#MANicMondays: Hotness Overload of Okkar Min Maung

Mister Tourism World 2016 Okkar Min Maung has mastered taking insanely hot selfies and these photos are proof of it. He surely knows how to sizzle…

The hunk from Myanmar will be turning over his title in his homeland later this December. 

#PhotoCollageoftheDay: Brett Stratton

Today’s #MANicMondays post is a throwback to the hunky Oceania Federation rep to the inaugural Mister Universal Ambassador competition in 2015. Brett Stratton, a Rugby player, was named 1st runner up to winner Christian Daniel Ortiz of Puerto Rico.

#PhotoCollage of the Day: The Sizzling Hot Douglas Castro

WARNING!!! NSFW! These hot photos of Venezuelan Douglas Castro will surely turn up the temperature!

Douglas who won Mister Tourism International Venezuela in 2016, represented Margarita Island in the recently held Mister Universe Model/ Men Universe Model in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.  The 21-year-old Industrial Engineering student finished as 5th Runner-up in the international competition. 

From 1 to 10, this guy surely sizzles to a hundred…

#MANicMondays: Kevin Montes, Mister Universe Model 2017

Kevin Montes, Mister Universe Model 2017,  surely knows how to sizzle in photographs. It is no wonder that this green-eyed hunk from Puerto Rico has captured the title among a field of 39 competitors. 

Enjoy these hot sizzling photos!

#MANicMondays: the Candidates of Mister National Universe 2017

Today is the start of the first inaugural Mister National Universe in Thailand. The candidates will be competing for the title from June 6th thru 13th in dual host cities Hua Hin (from June 6th thru 10th) and Bangkok (from June 11th thru 13th). 

Meet the candidates below:
Belarus, Slizevskii Dmitrii 6’0″
Brazil, Daniel Benjamin 6’3″
Cambodia, Kov Keonarine
China, Daniel Sou

France, Thibault Garcia 6’3 1/2″

Ghana, Tijodou Prince 6’2
India, Pankaj Ahlawat 6’0″
Indonesia, Rio Chen 5’11”
Italy, Emanuele Mendoza 5’11”
Laos, Thotsaphone Sitphaxay

Malaysia, Nigelvan Andrew 6’0″
Myanmar, Khon Seng 5′ 11 1/2″
Pakistan, Zeeshaun Naqvi
Panama, Reynier Güete 
Philippines, Renz Lesther Cerezo 5’10”
Russia, Mickey Stotch 6’0″

Sri Lanka, Chat Hura Dilan 6’1″
Thailand, Arthit Merkarkard
Vietnam, Mai Tung Lam 5’10”

#MANicMondays: Mike Gerard Mendoza

The Men Universe Model male pageant is coming soon this coming June 5-10th and we go back to the time when Mike Gerard Mendoza of Bulacan represented the country in 2015. He might not have won the Men Universe Model title in the Dominican Republic in 2015, he nevertheless did well enough to make it to the top 13 semi-finalists that year. But his crowning moment came when he was named as WCOPA Male Model of the World in Long Beach, California.

#MANicMondays: Unreleased Photos of Christian Daniel Ortiz

It has been around half a year since the first Mister Universal Ambassador Christian Daniel Ortiz of Puerto Rico has passed his title to Aleksa Gavrilovic of Serbia. And for those that missed this hunky titleholder, we are posting for today’s #MANicMondays post some unreleased pics of this 6’1″ hottie…