Once Upon a Blind Item: The Girl Bitten by the Snake

In a beautiful land far far away, there lived a maiden with hair as straight as bamboo, with eyes as shiny as the finest carved ebony, with skin kissed by the golden sun and a heart as pure as the first fall of snow. She was named “Flowing Water”, a name that meant both life giving and selfless.

Flowing Water was named the most beautiful in her beautiful island, and as such she was to become the island’s Tribute in the selection of the Queen of the 90 Kingdoms. As a Tribute she is to be guided by two Elders, the First Elder was once a Queen herself and she blessed Flowing Water with protection. The Second Elder would help Flowing Water be clothed in the finest of garb in the land and prepare her in the rigorous transformation for the selection of the Queen of the 90 Kingdoms.

But there was a third figure that would later inject himself in Flowing Water’s life. A conniving masked snake called Maledictus that was lurking behind every step of Flowing Water’s selection as a Tribute. Once he was able to penetrate the 90 Kingdoms’ courtiers he was able to seep his venom into the palace.

Flowing Water was a trusting child and did not think of malice or ill-intent from Maledictus. In a planned encounter with one of the highest courtiers of the 90 Kingdoms, Maledictus introduced Flowing Water to the High Shepherd of the kingdom. In that encounter, Maledictus shamed Flowing Water by saying to the High Shepherd that she was impure and that she was no vestal virgin. That Flowing Water had a scroll that would prove her impurity. Shocked with Maledictus’ revelation, Flowing Water could only mumble that the case is being investigated in the high courts of her island.

That encounter would only be one of the nails that Maledictus would hammer to Flowing Water’s coffin. He would pile on her chores and errands that were planned to diminish her beauty. No rest and no sleep, Maledictus believed that her beauty would fade.

Despite all these, Flowing Water would still shine through in the selection for the new Queen of the 90 Kingdoms. Despite all that she gone through, she did well as a Tribute making the initial selection for the Queenship. She never left empty handed though as she was blessed as the silver winged goddess of birds.

The End…

Once Upon a Blind Item: The High Council and their Modus Operandi

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances is purely coincidental…

Once upon a blind item, there used to be a powerful but vicious High Council of Elders that would nominate eligible women for the throne of the Kingdom of Anque. The Kingdom of Anque was an electoral monarchy where a queen would be selected from different nominated ladies from all over the kingdom.
How did they plot to topple down Queen Aika? Here were the ways:
In a surprising decision, Aika spoke of her intent to leave the counsel of the High Council. In an arranged meeting Aika politely told of her decision to part ways. Shocked, the High Council asked Aika to be silent about her leaving after pleading for her to reconsider. After all, outward appearance and image is so important to them. But Aika didn’t budge. Her decision was made and she would carry on without the High Council. She made it known that she was nominating herself for the throne, a bold move as nobody has dared to put forth her name without the blessing of a council behind. That caused the irk and hate of the council and if they cannot have her under their clutches, they will certainly do their utmost efforts to destroy her.
It was then that the devious plot against her was to begin. So coordinated and carefully well-thought was their planned curse that it was even written in a papyrus scroll signed in their blood. Little did they know that someone had a glimpse of the scroll, before they destroyed any trace of evidence by ingesting the ashes of the burned scroll.
Bacao, Bubalus Bubalis and the rest of their minions set their plans into motion. One of their minions, a hermaphrodite named Ayida, was called upon to spread lies on every towns-board in the kingdom. Her shrimp-like countenance was a reflection of her withered black soul. Using different guises on every towns-board she would spread lies calling Aika an ingrate, a witch, a demoness, any names just to discredit and tarnish Aika. Aida also had an army of mindless trolls and hags that would do her bidding on the towns-boards. They would spread hate and vile language, they would harass anyone who Aika would get acquainted to, they would call people whores, degenerates and prostitutes, and they would spread these kinds of evil as long as it was commanded by Ayida.
Other members of the High Council also had a hand to play in plotting against Aika, they would spread small lies here and there telling everyone that Aika was ungrateful for not asking ‘proper permission’ when she left. A total invented story coming from the High Council who would snatch ladies and lure them into their palms. Other members would spread lies calling her a witch for being hard-headed and difficult when she was still under their ‘guidance’. And there were those that would propagate calling her names as portly and ill-fit, name-calling her with even worse names, an ingrate, a whore, all in the effort to discredit her. It was these small lies that were repeated so often that some people started to believe in those lies. The smear campaign worked among the High Council’s band of followers, all of whom were gullible to the lies.
Bacao also had one of the palace vestals under his palm. If he commands the Palace Vestal to speak unpleasantly of Aika, the vestal would do so even against good judgment. The Palace Vestal was named Napayi-t, a maiden of fair innocent face but filled with jealousy and bitterness. The High Council tasked Napayi-t to speak ill of Aika in public, and despite the advice of her friends she agreed to what was asked of her. Once when Aika was in the palace to present her offerings to the throne in front of all peoples from the kingdom, Napayi-t spoke up and called her insincere in her speech and impure in her intentions. Because Aika was so loved, the people became so angry that she was pelted with manure and fecal matter. This immediately prompted the palace to stage a conciliatory talk to appease the crowd. To the surprise of other 39 nominees for the throne, Aika was singularly pulled out from one of their daily prayers only to to be seen with Napayi-t in efforts to appease the citizens of the kingdom. But the crowd never forgave Napayi-t for her transgressions.
In another effort to destroy her, the High Council made public Aika’s ceremonial garb. Tradition has it that the ceremonial garb should only be seen by the public upon the coronation night of the next queen. Having it made public beforehand was an absolute travesty in the tradition of selecting the next queen of the Kingdom. Despite this, Aika soldiered on. She knew she had a group of her loyal advisors that would protect and defend her, as well as an army of believers.
All of her efforts was laughed at by the High Council, even calling her to be only deserving of a grand title of lesser value. All of these bravado was all in the hopes that they convince themselves that Aika wasn’t meant for the throne. They tried all they want but fooling themselves would only bring a futile results. Aika was meant to be the Queen of the Kingdom of Anque and the High Queen of the 95 Kingdoms.
How the High Council tried to bar her from the seat of the 95 Kingdoms will be another story for another day…

The Final Blind Item Madness for the Iron Throne

WARNING: Proceed under your own peril. Some of these Once Upon A Blind Item stories seem to be so incredulous to be believable, some are outright nasty, some may have truths to them… we cannot, however, confirm the validity and truth in all of them. To keep your sanity, treat this on its face value, stories from pageant people which are nothing more than funny and nasty entertaining tales… no doubt a product of an over-active imagination. A work of fiction undoubtedly.
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Not Your Typical Once Upon a Blind Item

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances is purely coincidental…

Once Upon a Blind Item, there was a high and mighty council of elders that held so much power in the Kingdom of Anque, electoral monarchy. The High Council is tasked of choosing vestal virgins as nominees to the throne. The head of the once mighty High Council is named Bacao. Bacao is a sinister man who appeared a man of high social status in public but was an ambitious power/ fame-hungry malefactor. He would not be afraid to step on people or stab them on the back just to get what he wants. He was a ruthless snake behind closed curtains.
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Once Upon a Blind Item: Smear Campaign

Disclaimer: the people and circumstances depicted in this story is purely a work of ‘imagination’. Any similarity/similarities to actual people and/or circumstances is purely coincidental…

Once upon a time, there was beauty queen who once had her heart broken, named Aikaterina Stormchrome Naberrie. Aika as she is fondly called lived in the Kingdom of Anque, an electoral monarchy. She was particularly a smart lady who never dreamed to become royalty. But one day she was elected eligible for the throne and become ruler of her land. New to her role she mistakenly relied on the kingdom’s High Council who only dreamed to use her to gain control of the land. The High Council was beloved by the people but were secretly vicious leaders.
So when  Aika met to discuss her future in the kingdom with members of the High Council, they thought that it would be a walk in the park to control the new queen. But the meeting was not to their liking when she sought to rule the land not with the High Council but with her own grassroots advisors. This didn’t bode well with them as they ‘negotiated’ the terms of at least having the appearance of guidance by the High Council… so that people of the land would still bow to the HC.  She wouldn’t have any of that and insisted that she does things in her unique way. This didn’t go well with the HC as they plotted against Aika.
The HC plotted every step from spreading accusations that she never gave notice to the High Court of her ruling the land with independent counsel, to besmirching her physical appearance, using past works to disqualify her from the electoral monarchy, and even to call her insincere and rehearsed. All of those attacks were carefully laid out and planned as to who will attack, how and when. Such was the malicious intent of the HC. But Aika’s loyal advisors are always at her defense. Then came her coronation to which the HC were deemed powerless to the new queen.
It appears that the story is finished, but no there more. In Queen Aika’s campaign for the High Queen title of the 95 kingdoms, the former glorious High Council is at it again! Using their minions, their sewer-rat agents, they sought to move pieces of the gameboard by spreading lies once more against Queen Aika. So beware! For the evil clutches of the High Council is never-ending and they will sought to seat a different High Queen to the Throne of 95 Kingdoms.

Once Upon a Blind Item: The High Priestess and the Sentinels of Power

Once upon a time there lived an Immortal High Priestess who was entrusted by the Greek gods to maintain the balance of the four celestial bodies: the sun through the fire stone, the moon through the ice crystal, the earth through the rock of gold and the stars through the fine powdery stardust. Each possess immense in power are too much to handle by one person alone, and despite being immortal the priestess could not handle the power all by herself. So she devised a plan of having a King, a Scholar, a Merchant and a Virgin Kouros handle three of the mystic stones of power. Together, they came to be known as the Sentinels of Power and balance. To avoid jealousy and bickering among her chosen sentinels, the High Priestess devised a cycle of rotation. Each sentinel is to possess one mystic stone in one sun cycle.

Balance was kept in the realm through the cycle of rotating the mystic stones’ bearer. No two stone was held by a sentinel in one rotation, which was never happened as it upsets the balance of the realm. The heavens, the stars, the moon and the earth had its place in the sun. But that balance was upset during the time of the blue sun cycle. The blue sun cycle was a period of abundance for the realm, but it also is the time when the Immortal Priestess is at her weakest. In her weakness, the stardust and the fire stone came to the possession of the Sentinel King. But there is a reason why the Priestess never allowed one sentinel to hold two mystic stones at once, the power is so immense that it was addicting. The gods bestowed the mystic stones of power to the Priestess as a test of will for she was a descendant of Pandora the first woman who unleashed the ills of the world to humanity. Disruption to the balance of power would unleash the same calamity and this was the reason why the Priestess devised the cycle of mystic stone rotation.
The Sentinel King was immediately corrupted by the power of the two stones for it brought out all the darkness from within. Digging through the King’s nightmares and greed, the stones were a deadly combination that would bring the realm to its knees. Delirious in greed and mad for power, the once loyal Sentinel King devised a plan to permanently hold the mystic stone in his possession. He enlisted the help of Hades, the god of wealth and riches to plead to the Queen on the Gods, Hera, to allow him full possession of the most powerful of the mystic stones. This deception did not escape the Immortal Priestess and sought an audience with the gods and humbled herself that if such is their will, then she asked to be release from all burdens from the four mystic stones. Pity and with compassion for the High Priestess, the gods of Olympus allowed her to have full control of the mystic stones once again restoring her to full strength.
Renewed and restored, the High Priestess removed the most mystic stones from the Sentinel King. She restored back the balance to the realm and kept it from falling into crumble. The High Priestess, in a show of compassion to the Sentinel King, allowed him to carry over his duties as a Sentinel of Power. But the Immortal High Priestess would always have an eye at the back of her head to watch out for daggers that might come from her back.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Wimp Who Would be Queen

Once upon a time there lived a village wimp who was ambitious as she was ruthless. Even during her humble beginnings, the village wimp had the liking of exaggerating her minute accomplishments to which a vast majority of her villagers are easily fooled. The village wimp grew in fame and ego that of which she believes that were merely accomplishments of her alone. One fateful day the village wimp came to meet and tame a forest spirit which allowed the village wimp to use itself as a mule to carry the wimp around. The majestic forest spirit , towering with power, is the alpha of her troop. So if the forest spirit welcomes the wimp and allows her to ride her back, none of the other gorillas could be defiant.

Drunk with such power, the village wimp believed she can trample anyone on her path. Then came one unfortunate day when one simpleton irked the proud ambitious wimp and suffered the wrath of her ilk. The poor simpleton retreated to himself badly beaten to tend to his own wounds. The village wimp did the same to one simpleton after another until an army of begrudged villagers surrounded her. So it was that the ambitious wimp would go on unchallenged and haughty and proud. Then came one day when the village chieftain (or chieftess in this instance) is to retire to live in the realm of the shamans. Naturally she chose an heir to her seat, so the symbol of power of the village, the chieftess’ staff, was passed on to the ambitious wimp. However, little does everyone know that when the chieftess turned over her staff to the new chieftain, it was with a curse that the chieftess herself could not remove from her village. A wicked witch cast a spell on the staff that as long as her tribute is not paid in full, the village will see famine in its future. Such curse has landed their village isolated from the rest of the kingdom. No one could reach the village to trade, less and less merchants could reach the village. Harvests that were once bountiful came scarce.
Soon the simpletons and then villagers were leaving en masse leaving the village behind. With little support, the village is expected to shrink and wither. It is not known what would come to the village but a bleak future is expected. For as the curse on the staff of power is not lifted by the one who cast it, the curse remains… the only hope of the village is to have the wicked witch fall to the gates of the goddess Hela or to give the spellcaster her just tribute.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…

Once Upon a Blind Item: A Lady and the Eight Princes

Once upon a time there lived a granddaughter of a wealthy Duke. The lovely granddaughter was blessed with beauty beyond praise and a silver tongue that could only speak of truth and honesty. These gifts of hers would bring her mostly good fortune upon blossoming as a young lady. Petite, pretty and princess-like the young lady continued to be admired in their village for the beauty she brings and the blessings bestowed by the reigning royal family to the Duke. She lived a blessed life being born into privilege and status.

Then one day she heard of eight travelling brothers, all princes from the royal family, looking for brides in their kingdom. Each of the six princes bore with them a different jewel to be gifted as engagement gifts for their chosen bride: a diamond as large as grown man’s fist for the eldest prince, a large pearl that glows brighter than the moon for the second prince, a blue sapphire that puts the seas into shame with its color for the third prince, a white crystal that is light as air for the fourth brother, a red ruby that changes color for the fifth prince, a rare yellow colored emerald for the sixth prince, and a golden egg for each of the seventh and eighth youngest princes. Each of them has travelled the breadth and scope of the land together in search for a bride of their own choosing.
Upon seeing the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter, the fourth prince was smitten and taken by the beauty and honesty the lady posses. He gave his crystal to the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter in hopes that she would reciprocate his adoration. The wealthy Duke’s granddaughter was all smiles upon accepting the prince’s engagement gift. All was well as the entire kingdom rejoiced and celebrated the announcement of the wedding engagements of all eight princes. Alas such happiness was not to live long as upon hearing the gifts that the other princes bore for their chosen brides, the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter mused that her gift was far less in value than those of the other brides… and that she would like to rescind her gift.
Upon learning of her intention, the prince was in an uproar as how could a maiden of fair upbringing and status rescind a gift that bore his heart and soul? His seven brothers were also taken aback and appalled with such mindless behavior from the wealthy Duke’s granddaughter. So the royal family sent an emissary to the wealthy Duke demanding an explanation. The Duke was shamed for his granddaughter’s tactlessness and he in turn reprimanded his kin to placate the prince through his emissary. The granddaughter argued that she was being honest to herself that she may not be happy with the prince in a marriage that would bind her for life. The Duke then warned his granddaughter of wrath that the royal family could bestow their family and their village should she not accept the engagement. They may no longer bear the royal coat of arms in any trade they have with other kingdoms should the royal family remove from them their blessings. This will abode ill for their village and will drive out all other lovely maidens and their families out to other neighboring villages where the wrath of the royal family would not reach them.
The wealthy Duke’s granddaughter was reprimanded heavily and was reminded that every action has a consequence and that a pebble she drops in a pond creates ripples through the water. It is with a heavy heart that the Duke’s granddaughter has to honor back the engagement and to live the loveless marriage through. She has to put a charade every day of her life showing a happy and contented bride for the world to see… a sad end to one who once lived her life in beauty and honesty.
* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Girl of Smoke and Incense

Once upon a time in a distant land, there was a Queen of a small kingdom who wanted to earn favours from the empire’s ruling Empress. The Queen offered tributes to the Empress as a show of wealth and obedience, naturally the Empress rewarded the Queen for her tributes by giving her tributary titles to the Queen’s handmaidens… these handmaidens were made honorary princesses for showing extraordinary obedience and submission to authority.

Then one day a lass from a far-off village was handpicked as the Queen’s new handmaiden much to the confusion of the peoples in the land. Walls started to talk and even bees started buzzing. The Handmaiden though having roots in the small kingdom wasn’t recognized to be from the village she was said to be from. Villagers from the Queen’s kingdom had hastily propagated news about the handmaiden not knowing their native tongue but bits and pieces of their proud culture. The village chieftain even spoke that the handmaiden was not a native of their village nor she ever lived there. The chieftain proudly tattled that he never heard of a selection of a handmaiden from their village.
Naturally, this was to the chagrin of other kingdoms royalties as the Empress of the empire is said to have favored the Queen and her handmaidens. With jealousy ablaze, a war may be brewing just because the Handmaiden made of smoke and incense.

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Parting of Two Knights

Once upon a time, there lived two knights. The Red Knight whose emblem is the moon and stars, was the first knight to have made a name for himself. The second knight was the Yellow Knight, whose emblem was the sun and stars was a friend of the Red Knight. For years, the two were close friends with the Yellow Knight always admiring the red Knight for his gallant exploits and success. The Red Knight always appeared to have the wealth that anyone would envy. The Yellow Knight once served in the Red Knight’s golden palace and dreamed to achieve the same things that the Red Knight have.

Years later, the Yellow Knight struck on his own and achieved moderate success through the help from a Lady of Wealth. One day, the Red Knight and the Yellow Knight decided to have a feast at the Yellow Knight’s castle. This was the chance that the Yellow Knight can finally show that he is at par with the red Knight in terms of wealth. Little did anybody knew, the Red Knight’s finances was dwindling hence he immediately grabbed the chance to dine lavishly at the castle of the Yellow Knight.
It was then that the Yellow Knight found out the truth about the Red Knight’s dwindling wealth. After years of learning under the tutelage from the Red Knight, the Yellow Knight has now thought of building a golden palace to rival that of the Red Knight…. to which the Red Knight is already fully aware.
So now, both knights have the public appearance of being chummy buddies, but underneath it is a mutual resentment and loathing of each other. To everyone, things seem to be all well between the two knights but underneath it is a desire to overthrow another in prestige and wealth. So we await who will emerge victorious in this story of intrigue and deceit… we will see which among the two golden palaces will remain intact.

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Once upon a time there was an Ambitious Earl who happened to be the right-hand man of the king. The earl was a wealthy but sneaky man who conducted his business with a disregard on what other felt was a common courtesy. The earl was able to amass a fortune to rival that of the king and he set out to build a kingdom of his own. It is said that the earl was able to usurp the best craftsman and artisans from the king upon which laid the foundation of his kingdom. The king upon learning the betrayal banished the earl from his own lands but sustained quite a loss.

The earl who became a king of his own kingdom enjoyed the spoils of war. He continued to reap success one after another building his empire. So it seems that the new king was enjoying the fruits of his hard labour. But little does he know that all is not well as an emerging baron is about to topple him over in his own kingdom using the same stones he built his own palace. The baron worked hard if not harder to build his own wealth from the debris of the new kingdom and was starting to harvest his own seeds. The new king found out about the baron and ordered the baron to cease and decease from doing trade with the new king’s artisans and crafts-people. The same fear that the new king spread to his former king is now the same fear creeping back to him.
And what does the old king had to say about the turn of the events? Nothing, as he couldn’t be bothered anymore. It only goes to say: Karma’s a 13!+(h

UPDATE (6:10pm 02-10-2017)
The former ambitious earl who is now a new king have threatened his craftsmen and artisan they they will be penalized if they will conduct trade with the Baron. His pronouncement is being carried to the four corners of his kingdom to instill fear into his subjects. He is also amassing an arsenal to fire against the Baron. But the baron very well knows that the new king’s threats are to fall on deaf ears. The Baron is no subject of the new king and does not recognize his sovereign authority.
Everyone is waiting in bated breathe on what will be the new king’s next move…
To Be Continued?

Once Upon a Blind Item: the Girl with the Two Left Feet

Once upon a time, there lived a young lady who was named the prettiest and loveliest in their islands. The country lass was blessed by three good fairy godparent as an infant child; each one giving her the gift of beauty and the gift of charm. But before the third fairy could give her blessing to the child an evil fairy godmother arrived and cursed her with two left feet. The third good fairy godparent could not undo the curse, so she blessed her instead with a pair of long beautiful legs to mask her two left feet.
Once she arrived at the age of maturity, she was named the prettiest in their land and was celebrated for it. Neighboring kingdoms marveled at her beauty and towering height but unaware of the secret of her feet…a secret that could cost her place for she was meant to be sent off to another kingdom to be made a vestal virgin for a year. The best wizards and magicians have already tried their best but to no avail. So in a last ditch effort, they sent the lovely country lass to the two most powerful fairy queens who knew where the fountain of Aphrodite resides, a place where once ugly ducklings become swans. All she had to do was to drink the bitter tasting water from the fountain. But could she? Alas her rural roots was too strong and the evil curse much too powerful that the fountain broke and was swallowed by the earth never to be seen again.

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Tale of the Two Town-Criers

Once upon a time, there was a powerful Chinese king named XingXon who was fond of bloody sports and big games. He ruled his kingdom in the north with such mercantile skill that his kingdom grew rich with abundance. His reach became far and wide that he has made trades with people far far East with much gold and silver to throw about that he is able to bring forth a contest of that a Trojan Prince like Paris would envy. King Xingxon has brought the Apple of Hesperides to his kingdom to be awarded to the most beautiful on the land.

Everyone in his kingdom would want a glimpse of the spectacle naturally as everyone would want to know who is the fairest of them all. There was a proud primary town-crier who bears the insignia “son of the wolf” who would assume to bring forth news even without consent from the king and his trade partners. The shrewd and boastful town-crier assumed that his post would automatically be the chief source of all information but it would not be so. The more cunning King sought out a different town-crier, a tertiary town-crier, a humble man who carried the insignia of the sun, to carry out all communications. It has been whispered in the hushed chambers of the palace that should the carrier of the wolf insignia want to have a piece of the contest for the Hesperides Apple, they should “purchase” and bargain with the carrier of the sun insignia… and it will cost the primary town crier a cart full of gold.
The kingdom is not yet aware of the goings on inside the palace of King Xingxon but the walls have ears and they talk…
To Be Continued…

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Once Glorious Empress

Once upon a time there lived a glorious golden empress, who had wealth and power over the lands as far as her eyes could see. But her powers were not of her own, which she is blindly unaware of. Her powers actually come from a magic shell that sheds tears of pearls. It is those pearls that would make people around the empress give in to her with whatever she wants. And then one day, the magic shell would no longer cry tears of pearls for her and all her powers were lost.
So the once golden empress was removed from her castle and was forced to rebuild her wealth from scratch. And then one day she was able to see an opportunity if only she could lay claim to a princess from the orient seas who could give back her pearls. The empress tried to work her way around the princess and undermine the knights and guardians surrounding her. But it was unsuccessful, every ace move she had was blocked off by the princess’ protectors. She failed to acquire the princess for her own and claim that she alone can make the princess a woman worthy of a crown.
In defeat the empress tried to convince people from other lands that the princess was a no-good brat who would never be queen. She flung mud on the princess so that anyone who could hear her would see how clean and pure she was. But the princess was not disheartened and fought on. So on the night of the winter solstice, she claimed a crown of crystals to become the fairest in the land.
The empress sulkily hid in her new found lands, waiting… just waiting until her time is to come to strike back at the new queen and her kingdom…

* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…

Once Upon a Blind Item: The Legend of the Bitter Gourd

Once upon a time, there was handsome king whose magic hands would turn any food he touches into delectable and succulent feasts. In his possession are four magic stones: a diamond that could bring light to any dark corner of the cosmos, a sapphire that that would bring good fortune and karma to those who are of pure of heart, an emerald that would make flowers, plants and fruits grow even on barren land, and a shiny pearl that would bring love and peace to the world. With immense power comes with great responsibility and the prince enjoyed such power over his dominion. And with time the once loving king became drunk in his power. His feasts became an extravagance of excess with the help of the four stones.

These four stones, however, have minds of their own… they go to wherever to those who are the most deserving of their gifts. One night, while the king was sleeping, the emerald gem chose to depart with the prince after being neglected and flew to the skies with lady who was born in the land of falcons. The falcon princess once crossed paths with the king and upon learning that the king got mad. Furious that he lost the gem, he spat bitter words that he never believed that the stone was in the same powers as those of the other three…that it was not a loss.

But it did not end there; quietly the sapphire gem flung itself into the arms of a brown-skinned princess who grew up alone in a forest relying on the help of her woodland friends. Leaving only the diamond and the pearl in his possession. Embittered with the turn of events, the once glorious king sulked and retreated to himself. In each passing day the king got older, weaker and more wrinkled, until one day the palace guards could no longer find him in the palace. All they could find was a green vine with a wrinkled looking fruit crawling on the king’s bedposts. Upon tasting the vegetable’s fruit it was bitter to taste and so became the first bitter gourd…

* The preceding story is a work of fiction and does not represent factual and actual people/s, and/or event/s. Any similarities to real life people or events are purely coincidental. This is purely a work of the blogger’s overactive imagination…