Miss International 2017, First SashPicks

It’s almost international pageant season and let’s start it right with Sash Factor’s first Miss International 2017 SashPicks… 

1. South Africa, Tayla Robinson
2. Nepal, Niti Shah 
3. Mexico, Citlaly Higuera
4. Colombia, Vanessa Pulgarin
5. Indonesia, Kevin Liliana
6. Philippines, Mariel de Leon
7. Vietnam, Thuy Dung
8. Poland, Paulina Mariarz
9. Venezuela, Rosangelica Piscitelli
10. Japan, Tsutsui Natsuki
The first three girls in the list are all facially gorgeous ladies, smart and easily fit into the Miss International mold. South Africa’s Tayla Robinson is arguably everyone’s top-of-mind choice among the bevy of girls this year. Nepal’s Niti Shah is a surprise addition but fans better start paying attention to her, her fresh-faced beauty is one that the Japanese could love. Mexico’s Citlaly Higuera is riding the coattails of her recent appointment, her fans feel that this lady should have been sent to Miss Universe on a stronger performance over eventual Nuestra Belleza winner. Same sentiments can be said over Colombia’s Vanessa Pulgarin who is also said to fit the MU mold better. Completing the top 6 are Indonesia’s Kevin Liliana and Philippines’ Mariel de Leon.


The Miss International 2017 Early Frontrunners

The Tokyo-based Miss International pageant is scheduled to be held on November 14th at the Tokyo Dome. So far the prospects of a strong batch is still in the making. 9 girls out of the confirmed 28 candidates for Miss International 2017 makes the initial list of Sashes&Scripts’ early frontrunners.

Colombia, Vanessa Pulgarin – definitely a top 5 material. Colombia has done exceptionally well in this pageant and it is expected to do so again this year. This Gabriella Isler look-a-like might bring back the Mikimoto crown to Colombia.
France, Vaea Kealoha Ferrand – she’s the 2nd runner up to Miss France Alicia Aylies. This Tahiti-based stunner is absolutely gorgeous and could possibly win France’s 2nd MI title.
Indonesia, Kevin Liliana – after placing well in the top 5 last year, Indonesia’s rep has big shoes to fill. No doubt this pretty lass can do well in the pageant.
Philippines, Maria Angelica de Leon – hers is a tough challenge, that is to place the Philippines in the semis and win despite the Mikimoto course. She is still a top 5 caliber-contender though.
Macau, Sofia Paiva – this pretty lass with Portuguese descent is a surprise in this list. We are hoping that she would give Macau a decent placement at MI.

South Africa, Tayla Robinson – the girl everyone is buzzing about that could be the first South African to win MI. Her blonde, blue-eyed looks is certainly gonna be a hit among Japanese judges.
Sweden, Lina Ljungberg – sex appeal in the metric tons! The brunette looker can be her country’s first win in the pageant. Hopefully she would be polished well enough for the Japan-based competition.
USA, Shanel Kapri James – despite the fact that no woman of color (specifically black and/or African of origin) has yet to win the MI title, Shanel is still a lady to watch out for in the competition. 
Venezuela, Rosangelica Piscitelli – an Edymar doppelganger who is gunning for another win for her native Venezuela. This multi-lingual actress/model was Sashes&Scripts’ pick to win Miss Venezuela last year and MI could be her redemption.

While these girls are being evaluated based solely on physical attributes, Sashes&Scripts is eagerly waiting to see more of them speak. Surely that is where the wheat is separated from the chaff.

Rosangelica & Maria Angelica: a Race for Miss International Supremacy

Rosangelica Piscitelli and Maria Angelica “Mariel” de Leon…two lovely ladies from two of the biggest pageant-crazed countries. Both aiming for a win at Miss International 2017.
Venezuela and the Philippines have the most number of Miss International titles to date. In fact even if you add the wins of Puerto Rico, Colombia, Australia and the USA in MI, the two countries still have more titles to boot.

Rosangelica was 4th runner up to Keysi Sayago last October. After her fellow Miss Venezuela comrades were sent to other international pageants (Diana Croce to Miss World, Antonella Massaro was 2nd runner up in Reina Hispanoamericana 2016), she was appointed as Miss Internacional Venezuela last February. The 5’10” blonde beauty is being compared with MI 2015 Edymar Martinez in terms of her facial beauty. This leggy beauty can speak Spanish and English quite well.
Mariel de Leon in the other hand was named Binibining Pilipinas International last April. It was said among insiders that she was eyeing the Miss International pageant all along. Mariel’s 5’8″ demure beauty is quite right for the MI prototype. But don’t let her docile looks fool you as she is quite headstrong in her opinions. 

Two lovely ladies whose differences are as night and day. Both very photogenic, both smart and articulate and both represent the ideal beauty that could easily win Miss International. 
It is no wonder that Rosangelica and Mariel would be two of the most watched girls in this edition. Will Mariel tie the number of wins at 7 each or Rosangelica leads the win 8-6?  We would have to find out on November 14th…

Keysi and Rosangelica: Venezuela’s Revenge Girls

Looking at the most recent photos of Keysi Sayago and Rosangelica Piscitelli, I am inclined to believe that the way on how Osmel Sousa is prepping up his girls for international competitions are now evolving.
After a humiliating triple non-placement of all his Miss Venezuela girls at their respective international competitions, it seems that the beauty pageant Czar is back in his feet with these two ladies. The latest pictorial of Keysi Sayago in a crisp white shirt and jeans indicates a lightness that is rarely seen on most Venezuelan reps to Miss Universe. Keysi’s background as the third Venezuelan woman of color to win the title is also a jumping point for dialogue especially with the pageant Czar’s past statement that ‘black girls in Venezuela aren’t pretty’.

Then we have the freshness that Rosangelica has been channeling on her latest Instagram posts. Some pageant pundits are quick to notice that she has resemblance with Miss International 2015 Edymar Martinez. If she takes a page from Edymar’s gameplan, the 8th MI title for Venezuela could not be far behind. Hopefully, the light makeup is something that would be in her strategies in full contrast of Jessica Duarte last year.

These two ladies seems to show that Venezuela is back in the right course. They may have been unsuccessful last year but they are ready to bounce back. Remember Venezuela is still Venezuela.

Miss Venezuela Internacional 2017, Rosangelica Piscitelli

Keysi Sayago’s court must be a lucky one as last year two of her runners up went into international competitions, and it does not stop there. 2016 Miss Venezuela 4th runner up Rosangelica Piscitelli has been handpicked as Miss Venezuela Internacional 2017!

Following Diana Croce’s appointment as Miss Mundo Venezuela and Antonella Massaro’s competing in Reina Hispanoamericana (where she finished as 2nd runner up once more), the green-eyed Rosangelica has been named as Venezuela’s rep to Miss International. The 5’11” leggy lass was Sash Factor’s top pick last year in Miss Venezuela. Now she has started to train for the Japan-based pageant. She is bi-lingual, being able to speak in Spanish and English, and has already started with her training with Osmel Sousa. It is said that they do not want the same fate as Jessica Duarte to befall on the lady from Miranda. 

Rosangelica is expected to place this year and is said to be trained according to the pattern as how Edymar Martinez was prepared. Will she Venezuela’s 8th Miss International winner?

Final SashPicks for Miss Venezuela 2016

25 lovely ladies will be vying for the Miss Venezuela title this year, and just like previous years a bumper crop of ladies are going to slug it out for the most coveted national title.

Here are the ladies that I believe to be the frontrunners for the title:
1. Miss Venezuela – Rosangelica Piscitelli, Miranda
2. Keysi Sayago, Monagas
3. Raymar Valbuena, Zulia
4. Diana Croce, Nueva Esparta
5. Antonella Massaro, Vargas
6. Melanie Gerber Jung, Anzoategui
I am at a quandary between Rosangelica and Keysi for the top title. Both ladies have performed spectacularly throughout the competition. I would not be surprised if they might even switch positions come finals. I love the quiet and assured confidence I see on Raymar Valbuena, she looks very high class and nails every photoshoot. The porcelain doll-like features of Diana will be a sure hit for several pageant fans. The 5th and 6th spots are filled in by Antonella and Melanie, both of whom are girls I believe could knock out Raymar or Diana from their spots. That is how good this batch is. Last year, I was able to predict the exact placements of the top three winners, I hope I can replicate that this year.