick to guess who the lass is.

Meet Stephanie Lincoln, a half-Filipina/ half Irish charmer who works as a model living in London. The 5’7″ lass with a whistle-bait waistline of 23″ is said to be convinced to join local pageants. If this holds true and pushes thru, she might be joining the Miss World Philippines pageant (which is now under the management of Arnold Vegafria after Cory Quirino dropped the franchise last January). The Binibining Pilipinas residency requirements states that an applicant has to have a 6-month residency in the Philippines to be allowed to compete. If such is the case, the most possible bet is to speculate that she could be joining the MWP later this year or Binibining Pilipinas 2018.

We’ll have to wait and see what comes out of this situation, but we can be assured that the next development is gonna be an exciting one… 


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