#MANicMondays: Victor Candia, Mister Chile 2016

Mister Chile 2016 Victor Candia is so hot that Facebook couldn’t handle it.
Did you know that one of Sashes&Scripts’ posted photos of him was taken down by Facebook for being too risque? We thought let’s bring him back through a #MANicMonday feature!

The photo that even Facebook couldn’t handle…

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#MANicMondays: Paul Iskandar, Mister International 2016

Paul Iskandar from Lebanon was declared as the winner of Mister International 2016 at the finale held at the Asiatique The Riverfront in Bangkok, Thailand. The then 23 year old Lebanese hunk battled it out with 34 other contestants to claim the title. He succeeded Pedro Mendes from Switzerland.

Here is how he describes himself in an interview with StarCentral* magazine:
My name is Paul Iskandar, I was born in Paris, of Lebanese parents and I moved back to Lebanon when I was seven years old. I started playing Basketball when I was younger, and I ended up receiving a scholarship in high school and university. At the age of 17, I started taking on modeling jobs after being discovered on TV playing basketball by my mother agency in Lebanon. After that, I started working on my fitness career, and I got a BA in physical education and sports. I managed the best gyms in Lebanon, traveled a lot for photo shoots and work and ended up winning Mister Lebanon – I represented Lebanon in the 2016-17 Mister International competition, and I won.

After winning the competition, I became known on a bigger scale worldwide and I traveled around the world for work and attending events under the Mister International organization. I currently have a number of offers in the US, so I will be signing very soon after finishing my current contract in the Far East. I’ll later be based in Miami and NewYork.


#MANicMondays – All the Winners of Mister Gay World Pageant

Warning! NSFW!!!
June is Pride Month. And in honor of that we bring to you the winners of the Mister Gay World pageant in a photo-collage for today’s #MANicMondays post…
(Winners are arranged from Left to Right)
2009 – Max Krzyzanowski, Ireland
2010 – Charl Van Den Berg, South Africa
2011 – Francois Nel,  South Africa

2012 – Andreas Derleth, New Zealand
2013 – Christopher Michael Olwage,  New Zealand
* The second back to back win after South Africa in 2010-2011

2014 – Stuart Hatton, United Kingdom
2015 – Klaus Burtkart, Germany (resigned)
– Mass Luciano, Hong Kong (ascended to the title after Burtkart’s resignation)

2016 – Roger Gosalbez, Spain
2017 – John Raspado, Philippines
2018 – Jordan Bruno, Australia

About the Pageant
The Mr Gay World competition strives to be a mentor in grooming gay leaders that will advance gay human rights both locally and throughout the world. As a contestant to Mr Gay World, the delegate signifies his intent to be honor-bound by the following code of ethics: – To treat delegates, staff, judges and associates with respect and dignity; – To conduct himself with honesty, integrity and fairness and respect to the people around him; – To not discriminate based on race, colour, creed, religion, national origin, age, disability, marital status, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and/or sexual expression; – To be responsible at all times for the truthful and non-deceptive promotion regarding MGW’s visions; – To support the goals of Mr Gay World, as well as support the LGBT community in general, in a constructive and positive manner; – To conduct business with strict adherence to the laws of their respective legal jurisdictions, the business or professional codes existent in such jurisdiction and the particular business or profession, and in accordance with generally accepted business practices.
* http://www.mrgayworld.com/about-us/rules/

An Inspiring tale of Jaren N. Guerrero, Mister International Guam 2018

Today’s #MANicMondays blogpost is about Jaren N. Guerrero. He is one of the hunks competing in Mister International 2018 finals today, April 30th in Yangon, Myanmar. Jaren Guerrero is a 25 year old body building enthusiast who dreams of becoming a firefighter one day.

I come from a rough up bringing, growing up we didn’t always have it all. My family struggled to make ends meet and keep me and my siblings fed and happy. I remember our house roof would leak when it rained and the house was made purely of tin.
As I got older things got a better but in high school I was diagnosed with scoliosis. It’s a curvature of the spine. The doctor told my parents that if I didn’t get surgery, my right lung would have been punctured, causing me some major health issues. I got the surgery and now have two titanium plates holding my spine straight.
I was bedridden for 2 weeks and had to learn how to walk again at the age of 17. The doctors told me after surgery I wasn’t allowed to play any physical or extreme sports that would hurt the body. I didn’t listen and ended up seeing bodybuilding as an outlet for me.

Looking at my physique you wouldn’t guess I had surgery. I am now Guam’s Top 6 physique. I come from a lot of trials and tribulations, but nothing ever stopped me from doing what i love. With the love and support i receive from my family, i hope to change not only my life but my family’s as well. I’m doing this for them.

#MANicMondays: Manhunt International 1999 Ernesto Calzadilla

The first and only Manhunt International winner from Latin America (so far) is Ernesto Calzadilla, and he is the featured hunk in today’s #MANicMondays post.

Born Juan Ernesto Calzadilla Regalado, the 6’1″ tall looker won the Mister Venezuela title in 1998. His Mister Venezuela predecessor, Sandro Finoglio, was also Manhunt International 1st runner up in 1997 and was the then reigning Mister World 1998. Their multiple international wins in Mister World and Manhunt International, as well as Nadir Nery Djiukich’s victory as Grasim Mr. International 1999, was then heralded as an amazing feat. (Note: back in the days those three were the biggest international male competitions. The Grasim Mr. International pageant ran from 1998 to 2003 was based in India. The now known Mister International competition started in 2006 is based in Singapore.)

Ernesto was originally intended to compete for Mister World the same year but since the pageant is only held every other year, he was sent to Manhunt instead. He was only 24 years old when he won the Manhunt International 1999 title, besting 42 other candidates in Manila. He was a favorite to win the title with his  brown-haired, brown-eyed charismatic looks and his charming ways of winning over the judges in Manila.

After his reign he continued modeling and became a sought out actor in Latin America. He has had a string of telenovela hits and has at least 9 telenovelas under his name. He is now based in Colombia working as an actor.

#MANicMondays: Mister World 2012 1st Runner Up, Andrew James Wolff

Let’s sizzle your #MANicMondays with MisterWorld Philippines and Mister World 2012 1st Runner Up, Andrew James Wolff…

Undressing never looked this good…

The then 26 year old Andrew James Penaflorida Wolff  represented the Philippines in the 2012 Mister World pageant in Kent, England, on 24 November 2012. In the said competition he emerged as 1st runner up to Francisco Escobar of Colombia.

Andrew, Then and Now… the hunk’s hotness hasn’t diminished over the years…

The 6’2″ Andrew was appointed as Mister World Philippines by then national director Cory Quirino. He was an accomplished model and sportsman at that time playing for the Philippine National Rugby Sevens Team, the Philippine Volcanoes. He is by far, the first and only Filipino candidate to make it to the top 3 of the said male pageant.

#MANicMondays: Mister World 1998 Sandro Finoglio

The second man to win the Mister World title is the 6’0″ tall Sandro Finoglio. I consider him as one of the winning-est male pageant winner in the history of male pageants having won 1st runner up in Manhunt International 1997 and Mister World 1998.

Sandro in a couple of magazine covers…on the left he is pictured with Miss World Venezuela 1998 Veronica Schneider…

Born Sandro Finoglio Speranza to Italian immigrants in Venezuela, he was only  24 years old when he won the Mister Venezuela title in 1997. His parents traces their roots in Rome and in Pisa.
At the 2nd edition of Mister World pageant, he beat out 42 other candidates for the title. Puerto Rico’s German Cardoso won the first runner-up title and French Gregory Rossi was 2nd runner up. While Kinte Thelwell from Jamaica, Enrique Miranda Garcia from Spain and Daniel Weaver from United States were the other top 6 finalists. The Mr. World pageant took place at the Troia Peninsula, Grandola, Portugal on 18th Septermber, 1998.

Sandro during the Mister Venezuela 1997 contest. He was candidate #11…

After his reign, he became a sought after model having done Versace, Giovanni Scutaro, Armani, Gianfraco Ferre and Dolce & Gabbana during his prime. Sandro also did several soap operas, one of his most notable was Gata Salvaje. He is currently an entrepreneur and runs a restaurant and a franchise of churros in the United States.

#MANicMondays: Mister Global 2017 Pedro Henrique Gicca

At 6’6″ with blue eyes and a killer bod, who wouldn’t give Pedro Henrique Gicca a second look. The now 30 year old winner (he was born in Sao Paulo on August 28, 1987) holds a degree in electrical engineering. He was actually a replacement candidate and only received 2 weeks training prior to his participation in Mister Global. The finals was held at Chiangmai Hall in Chiang Mai, Thailand where Pedro bested 27 other candidates for the title…

Sizzling hot and extremely good looking!

#MANicMondays: Mr. Universe Tourism Philippines 2017 Jayarr Agustin

Today’s #MANicMondays feature is on Jayarr Tormo Agustin, Mr. Universe Tourism Philippines 2017 & Mr. Universe Tourism 2017 Top 10 finalist. The 5’9″ tall  19 year old Jayarr also bagged the Best in Swimwear in the competition. Do you think he should join another male pageant in the coming years?

#MANicMondays: Male Pageant Titleholders of 2017

There was an overabundance of male pageant competitions last year. And we couldn’t keep up with all of them. Nevertheless, we list down the 2017 winners of male international pageants…

Man of the World – Mustafa Galal Elezali, Egypt
Man of the Year – Parinya Yaochueang, Thailand
Manhunt International – Truong Ngoc Tinh, Vietnam
Men Universe Model – Kevin Montes, Puerto Rico
Mister Gay World – John Raspado, Philippines (it is worthy addition to add the only big name male pageant for gays into the list in recognition of the LGBTQ community)
Mister Global – Pedro Gicca, Brazil

Mister Grand International – Michael Angelo Skyllas, Australia
Mister International – Paul Iskandar, Lebanon (the 2016 pageant was moved due to the demise of the King of Thailand where the pageant was supposed to be held. Hence, Paul is considered here as the 2017 titleholder as well)
Mister National Universe – Pankaj Ahlawat, India
Mister Supranational – Gabriel Correa, Venezuela
Mister Tourism World – Joshua Lennet, Borneo
Mister Universal Ambassador – Luong Gia Huy, Vietnam
Mister World – Rohit Khandelwal, India (since the pageant is held every other year, Rohit is considered winner for 2016-2017)

This 2017 no contests were held for Mister Tourism International, Mister United Continents and Mister Model International. The Mister United Continents pageant is to be held in January of 2018 and Mister Model International will be held in Miami, Florida on March 10th 2018.