Rumors! Miss Universe 2017 in Phoenix, Arizona!

Yes folks! It’s currently circulating over the web that the Miss Universe 2017 edition will be happening on November 26th in Phoenix, Arizona!

According to MV La Nueva Era, the next edition of the pageant will be held in the 5th most populous city in the United States. 
Additional rumors also has it that the candidates are expected to arrive in Phoenix between the 1st to the 5th of November where they will kick off the pre-activities that will culminate on the Thanksgiving weekend pageant finals. Preliminaries are rumored to be scheduled either on November 21s or on the 22nd.

Hawaii Won’t be Hosting Miss Universe 2017!

It was a hushed rumor among pageant insiders that aside from the Philippines, Japan, Australia and Hawaii is considered to host the Miss Universe pageant. However, hosting in Hawaii wouldn’t push through due to the concerns of the pageant regarding the Neal S. Blaisdell Arena.

“The Department of Enterprise Services was contacted by representatives of the Miss Universe Pageant in May 2017 regarding their interest in holding their next pageant, scheduled for November 2017, in the Neal S. Blaisdell Center arena. For the past two months we have worked closely with the pageant’s local and national representatives to accommodate their needs for the event and the days leading up to the actual show. As a result, we arranged for their use of the arena for two weeks and the concert hall for one week in November.
“In recent days, it was determined by the pageant that the arena’s structural capacity for suspending overhead equipment above the stage area was insufficient for the show’s needs and the Department of Enterprise Services was advised the organizers are no longer considering the arena or Honolulu for the site of the November pageant.
“However, arena weight capacity has not been a limiting factor for shows staged in that venue over recent years, for example Bruno Mars, WWE, Diana Ross, Janet Jackson, Garth Brooks, Mariah Carey and more.

The pageant being held in Hawaii would have been a sort of 20th anniversary nod to Brooke Maahaelani Lee, the first Hawaiian Miss Universe, who won in 1997.
Arena concerns keep Miss Universe pageant from coming to Honolulu

Why Does the Miss Universe Org like to Keep Fans Guessing on Its Venue?

Veteran ABS-CBN reporter Mario Dumaual posted a video on his Instagram account asking where would the next Miss Universe pageant be.  Was he dropping hints where the pageant would be held?

In his post he said, “Chill time for #bbpilipinas universe rachel peters and other bb queens at media meet 😄@rachelpetersx for the crown, headed for miss u 2017 at Japan, Indonesia or Las Vegas?” While Las Vegas is the most likely venue this year, him mentioning Japan and Indonesia as possible host is something that fans can be excited about.

The Miss Universe pageant loves to really keep the anticipation up and drum up the hype where the next pageant going to be (even if it is the predictable and safety net of Las Vegas). It allows fans to speculate and drive the guessing game up until the final reveal. By the time that the venue is revealed, the hype has built up and will most likely be the buzz among pageant fans on social media. This is a smart way to market the pageant…
Another side of it is the problem of finding a suitable host country. Keeping things under wraps buys them time to finalize whichever country is supposed to host the pageant. And while all of these speculations whether Sydney, Australia or Manila, Philippines or Jakarta, Indonesia is supposed to host, the MUOrg are planning silently their next move. Even with the MUOrg having Las Vegas as the default venue, building such hype to develop without having to do much publicity online. 

If it were up to you, which country would you like to host the pageant this year?

Rumor Mill! Is San Miguel Corporation Sponsoring Miss Universe 2017?

Ever wondered why several Miss Universe 2016 candidates flew back to Manila during the time that the Miss Universe organization also visited the country?

Well it all has something to do with the rumor that San Miguel Corporation is said to be going for a sponsorship of the Miss Universe 2017 pageant in Manila (should it push through, which our moles say is likely). Come to think of it, the product endorsements, public activities and even charity visits of the girls are all tied up with SMC: the bar hopping activity, liquor endorsement shoots for Ginebra & San Miguel Beer, Petron Road Safety Ambassadors, even the Hope for Change International charity activity. If you look closely at the tee shirts that the girls wore, the San Mig logo is front and center.
So how would this spell for the Miss Universe pageant? Well it simply means that a global company like SMC is willing to shell out millions to sponsor the pageant, so it makes perfect sense that the MU 2017 edition can likely happen in Manila. 

With this development in the pageant, I am likely to believe that an announcement of the Miss Universe host country is just around the corner… 

Why Two Major International Pageants are Eyeing the Philippines as Host

Two major international pageants are currently serenading the Philippines to host their pageant; Miss Universe for the 2017 edition and Miss World for 2018. Why is both pageants serenading the Philippines to host their respective pageants?

Sashes&Scripts tries to uncover why the Philippines is enjoying such attention from both the Miss Universe and Miss World pageants. It all may just boil down to two factors. Here are two of the biggest reasons why…
The Filipino Fanbase – the Philippines is perhaps the biggest market for pageants outside Latin America. You cannot go anywhere to have your pageant if there is no such clamor for it. It would be foolish to establish a base where you are not welcome. And the Philippines is very welcoming to pageantry. 
With Filipino communities spread throughout the world, tapping to the Philippine market would be tapping to a global audience. It is estimated that at least 2.4 million Filipinos* are working outside of the Philippines, this statistic does not take into account their families who are living with them abroad or the Filipinos who are carrying non-Filipino citizenships. That number could possibly double up or more. That is a huge number to cater to and once you get the loyalty of Filipinos, it’s as good as its weight in gold.
In addition to that is the power we have over social media. We can make any topic or pageant for that matter the trending topic on any social media platform on a massive worldwide scale. A clear strong point (or weak point, depending on your perspective) among Filipinos is the mob mentality that we could swarm any socmed platform to promote what we love (or the negative side of it, what we dislike or even hate). Such illustrates the power of the Filipino fanbase.
Let’s also mention how the Filipinos can support girls from other countries besides the Filipina rep. In fact, any of the Miss Universe candidates are given warm welcome by the Filipino people. Such display of hospitality is second nature to Filipinos, ever wonder why the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” slogan has gotten a supplement line: “When you’re with Filipinos, You’re with Family.” Because of the world renowned Filipino hospitality, there are 100 million reasons why tourists would want to come back to the country. Why do you think the Miss Universe pageant wants to have it again in Manila within the span of less than 12 months? Any pageant candidate is treated like a celebrity. Even the heads of the pageant, pageant officials, judges, are treated as such.

Asia is the new Economic Power – yes you heard it right. Asia is where the money is and you have to follow where the money is. Asia as of the moment is a neutral market (Africa and Europe are MW territories while North & Latin America are dominated by the MU) which makes it a prime demographic to conquer.
The Philippines is posed strategically at the entryway of Asia (figuratively and literally) which is ideal to get a foothold of the Asian market. Gaining a strong base in the Philippines would give any pageant an advantage over the Asian Market. Expansion wouldn’t be difficult if you gain a foothold on the Philippines… Thailand, Indonesia, China, India, Vietnam, etc… are easily within reach once you get a foothold in the Philippines.
This is possibly why China is such a MW favorite, the only problem is that China is seen more as a political threat to any country rather than an ally. You can possibly survive with China as a major sponsor but it wouldn’t get you so far (long term planning wise) as it can make you hostage to its whims. Which is a far contrast with the friendlier/ pacifist nature of the Philippines in general. Pageants couldn’t acquire more stable grounds if it tries to go the route of Indonesia (which is a hardsell for MU considering the swimsuit competition) despite a bigger population as the pageant system is relatively young. Thailand is a close second possibility next to the Philippines, but the frivolity of hosting a major pageant might still be too close for the mourning period from its late venerable king; though I have reason to believe that soon as a foothold in the Philippines is established, the next possible goldmine would be the Land of Smiles. Far more developed countries such as Singapore, South Korea and Japan are difficult markets to conquer as general interest is relatively low compared to the Philippines, Thailand, Malaysia or Vietnam.
The Philippines is not a poor country as some may think, never underestimate the 7,107 islands of the country or its 100 million population. And while we are talking about numbers it is said that Php180.3 billion* is remitted back to the Philippines by Overseas Filipino Workers in 2015. There is also a marked growth on the GDP from US$199.6 billion in 2010 to US$292 billion in 2015**. Which says a little bit about Filipinos’ purchasing power. There are also reports of how Filipinos are the “most optimistic spenders” in Southeast Asia***. This means that aside from the basic necessities, Filipinos “would spend on holidays, home improvements, and out-of-home entertainment” as Rappler reports. Domestic tourism increased steadily at 14% over the past 5 years compared to foreign tourism at only an average of 8%****. Which goes to show that Filipinos are a huge potential market to mine. The potential is endless.

Pageants like any other industry follow economic and political trends. You might decry it as unfair but such is the reality in business, after all pageants are part of the entertainment industry. No matter how hard pageantry tries to put ‘charity’ on its face, it still involves a huge amount of money. Hence, it only makes sense to go where the rising economies are and that is in Asia. Couple that with a strong fanbase with a huge market potential and voila! You get the Philippines… a place where potential gains is found with a very open and receptive market. Now you know why the two biggest international pageant rivals, Miss Universe and Miss World, are competing for the affection of the Philippines. Question is who gets to have a stronger foothold?


Paula Shugart Coming to Manila with a Mission

It’s June 8th (make that still the 7th in the US), and Miss Universe President Paula Shugart is on a mission… the hosting of the Miss Universe 2017 pageant in the Philippines for the second straight consecutive time is tethering on whether she will be able to convince the powers at be to hold the prestigious competition in Manila once again. The MUOrg President is expected to arrive in the Philippines to offer the back-to-back hosting of the pageant to Philippine officials.

But she will be facing some tough negotiations ahead. Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo won’t be sitting pretty and let the MUOrg take the lead like it did last January for the 65th edition of the pageant. No, the DOT Secretary would be ready to butt heads this time to get more control of the pageant, for more exposure for the Filipino tourism and culture on the pageant finals this time around. Yes, Sec. Wanda Teo said that, “We want it na we would be the one controlling it…”
How much is the MUOrg willing to give up is yet to be seen. Concessions has to be made for this to push thru. The MUOrg must realize that if they are not willing to give up some control, then they would be on the loosing ground as another pageant is reportedly on the wings waiting for whatever spoils is left if talks does not push through. Miss World would be happy to gather the crumbs that is left if a resolution is not met.

So as pageant fans we wait in bated breathe to see how would the results of the negotiations come to be. Both parties have to come to a win-win situation for the Miss Universe pageant to be held once again in the Philippines. Paula and the MUOrg might be thinking that they cannot fail in their mission… 

Miss Universe 2017 in Manila: Becoming Closer to Reality!

Yes, you heard it right. The Miss Universe 2017 in Manila is closer to reality now as Department of Tourism Secretary Wanda Teo revealed that the pageant is to be held tentatively this coming November pending approval of President Rodrigo Duterte.

“It will be in November. We’re still considering if it’s a go or no-go. There are many factors that we have to consider, although we started asking for sponsors. We got lots of yes from sponsors, they’re willing”, she says in an interview with Pinky Webb on CNN Philippines’ The Source.
She also reveals that the Miss Universe President (Paula Shugart) is coming to Manila come June 7 or 8 to discuss or even possibly finalize the deal. The MUOrg offered the Philippines to host the pageant once again due to the longevity of buzz the pageant revealed on social media even weeks after the pageant was finished.

It is rumored that the pageant is to be held around November 27th of this year. However this might pose some schedule conflicts as the country is to host the ASEAN Summit on November 13 to 14 in Pampanga. It is most likely that if the hosting pushes thru, the finals may be moved to 1st week of December.