Pageant Franchises: A Little or Too Much?

There has been too many franchise switching over the last two years, but none dared to ask when does a national pageant have too little international pageant franchise, or too much of it?

An international pageant franchise adds prestige to a national competition. But these days where pageants are a dime a dozen, local pageants are advised to be mindful of what pageant franchises they acquire.

Today’s blogpost will talk about local pageants that would benefit from having additional franchises and ones that need to evaluate if they have too much.

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Miss World Philippines Winners: Battle Ready upon Coronation

The siren call for the Miss World Philippines 2020 pageant has begun!

One of the biggest criticisms that the Miss World Philippines had was the relatively short amount of time that our winners get to prepare. Since the time that the franchise was acquired by Cory Quirino in 2011, preparations of Philippine delegates seem to be cramped within a 2-3 month period. Some even in just 5-6 weeks.

Even now as Arnold Vegafria has handled the franchise for several years, nothing much has changed in terms of the preparations for the MW pageant by our local reps. The fact that the performance of  two Filipina reps, Laura Lehman and Katarina Rodriguez, are the lowest placement/ non-placement of the Philippines since Gwendoline Ruais in 2011 is a telling of how preparation should be a key element to placing in the London-based pageant. Continue reading “Miss World Philippines Winners: Battle Ready upon Coronation”

The Most Victorious Year/s in Philippine Pageantry

There are 8 years, so far, that the Philippines can claim as its most victorious years in international pageantry. Read below for more…

Over the course of the years as a blogger, we have received numerous variations of the same question: which year is the Philippines most successful in pageantry? That of course is tantamount to various answers depending on what parameters and criteria we set in place to be considered as successful.

In this post, we will include the following sets of parameters:

  • We will only include the Alpha pageants Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss World (the Philippines only started to send representatives in 1966) and Miss Earth (which started only in 2001)
  • We will only consider the years that all Filipina reps placed in all Alpha pageants; if one rep doesn’t make the first cut, it doesn’t make it into our list

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Year-End Special: 10 Filipina Beauty Queens That Defined The 2010’s

In the years 2010 to 2019, the Philippines has produced some of the most memorable wins and placements in every international pageant of note. However, only a few of them has remained in our collective psyche’s over the years.

NOTE: before we proceed with the list, this blogger has to dig deep into our image archives for the old photocollages from the early 2010’s. So you will be seeing how our visuals have changed through the years. You will be seeing our old collages from the old Sash Factor blog with its white and blue imagery to the current black and gold. This blogger hopes that this will make you truly appreciative of how long have we come in pageantry…

Here is our list of the decade defining Filipinas in Philippine pageantry:
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2010-2019: The Philippines’ Second Golden Era of Pageantry

From the years 2010 to 2019, the Philippines have raked over 16 international titles, 8 of which are from the four biggest international pageants: Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss World…
The past decade is the Philippines’ most winning-est years in pageantry. 8 Alpha pageant titles,  over 10 international crowns (male and female pageants) and countless runner up placements and semifinal finishes. It truly is the Golden Era of Philippine pageants…
No matter how haters, trolls and naysayers are gonna say about the Philippines, the years 2010 to 2019 made way for the Philippines to be recognized as the most successful country in pageant of the decade. Harp all they want for a top 10 or a top 5 spot, the Philippines may have been called “Pagpag Land” but it is THE PAGEANT POWERHOUSE OF ASIA… The Philippines has collected 8 Alpha pageant titles in a span of 6 consecutive years, a feat no other country has done thus far, not even Venezuela.
* Miss World 2013 – Megan Young
* Miss International 2013 – Bea Rose Santiago
* Miss Earth 2014 – Jamie Herrell
* Miss Earth 2015 – Angelia Gabrena Ong
* Miss Universe 2015 – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
* Miss International 2016 – Kylie Versoza
* Miss Earth 2017 – Karen Ibasco
* Miss Universe 2018 – Catriona Elisa Gray

1 Miss Supranational win – 2013, Mutya Johanna Datul
1 Miss Intercontinental win – 2018, Karen Gallman
1 Miss Asia Pacific International win – 2018,  Sharifa Akeel
1 Miss Globe win – 2015,  Ann Colis
1 Reina HispanoAmericana win – 2017,  Teresita Ssen Marquez
1 Miss United Continents win – 2017, Jesly Santos
1 Miss Eco-International win – 2018, Cynthia Thomalla
1 Miss Multinational win – 2018, Sophia Senoron

1 Manhunt International win – 2012, June Macasaet
1 Mister International win – 2014, Neil Perez
1 Man of the Year win – 2016, Karan Singhdole
2 Mister Gay World wins – 2017, John Raspado & 2019, John Jeffrey ‘Janjep’ Carlos
1 Mister Universal Ambassador win – 2018, George Raylor de Lumen
1 Mister Model Worldwide win – 2018, Carlo Pasion
1 Mister Universe Tourism win – 2018, Ion Perez
1 Mister Tourism and Culture Universe – 2019, Yves Campos

All of this is thanks largely to the Philippine camp system, Kagandahang Flores produced half of the 8 crowns won, Aces & Queens has produced 3 titles, and an independent Catriona Gray won the 8th. It is also time to stop belittling the KF camp for they have produced 7 Alpha titles so far, a feat no other local camp has done. While Aces may have started the MU placements they have yet to replicate that success with their international wards, KF has been able to manage to score international crowns with their Filipina queens but they also have scored 3 other crowns with their foreign queens pushing their number to 7 Alpha titles. And it is also time to recognize smaller camps like RL’s Angels (who trained Thailand’s first Miss Supranational), and for them to come into the fray of training more Filipinas for competitions both local and international.
This decade is also the time where the Philippines outshone every pageant powerhouse in terms of performance in Miss Universe. It nailed 2 crowns and 4 runner up placements plus six other semifinal placements. The Philippines also scored 3 Miss Earth wins (a back-to-back and a sandwich win) pushing the country with the most ME wins. In Miss International the two times we missed making semis were in 2014 and 2017, coincidentally both Aces wards. They managed to redeem themselves though in Miss World Philippines where no girls from other camps have won the title since 2011.
Come 2020 and onwards, the Philippines would have to usher in more strategies, newer ideas and fresh perspectives to remain competitive in the ever changing landscape of international pageantry. And always have the mantra that “the Philippines come to win, not just to participate.”
Cheers to the next decade and all the crown to be won!

Was 2019 a Repeat of 2014?

2019 was almost a repeat of our placements in 2014. After winning multiple crowns the year before, the placements in 2019 were  decidedly lower.

In 2014, we had Aces & Queens girls Bianca Guidotti (unplaced at Miss International),  Valerie Weigmann (top 20 at Miss World) and Kagandahang Flores girls Mary Jean Lastimosa (top 10 in Miss Universe) and Jamie Herrell (Miss Earth). This time however, 2019 saw Janelle Tee in the ME top 20, Michelle Dee in the MW top 12, Bea Patricia Magtanong in the MI top 8 and Gazini Ganados making top 20. So what possibly went wrong for our reps this year?

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5 Filipinas Who Could Have Been Miss World Winners

The new Miss World Philippines organization has already started its siren call for applicants to the national competition. To drum up the buzz for the pageant we list down several past Miss World representatives that could have been Miss World winners…

Evangeline Pascual – it is said that she should have won the Miss World title in 1973 which went to Marjorie Wallace. 17-year old Evangeline was relegated to 1st runner up at the pageant held at the Royal Albert Hall. So when Marjorie was dethroned, the Miss World organization offered the responsibilities of a winner to Evangeline, who was already under a movie contract by then. Only the responsibilities of a winner is offered and not the title as Miss World. Evangeline declined the offer due to contract conflicts; she would have been the first Filipina Miss World.

Sharmaine Ruffa Gutierrez – beauty, poise, wit and charm, those were the qualities that distinguished 19-year old Ruffa among her competitors in Sun City, South Africa. Despite being the favorite to win, she only managed a 2nd Princess finish that has left a number of pageant observers baffled.

Carlene Aguilar – hers was a landmark year where it was announced that the Miss World semifinalists will be selected through a worldwide voting. Previous year had a bit of a controversy when there was a sudden inclusion of judges at the 2004 finals when it was previously announced that internet and SMS voting would determine the winner. Carlene placed among the top 15 in Sanya, China that year despite being among the top 3 bets to win the title. She was also popular among the locals and pageant connoisseurs/ experts to win the title.

Valerie Weigmann – she came in at the heels of the first Filipina Miss World, Megan Young yet she prepared stronger in her participation with strong Beauty with a Purpose Project, Multimedia and Topmodel fast-tracks. The 25 year old German-Filipina was also shut out from the Beach Fashion as well despite having modelesque body proportions. Her non-inclusion among the top scorers in the latter 2 were baffling. Some believed that had she been able to make top 5 that year, she could have provided ample competition to reps from South Africa and India.

Catriona Gray – undoubtedly the strongest Filipina rep to ever set foot to the Miss World stage. Tall, articulate, talented, and well prepared, she was poised to become the second Filipina MW winner. During the finals, she was named one of the top 5 finalists and was awarded the 3rd runner up honors during the post coronation ceremonies. Her placement left a number of Filipino fans angered at the lack of transparency on the judging criteria and process of the pageant (having also removed earlier the leader-board which showed the rankings of the candidates during the fast-tracks).


Is Miss World Philippines Still Exciting?

The search for Miss World Philippines is underway and despite having a better batch this year, there isn’t much to it to get this blogger excited. To say that the fans of the pageant is dwindling in numbers is an understatement. And that is simply because it is so difficult to sell the Miss World brand to Filipino pageant fans.

Why aren’t we all collectively excited for this pageant like we do for the Binibining Pilipinas? Why doesn’t this pageant have a dedicated and loyal following like the Miss Earth Philippines pageant has? Here are the reasons why we think it is difficult to generate excitement for Miss World Philippines…
1. A Very Predictable Winner – since Megan Young and Catriona Gray’s time at the MWP pageant, the selection of the main winner has been very predictable. Just look at the one with the most hype and viola, you got your Miss World Philippines titleholder. There hasn’t been any surprise wins and that makes the pageant lackluster. Pageant fans wants the excitement of the unknown, to be in the throes of nail-biting suspense and that has not been the case for this pageant for so long.
So this year expect that Michelle Dee would take home the main crown. Rumors have it that the 5’10” stunner is the flagbearer of her camp and is getting specialized training ahead of other girls from the same camp. Much so that some pageant admins believe that it is prepping up to put her at the spotlight. Another title is perhaps reserved for GMA actress Kelley Day despite being the better fit for the Miss World pageant, IMHO. The 5’7″ Kelley seems to me fits the mold of the MW brand better with her softer and more feminine features. The two aforementioned ladies have the advantage of being in the supposedly ‘favoured’ camp. Ilene de Vera, another personal fave who have been glowing lately, would only have to settle for one of the lesser titles simply because nobody from the rival Kagandahang Flores camp won the MWP title since it transferred hands from the BPCI. That is despite the fact that the 5’9″ Cebuana seems to be a better option to Michelle for MWP. It’s not that Michelle does not deserve to win MWP, she does but her beauty is perhaps better suited for a more modern pageant like the Miss Universe pageant. Why waste her in MW when she is better off somewhere else?

2. A Questionable International Judging Criteria – it is a widely known hidden secret that the Miss World final result is controlled by its owner… and that no matter how many fasttrack challenges you win, someone who virtually came from the back-end of the leaderboard could still manage to snatch a victory. There is no tabulation firm present because the winner is supposedly voted by writing the names of the judges picks in a piece of paper. And majority of the judges are usually past MW winners under the owner’s control. This makes it futile to even root for your candidates because during the duration of the competition, the judges alongside the owners have already had their biases towards certain candidates to win. Add to it is the fact that the fasttrack rules changes every year to seemingly favour some candidates over the others.
With that being said, many pageant fans feels that it is futile to get attached to a Miss World Philippines winner only to see her failing in the international arena. Just look at Katarina Rodrigues’ disqualification in two fasttracks, Catriona’s top 5 finish despite outperforming everyone in terms of fasttracks and who would forget Valerie Weigmann’s non-placement in the Topmodel fasttrack… All these compounded heartbreaks have made pageant fans cold towards the pageant. Without fans, how can MWP generate excitement?

3. A Declining Charisma of the Organization – Cory Quirino was a very charismatic national director when she handled the franchise and that is exactly what Sir Arnold Vegafria, his staff and winners have to be able to replicate towards fans and the media to win back pageant following that has eroded in the past several years. Any efforts to bring fans closer to the org and to the queens is a welcome step. They should be taking a page from what the Miss Earth Philippines is doing as they have a massive Filipino following. Having that much loyal fans only means that they are doing something right. The MWP org has to find that formula that works for them to gain loyal following not just fans passing thru until the next national pageant is held.
The lack of excitement for the Miss World Philippines is far from an easy problem to solve. But the first step towards solving that is to crown winners that will bring in loyal pageant fans. How to do that? Well that is for the MWP org to find out for themselves…

#Funart Post: Valerie Weigmann as Alice

Thank God for small miracles! We’ve mentioned that almost all of our blogposts starting from 2014 to 2015 is lost when the original Sash Factor forum shut down. Apparently, some of the fun-art hardwork I’ve made managed to survive through Facebook archives.

And one my personal favorite fun-art posters I’ve made were those Alice in Wonderland themed ones for Miss World Philippines 2014 Valerie Weigmann. And two Alice in Wonderland themed posters were some of the posters I was able to retrieve!
It is no secret that among the Miss World Philippines winners, Valerie was and still is my favorite. The last time I saw her in Bangkok last December 2018, she still looked so radiant as the day she was crowned MWP. She has managed not to age in the 5 years since she competed to the time where the franchise was still under Cory Quirino! How time flies indeed.

We hope that you’ll allow us to feel a bit nostalgic with this post. After all, some of our best blogposts were written in our old blogsite –
Seeing that some of our artworks survive has been one of our truest joys lately…

What Are the National and International Pageant Seasons?

Do you know what is considered to be the pageant seasons? Which month comprises these seasons? What is the pageant off-peak?
All of those questions will be answered in  today’s blogpost!

The National Pageant Season
The nationals pageant season is usually marked with the beginning of applications for the Binibining Pilipinas and Miss Earth Philippines pageants. The BBP pageant usually announces the application period by the end of December or by January. The MEP on the other hand starts the application period around January to March and very occasionally April. The Miss World Philippines is the outlier among the three pageants that selects reps for the 4 Alpha with its pageant that is usually held closer to the international pageant season. MWP usually selects their winners between the months of September to November. Mutya ng Pilipinas has in recent years scheduled their finals between August to December. A far cry from the usual May finals it used to have back in the 90’s.
The International Pageant Season
For the four biggest international pageants, they are usually held in the months of October to December. This marks the most activity on social media when it comes to pageantry. The international pageant season is usually opened with the Miss Earth pageant followed by the Miss International competition in Tokyo. Traditionally either Miss World or Miss Universe will close the pageant season during the end of November or mid-December. Misses Globe, Asia-Pacific International, Supranational, and other host of lesser popular pageants would schedule their finals between the months of October to December.

However other  international pageants would have their schedules between October until February or March of the following year. The Miss Intercontinental pageant has been held in the month of January for this last 2 years, effectively skipping the 2017 edition. Other international pageant that holds finals during the 1st quarter of the year are Miss Eco International and Miss Multinational.
Pageant Season Off-Peak
Interest in pageants usually die down in the months of April to September. This is why most male pageants would scheduled their finals on these dates. No male pageant (national or international competitions) would have a fighting chance in terms of social media buzz if it overlaps with either the national or international pageant season for females.
This is perhaps one of the reasons why the initial scheduled Mister World competition in January was postponed to June of 2019. It will clash with the Miss Intercontinental pageant also held in January as well as the general fan interest Binibining Pilipinas come February to April. This is one of the lessons learned when the Mister World Philippines was postponed due to terrible weather conditions to October last year which buried interest in the contest as it conflicted with the then on-going Miss Earth activities.

2018 Year End Special Report – Philippines’ Performance

How did the Philippines fare in the international pageant arena this year? Did we do better or worse than last year?
Since Venus Raj’s drought-breaking 4th runner-up finish at Miss Universe 2010, the Philippines won 2 Miss Universe crowns, 2 Miss International crowns, 3 Miss Earth crowns and 1 Miss World. Despite having major losses in some international pageants this year, the Philippines continues its winning streak!

2018 International Titles
Miss Asia Pacific International, Sharifa Akeel
Miss Eco-International, Cynthia Thomalla
Miss Multinational, Sophia Señoron
Miss Tourism Worldwide, Zara Carbonell
Miss Intercontinental 2018, Karen Gallman
In terms of international pageants outside the Alpha pageants, the Philippines has had varying degrees of success. Jehza Huelar made it to the top 10 of Miss Supranational, Michele Gumabao was a semifinalist in Miss Globe and countless other placements and victories in lesser known international pageants. We did score wins in other international pageants, notable of which are Karen Gallman, Sharifa Akeel, Cynthia Thomalla and Sophia Senoron (all Kagandahang Flores trained ladies). Zara Carbonell’s win as Miss Tourism Worldwide further cemented the illustrious batch of the 2017 Miss World Philippines winners.

Karen Gallman’s victory as the first Filipina Miss Intercontinental has raised the Philippines further up into the pageant stratosphere. This is the first win for the country since the pageant’s establishment in the 70’s. Sharifa Akeel’s win as Miss Asia Pacific International is the 5th win since the pageant was established in 1968 (it was first known as Miss Asia before growing to Miss Asia Pacific and now to its current format). Prior to Sharifa’s win, four Filipinos were crowned in past iterations of the pageant. They were Maria del Carmen Ines Zaragoza (1982), Gloria Dimayacyac (1983), Lorna Legaspi (1989), and Michelle Aldana (1993). Cynthia Thomalla winning in Miss Eco International was the first international victory in the year 2018 before being immediately followed up by Sophia in Miss Multinational in India.

Major Losses of 2018
Katarina Rodriguez’ 1st runner up finish in Miss Intercontinental 2017 earlier in January 2018 was dealt with a devastating non-placement in Miss World last December. While there were missteps made on both sides, there was no offered satisfactory explanation on Katarina’s disqualification at the BWAP and talent segments. If Katarina’s rumored martial arts presentation wasn’t considered an acceptable talent then how come Catharina Choi Nunes of Brazil was allowed to do a taekwondo demonstration for the Miss World 2015 talent competition? Another major loss was that of Alyssa Muhlach in Reina HispanoAmericana. An understandable loss considering she only had less than two weeks time to prepare for the competition. Eva Patalinjug’s shocking non placement in the Miss Grand International pageant is deemed to be an unjust decision. The pageant’s judging panel comprised of a national director and a designer/pageant trainer/ friend of a candidate, which puts the judging process in question. More so the questionable ethics of the pageant owner and the pageant itself…

The 4 Alpha Pageants
Miss World Philippines, Katarina Rodriguez
Miss Philippines Earth, Silvia Cortesi
Bb. Pilipinas International, Ahtisa Manalo
Miss Universe Philippines, Catriona Gray
Three out of 4 possible placements isn’t a bad achievement specially with the year ending with a major win in Miss Universe courtesy of Catriona Gray. Silvia Cortesi made top8 in Miss Earth and Ahtisa Manalo almost won the Mikimoto crown in Japan last November.
Over all, the year started with a bang with a handful of crowns courtesy of Karen, Sharifa, Zara, Cynthia and Sophia, and ended with the Philippines earning the most coveted international title of all, the Miss Universe crown. While we celebrate every victory we had this past year, we can predict that 2019 will be overshadowed online by every move that Catriona Gray will be making as Miss Universe. So we are hoping that the next set of national winners will be able to face being scrutinized based on the achievements of their predecessors. And we pray that pageant fans would be less aggressive or vile on social media on these ladies this year. On a final note, we do wish fervently that the winning streak would continue this 2019.
NOTE: this blogpost was originally posted in January 15th and has been edited to include updates on Karen Gallman’s win.

Catriona Gray: Australian, Scottish, Filipina or All of the Above?

The issue about Catriona Gray being “owned” by Australia and the Philippines is a topic that surfaced arising her win as Miss Universe.

Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray competed and won in Miss World Philippines and Binibining Pilipinas. She represented the Philippines in Miss Universe and won as Miss Philipppines. Period. Case-closed. IMHO this is a topic that we shouldn’t discuss as it is bordering to absurdity. This blogger believes that this non-issue is being brought about because she won Miss Universe. Had she not won, I don’t think she would be even mentioned in Aussie papers or tv reports. She could have chosen to compete in Miss Universe Australia which she could have easily won but she chose to compete in Binibining Pilipinas (which is one of the most competitive national pageants in the world next to Miss Venezuela and Miss USA).
I have chanced upon an Australian Youtuber (to which we will not be mentioning anymore in this blogpost) that the least Catriona could do was to acknowledged the fact that she was raised in Australia. And that part of who she is was because of her upbringing in the land down under. There were also some publications that shaded her win as an Aussie win by slashing the Philippines in her Miss Universe Philippines title on their headlines. With all due respect to our Aussie fans who feels for this issue, Catriona did acknowledge in her media tour that she was born from a Filipina mom and a Scottish father who was an Australian immigrant. That being said, Catriona is technically Sottish-Filipina based on heritage. It also does not erase the fact that she has countlessly mentioned and acknowledged her growing up in Cairns, Australia.

Back in 2016, we have asked Catriona in an interview about being mixed-race representing the Philippines in an international competition and this was how she responded:
I constantly traveled to the Philippines when I was a little girl, every school holiday to spend time with my family. And when it came time for me to choose for myself which country I wanted to live I chose the Philippines. Why should I be blamed for my parents’ decision to allow me to grow up in Australia? When it finally became my choice, I chose the Philippines and I think that counts for something. And since when does “bloodline” define someone? We Filipinos are a mixed race. At the end of the day – My heart is Filipino. My blood is Filipino.
The claim if a Filipina or an Australian won the Miss Universe 2018 title is a stupid debate, IMHO. Nobody or no country for that matter could claim ownership of her win. It was her and hers alone and to whoever she dedicates it to. Her mentors and friends who helped train her for the pageant in Bangkok summarized it perfectly: they are loosing their friend for one year to the Miss Universe organization. Catriona Gray is, for a year, owned by her duties and responsibilities as Miss Universe 2018…

Kim de Guzman: Miss World Philippines as her Swan Song?

Rumor has it that former Miss Earth-Air, Kim de Guzman is full steam ahead in her participation for Miss World Philippines this year. Could this be her swan song in pageants?

At age 26, she is at the borderline of the age requirements of the MWP pageant. Which make this a “now or never” opportunity. In all honesty, I think she waited just fine in joining pageants as with age comes a certain level of maturity. Aside from that she looks much better now that in her early twenties where she looks “too young” for her age, that you can actually mistake her for a teenager. Nowadays, she looks much more feminine and womanly. She has that sophisticated aura on her nowadays that is quite rare to look for in pageant girls. #LooksExpensive to say the least.
Plus her stint at the Miss Philippines Earth pageant would be a valuable experience that she can bank upon in whichever international competition she may end up with.

It would be exciting to see her later competing again and get to represent the country in an international competition…

Margo Midwinter for MWP or BBP?

Margo Midwinter is no longer the Philippine rep to the Miss Progress International pageant. Rumor has it that she is currently mulling over joining the Miss World Philippines pageant this year or the Binibining Pilipinas pageant next year.

My honest opinion on that matter is that she should try for the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. And here are the two reasons why:
1. 3 Back-to-Back Challenges – 3 out of the 4 titles will be back to back challenges. And based from our experience in 2013 where a similar scenario happened, our reps ended up in less than spectacular results in 2014 (Miss Supranational, Miss International and Miss World). There is only the Miss World Philippines title that is going to be fought nail and tooth for by the candidates this year that won’t have the extra burden of a b2b pressure.
2. Prep Time for a Strategy – joining MWP is one that is historically for girls who have a meticulously planned strategy… from sports, talent and Beauty with a Purpose project, down to each aspect of the challenges. Let’s be honest, the past Filipina beauty queens who did exceptionally well in Miss World are those who competed in MWP as if they were already in the international pageant. Nothing is left unplanned as MW is a pageant where you cannot just ‘wing it’ for the fasttrack challenges.

Margo needs to plan her strategy well if she wants to win the MWP crown, to which I would assume is the title she aims specifically for. However I would understand if she does go for the MWP pageant as a possible stepping stone and a learning experience. After all, crossovers are not uncommon practice in national pageants. Whatever she decides, she should do her best and give it her all.

Cynthia Thomalla wins as Miss Eco International 2018!

Congratulations is in order for Cynthia Thomalla for winning the Miss Eco International pageant in Egypt!

The 5’7″ beauty queen bested all other competitors in the recently held finals. She has consistently performed in the competition after placing top 10 in three mini-competitions, namely Talent, Eco-Dress and Resorts wear. The  victory of the Kagandahang Flores Cebu trained beauty marks the 3 international crowns (out of 4)  from the 2017 Miss World Philippines batch of queens. Cynthia won the third title of her batch after Reina Hispano Americana 2017 Teresita Ssen Marquez and Miss Multinational 2018 Sophia Senoron. Miss World Philippines 2017 Laura Lehmann placed in the top 40 of Miss World.

Full list of winner below:
Miss Eco International – Philippines, Cynthia Thomalla
1st runner up – Indonesia
2nd Runner up – Peru
3rd runner up – Vietnam
4th runner up – Costa Rica
Top 10 are as follows:
1. Indonesia
2. Costa Rica
3. Portugal
4. Peru
5. Philippines
6. India
7. Brazil
8. Egypt
9. Poland
10. Miss Eco Dress (Automatic Top 10) – Miss Vietnam