Christopher Munar: A Jewelry Maker in Our Midst

This post is actually long overdue, I have actually written this piece last December but due to the madness that was Miss Universe I had to postpone its release until the most opportune time. So I believe that this is the right time to re-fresh this article in time with the coming pageant season ahead.

Christopher Munar was a introduced to me through our mutual friend Jian Lasala. It only goes to show that the people you should keep in life are people that should be worth keeping as they will enrich your life further. And this is what Jian did upon introducing me the work of Christopher. Apparently, I have featured countless pieces of his that I had no idea that was made by this jewelry designer. Before you say that this is a novelty to have a jewelry designer, may I remind you that he has adorned countless beauty queens and models like Angelia Ong, Valerie Weigmann, Pia Wurtzbach, Kylie Verzosa, Maxine Medina, Catriona Gray and countless others. So his work isn’t any novelty at all.

While most of his works that are usually featured are his earrings, Christopher actually has done more than that. He makes necklaces, bracelets and cuffs, body jewelry, embellished gloves and yes even nose rings. I am actually just waiting to hear that he also does crowns and other headpieces. In fact I would love to see him make new crowns for Binibining Pilipinas to add a ‘Filipino stamp’ to the local crowns that have brought pride and honor through countless international titles our ladies have won. Wouldn’t it be perfect to see the Binibini crowns being made by a Filipino artisan?

And wouldn’t it be even more perfect with the coming national of Bb Pilipinas? After all, it took only sometime before a simple wishful thinking before a featured shoe designer became the official go-to-shoe-designer of the local BBP pageant. I wish the same good fortune to befall Christopher. With his talent and hardwork, I am positively sure to see more of his work in the coming years ahead.


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