Binibining Pilipinas 2019, The First Leaderboard

The 40 Binibining Pilipinas ladies have their first salvo of activities as official candidates during the past several days. As such we are listing down the ladies that are continuously gaining momentum as the days progresses.

With forty gorgeous ladies in a very even-level playing-field, it is quite difficult to narrow the ladies and trim them to a possible top 15. Since this year’s Binibining Pilipinas is looking to be a beauty bloodbath we are going to list only the strongest 12 among the 40 girls in the pageant. Sashes&Script’s list will be featuring only the creme de la creme of this year’s batch. Continue reading “Binibining Pilipinas 2019, The First Leaderboard”

LCS to Work with BPCI to Develop Further the Miss Universe Brand?

Is Chavit Singson to work with the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated to further develop the Miss Universe brand in the Philippines? And how will that arrangement look like?

That seems to be the song the LCS group is singing after the Miss Universe Organization made the announcement that the Miss Universe Philippines franchise will remain with the Araneta Group, parent company of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc.
But what does that partnership possibly mean?
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How a Pageant Demolition Team Works on Social Media

How do you play a real-life snakes and ladders game when there are more snakes than ladders?
Underneath the glitz and glamour is the truth of how pageant fanaticism is used to disparage and slander pageant camps, beauty queens, pageant groups and every other ‘little people’ in pageantry. Their weapon are lies, hate and fear-mongering, and their tools are gullible fanatics on social media.
DISCLAIMER: these exposés are to be categorized in the rumor mill as some of them are buzzed by different pageant moles, insiders, and generally every tindera at the talipapa in varying degrees of trust-worthiness. We encourage everyone to be skeptical on several points in this write up, because we are skeptic about these ourselves. We place them here for you to judge if these are valid and make your own judgement call. Believe under your own risk!
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Miss International 2013, Bea Rose Santiago: Winning without ‘Trying Too Hard’

Pageant fanatics like this blogger have saved newspaper articles, magazine clippings and all sorts of pageant memorabilia. One such article is this feature story of Miss International 2013, Bea Rose Santiago for the Philippine Inquirer.
The beauty queen was one of the first Filipinas to ignite a 6-year successive winning streak in the four most respected international beauty pageants. As we continue to feature past Miss International winners for the month of March, our post today pays an homage to Bea Rose Santiago…

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The Universe at MOA, Part 2

For today we are continuing yesterday’s post on the exceptional creations by designer Mak Tumang for Miss Universe Catriona Gray.
Designer Mak Tumang created 9 very exquisite creations for Miss Universe Catriona Gray all displayed in their glory in SM Mall of Asia in Pasay.
NOTE: The descriptions of the outfits were taken from the exhibit’s info-boards displayed alongside the Mak Tumang creations.
For pageant fans and fashion connoisseurs, here’s a closer look at the finer details of the exhibit!

MAYON | Miss Universe Finals | December 17, 2018 – Inspired by a Filipino national wonder – the Mayon Volcano (Blogger’s note: I have always thought that this Lava Gown was named “Magayon”)

ALON | Araneta, Cubao Parade | February 23, 2019 – a tribute to the beautiful and pristine seas of the Philippines which are among the world’s most diverse.

PERLA ORIENTE | Homecoming Concert | February 24, 2019 – drawing inspirations from the historic and romantic epithet of the Philippines: Pearl of the Orient Seas.

SINAG | Binibining Pilipinas Finals | March 19, 2018 – symbolizes the sun’s rays found in the Philippine flag and the Filipino’s concept of hope.

To say that the exhibit was a trip down memory lane was an understatement. It brought back memories of when I was part of the group that knew Catriona would be joining Binibining Pilipinas 2018 months before she actually showed up for screenings. This blogger remembers seeing a detailed sketch of the gown and the “three Stars and a Sun” earcuffs. All of which we held on tight to keep it a secret, more so for her national costume.
The build up to the Miss Universe pageant was an experience to cherish. And this was reflected in the Mak Tumang exhibit at the Mall of Asia. This blogger hopes that this would find its way to Araneta, Cubao in the future. It would be a celebration of sorts not only in time for Binibining Pilipinas but of how far the Filipino genius can go…

The Universe at MOA, Part 1

We may have missed the Mak Tumang Exhibit in Pampanga but we were able to catch the Mak Tumang: The Universe at MOA just several days ago!
On exhibit are some of the most iconic pieces that Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray wore from her journey in Binibining Pilipinas to Miss Universe. These outfits showcase the wealth of embellishment and detail that designer Mak Tumang made for Catriona’s wardrobe.
9 painstakingly made outfits, 9 masterpieces of Filipino ingenuity and passion, one marvelous exhibit. These are truly magnum opi of a fashion genius!

BITUIN | ABSCBN Ball | September 29, 2018 – An ode to the shining stars which are also prominent components of the Philippines Flag.

SAMPAGUITA | Homecoming Parade | February 21, 2019 – an ode to the Philippine National Flower and Leaf – the Sampaguita and Anahaw respectively.

Paru-Paro | Miss World After Party | December 18 2016 – Inspired by the Philippines as one of the great reservoirs of diverse and endemic fauna (Blogger’s note: this is also sometimes referred to by fans as the Mariposa)

CORALES | Homecoming Press Conference | February 20, 2019 – Depicts the Philippine coral reefs which are home to a unique marine biodiversity.

ADARNA | Miss Universe Prelims | December 13,  2018 – Inspired by the Ibong Adarna – a mythological bird prominent in Filipino folklore.
These are just some of the items on exhibit. There will be more in the second part of this post.
On a personal note, I would have to say that the Adarna gown was the most (literally) shiny and brilliant among the creations alongside Sinag. Upon closer inspection the Adarna gown is truly remarkable in terms of the depts and detail. I am also enamored with the richness of the embroidery of the Sampaguita jumpsuit. It reminds me of the embroidery heritage of Lumban, Laguna.
Check out the second part of this post coming very soon!
NOTE: The descriptions of the outfits were taken from the exhibit’s info-boards displayed alongside the Mak Tumang creations.

5 Reasons Why Binibining Pilipinas Has Strong Brand Equity

This 2019 marks the 56th year of the Binibining Pilipinas pageant. And after winning two international titles with the previous year’s batch, the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated is set to gear up for another year of pulchritude.

But what makes the Binibining Pilipinas pageant the best national pageant in the country? Why do pageant girls and hopefuls see themselves drawn to this annual competition? Why do pageant fans flock to Cubao every year to get a glimpse of the candidates and winners?
That is what we will be exploring on today’s post!
1. Binibining Pilipinas History
With its 56 years of existnce, the pageant has ingrained itself as part of Philippine culture. No other competition of such nature comes close. Filipinos are glued to their TV sets or are at the Smart-Araneta Coliseum to watch the yearly spectacle.

In the Philippines, you cannot say pageants without ever mentioning the Bb. Pilipinas competition. It has became an institution in itself as it has produced not just quality winners but it has survived franchise takeovers, years of non-placements in the most coveted international tilt, shocking dethronements and resignations, and much more. Its ability to stand tests of time with stamina has rewarded the pageant with loyal supporters and fans.
But much more than that are the personal stories that surround the lives that the pageant has touched. The pageant’s annual charity contributions to its beneficiaries adds to the goodwill surrounding the pageant.

2. Miss Universe Franchise
Arguably one of the reasons why the pageant has remained at the top of mind of pageant connoisseurs and fans is because of the Miss Universe franchise held by the BPCI. The MU pageant is the biggest international pageant in existence and that is also the reason why it lends much prestige to the annual national competition.
The Philippines is a Miss Universe country that is for certain. If we aren’t mistaken, the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated is one of the countries outside of the United States owned Miss USA that have acquired the Miss Universe franchise the longest (Venezuela and France since 1952, and Colombia since 1958). Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta and the Bb. Pilipinas organization has held the franchise since 1964. That longevity of relationship is a reason why it is difficult to imagine BBP without the Miss Universe title.
But of course the MU pageant benefits as well from the BBP, no other national pageant can guarantee a high level of professionalism and longevity as the BPCI can give.

3. Strong Leadership of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities, Inc.
This is perhaps why the pageant has endured through the years. Call the pageant’s executive committee as conservative and clinging to old-world rules of decorum, but it is that strong adherence to rules that allows it to survive the years. The pageant has placed high qualifications for its candidates and winners and it is for that reason why the BPCI becomes stronger each year that passes by.

Without the strong leadership of Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta, Conchitina Sevilla-Bernardo and the rest of the past and present BPCI committee, it would not have produced 4 Miss Universe winners, 5 Misses International, and countless other international titleholders, runners up, semi-finalists and special awardees.

4. Quality of Winners and Candidates
There is no debate that the best Filipina beauty queens are products of the BBP search. Showbiz royalties like Liza Lorena, Gloria Diaz, Lotis Key, Pilar Pilapil, Elvie Gonzales, Jean Saburit, Alice Dixson, Tetchie Agbayani, Susan Africa and many more have started their careers from joining the annual tilt. Not only that, past winners like Margie Moran, Aurora Pijuan, Yedda Marie Mendoza-Kittilstvedt, Daisy Reyes and many more have found themselves in public service through fine arts, the performing arts, charity work or politics. Other winners have taken the less beaten path like Zorayda Ruth Andam who became a lawyer, Lizbeth de Padua who is a Neuro-surgeon, Abbygale Arenas who is one of the country’s leading image consultants, Vida Doria who was an entrepreneur and designer, and of course Nelia Sancho who was a women’s rights activist. The roster of BBP winners have achieved so much more with their titles.

No questions can be raised either on the quality of candidates it churns out year after year. The creme de la creme of pageant girls and hopefuls always try for a Binibining Pilipinas crown. So high are the standards at BBP that semifinalists and runners up of the pageant end up as winners on other national competitions. Surely, you can name just a few crossovers from BBP to other national pageants that even won internationally.
5. The Bb. Pilipinas Brand
There is no other national pageant in the Philippines that commands the same brand power and collective goodwill as that of the Bb. Pilipinas pageant. The sum of all its history, winners and candidates, leadership and charity, urban legend and fan admiration are all amalgamated to its strong brand equity. So powerful is the Binibini brand that you can line it up with the likes of the Miss USA, Miss Venezuela and Concurso Nacional de Belleza of Colombia in terms of branding and image.
Even other MU national directors are in admiration with how the BBP is run that others have adapted some of the rules and qualifications to join their national pageants from BPCI’s stringent rules. Now that is testament to how strong the BBP name is.

Those are five of what we deem as reasons why the Bb. Pilipinas pageant is the national pageant with the strongest brand recall and brand equity in the country. Prestige, brand equity, respect and admiration… the Binibining Pilipinas has all that in spades.

Not Your Typical Once Upon a Blind Item

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances is purely coincidental…

Once Upon a Blind Item, there was a high and mighty council of elders that held so much power in the Kingdom of Anque, electoral monarchy. The High Council is tasked of choosing vestal virgins as nominees to the throne. The head of the once mighty High Council is named Bacao. Bacao is a sinister man who appeared a man of high social status in public but was an ambitious power/ fame-hungry malefactor. He would not be afraid to step on people or stab them on the back just to get what he wants. He was a ruthless snake behind closed curtains.
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Thoughts on the Official Binibining Pilipinas Screening

Sashes&Scripts said it before, this year the Binibining Pilipinas pageant is going to be a beauty bloodbath!

The Bb. Pilipinas 2019 screening last March 18 certainly went so fast it made our heads spin. What would usually take us to the wee hours of the morning was finished in an almost lightning flash speed.
Some people have been asking us why some of the ladies (strong ones) were left out and missed the cut. There are a number of reasons why after we decided to dig in a bit with some handlers and insiders.
First of all, there was no BPCI vendetta against a certain camp. The Binibining Pilipinas screening was headed by the BPCI execom, reigning queens as well as some execs from ABS-CBN according to our sources. Besides BPCI isn’t petty to punish the girls because of their camp affiliations. BPCI is fair to every girl in their applications and screening.
Second, some of the girls were ill-advised in terms of the height requirements of the pageant. If the cut off is 5’5″ their camps should have been aware of that so as not to field them despite literally “not measuring up”. This is why some of the girls were left out of the top 40.
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The Day Aurora Won Miss International

Today’s post is a republished article about Miss International 1970, Aurora Pijuan. Aurora, was the first Miss International winner under the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated and followed the Miss Universe win of Gloria Diaz as Miss Universe.

Read the wonderful article below:
Forty-five years ago tomorrow (May 16), Aurora Pijuan won Miss International (the second Filipina to do so, after Gemma Cruz in 1964), barely 10 months after Gloria Diaz won Miss Universe, the country’s first.
Standing at 5’8” and measuring 3526-36, then 20-year-old Aurora stood out among the 46 other beauties during the Coronation Night held at the Exposition Hall Fairgrounds in Senri Hills, Osaka, Japan, including runners-up Margarita Marta Briese of Argentina (first), Karen Patricia Papworth of Australia (second, also Miss Photogenic), Toshie Suda of Japan (third) and Susan Frances Greaves of New Zealand (fourth). Continue reading “The Day Aurora Won Miss International”

#MANicMondays with Osmar Sanjurjo Rivera

Continuing our #MANicMondays post is a feature of male pageant winner turned adult film performer, Osmar Sanjurjo Rivera.
These photos were taken during his modeling days…

Back in 2012, while he was still a teenager (he was about 18 years old then) he was chosen among the candidates of Misters of Puerto Rico as Mister Teen Globe Puerto Rico.
The 6’0″ tall hunk was also named as Mister Golden Universe Puerto Rico later in 2014, and he had a very promising career in modelling as he has been photographed by the likes of Rick Day and Ryan Anthony. He was represented by modeling agencies, Cromo Model Talents and SYNC Model Management.

However he now goes with the name of Ashton Summers under gay adult film outfit Lucas Entertainment. He started in the adult film industry sometime in 2015.

The Art of War: the Pageantry Edition

Today’s post is taken directly from a page on the “How to Destroy a Pageant Girl Playbook” from one of the pageant factions in the country. This playbook illustrates how one is able to destroy any pageant girl’s chances of winning with lies, intrigues and manipulation. This is not going to be a “feel good” post, but rather one that every Filipina pageant girl should be aware of.
It is important that you not only strategize on the competition itself (your wardrobe, styling, training, etc…) but also form a “defensive strategy” for anything that will paint you in a negative light.

Disclaimer: the following items in this blogpost will feature gossips and rumors heavily. There are no ‘factual’ basis to prove or disprove them. These are all whispers on what goes on behind the glitz of pageantry and it is up to the discretion of the reader whether or not to believe/ heed them.
Destroying a pageant girl’s dream is too easy in the world of online pageant portals. All one has to do is to post it on social media, repeat it a few more times and just let it go viral. Fake news and propaganda is much easier to do nowadays. So to help pageant hopefuls to be on their guard, here are some of the things that some pageant factions and groups do to pull you down and how can you protect yourself from them. Continue reading “The Art of War: the Pageantry Edition”

Binibining Pilipinas 2019: The Bloodbath Begins

We all witnessed that the heavy hitters in the upcoming Binibining Pilipinas 2019 passed their applications hours ago. Just like in the past the camp flagbearers are always sent on the last day of the Binibini application date, this year is no different.
Disclaimer: there are portions of this blogpost that are marked as rumors (for full disclosure).

The Heavy Favorites
Beating the deadline we saw the comeback of Binibini favorites like last year’s runners up Vicky Marie Rushton and Samantha Bernardo, repeaters like Aya Abesamis, Sigrid Grace Flores, Kayesha Chua, Ruffa Nava and Agatha Romero, first timers like Patch Magtanong, Nicole Guerrero, and Ilene de Vera. Previous ladies that have submitted their applications like Hannah Arnold, Gazini Ganados, Leren Bautista, Emma Tiglao, Wynona Buot, Martina Turner Diaz and Kristi Banks are also being closely monitored by hawk-eyed pageant fans. Other newbies that should also be given attention to are Resham Ramirez Saeed (who being a Muslim will pique everyone’s attention), April Short (at 5’11 she’ll surely be at the middle of the roster of candidate numbering), Blaise Buendia and Jessica Marasigan.
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Binibining Pilipinas 2019: Rumors and the Girls Joining this Year

Today is more like a mishmash of various rumors and “whispers” that we have heard in the past few months with regards to the ladies joining this year’s competition…
Don’t be too serious in taking in these chismis as our sources are your friendly neighbourly talipapa vendor. Without further ado, here we go!

Girl # 1 –  her lovely fans is urging her to join the Bb. Pilipinas pageant, this former runner up isn’t thinking of ever joining again according to some sources close to the lady. Pageantry and/or winning a pageant is no longer in her list of priorities to accomplish.
Girl #2 – no matter how much prodding her fans do on social media, she simply cannot join the pageant this year. Why? That is because of a commercial/ clothing endorsement that is in direct conflict with the pageant’s sponsor. Add to that is the contract that said pageant girl currently is signed with said clothing brand.
Girl #3 – this long-legged lady was never joining Bb. Pilipinas despite being a legacy. According to our friendly chismosong neighbours who got their chismis at the talipapa, said lady was ‘reserved’ for another national pageant as she used to be a talent of the pageant’s organizer. Not sure if said association has truth but what is sure is that her presence will surely up the buzz of any other national pageant other than BBP.
Girl #4 – born with the face of an angel, this lady will be one of the automatic crown-contender in BBP2019….that is if she does appear and submit her application today. And nope, she is not the BBP runner up that you might be thinking of. Clue: this girl looks fierce in Ferrari fire-engine red….
Girl #5 – this dusky beauty won’t be joining this year, which is a personal disappointment as she would be a great follow up to Catriona’s mestiza beauty. Give it a year to grow her hair longer and she’ll be perfect for MUP.
Girl #6 – this lady has already sent in her application but her camp is quite nervous at her chances of winning. No mistake about her beauty, she is gorgeous, she also visibly thinned down… What people are worried about is her public speaking skills as she freezes during the Q&A sessions. Send her down to Toastmasters for this!
Girl #7 – this lady hasn’t submitted her application just yet and she is one of the girls that we are waiting to see in Araneta, Cubao today. But if in case that she doesn’t, it will prove true that her quarters is a bit scared in fielding one of their best girls in BBP due to unsavory buzz surrounding their team. Well let’s see if this rumor from the talipapa is true…
Girl #8 – no she is not joining this year either. Despite being one of the earlier talked about ladies to be joining, she is taking her time to make sure that she is mentally and physically prepared when she decides to throw herself back in the ring.
Girl #9 – is serious in her campaign for a crown this year. After having saved enough moolah, she is making sure that she leaves no stone untouched in her quest for a crown… even if she has to go under the knife several times to improve her chances.
Girl #10 – is not yet joining this year even after joining camps. Sources say that said girl is afraid that she might be having second thoughts on her camp switch as a camp personality is rumored to be in the “most wanted” list in pageants.
Girl #11 – is being ‘silently claimed’ by a camp to be under their roster of candidates this year. According to a pageant chismosa, she heard that a prominent camp personality didn’t correct online pageant portals when they mistakenly attributed a girl from a rival camp as theirs. #claimpamore mumshie!
Girl #12 – is one of the most “gigil manalo’ girls this year. Hoping that no more maldita-ish moments with fellow candidates would surface or kiss the crown goodbye…

Gemma Cruz-Araneta: What It Is Like

What is it like?
People who think my life has been an exciting sequence of romance and adventure often ask me that question. They want to know how it feels to be in the public eye, subject to scrutiny, the object of adulation. More than half a century ago, I won the Miss International beauty pageant in Long Beach, California and became the first Filipina to bring home the coveted crown. Since then life has never been the same again.

Let me dredge up some things from my memory file: in 1968, after coming home from a clandestine trip to North Vietnam, I was summoned to Malacañang, for a scolding I was sure, because we had no diplomatic relations with communist countries. Instead, President Ferdinand Marcos announced he had to make changes in the “arteriosclerotic government” so he was appointing me as director of the National Museum. He expected me to “pierce the consciousness of the youth” and make them proud of Philippine culture. I was flattered; instead of resting on my laurels, I was given an opportunity to put the beauty title to good use.
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