Reasons Why the Philippines Should Host the Miss International Pageant

The Miss International pageant have rarely left Japan as its host country since it was headed by the ICA. But it has been hosted in China under several occasions so the idea of hosting the pageant outside Tokyo isn’t an alien concept. With the Philippines being a pageant country and one of the most successful countries in the Tokyo-based pageant, we think that it would be a good idea if the Philippines play host to the Miss International pageant in the near future…

Here are Sashes&Scripts’ top reasons why the Philippines should consider hosting the pageant in its shores:
1. Madame Stella Marquez, the first ever Miss International winner heads the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Inc. which selects the annual rep to the Tokyo-based pageant. Now that the MI title is the highest title awarded in the Binibining Pilipinas pageant, it would be a great idea to have it held for the first time in the country. It would also be a great kick to have her as a special guest of the pageant and to commemorate the 6 decades of the pageant with her win back in 1960.
2. The Philippines has close ties with Japan. The two countries share commerce and history together. One of the country’s closest trade partners is Japan, a number of Japanese prefer to have manufacturing factories in the Philippines due to stringent quality standards. During the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda, Japan was one of the first countries who came to our aid and in return during the Japanese earthquake and tsunami disasters, the Philippines sent medical volunteers to help efforts in affected areas. Not to mention that Japan was also one of the colonizers of the country alongside Spain and the United States.

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OLDEST ALPHA PAGEANT CROWN! The pearl encrusted Mikimoto crown of the Miss International pageant is one of the most iconic crowns among the Alpha pageants. It is even older in use than the Miss World crown which was only first used in 1972. The very first version of the MI Mikimoto pearl crown was used in 1967 when Mirta Massa of Argentina was crowned. The second version of the Mikimoto MI crown was first used in 1970 with the Philippine's Aurora Pijuan as the first to wear it. Check out our feature on the Miss International Mikimoto crown by clicking the "latest post" on the link in bio… . . . . . #SashesAndScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #MissInternational #mikimoto #mikimotopearls #mikimotocrown #CheerAllWomen #MissInternacional #kylieverzosa

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3. Philippine culture is steeped with rich cultural traditions, which jives in with the Miss International pageant. The Miss International pageant promotes cultural understanding and having the pageant held in the Philippines would not only promote tourism but also its rich cultural heritage. Having the mantra of the pageant as ‘cultural understanding and acceptance’ the pageant can put the limelight to customs and traditions for protection and appreciation.
4. The Philippines is home to 7 MI titleholders: 6 Filipina plus 1 Colombian. That is to say that the Philippines has the most number of wins in the pageant among Asia. The reigning Miss International, can grace the pageant with the rest of the Filipina Miss International titleholders; if they manage that feat it would be the most number of past and present winners gracing the pageant. The organizing committee could even invite other Asian titleholders to grace the event.

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Introducing the Miss International Winners and Placers from the Philippines! Time to honor the 30+ women who have made the Philippines proud in the Miss International pageant! Of the Alpha pageants (the four major international beauty pageants) – Miss Universe, Miss International, Miss World, Miss Earth – the Philippines produced the most number of winners in the Japan-based Miss International. . . . . . . . #SashesAndScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #MissInternational #CheerAllWomen #MissInternacional #BbPilipinas #BinibiningPilipinas #Mikimoto #MikimotoCrown #MikimotoTiara #BeaRoseSantiago #GemmaCruz #AuroraPijuan #KylieVerzosa #MelanieMarquez

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5. Japanese owned Okada could hold the pageant in its premises like it has for the 65th Miss Universe in 2017 and Miss Intercontinental 2018 pageants. With the Okada footing a billion dollar development along Pasay City, there won’t be a dull moment in the pageant. Manila Bay is a scenic seascape where Okada Manila is situated. It is close to the MOA Arena and the SMX convention Center where usual events, concerts, travel fairs, etc… are held. This time the Department of Tourism could definitely work with the private sector and brand the Philippines as the pageant destination of the world.
6. The Philippines is home to the biggest pageant fandom in the world. Do we need to say more?

Wouldn’t it be perfect if the Miss International is held in the Philippines for the first time? Let us know in the comment section below…

Catriona: A Most Successful Post-Pageant Career

Among all the IMG queens, only two stands out for the work they have done after their pageant careers have ended. The first one is Iris Mittenaere of France and the other is none other than Catriona Gray of the Philippines.

In today’s blogpost, let’s review what the 5’10” stunner has been up to since she relinquished her title in December of 2019.

– Early in the year, in January, Catriona was named as a Ambassador for the NCCAA. No other national winner has been given the honor to represent the NCCAA with such impact as Catriona have. During her stint as a Miss Universe candidate and winner, she has made public her support for local culture by showcasing Philippine traditional weaves and indigenous cultures in her wardrobe and promotional videos. With her Raise Your Flag campaign she has promoted the arts and crafts of Laguna and La Union. She’s been quite effective in her role that she is tapped later in the year by another government body as a spokesperson.

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Miss World Trivia

Oldest Miss World winner – Aneta Kręglicka of Poland, she was 24 years & 8 months old when she won in 1989.

Youngest Miss World Winner – Wilnelia Merced of Puerto Rico, she was 18 years & 1 month old when she won in 1975.

Average Age – the average age of all Miss World winners is 21.2 years old.
27 out of the 66 Miss World winners were only teenagers (between the ages of 18-19)

Photogenic Miss World Winners – four Miss World titleholders were also given the Miss Photogenic award in the years they competed.
Venezuela – Astrid Herrera in 1984
India – Aishwarya Rai in 1994
Venezuela – Jacqueline Aguilera in 1995
India – Diana Hayden in 1997

The Longest Reign of a Miss World winner –  Sweden’s Kiki Hakansson for 474 days (July 29, 1951 to November 14, 1952), followed by Megan Young of the Philippines as Miss World 2013 for 442 days!

The Shortest Reign of a Miss World winner – Venezuela’s Ivian Sarcos who reigned from November 6, 2011 to August 18, 2012. She held the title for only 286 days.

First Miss World Winners from each continent:
Africa – Antigone Costanda (Egypt) Miss World 1954
Asia – Reita Faria (India) Miss World 1966
Europe – Kici Håkansson (Sweden) Miss World 1951
Oceania – Penelope Plummer (Australia) Miss World 1968
North America – Carole Joan Crawford (Jamaica) Miss World 1963
South America -Susana Duijm (Venezuela) Miss World 1955

Longest Gap between Two  Winners from the same Country – 41 years with Puerto Rico’s Wilnelia Merced (1975) and Stephanie Del Valle who won in 2016.  At second is South Africa in the years 1974-2014, the gap was 40 years.
Shortest Gap between Two  Winners from the same Country  – this is shared by three back to back wins from:
* Sweden – Kerstin ‘Kiki’ Hakansson and May Louise Flodin in 1951 and 1952
* United Kingdom – Ann Sidney and Lesley Langley in 1964 and 1965
* India – Yukta Mukhey and Priyanka Chopra in 1999 and 2000

‘Skin Exposure’, the Female Body, and Pageantry

SLUT SHAMING OR A QUESTION OF DECENCY? Let us address the latest controversy we all witnessed played out on Instagram.
By this time we hope everyone has calmed down to hear each other out on a very polarizing topic. When we posted a #chichiandchaah/ blind item poking sarcasm and humor at some pageant candidates’ risque photos, majority of the comments were not in favor of the risque photos… but we were also met with strong opposition and admonition from several fans and pageant accounts.
While being liberal on one’s body and body positivism is to be celebrated, the overt exposure of ‘too much skin’ or the female body in the realm of pageantry is still generally frowned upon by the pageant community at large. A stark contrast to male pageants where one’s physicality is overly promoted (there will be a separate blogpost on the topic later). Why is that? We can only offer possible explanations not outright answers.
NOTE: We will be talking about pageantry in general unless specified otherwise in the course of the blogpost.
How Far can Women Expose their Bodies in Pageantry?
When we are asked how much skin can women expose in pageantry, we can only say there is no definitive answer to that. No pageant ever has specified in their candidate contracts that says “a candidate cannot expose more that 30% of a butt-cheek, nor a collective exposure of more than 40% of both butt globes be visible in any photo is to be made public“, or “a candidate can expose the side of a boob along the provision that no nipple and/or areola is exposed, implied, or visible“, or “a candidate and/or her team cannot release photos of the candidate that shows her vagina or impressions of her vagina“, etc… Such specific guidelines have not yet been made, or if it does exists they are never made public. Although we are led to believe about the former rather than the latter.
In contrast, Hollywood contracts would detail in how much an actor can show skin. Just watch the scene in the movie Notting Hill how Julia Robert explains nudity clauses in contracts to Hugh Grant’s character. Everything is detailed and made aware of. And that is a major source of confusion among pageant fans, handlers and candidates alike. With no such existing guidelines for pageants, it is too difficult to track how much ‘skin exposure’ is too much.
A Wider Market to Serve
Pageants are generally targeted towards a wide audience and has been traditionally given a “general patronage” to “parental guidance” tag on its finals telecast. However, the pageant winner’s duties extend beyond and serves as a spokesperson for the pageant organization herself. Her duties mainly includes public speaking, charity work, sponsor promotional events, etc… and perhaps a handful runway shows, magazine covers and other social parties here and there. Hence, a pageant girl needs to be able to communicate to a wide array of people from kids to adults in different walks of life.
Imagine explaining to young minors the concept of how body positivism works in the context of pageantry. Because kids follow, copy and do what their role models do, there is placed a bigger responsibility for pageant girls to become aspirational in all aspects.
Her appeal then must be to a broader market, not just male audiences. This is specially true when there are major corporate sponsors of the pageant. Product promotions and endorsements by beauty pageant winners are a major cash cow for pageants. In 2019, it is rumored that the fee MUOrg charges to brands wanting get Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray to promote their product/ brand is on the 7-figure mark. And that’s in US dollars. So image is very important in these endorsements and a tainted/tarnished image not only affects the pageant’s reputation but also its financial bottom-line.

Pageant Requirement: OF GOOD MORAL CHARACTER
It is for the above reasons that is why one of the most common phrases seen in job postings is the requirement to be of “good moral character”. It is actually a catch-all phrase that may include behavior and activities that may pertain to morality, decency, appropriate behavior, appropriate dress, decorum, etc…  This vague and generic phrase could actually mean anything that the job poster would mean it is. That is why pageant old-timers & observers call it as the ‘decency clause’ or ‘morality clause’ of the pageant organization.
In the Miss Universe Philippines Application Form, this fine print can be read as:
The Contestant shall at all times comply strictly with THE MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES, INC. specifications and/or requirements (whether oral or written) as to her appearance, physical characteristics, skills, attire and/or accessories. A failure to meet such specifications and/or requirements shall result in disqualification from her participation in the National Pageant. For the avoidance of doubt, THE MISS UNIVERSE PHILIPPINES, INC. the right to disqualify the Contestant from the National Pageant on the grounds of undesirable conduct and/or appearance.
The older 2012 Binibining Pilipinas application form has taken this one step further as a candidate has to declare that:
I have never participated in any bold/burlesqueshows, plays, movies, publications or activities, or such show, play, movie, publication or activity, which in the sole opinion and discretion of BPCI, is inconsistent with my application with the 2012 Pageant, run counter against the social and moral principles upon which the Pageant is founded upon, and/or bring disrepute or embarrassment to BPCI or any of its sponsors.
Reading the above fine print, you can see how BPCI takes steps further to dialo in safe-guarding the reputation of the pageant as well as its sponsors. We have written about this topic previously on this article.
The ‘decency clause’ is a protection for both parties so that neither the pageant nor the prospective candidate be gossiped on, specially on social media, and cause mental distress on both parties. But in essence the decency clause is a protection designed specifically in favor of the pageant organization. Their pageant, their rules. This is why pageant girls must abide by their rules and regulations.
The Controversy on Instagram
Pageant bloggers such as myself still find it uncomfortable to tell pageant girls what they are doing wrong on social media. Unless a prior relationship has been established, we cannot point blankly message and tell them that they are exposing too much skin or that they should not be engaging directly with trolls and haters. That is an awkward conversation for anyone. And we also doubt that they will sift through hundreds of DMs in their Instagram and respond to all of those messages in their Primary, General and DM Request folders. In most cases, our DMs may just fall deaftly under the request folders.
Our #chichiandchaah posts are always meant to poke humor and sarcasm on pageant’s latest issues/  trending topics, stir a reaction, cause a commotion to dialogue and discourse, expose a scandal or a scandalous behavior… but it never explicitly exposes pageant candidates by naming them. In this case the Chichi&Chaah post has not named any of the ‘allegedly 4-6 girls that have posted risque photos‘. It was some of the younger newbie pages and newbie pageant fans that made assumptions who were those candidates. And to some extent, ‘outed’ them even when some of the girls they posted on their IG stories weren’t even the ones being talked about. Making assumptions is a dangerous game.
The worse part here was that the risque photos were published by the candidates and their handlers without going through the pageant organization’s review. And with the fine print on their candidacy applications, some may have violated the decency clause and may possibly  end up in a disqualification from the contest.
Do You Want to be a Queen? Act Like One.
Taking in all of those considerations, when pageant girls pose provocatively in their published swimsuits, there will always be a strong discourse on the limits of exposing skin within the context of pageantry. In reality, the entire pageant community expect pageant girls and winners to behave a certain manner akin to the royal families of old. Pageant queens are considered and treated as royalty, and the trade-off for that is conforming to the current socially accepted norms of decorum and proper behavior. If you want to be a queen, then you are expected to behave and act like a queen.
In reality, despite pageants being more modern nowadays, an overtly sexualized image/ reputation for a pageant girl is not yet socially accepted. Is that fair? Not a bit, but pageant girls become instant celebrities and are treated as queens by pageant fans. Hence the community expects from them what they would expect from a crowned queen.
And we cannot blame society or age old traditions for that. Sometimes traditional institutions take time to get in sync with the current social movements. It is a long and difficult process to veer away from decades long traditions, specially for pageants that have been in existence since the early 1900’s; with the likes of Senorita Colombia that has been in existence since 1934, Miss America founded in 1921 and Miss France formed in 1920. To this day, the Miss France still bars women with nude/ topless photos to enter the pageant. Even the relatively younger Miss World established in 1951 have removed the swimsuit competition in their pageant, even explaining that it’s no longer what the pageant stands for.
As mentioned earlier, no provisions on the extent of ‘skin exposure’ is made accessible to the general public, so it is best to take precaution in terms of how much skin a candidate is to show off. We advise that it is best to be in the safe side rather than to push the envelop as pageants & pageant organizations have a blanket authority on what they would deem as acceptable or within bounds of common decency.

Praewwanit Ruangthong for MUT2020

The very first time that we have written about Praewwanit Ruangthong was back in 2017, when we featured her ongoing journey at Miss Universe Thailand 2017.

But alas that journey was cut short and due to a technicality she was no longer able to continue with the pageant. Then we saw her comeback in 2018 where she almost snatched the Miss World Thailand title. Praew had to settle for 1st runner up that year to Nicolene Pichapa Limsnukan. In the pageant, she won the Topmodel fasttrack and was named one of the 5 girls with the best evening gowns. 

At age 27 (pushing 28) her journey with pageantry was almost over until the last minute change of the age requirements of the Miss Universe Thailand pageant. TPN, the current MU franchise holder in Thailand, has increased the age limit to 28 this year. This makes Praew eligible to join the pageant and would be quite perfect for the title with her very Asian features and her tanned skin. 

Praewwanit is currently working as an Account Executive with RPM Media. She is also a graduate from the School of Arts and Management from Prince of Songkla University. Praewwanit is from Chumphon, Thailand but is currently living in Bangkok, Thailand. She models on the side as well.

What do you think are her chances in winning the Miss Universe Thailand title this year? Let us know on the comments below…


4th Year Anniversary of the Sashes and Scripts Blog!

September is our Blog Anniversary and we are celebrating 4 years on our blogging site on WordPress!
We cannot believe it’s been 4 amazing years since we started with this journey with everyone. And through the many ups and downs of pageantry, our blog have grown despite our humble beginnings.  

Gazini Ganados and your blogger: in 2014 and 2019

 We have been writing about pageantry since 2013 and blogging since 2014 (on the old Sash Factor site) and we couldn’t be any happier and more fulfilled than to be interacting with you daily through our blog and our social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram. Our 2-year old Facebook page have now over 9 thousand likes and over 12 thousand followers. Instagram followers also have organically grown to 7 thousand this year. Slow but steady growth but with great engagement, that has always been our mark on social media. A considerable win with the current change in FB and IG algorithms.

One of our biggest wins this year is how we rank in Google search results. If you google the term “pageant blog”, Sashes&Scripts come in at the first page with rank #2 and #3. We also rank #3 when you google the term “pageant blogger”. In a FeedSpot article ranking pageant blogs, Sashes&Scripts rank number 5 in a list that was whittled down to 10 from various pageant-related blogs in the internet. Their ranking is based on relevancy, post frequency, social media followers and engagements,  domain authority, age and website popularity. 

So far here are our number:

Total Views – 2,886,298 clicks Total Articles posted – 1,876
Total Visitors – 1,798,783 Total words written – 651,014
Total Blog Followers – 9,786 Minimum daily clicks – 545 

We’d like to thank you all for the the wonderful times together and for 4 wonderful years together on our blogging platform. Our heart’s overflowing for all you’ve done for us and all the support you have given. Cheers to you for making us a success!

Designer Label Pageant Gowns and Their Price Tags

Guessing the price tag for a designer label pageant gown can be a tricky game to play. Thankfully with our years in the fashion industry, we can pretty much give you the price range for these expensive gowns.

To paraphrase master couturier Cary Santiago, “pageant gowns are never the barometer of fashion“. In fact, pageant gowns offer only a limited range of silhouettes to use and people in the fashion industry usually regard pageant fashions as fashion-followers instead of making groundbreaking innovations. Topping that is the hefty prices that someone has to pay for a luxury label dress. That is why it always sends pageant fans excited whenever a pageant girl wears a designer label gown for any pageant.

Designer label dresses from well-established foreign brands would retail from approximately $1,800 to an upwards of $8,000. However if it comes from a well known luxury brand and is fully embroidered/ embellished, then you can expect that the price range could easily start from $5,000 and can go up to 5 figures. 

Oxana Fedorova in Gucci,  Miss Universe 2002 – the story behind this gown was that it was Miss Universe-Japan’s former national director, Ines Ligron that lent this gown to Oxana. This gown is said to be Mina Chiba’s gown that Ines lent to Oxana in the finals when she saw how uninspired her preliminary gown was looking. The Gucci gown was from Tom Ford’s Spring Summer 2002 collection and features an inner corset and white satin ribbon. It actually comes in black and in white, with the white version worn by Kate Beckinsale at the 2002 SAG Awards.

Riyo Mori in Gucci,  Miss Universe 2007 – this boho-folkloric long dress was part of Frida Giannini’s 2007 Spring-Summer collection for Gucci. The gown features a black long-sleeved maxi-dress with multiple godets on the skirt. Oprah Winfrey donned the dress earlier for the Vanity Fair Oscars party. Ines Ligron had the knack of putting her ward in European designers and Gucci seemed to be a favorite. She even confirmed in a CNNgo interview that MUJ 2010 Maiko Itai, will be wearing Gucci for the finals. It is also said that the gown Hiroko Mima was to wear for the MU2008 finals would have been a Fendi gown.

Kurara Chibana in Rochas, Miss Universe 2006 – the black gown with open lattice-work that she wore for the Miss Universe finals was designed by Olivier Theyskens for Rochas. It was deceptively simple at fist glance but those open-work lattice is a mastery of craftsmanship.

Miyako Miyazaki in Celine, Miss Universe 2003 – this was a daring choice for the finals but it paid off greatly. The gown-kini from Celine was one of the most memorable gowns in the past 3 decades. The beaded top, the feathered skirt were from Celine while the dramatic overcoat was purchased by MUJ director Ines Ligron in a London vintage shop. Ines once mused that she regretted having Miyako change to a more conservative gown after making top 5 as it made her blend in rather than stand out with the Celine outfit.

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FASHION FORWARD! Miss Universe Japan 2003 and 4th runner up in Miss Universe, Miyako Miyazaki, wore a daring choice for the evening gown competition. It featured a Celine white beaded bikini top with a low cut skirt trimmed with ostrich feathers on the hem. Her straight raven-colored hair matched the silver ensemble and the choker – bracelet she wore. This was a fashionably chic choice by former MUJ National Director Ines Ligron, who also purchased the white kimono coat in London. The Celine "gown-kini" she wore was no fashion blunder. Around the years 2000-2001, Dolce and Gabbana showcased in one of their fashion shows sparkly bikini tops with matching chokersand mini-skirts slung low on the hips. It may be a fashion forward choice for pageants in 2003, but it wasn't for fashionistas several years back. In fact singer Aaliyah made this beaded bikini top paired with tight black leather pants a signature of hers back then. Follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial for more pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #miyakomiyazaki #missuniversejapan #missuniverse #missuniverso #celine #dolceandgabbana #giselebundchen

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Miriam Quiambao in Halston, Miss Universe 1999 – this gown was from the 1998 Spring Summer collection by designer Randolph Duke for the label Halston. Halston became a fashion rockstar in the 1970s’ disco heydays with the founder’s knack for fluid, minimal but sophisticated designs. Roy Halston Frowick stated his women’s wear brand in 1968. The gown worn by Miriam though was added beadwork by Colombian designer Alfredo Barraza to make it more pageant-ready.

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PAGEANTS & RUNWAYS – this is the Halston gown from the Spring-Summer 1998 pret-a-porter collection that Miriam Quiambao wore in the ombre blue version at Miss Universe 1999. The original is seen here worn by Carolyn Murphy in the purple ombre version which was also the same color that Celine Dion wore in the 40th Grammy Awards that year. Miriam would later wear that iconic gown at Trinidad & Tobago where she score 2nd best at the evening gown competition behind Spain. Follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial for more pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #bbpilipinas #binibiningpilipinas #iamfilipina #iambinibini #miraimquiambao #halston #missuniverse #missuniverse1999 #missuniversephilippines #carolynmurphy #pageantgowns

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Katherine Annwen de Guzman in Naeem Khan, Miss World 2000 – the blue fully sequined dress was from the S/S 1999 collection of Indian- American fashion designer Naeem Khan. Khan who shows at the New York Fashion Week has once mentioned that the embroideries of his dresses takes place in India with laces from China.

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DESIGNER LABEL GOWN FROM NAEEM KHAN Binibining Pilipinas World Katherine Annwen de Guzman wore a designer label gown to the Miss World 2000 pageant. The blue dress was from Naeem Khan. Naeem Khan is an Indian-American fashion designer based in New York. The gown's entirety can be seen on Carla gay Balingit's Bb. Pilipinas official portrait. Annwen's successor, Gilrhea Quinzon, also wore a Naeem Khan to the Miss World pageant in 2001. PS. Special shout-out to @pageantsindeed for the heads up on the gown's designer! Follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial for more pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #bbpilipinas #binibiningpilipinas #iamfilipina #iambinibini #katherineannwendeguzman #carlagaybalingit #bbpilipinasworld #bbpilipinasuniverse #missworld #naeemkhan

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Wendy Fitzwilliam in Badgley & Mischka, Miss Universe 1998 – one of the all-time top scorers in the evening gown competition, Wendy smashed the competition in Hawaai that year with this ivory white gown from the design duo Badgley & Mischka. Wendy paired the gown with a white chiffon opera coat that flowed as she walked.

READ here for the most memorable gowns of the past decade…

Dubai-based Filipino designer Michael Cinco is arguably one of the most accessible designers when it comes to seeing his gowns worn in pageants. His elaborate creations were worn by no less than 7 girls, making him a favorite of pageant girls. Most of the designs he loans these pageant girls would later be seen on several international celebs.
There is a general agreement among fashion connoisseurs that couture pieces could approximately be sold from $80,000 to $100,000+ due to the intricacy of the handwork made on the design. The more laborious the design, the more expensive they tend to be. Knowing how lavish M5 designs are, it would be safe to say that the price tag might too high for a regular pageant girl to purchase.

Marta Magdalena Stepien, Miss Universe 2018 – she was the only girl (aside from outgoing MU queens Iris & Pia) to have worn a M5 on the Miss Universe finals telecast. Her pink gown with a detachable overskirt deserved the grandeur of the Thai MU stage that year.

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DID YOU KNOW THAT this red Michael Cinco gown worn by Miss Universe Canada 2018, Marta Magdalena Stepien was supposed to be the finals gown of Miss Universe Argentina 2019 Mariana Varela in Miss Universe 2019? Mariana was seen in the finals wearing this M5 gown which was first shown in a fashion show in early 2018. The Filipino designer-based in Dubai thanked MU-Argentina ND Osmel Sousa in a social media post for trusting him to dress his ward. More pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates on the "Latest Post" button in the link in bio! Don’t forget to follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial and be a part of our community! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #martamagdalenastepien #martastepien #magdalenastepien #missuniversecanada #michaelcinco #m5

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Mariana Varela,  Miss Universe 2019
– she had two Michael Cinco gowns for the Miss Universe pageant. Her preliminary competition gown a hot pink ruffled gown with amazing beadwork while her supposed finals gown was the red number that Marta Magdalena Stepien wore in a M5 fashion show a year prior.

Valerie Weigmann, Miss World 2014 – this muted canary yellow ballgown may look familiar to regular Pinoys as this was worn by actress Marian Rivera for her prenup photoshoot in dunes of the Dubai desert. But Valerie Wiegmann wore this a year prior at the Miss World finals in London.

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A BIG BALLGOWN FOR A WOMAN WITH A BIG HEART! This is Miss World Philippines 2014 Valerie Weigmann in a yellow Michael Cinco ballgown for the Miss World finals in London. Valerie managed to make top 20 in Miss World that year as well as among the top 10 Beauty with a Purpose Projects. By partnering with #Musikaramay she was able to donate and raise funds to purchase a hectare of land in Mayantoc, Tarlac for the Aeta community as her BWAP project. More pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates on the "Latest Post" button in the link in bio! Don’t forget to follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial and be a part of our community! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #valerieweigmann #missworld #missworld2014 #missworldphilippines #BWAP #beautywithapurpose #missworldphilippines2014 #michaelcinco #M5 #M5couture

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Kseniya Alexandrova, Miss Universe 2017 – she flew to Dubai and posted fittings of her Cinco gown on her Instagram account. It was unfortunate that she didn’t shine during the preliminary competition. Add to that is the fact that she didn’t wear the M5 gown in the preliminaries at the Planet Hollywood mezzanine hall.

Queenierich Rehman,  Miss World 2012 – there was a persistent rumor in 2012 that this M5 gown was supposed to be the winner of the World Designer competition segment of the MW pageant. However the said award was mysteriously scrapped and was never mentioned who officially won the award. This red ombre confection has all the tulle, beads and plumes working in a harmonious design.  This was first worn and showcased in the Philippines by actress Anne Curtis in the designer’s show that wowed local fashionistas.

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PAGEANTS & RUNWAYS – this Michael Cinco gown worn by Miss World Philippines 2012 Queenierich Rehman is probably one of the 10 most expensive gowns worn in pageants! True haute couture gowns would pack a punch when it comes to prices and would be sold at a minimum figure of $120,000 to $160,000! Imagine Yulia Alipova's two Elie Saab gowns from the Fall /Winter 2014-2015 couture collection that she purchased for the Miss Universe pageant in 2014. Or Diana Harkusha's stunning red Zuhair Murad Fall/Winter 2014 couture evening gown. Follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial for more pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger

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Mohana Prabha,  Miss Universe 2019 – this national costume was PR’d to be inspired by the Singaporean national flower, Vanda Miss Joaquim. Unfortunately, this M5 piece was previously shown as part of the designer’s collection named “The Impalpable Dream of Swan Lake”. It drew flak from some Singaporeans for being inauthentic to the country it represents.

Ahtisa Manalo, Miss International 2018 – rumor has it that Ahtisa was supposed to wear a different designer who got bumped off to make way for Cinco’s creation. This blush colored number is a study of detail. It may have looked simple and understated from afar, up-close it is anything but. The bodice was decked with matte-finish Swarovski crystals in the pales of pink hues. Judging by the details alone, this gown could have been made by no less than 2,000 to 5,000 hours with the hand-embellishement taking a huge chunk of the time. Aside from the lavish beadwork, it also features fine plumassier work on the skirt and hemlines.

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INTRICATELY EMBELLISHED AND DESIGNED! This Michael Cinco gown in Bb. Pilipinas International/ Miss International runner up, Ahtisa Manalo is a gown to die for! The fully beaded blush pink gown with exquisite crystal details in delicate tulle with feathers is from the Dubai-based designer's "Impalpable Dream of the Royals" collection. More pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates on the "Latest Post" button in the link in bio! Don’t forget to follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial and be a part of our community! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #bbpilipinas #binibiningpilipinas #iamfilipina #iambinibini #ahtisamanalo #missinternational #bbpilipinasinternational #missinternational2018 #michaelcinco #M5 #m5couture

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The gowns and designers mentioned on this list is perhaps among the well-known and revered ones in haute couture. They are separated from the others as only those named and approved by the French Chambre Syndicale de la Couture can actually call themselves as “haute couture” labels. True haute couture gowns would pack a punch when it comes to prices and it is said that they are allegedly sold at a minimum figure of $120,000 to $160,000 for the most elaborately embellished gowns! The maximum price? Well, the sky’s the limit!

Diana Harkusha in Zuhair Murad, Miss Universe 2014 – this deep raspberry pink Zuhair Murad gown was part of the Lebanese designer’s Fall-Winter 2014 haute couture collection. It features a sweetheart neckline with a dramatically draped train using silk organza. The bodice is boned and hand-embellished with a darker colored beadwork. She is one of the only two European candidates that year to wear a haute couture gown in the pageant.

Valerie Abou Chacra in Zuhair Murad, Miss Universe 2015 -Valerie wore a Zuhair Murad couture piece twice for each of her pageant competitions. She first wore a white & silver beaded gown at the Miss Lebanon finals, and a second white & nude colored gown for Miss World 2015 in Sanya, China.

Olivia Culpo in Georges Hobeika, Miss Universe 2012 – Olivia was such a pioneer in pageants as she became the first woman to wear a haute couture gown for the Miss Universe finals back in 2012. The raspberry confection from the Lebanese designer was first shown in the Paris Haute Couture Week in July of 2012. Georges Hobeika’s couture collection tells of a “mystical tale of fairies in a valley of dreams, harmonizing the romance of a fairy tale with the passion of a love story”.

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DID YOU KNOW THAT the first to wear a haute couture gown in the Miss Universe pageant is Olivia Culpo? Olivia wore this velvet & chiffon gown from the 2012-2013 Fall-Winter Haute Couture collection of Georges Hobeika. Hobeika is a guest member of the French Chambre Syndicale de la Couture, the organization that would allow/ give permission for designers to put the "haute couture" tags in their labels. More pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates on the link in bio! Don’t forget to follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial and be a part of our community! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #georgeshobeika #hautecouture #oliviaculpo #missuniverse #missuniverse2012 #missusa #missusa2012 #gorgerhobeikacouture

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Yulia Alipova in Ellie Saab, Miss Universe 2014 – Yulia Alipova  shocked the pageant world when she wore not one but two Ellie Saab gowns in the 2014 Miss Universe pageant in Doral, Miami. Ellie Saab shot to worldwide fame when his burgundy gown was worn by Halle Berry when she won the Oscar’s Best Actress in 2002. The preliminary gown that Yulia wore was a deep wine colored gown and paired with some Bulgari looking earrings (this is not yet confirmed). This was a gown that made us gasp in awe during our coverage of the MU2014 prelims.

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NOT ONE BUT TWO HAUTE COUTURE GOWNS! #FASHIONFRIDAY! During the press junket of the Miss Universe 2014 pageant in Doral, we told Miss Russia 2014, Yulia Alipova how she was "very expensive" with her couture gown. Her response? She simply quipped, "the idea is to look expensive without being expensive". Easy to say when you have two $100,000+ Ellie Saab gowns under your disposal! Yulia wore one for the gown portaits and this ber/wine colored Ellie Saab for the preliminaries. Trust us when we say we were fashion gasping when we saw these gowns! More pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates on the "Latest Post" button in the link in bio! Don’t forget to follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial and be a part of our community! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #yuliaalipova #missuniverse #missrussia #missuniverse2014 #elliesaab #hautecouture

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Yulia Alipova in Ellie Saab, Miss Universe 2014 – rumor has it that this gown is approximately between $150,000 to $175,000! And we all would have loved seeing it in the finals! For those like us in the audience that night, we’ve spotted Yulia wearing this Ellie Saab number at the background during the announcement of winners. The gown was truly exceptional with the ombre effect on the lace and jacquard dress. Not to mention the additional beadwork that has to go into the piece. It would not be surprising if the entire gown would have taken over 5,000 hours to make. Haute couture pieces are mostly done by hand and only a number of structural seams are allowed to be finished using a sewing machine. So it makes sense that this Ellie Saab number could whop a huge amount in the price department!

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THE MOST EXPENSIVE PAGEANT GOWN? Miss Russia Yulia Alipova created quite a stir when she wore this Ellie Saab haute couture gown at the Miss Universe pageant in Doral, Miami. Fashion experts and connoisseurs have mentioned that this lace and brocade piece (that is also decked with beadwork) could have easily cost around $100,000 to $175,000! Note that only 4 pageant girls have worn haute couture gowns to international pageants and Yulia had 2! More pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates on the "Latest Post" button in the link in bio! Don’t forget to follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial and be a part of our community! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #missrussia #missrussia2014 #yuliaalipova #elliesaab #hautecouture #missuniverse #misuniverse2014 #missuniverso

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Century Tuna Superbods 2020: The Female Finalists

With name like Maureen Montagne, Queenie Rehman, Alaiza Malinao, Bella Ysmael, Kim Ross delos Santos, et al.. being Century Tuna Superbod alums, you’re likely to see that this year’s batch can be a goldmine for future pageant girls.

The 2020 female finalists are: Katrina Arceta, Merlinda Boo, Grace del Rosario, Sherlyn Doloriel, Rosemarie Ebido, Shirley Garcia, Astrid Hernandez, Renzel Jose, Heike Kuczera, Karla Lasquite, Samantha Lo, Ines Lorenzo, Erika Ochosa, Kathleen Paton, Christine Picardal, Samantha Purvor, Candice Ramos, and Keylyn Trajano.  With health and fitness at the core of the competition, the Century Tuna Superbods challenge is definitely a great way to promote a healthy lifestyle.

Meet several of the finalists below!

Century Tuna Superbods 2020: The Male Finalists

Every year the Century Tuna brand puts up a competition that promotes healthy lifestyle through the Century Tuna Superbods challenge.

The contest committed to fitness and health has been a launchpad for fame for some of the sought after models of the country. Proud alums of this fitness and health contest are familiar among pageant fans with names like Alaiza Malinao, John Spainhour, Monika Sta. Maria, Maureen Montagne, Angelo Cacciatore, Kim Ross delos Santos and Denver Hernandez.

This year is no different as it sttracted some well-known models in the industry. The 2020 male Superbod finalists are: Sam Ajdani, Nelson Banzuela, Kirk Bondad, Enzo Bonoan, Hans Braga, Michael Burtscher, Nicholas Chua, Aaron Davis, Robert Hamilton, Albert Lorenzo, Philippe Magalona, Erie Matic, Malcolm Mostoles, Gianpaolo Paparo, Julian Roxas, Gian Ruiz, Jason Senga, and Jojo Urquico.

Check out the male finalists of Everybod Superbod 2020 below!

MU, MW and MI: The Heritage Brands of Pageantry

When we speak of luxury heritage brands in fashion, we speak of the history, craftsmanship and tradition of long withstanding brands like Louis Vuitton, Hermés, Chanel, Dior or TAG Heuer. Some of these brands have been in existence since the 1850’s to the 1950’s and carries with them a sense of timelessness and longevity.
For international pageants, only three has come close to be called such: Miss World, Miss Universe and Miss International. Among the most popular international pageants, these three has withstood the test of time being in existence for at least 50 years.  Continue reading “MU, MW and MI: The Heritage Brands of Pageantry”

Binibining Pilipinas World

One of the former pageant franchises of the Binibining Pilipinas Charities Incorporated is the Miss World franchise. They organization handled it from 1992 until 2010.

The local franchise for the Miss World Pageant was handed by the Miss Republic of the Philippines pageant then handed it over to the  Miss Asia Quest, Inc. The Mutya ng Pilipinas pageant sent representative to the London-owned pageant until the Bb. Pilipinas pageant acquired the franchise in 1992 hence changing the local title to Binibining Pilipinas-World from Mutya ng Pilipinas-World.

Included in this list are the Binibining Pilipinas winers who won, competed and was elevated to the title.

  1. 1992, Marilen Camilen Espino, 24, 6’0″First Bb. Pilipinas-World titleholder; unable to compete in the Miss World pageant due to illness a week before departure for Miss World and was replaced by Miss Maja Philippines, Marina Benipayo. Marilen was not able to compete at the Maja International pageant later that year since it was temporarily discontinued. Marilen is also Supermodel of the World-Philippines 1988

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    THE TALLEST BINIBINING PILIPINAS TITLEHOLDER! At 6'0" Marilen Espino holds the record as the tallest Binibini winner. The 1992 Bb. Pilipinas World was the first to win the title when the BPCI acquired the Miss World franchise in 1992. Check out the link in bio for the 14 Binibining Pilipinas queens who are 5’10” and taller! Follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial for more pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates! . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #BbPilipinas #binibiningpilipinas #missphilippines #bbpilipinasworld #bbpilipinasinternational #marilenespino #bbpilipinas1992

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  2. 1992, Marina Pura Abad Santos Benipayo, 23, 5’10” replaced Marilen at Miss World when Marilen fell ill
  3. 1993, Sharmaine “Ruffa” Rama Gutierrez, 18, 5’9″became 2nd Princess and Asia’s & Oceania’s Continental Queen of Beauty at Miss World. Ruffa is also Look of the Year-Philippines 1992
  4. 1994, Caroline “Cara” Villarosa Subijano, 22, 5’11” – was a semifinalist Miss World 1994. Cara is also Supermodel of the World-Philippines 1991
  5. 1995, Reham Snow Hamdi Tago, 18, 5’6″ – after her participation in the pageant, she decided to degree in Political Science, major in International Relations, at the American University in Cairo. She finished as a summa cum laude and has since owned an events company in Egypt
  6. 1996, Daisy Garcia Reyes, 5’8″voted Miss Personality at Miss World. Daisy is also Miss EXPO International 4th runner-up in 1995, she was a Mutya ng Pilipinas titleholder

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    Binibining Pilipinas World 1994 Caroline Subijano crowned two of her successors, Bb. Pilipinas World 1995 Reham Snow Tago and Bb. Pilipinas World 1996 Daisy Reyes. Binibining Pilipinas International 1996 Yedda Marie Mendoza wasn’t able to crown her successor in the 1997 edition of the pageant so Miss International 1979 Melanie Marquez was invited and crowned eventual winner Susan Jane Ritter. Follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial for more pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #carolinesubijano #rehamsnowtago #daisyreyes #missworld #missworldphilippines #bbpilipinas #bbpilipinasworld #binibiningpilipinas

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  7. 1997, Kristine Rachel Gumabao Florendo, 21, 5’7″ – she co-hosted Eat, Bulaga! after she relinquished her Bb. Pilipinas-World crown. After her stint at showbiz, she later took up  B.S. Elementary Education (major in Teaching at the Early Grades). She was a scholar throughout her stay in UP and graduated magna cum laude with a grade of 1.202
  8. 1998, Rachel Muyot Soriano, 22, 5’10”Rachel is also Miss Tourism World 2nd runner-up in 2000
  9. 1999, Miriam Redito Quiambao, 24, 5’8″ –  originally chosen as Bb. Pilipinas World but was elevated to Bb. Pilipinas Universe when Janelle Bautista was dethroned. She later became 1st runner up in Miss Universe 1999
  10. 1999, Lalaine Bognot Edson, 20, 5’8″ – she was originally Binibining Pilipinas International, but after Miriam Quiambao was elevated to Miss Universe, Lalaine was elevated to Binibining Pilipinas World. After the pageant, she mysteriously disappeared from the public eye. Years later it was said that she stayed behind in London to take care of her father who fell ill at that time

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    DESIGNER LABEL GOWN FROM NAEEM KHAN Binibining Pilipinas World Katherine Annwen de Guzman wore a designer label gown to the Miss World 2000 pageant. The blue dress was from Naeem Khan. Naeem Khan is an Indian-American fashion designer based in New York. The gown's entirety can be seen on Carla gay Balingit's Bb. Pilipinas official portrait. Annwen's successor, Gilrhea Quinzon, also wore a Naeem Khan to the Miss World pageant in 2001. PS. Special shout-out to @pageantsindeed for the heads up on the gown's designer! Follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial for more pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #bbpilipinas #binibiningpilipinas #iamfilipina #iambinibini #katherineannwendeguzman #carlagaybalingit #bbpilipinasworld #bbpilipinasuniverse #missworld #naeemkhan

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  11. 2000, Katherine Annwen Dantes de Guzman, 19, 5’9″ –grew up in Saudi Arabia where she studied both in Filipino and American international schools. Just last year she graduated from Miriam College for her Master Of Arts In Human Resource Development degree
  12. 2001, Gilrhea Castañeda Quinzon, 19, 5’7″
  13. 2002, Katherine Anne Ramos Manalo, 22, 5’8″ – a niece of Bb. Pilipinas International 1968 Nenita Ramos. Kate later became a Top 10 finalist at Miss World 2002

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    SAME GOWN? NO, NOT QUITE! These two Alfredo Barraza gowns may have looked the same but they are actually two different gowns. The one worn by Lia Andrea Ramos for the Miss Universe gown portrait had a sweetheart neckline with spaghetti straps and ombre beadwork in silver blue and black. The one worn by Katherine Manalo had a modified sweetheart neckline and has several black tulle overlay flounces on the hemline. You can see that clearly on the illustration of the gown made by the designer. We actually would have loved if Lia wore the midnight blue gown for the preliminaries than the white satin gown she wore. Katherine was luckier as she made it among the 10 finalists in Miss World in 2002. There is a notion that the gowns that Barraza made for our Filipina reps in Miss World were much better than those he made for our Miss Universe reps. What do you think? Follow us @sashesandscriptsofficial for more pageant trivia, news, rumors and updates! . . . . . . . . . . #SashesandScripts #PageantBlogger #UltimatePageantBlog #PageantBlog #PageantBlogger #liaandrearamos #katherinemanalo #lianramos #katemanalo #bbpilipinas #bbpilipinasworld #bbpilipinasuniverse #missuniversephilippines #missworldphilippines #missuniverse #missworld #missmundo #missuniverso #binibiningpilipinas

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  14. 2003, Maria Rafaela Verdadero Yunon , 21, 5’9″ Top 5 finalist Miss World 2004. She is also the niece of former Bb. Pilipinas Universe and Miss Universe 3rd runner up Desiree Verdadero
  15. 2004, Maria Karla Rabanal Bautista, 19, 5’9″ended up  among the top 5 finalists Miss World 2005 and was awarded the Continental Queen of Asia

  16. 2005, Carlene Ang Aguilar, 22, 5’9″ she was a top 10 semifinalist Miss Earth 2001, then in 2004 was 2nd runner-up Miss Chinese International, and a top 15 semifinalist in Miss World 2005
  17. 2006, Anna Maris Arcay Igpit, 18, 5’7″ – the lovely Anna is now based in Australia and is married to an Aussie footballer
  18. 2007,  Margaret Nales Wilson, 17, 5’9.5″ – born in Bacolod City and raised in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Maggie is of Scottish, Irish, Filipino, Spanish and Chinese descent. After her reign she became an actress, model and entrepreneur. In 2016, she won the fifth season of The Amazing Race Asia with Parul Shah.
  19. 2008, Janina Miller San Miguel, 17, 5’9.5″resigned and was replaced by Danielle Castaño
  20. 2008, Danielle Kirsten Muriel Castaño, 18, 5’7.5″

  21. 2009, Marie-Ann Bonquin Umali, 22, 5’7″ – the Lebanese Filipina became a successful model after her reign
  22. 2010, Czarina Catherine Ramos Gatbonton, 19, 5’6″ – in 2011, she handpicked to represent the Philippines in Miss Humanity International 2011 where she placed 2nd runner-up

Binibining Pilipinas Pageant: 2015-2019


Miss Universe Philippines – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
Binibining Pilipinas International – Janicel Lubina
Binibining Pilipinas Supranational – Rogelie Catacutan
Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental – Christi Lynn McGarry
Binibining Pilipinas Globe – Ann Lorraine Colis
1st Runner-Up – Hannah Ruth Sison
2nd Runner-Up – Kimverlyn Suiza
#8 – Kimverlyn Suiza, 26, 5’7″
#9 – Maolin Yalung, 20, 5’7″
#10 – Pia Wurtzbach, 25, 5’7″
#11 – Janicel Lubina, 19, 5’9″
#12 – Kylie Verzosa, 23, 5’8″
#14 – Princess Joy Camu, 20, 5’9″
#17 – Brenna Cassandra Gamboa, 25, 5’9″
#19 – Christi Lynn McGarry, 25, 5’11”
#21 – Alaiza Flor Malinao, 21, 5’9″
#22 – Anja Vanessa Peter, 26 5’9″
#23 – Justine Beatrice Felizarta, 21, 5’9″
#24 – Ann Lorraine Colis, 22, 5’9″
#25 – Rogelie Catacutan, 23, 5’9″
#28 – Hannah Ruth Sison, 26, 5’8″
#34 – Teresita Ssen Marquez, 22, 5’6″
Miss Friendship – Toni Alyessa Hipolito
Miss Talent – Teresita Ssen Marquez
Face of Binibini (Miss Photogenic) – Cannielle Faith Santos
Best in National Costume – Teresita Ssen Marquez (designed by Frederick Peralta)
Miss Philippine Airlines – Kylie Verzosa
Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice – Cannielle Faith Santos
She’s So JAG  – Teresita Ssen Marquez
Best in Swimsuit  – Janicel Lubina
Best in Evening Gown  – Janicel Lubina
Miss Cream Silk  – Pia Wurtzbach

Miss Universe Philippines – Maxine Medina
Binibining Pilipinas International – Kylie Verzosa
Binibining Pilipinas Supranational – Joanna Eden
Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental – Jennifer Hammond
Binibining Pilipinas Grand International – Nicole Cordoves
Binibining Pilipinas Globe – Nichole Marie Manalo
1st Runner-Up – Angelica Alita
2nd Runner-Up – Jehza Mae Huelar
#4 – Kimberlie Mae Penchon, 23, 5 ft 5 1⁄2 in
#5 – Riana Agatha Pangindian, 19, 5 ft 6 in
#9 – Roshiela Tobias, 22, 5 ft 7 in
#11  – Nicole Cordoves, 24, 5 ft 7 1⁄2 in
#12 – Edjelyn Joy Gamboa, 23, 5 ft 6 1⁄2 in
#13 – Joanna Louise Eden, 19, 5 ft 7 1⁄4 in
#16 – Vina Prulla Openiano, 23, 5 ft 8 1⁄2 in
#22 – Apriel Smith, 20, 5 ft 8 3⁄4 in
#26 – Jennifer Ruth Hammond, 25, 5 ft 7 3⁄4 in
#27 – Dindi Pajares, 22, 5 ft 8 1⁄2 in
#28 – Nichole Marie Manalo, 2,6 5 ft 7 1⁄2 in
#29 – Maria Mika Maxine Medina, 25, 5 ft 7 1⁄4 in
#31 – Kylie Verzosa, 24, 5 ft 8 in
#37 – Jehza Mae Huelar, 21, 5 ft 6 in
#38 – Angelica Alita, 20, 5 ft 5 1⁄2 in
Miss Friendship – Vina Openiano
Miss Talent – Vina Openiano
Face of Binibini (Miss Photogenic) – Kylie Verzosa
Best in National Costume – Angela Fernando
Miss Philippine Airlines – Maxine Medina
Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice – Kylie Verzosa
Jag She’s Got The Look – Kylie Verzosa
Best in Swimsuit – Joanna Eden
Best in Evening Gown – Jennifer Hammond (designed by Nat Manilag)
Miss Cream Silk – Nichole Manalo

Miss Universe Philippines – Rachel Peters
Binibining Pilipinas International – Maria Angelica de Leon
Binibining Pilipinas Supranational – Chanel Olive Thomas
Binibining Pilipinas Grand International – Elizabeth Durado Clenci
Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental – Katarina Rodriguez
Binibining Pilipinas Globe – Nelda Dorothea Ibe
1st Runner-up – Charmaine Elima
2nd Runner-up – Kristel Guelos
#10 – Jehza Mae Huelar, 22, 5 ft 6 in
#13 – Sirene Sutton, 23, 5 ft 8 in
#15 – Maria Angelica de Leon, 23, 5 ft 8 in
#16 – Lara Grace Lacap, 26, 5 ft 9 in
#17 – Maria Camille Manalo, 26, 5 ft 9 in
#18 – Nelda Dorothea Ibe, 23, 5 ft 9 in
#19 – Rachel Peters, 25, 5 ft 9 in
#20 – Christagale Borja, 26, 5 ft 10 in
#22 – Chanel Olive Thomas, 26, 5 ft 11 in
#28 – Juliana Kapeundl, 25, 5 ft 8 in
#31 – Katarina Rodriguez, 24, 5 ft 7 in
#32 – Charmaine Elima, 24, 5 ft 7 in
#34 – Gabriela Patricia Ortega, 26, 5 ft 7 in
#39 – Elizabeth Durado Clenci, 26, 5 ft 6 in
#40 – Kristel Guelos, 24, 5 ft 6 in
Miss Friendship – Chanel Olive Thomas
Face of Binibini (Miss Photogenic) – Rachel Louise Peters
Miss Talent – Dane Felisse Marasigan
Best in National Costume – Chanel Olive Thomas (designed by Edwin Uy)
Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice – Christagale Borja
Jag Denim Queen – Rachel Louise Peters
Best in Swimsuit – Rachel Louise Peters
Best in Long Gown – Maria Angelica de Leon
Miss Philippine Airlines – Katarina Rodriguez
Miss Cream Silk – Maria Angelica de Leon

Miss Universe Philippines – Catriona Elisa Gray
Binibining Pilipinas International – Maria Ahtisa Manalo
Binibining Pilipinas Supranational – Jehza Mae Huelar
Binibining Pilipinas Grand International – Eva Psychee Patalinjug
Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental – Karen Juanita Gallman
Binibining Pilipinas Globe – Michele Theresa Gumabao
1st Runner-up – Vickie Marie Rushton
2nd Runner-up – Samantha Mae Bernardo
#1 – Vickie Marie Rushton, 25, 5’6″
#3 – Murielle Adrienne Orais, 26, 5’6″
#11 – Maria Andrea Abesamis, 26, 5’7″
#14 – Samantha Mae Bernardo, 25, 5’8″
#15 – Juliana Kapeundl, 26, 5’8″
#17 – Maria Ahtisa Manalo, 20, 5’8″
#19 – Michele Theresa Gumabao, 25, 5’9″
#20 – Catriona Elisa Gray, 24, 5’10”
#21 – Anjame Magbitang, 19, 5’10”
#24 – Edjelyn Joy Gamboa, 25, 5’7″
#26 – Wynonah Van Joy Buot, 24, 5’7 1/2″
#31 – Jehza Mae Huelar, 23, 5’6″
#32 – Eva Psychee Patalinjug, 23, 5’7″
#35 – Sandra Lemonon, 23, 5’6″
#38 – Karen Juanita Gallman, 25, 5’6″
Pitoy Moreno Best in National Costume  – Catriona Gray
Miss Jag Denim Queen – Catriona Gray
Reader’s Choice – Samantha Mae Bernardo
Best in Talent – Shane Tormes
Miss Friendship – Shane Tormes
Face of Binibini (Miss Photogenic) – Eva Psychee Patalinjug
Binibining PAL – Muriel Orais
Best in Swimsuit – Catriona Gray
Best in Long Gown – Catriona Gray
Miss Creamsilk – Michelle Gumabao
Miss Ever Bilena – Catriona Elisa Gray
Miss Blackwater – Michele Theresa Gumabao
Miss EB Advance – Murielle Adrienne Orais
Miss Careline – Vickie Marie Rushton

Miss Universe Philippines – Gazini Christiana Jordi Ganados
Binibining Pilipinas International – Bea Patricia Magtanong
Binibining Pilipinas Supranational – Resham Saeed
Binibining Pilipinas Grand – Samantha Ashley Lo (Resigned) | Maria Andrea Abesamis
Binibining Pilipinas Intercontinental – Emma Mary Tiglao
Binibining Pilipinas Globe – Leren Mae Bautista
1st Runner-up – Maria Andrea Abesamis (elevated to the BBP-Grand title)
2nd Runner-up  – Samantha Bernardo
#01 – Malabon – Jessica Marasigan, 25, 5’5″
#08 – Dumaguete – Joahnna Carla Saad, 26, 5’7″
#10 – Marikina – Marianne Marquez, 26, 5’7″
#12 – Talisay, Cebu – Gazini Ganados, 23, 5’8″
#13 – Pasig City – Maria Andrea Abesamis, 27, 5’7″
#14 – Laguna – Leren Mae Bautista, 26, 5’8″
#15 – Sorsogon – Maria Isabela Galeria, 20, 5’9″
#17 – Bataan – Bea Patricia Magtanong, 25, 5’9″
#18 – Masbate – Hannah Consencino Arnold, 23, 5’10”
#22 – Zamboanga City – April May Short, 24, 5’11”
#25 – Cebu – Samantha Ashley Lo, 26, 5’9″
#26 – Pampanga – Emma Tiglao, 24, 5’9″
#27 – Palawan – Samantha Bernardo, 26, 5’8″
#30 – Maguindanao – Resham Saeed, 25, 5’8″
#38 – Negros Occidental – Vickie Marie Rushton, 27, 5’6″
Pitoy Moreno Best in National Costume  – Emma Mary Tiglao
Miss Jag Denim Queen – Vickie Marie Rushton
Reader’s Choice – Vickie Marie Rushton
Best in Talent – Cassandra Colleen Chan
Bb. Friendship – Marie Sherry Ann Tormes
Face of Binibini (Miss Photogenic)  – Gazini Ganados
Binibining PAL – Martina Turner Diaz
Best in Swimsuit – Bea Patricia Magtanong
Best in Long Gown – Gazini Ganados
Miss Creamsilk – Vickie Marie Rushton
Miss Pizza Hut  – Emma Mary Tiglao
Poten Cee Gandang Palaban – Vickie Marie Rushton
Bb. Megawide – Bea Patricia Magtanong
Miss Ever Bilena – Vickie Marie Rushton
Miss Blackwater – Samantha Mae Bernardo
Miss EB Advance – Emma Mary Tiglao
Miss Careline – Jessica Marasigan

Binibining Pilipinas Pageant: 2010-2014

Bb. Pilipinas-Universe – Maria Venus Raj (the title was later changed to Miss Universe Philippines as mandated by the Miss Universe Org.)
Bb. Pilipinas-World – Czarina Catherine Gatbonton
Bb. Pilipinas-International – Krista Eileen Kleiner
Diane Elaine Necio (1st runner-up)
Helen Nicolette Henson (2nd runner-up)
#22 – Diane Elaine Necio
#18 – Helen Nicolette Henson
#01 – Mariella Castillo
#13 – Gwendoline Gaelle Ruais
#19 – Kate Princess Alimurong
#17 – Rose Ann Aguilar
#14 – Mary Ann Ross Misa
#10 – Maria Venus Raj
#11 – Krista Eileen Kleiner
Best in Philippine Terno – #10, Maria Venus L.B. Raj
Miss Talent – #11, Krista Eileen Kleiner
Miss Friendship – #10, Maria Venus Raj
Miss Photogenic – #18, Helen Nicolette Henson
Best in Swimsuit – #11, Krista Eileen Kleinerj
Best in Long Gown – #10, Maria Venus Raj
Miss PAL Sunniest Personality – #18, Helen Nicolette Henson
Miss Texters Choice Award – #7, Laurese Ann Caparas
Araneta Center Shopper’s Choice Award – #4, Selena Alexis Antonio
Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice Award – #21, Czarina Catherine Gatbonton

Miss Universe Philippines – Shamcey Gurrea Supsup
Bb. Pilipinas-International – Dianne Elaine Necio
Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism – Isabella Angela Manjon
1st runner-up – Janine Marie Tugonon
2nd runner-up – Mary Jean Lastimosa
#6 – Patricia Marie Tumulak
#8 – Maria Kristina Marasigan
#11 – Diana Arevalo
#13 – Queneerich Rehman
#16 – Sabrinne Al-Tawil
#19 – Wendy Lucas
#23 – Luzelle Felipe
#25 – Isabella Angela Manjon
#26 – Shamcey Supsup
#27 – Janine Marie Tugonon
#30 – Kathleen Subijano
#32 – Jenn-Roe Gubat
#33 – Dianne Elaine Necio
#34 – Mary Jean Lastimosa
#37 – Sarah Nicole Clenci
Best in Swimsuit – Queneerich Rehman
Best in Long Gown – Luzelle Felipe
Face of Bb. Pilipinas 2011/ Miss Photogenic – Angelia Gabrena Ong
Best in National Costume – Elizabeth Clenci
Miss Friendship – Samantha Purvor
Miss Talent – Shamcey Supsup
Miss Philippine Airlines – Shamcey Supsup
Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice Award – Luzelle Felipe
Miss Creamsilk – Shamcey Supsup

Miss Universe Philippines – Janine Marie Tugonon
Bb. Pilipinas-International – Nicole Cassandra Schmitz
Bb. Pilipinas-Tourism – Katrina Jayne Dimaranan
1st runner-up – Elaine Kay Moll (later elevated to Bb. Pilipinas-Supranational)
2nd runner-up – Annalie Forbes
#1 Karen Boyonas Gallman 19, 5’6″
#7 Patricia Lae Santos Ejercitado 23, 5’6″
#8 Nicole Cassandra Maturan Schmitz 23, 5’7″
#9 Mary Jean Ramirez Lastimosa 24, 5’7″
#13 Katrina Jayne Rivera Dimaranan 18, 5’9″
#14 Gina Joy Gasmen Howell 20, 5’9″
#15 Elaine Kay Tancio Moll 20, 5’10”
#16 Liezl Cano Alcantara 19, 5’9″
#18 Janine Marie Raymundo Tugonon 22, 5’8″
#26 Angelee Claudette Francisco delos Reyes 24, 5’7.5″
#29 Annalie Mallari Forbes 19, 5’6″
#30 Sherlyn Ramos Gonzales 24, 5’6″
Bb. Best in National Costume – #8 Nicole Schmitz
Bb. Friendship – #25 Chloe Zanardi
Bb. Talent – #13 Katrina Jayne Dimaranan
Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice Award – #20 Roxanne Tadique
People’s Choice Award – #21 Giselle Angelica Muñoz
Best in Swimsuit – #8 Nicole Schmitz
Bb. Photogenic – #1 Karen Gallman
Bb. Philippine Airlines – #9 Mary Jean Lastimosa
Bb. Avon Philippines – #9 Mary Jean Lastimosa
Best in Long Gown – #26 Angelee delos Reyes

Miss Universe Philippines – Ariella Arida
Binibining Pilipinas International – Bea Rose Santiago
Binibining Pilipinas Supranational – Mutya Johanna Datul
Binibining Pilipinas Tourism – Joanna Cindy Miranda
First Runner-up – Pia Wurtzbach
#41 – Ariella Arida, 24, 5’8″
#45 – Imelda Schweighart, 17, 5’6″
#39 – Mutya Johanna Datul, 20, 5’8″
#34 – Grace Yann Apuad, 25, 5’9″
#13 – Charmaine Elima, 20, 5’7″
#43 – Rhea Nakpil, 23, 5’7″
#46 – Amanda Noelle Navasero, 21, 5’7″
#22 – Ellore Noelle Punzalan, 26, 5’8″
#20 – Bea Rose Santiago, 23, 5’9″
#16 – Joanna Cindy Miranda, 23, 5’7″
#12 – Camille Carla Nazar, 23, 5’6″
#25 – Merry Joyce Respicio, 18, 5’11”
#31 – Maria Angelica de Leon, 1,9 5’8″
#15 – Pia Wurtzbach, 23, 5’7″
#33 – Parul Shah, 24, 5’8″
Bb. Friendship  – #21, Lourenz Grace Remetillo
Bb. Talent – #10, Anna Carmela Aquino
Bb. Best in National Costume – #37, Maria Teresita Alaine Baccay
Bb. Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice Award – #22, Ellore Noelle Punzalan
Bb. Petron – #16, Joanna Cindy Miranda
Bb. Photogenic – #39, Mutya Johanna Datul
Cream Silk Beyond Beautiful Woman Award – #16, Joanna Cindy Miranda
Ms. San Miguel Zero Fit and Sexy Body – #15, Pia Wurtzbach
Bb. Avon – #20, Bea Rose Santiago
Ms. Philippine Airlines – #4, Nicole Kim Donesa
Bb. Pilipinas–PAGCOR Award – #45, Imelda Schweighart
Bb. Best in Swimsuit – #41, Ariella Arida
Bb. Best in Long Gown – #39, Mutya Johanna Datul
Ms. Jag Jeans – #47, Aiyanna Camille Mikiewicz

Miss Universe Philippines – Mary Jean Lastimosa
Bb. Pilipinas International – Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
Bb. Pilipinas Supranational – Yvethe Marie Santiago
Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental – Kris Tiffany Janson
Bb. Pilipinas Tourism – Parul Shah (later appointed Bb. Pilipinas Grand International 2015)
First Runner-up – Laura Victoria Lehmann
Second Runner-up – Hannah Ruth Sison
#11 – Laura Victoria Lehmann
#1 – Julian Aurine Flores
#22 – Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
#3 – Joanna Romero
#25 – Mary Jean Lastimosa
#8 – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
#4 – Parul Shah
#23 – Nichole Marie Manalo
#16 – Zahara Mae Soriano
#35 – Yvethe Marie Santiago
#14 – Emma Mary Tiglao
#20 – Kenneth Santiago
#13 – Kris Tiffany Janson
#27 – Hannah Ruth Sison
#19 – Mae Liezel Ramos
Bb. Friendship – #21, Racquel Kabigting
Bb. Talent – #33, Gabrielle Erika Tilokani
Bb. Best in National Costume – #13, Kris Tiffany Janson
Face of Bb. Pilipinas Bb. Photogenic – #13 , Kris Tiffany Janson
Lactacyd’s Bb. Best in Swimsuit – #25, Mary Jean Lastimosa
Bb. Best in Long Gown – #22, Mary Anne Bianca Guidotti
Miss Philippine Airlines – #8, Pia Wurtzbach
She’s So Jag Award – #8, Pia Wurtzbach
Bb. Avon – #35, Yvethe Marie Santiago
Miss Creamsilk – #35, Yvethe Marie Santiago
Bb. Manila Bulletin Readers’ Choice Award – #39, Ladylyn Rivera

Binibining Pilipinas Pageant: 2005-2009


Gionna Cabrera (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Carlene Aguilar (Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Precious Lara Quigaman (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Wendy Valdez (1st runner-up & Bb. Pilipinas Tourism)
Melanie Ediza (2nd runner-up)
1. #18 Kristine Santiago, 19, 5’7.5″, Angeles City, Pampanga
2. #21 Maria Micaela Padilla, 21, 5’6.5″, Las Piñas
3. #8 Carlene Aguilar, 22, 5’8.5″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
4. #2 Mari-Flor Hazel Perez, 24, 5’5.5″, Valenzuela City, Metro Manila
5. #7 Joanna Rafbel Serrano, 23, 5’8.5″, Muntinlupa City, Metro Manila
6. #1 Wendy Valdez, 22, 5’5.5″, Navotas, Quezon City
7. #15 Melanie Ediza, 22, 5’8″, Cebu City
8. #22 Precious Lara Quigaman, 22, 5’5.5″, Taguig City, Metro Manila
9. #17 Gionna Cabrera, 22, 5’9.5″, Pasig City, Metro Manila
10. #3 Ricamarie Ann Taylor, 20, 5’6″, Quezon City
Best in Swimsuit = #17 Gionna Cabrera
Best in Long Gown = #17 Gionna Cabrera
Miss Photogenic = #17 Gionna Cabrera
Miss Friendship= #21  Micaela Padilla
Miss Talent = #23 Lois Montes
Miss Philippine Airlines (PAL) = #8 Carlene Aguilar
Binibining Avon = #8 Carlene Aguilar
Smart Texter’s Choice = #3 Ricamarie Ann Taylor
Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice = #3 Ricamarie Ann Taylor

Lia Andrea Ramos (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Anna Maris Igpit (Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Denille Lou Valmonte (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Rosalyn Santiago (1st runner-up)
Jeanne Bernadette Bello (2nd runner-up)
#11 Rosalyn Sirikit Santiago, 25, 5’6″, Nueva Ecija
#09 Denille Lou Valmonte, 24, 5’6″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
#22 Caroline de Leon Yorke, 19, 5’6″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
#20 Anna Maris Arcay Igpit, 18, 5’6″, Bohol
#5 Khristine Marie Alba Lim, 22, 5’6″, Rizal
#17 Lia Andrea Aquino Ramos, 25, 5’7″, Davao City
#18 Mary Pilar Alipio de Gorostiza, 21, 5’7″, Parañaque City, Metro Manila
#10 Fiona Marie Lucido Lava, 23, 5’6″, Pasig City, Metro Manila
Miss Friendship: Mylene Maligaya
Miss Photogenic: Lia Andrea Ramos
Miss Talent: Jeanne Bello
Best in Swimsuit: Lia Andrea Ramos
Best in Long Gown: Anna Maris Igpit
Philippine Airlines (PAL) Sunniest Personality: Lia Andrea Ramos
Miss Beautiful Hair: Lia Andrea Ramos
Smart Texter’s Choice: Rosalyn Santiago
Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice: Louise Navera

Ana Theresa Licaros (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Margaret Nales Wilson (Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Nadia Lee Cien Shami (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Leizel Verses (1st runner-up)
Abigail Lesley Cruz (2nd runner-up)
#21 Keann Mallari, 20, 5’9.5″, Pampanga
#26 Angeline Tucio, 22, 5’7.5″, Iriga City
#13 Luisa Beltran, 20, 5’9″, Subic, Zambales
#10 Theofeliz Marie Francisco, 24, 5’9″, Bulacan
#18 Jamie Burgos, 21, 5’9.5″, Las Piñas City, Metro Manila
#04 Nicole Schmitz, 18, 5’7″, Cebu City
#14 Nadia Lee Cien Shami, 19, 5’9.5″, North Cotabato
#03 Abigail Lesley Cruz, 22, 5’6.5″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
#09 Anna Theresa Licaros, 22, 5’8″, Cuenca, Batangas
#12 Melanie Adjarani, 21, 5’10”, Zamboanga City
#11 Margaret Wilson, 19, 5’9.5″, Bacolod City
#24 Liezel Verses, 22, 5’7.5″, Baguio City
#15 Ed Ferlyn Quintero, 22, 5’9″, Malabon, Metro Manila
Best in Long Gown = Leizel Verses
Best in Swimsuit = Abigail Lesley Cruz
Miss Friendship = Melanie Adjarani
Miss Photogenic = Margaret Wilson
Miss Talent = Sheila Alonzo
Smart Texter’s Choice = Edferlyn Quintero
Miss Natasha = Anna Theresa Licaros
Miss Philippine Airlines = Anna Theresa Licaros
Miss Ever Bilena = Margaret Wilson
Miss Bacchus Energy Drink = Anna Theresa Licaros
Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice = Contessa Maria Santos
Watson’s Woman Award = Anna Theresa Licaros
Watson’s Style Icon = Margaret Wilson

Jennifer Barrientos (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Janina San Miguel (Bb. Pilipinas-World) * resigned
Danielle Kirsten Castaño (Bb. Pilipinas-World) *ascended to the title
Patricia Fernandez (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Danielle Kirsten Castaño (1st runner-up)
Elizabeth Jacqueline Nacuspag (2nd runner-up)
#12 Jaysel Morelos Arrozal, 17, 5’9″, Valenzuela City
#09 Kathleen Phyllis Pagayanan Guerrero, 25, 5’9″, Quezon City
#08 Danielle Kirsten Muriel Castaño, 18, 5’7.5″, Quezon City,
#14 Karen Golar, 24, 5’9″, Bago City, Negros Oriental
#03 Toni Alyessa Jaafar Hipolito, 18, 5’7.5″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
#02 Patricia Isabel Medina Fernandez, 22, 5’7″, Pasig City, Metro Manila
#15 Janina San Miguel, 17, 5’10.5″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
#07 Jennifer Barrientos, 22, 5’8″, San Mateo, Rizal
#18 Elizabeth Jacqueline Santander Nacuspag, 24, 5’8″, Quezon City
#13 Tabetha Jo Olaso Frick, 17, 5’11.5″, Camarines Sur
Best in Long Gown: Janina San Miguel
Best in Swimsuit: Janina San Miguel
Miss Friendship: Evangeline Mae Agustin Castillo
Miss Photogenic: Danielle Castaño
Miss Talent: Rizza Liz Mondia Catigan
Miss Bacchus Energy Drink: Danielle Castaño
Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice: Roxanne Tadique
Miss Ever Bilena: Danielle Castaño
Miss Philippine Airlines: Danielle Castaño
Miss Natasha: Patricia Fernandez
Miss Natasha Poise and Grace: Danielle Castaño

Pamela Bianca Manalo (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Marie-Ann Umali(Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Melody Gersbach (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Richelle Angalot (1st runner-up)
Regina Hahn (2nd runner-up)
#11 Regina Brosas Hahn, 26, 5’8.5″, Manila
#01 Vanessa Balajadia Johnson, 21, 5’5″,  California
#17 Marie-Ann Bonquin Umali, 22, 5’7″,  Batangas City
#9 April Love Jordan†, 20, 5’8″,  Manila
#20 Melody Adelheid Manuel Gersbach, 23, 5’6″, Albay
#23 Barbara dela Rosa Salvador, 22, 5’6″, Quezon City
#03 Richell Pacaldo Angalot, 20, 5’6″, Tagbilaran
#22 Priscilla Mae Honorio, 21, 5’6″, Cebu City
#05 Diana Buquid Arevalo, 20, 5’7″, Batangas City
#15 Pamela Bianca Ramos Manalo, 22, 5’10”, Manila
Miss Photogenic = Marie-Ann Umali
Miss Talent = Richell Angalot
Miss Friendship = Gizelle Jasmin Rivamonte
Best In Swimsuit = Pamela Bianca Manalo
Best In Long Gown = Marie-Ann Umali
Miss Natasha = Pamela Bianca Manalo
Miss Natasha Beauty = Richell Angalot
Miss Philippine Airlines = Pamela Bianca Manalo
Miss Salsa Jeans = Priscilla Mae Honorio
Shopper’s Choice Award = Richell Angalot
Manila Bulletin Reader’s Choice Award = Pamela Bianca Manalo

Binibining Pilipinas Pageant: 2000-2004

Nina Ricci Caldo Alagao (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Katherine Annwen Dantes de Guzman (Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Joanna Maria Mijares Peñaloza (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Maria Cristina Silverio Tan (1st runner-up)
Nicole Calquitt Hofer (2nd runner-up)

01. #14 Nina Ricci Alagao, 22, 5’9″, Makati City
02. #12 Joanna Maria Peñaloza, 20, 5’9″, Mandaluyong
03. #22 Gemma Louise Heaton, 20, 5’9″, Fairview
04. #02 Nicole Hofer, 19, 5’7″, Manila
05. #06 Jona Jarder, 21, 5’6″, Bacolod City
06. #01 Maria Cristina Tan, 21, 5’5″, Quezon City
07. #18 Katherine Annwen de Guzman, 19, 5’9″, San Carlos, Pangasinan
08. #04 Anna Liza Bernal, 19, 5’7″, Lipa City, Batangas
09. #15 Maria Lourdes Mendoza, 21, 5’10”, San Fernando, Pampanga
10. #19 Floralice Almoro, 23, 5’10”, Laguna
* Miss Photogenic/AGFA = #02 Nicole Hofer
* Miss Friendship = #13 Ronalynn Joy Cayobit
* Miss Talent = #14 Nina Ricci Alagao
* Best In Swimsuit = #14 Nina Ricci Alagao
* Best In Evening Gown = #27 Anjelly Gamboa
* Miss Lux Super Rich = #27 Anjelly Gamboa
* Miss Creamsilk = #21 Princess Catalan
* Miss Pond’s Beautiful Skin = #12 Joanna Maria Peñaloza
* Miss Close-Up Smile = #20 Maricar Balagtas
* Miss Vaseline = #14 Nina Ricci Alagao
* Miss Internet = #02 Nicole Hofer
* Binibining Avon = #14 Nina Ricci Alagao
* Miss PAL Sunniest Personality = #14 Nina Ricci Alagao
* Miss Slimmer’s World = #14 Nina Ricci Alagao
* Miss Supreme Energy = #01 Maria Cristina Tan

Zorayda Ruth Blanco Andam (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe )
Gilrhea Castañeda Quinzon (Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Maricarl Canlas Tolosa (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Michelle Cuerva Reyes (1st runner-up)
Maricar Manalaysay Balagtas (2nd runner-up)

01. #07 Zorayda Ruth Andam, 24, 5’8″
02. #04 Andrea Angela Silverio, 18, 5’6″
03. #19 Sheryl Lou Franco, 18, 5’7″
04. #22 Aline Ramirez, 23, 5’7″
05. #26 Christina Gracia Fandino, 22, 5’5″
06. #21 Gilrhea Quinzon, 19, 5’7″
07. #08 Michelle Reyes, 23, 5’8.5″
08. #12 Maricarl Tolosa, 22, 5’9″
09. #10 Maricar Balagtas, 18, 5’8.5″
10. #15 Jeanie Andersen, 18, 5’10.5″
* Miss Photogenic/AGFA = #15 Jeanie Andersen
* Miss Friendship = #04 Andrea Angela Silverio
* Miss Talent = #12 Maricarl Tolosa
* Best In Swimsuit = #10 Maricar Balagtas
* Best In Evening Gown = #09 Angie Yambao
* Miss Lux Super Rich Star of the Night = #07 Zorayda Ruth Andam
* Miss Creamsilk Extraordinary Hair = #05 Jenie Manuel
* Miss Pond’s Beautiful Skin = #18 Gemma Louise Heaton
* Miss Close-Up Smile = #12 Maricarl Tolosa
* Miss Yehey Internet = #20 Imee Martinez
* Binibining Avon = #07 Zorayda Ruth Andam
* Miss PAL Sunniest Personality = #07 Zorayda Ruth Andam
* Miss Red Bull Supreme Energy = #22 Aline Ramirez

Karen Loren Medano Agustin (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Katherine Anne Ramos Manalo (Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Kristine Reyes Alzar (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Margaret-Ann Bayot (1st runner-up)
Maria Lourdes Diaz Magno (2nd runner-up)
01. #09 Sherlyn Salanga Ram, 20, 5’6″
02. #14 Katherine Reyes Aban, 20, 5’9″
03. #16 Heidi Punsalan, 22, 5’8″
04. #22 Nuriza Garcia Abeja, 24, 5’7″
05. #12 Sherilene Bautista Parcon, 21, 5’9″
06. #19 Karen Loren Medano Agustin, 19, 5’7″
07. #17 Katherine Anne Ramos Manalo, 22, 5’8″
08. #04 Lakambini Teodoro Alto, 22, 5’7″
09. #20 Maria Lourdes Diaz Magno, 21, 5’7″
10. #15 Margaret-Ann Bayot, 19, 5’8″
11. #05 Kristine Reyes Alzar, 20, 5’6″
12. #18 Anna Teresita Lopez, 19, 5’7″
* Miss Photogenic/AGFAcolor = #15 Margaret-Ann Bayot
* Miss Friendship = #03 Athena Claveria
* Miss Talent = #08 Sheila Alonso
* Best In Swimsuit = #17 Katherine Anne Manalo
* Best In Evening Gown = #19 Karen Loren Agustin
* Miss Lux Super Rich Star of the Night = #19 Karen Loren Agustin
* Miss Creamsilk Beautiful Hair = #15 Margaret-Ann Bayot
* Miss Pond’s Beautiful Skin = #09 Sherlyn Ram
* Miss Close-Up Smile = #17 Katherine Anne Manalo
* Miss Yehey Internet = #15 Margaret-Ann Bayot
* Miss Avon = #17 Katherine Anne Manalo
* Miss PAL Sunniest Personality = #17 Katherine Anne Manalo
* Miss Red Bull Supreme Energy = #17 Katherine Anne Manalo
* Miss Myra 300-E = #17 Katherine Anne Manalo

Carla Gay Balingit (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Maria Rafaela Verdadero Yunon(Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Jhezarie Javier (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Kate Sephora Baesa (1st runner-up)
Noela Mae Evangelista (2nd runner-up, later became Bb. Pilipinas-Queen of Tourism 2003)
#1 Maria del Carmen Muertegui Antigua, 24, 5’6.5″, Cebu City
#12 Jhezarie Gamez Javier, 21, 5’8″, Manila, Metro Manila
#13 Kate Sephora Roldan Baesa, 20, 5’11.5″, Manila, Metro Manila
#15 Anne Marie Sio Falcon, 21, 5’11”, San Juan City, Metro Manila
#16 Sanya Astra Smith, 18, 5’10”, Manila, Metro Manila
#17 Ariane Garcia, 18, 5’9″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
#18 Angelina Louise Hubilla Corstorphan, 17, 5’9″, Manila, Metro Manila
#19 Maria Rafaela Verdadero Yunon, 21, 5’9″, Manila, Metro Manila
#20 Noela Mae Buhion Evangelista, 20, 5’8.5″, Iligan City
#23 Carla Gay Sunga Balingit, 19, 5’7″, Angeles, Pampanga
#24 Diana Lim Sadie, 20, 5’7″, Manila, Metro Manila
#25 Maria Elena Genota Andaya, 24, 5’5.5″, Batangas
Best in Swimsuit = #18 Angelina Louise Corstorphan
Best in Evening Gown = #23 Carla Gay Balingit
Miss Photogenic/AGFA = #12 Jhezarie Javier
Miss Friendship = #10 Carolyn Ramos
Miss Talent = #22 Gretchen Malalad
Miss Lux Super Rich Star of the Night = #19 Maria Rafaela Yunon
Miss Creamsilk Beautiful Hair = #25 Maria Elena Andaya
Miss Pond’s Beautiful Skin = #18 Angelina Louise Corstorphan
Miss Close-Up Smile = #20 Noela Mae Evangelista
Binibining Avon = #20 Noela Mae Evangelista
Miss Philippine Airlines (PAL) Sunniest Personality = #12 Jhezarie Javier
Miss Red Bull Supreme Energy = #22 Gretchen Malalad
Miss Myra 300-E = #12 Jhezarie Javier
Manila Bulletin Texter’s Choice Award = #14 Jacquelyne Inoferio

Maricar Balagtas (Bb. Pilipinas-Universe)
Maria Karla Bautista (Bb. Pilipinas-World)
Margaret-Ann Bayot (Bb. Pilipinas-International)
Tracy Ann Javelona (1st runner-up)
Princess Jasmine Tiongson (2nd runner-up)
#14 Honeylet Christine M. Gascon, 23, 5’10”, Pampanga
#9 Gemma C. Gatdula, 22, 5’8″, Angeles City, Pampanga
#1 Princess Jasmine delos Santos Tiongson, 21, 5’6″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
#20 Tracy Ann Yusay Javelona, 24, 5’8″, Bacolod City
#6 Maria Cristina S. del Rosario, 24, 5’7″, Manila, Metro Manila / Nueva Ecija
#3 Maria Liwayway L. Baterna, 25, 5’6″, Sagay City, Negros Occidental
#17 Margaret-Ann Awitan Bayot, 21, 5’9.5″, Makati City, Metro Manila
#21 Margaux Mitz C. Flores, 22, 5’7.5″, Quezon City, Metro Manila
#19 Maricar Manalaysay Balagtas, 21, 5’8.5″, Plaridel, Bulacan
#10 Maria Karla Rabanal Bautista, 19, 5’9″, Cebu City
Best in Swimsuit = #19 Maricar Balagtas
Best in Evening Gown = #20 Tracy Ann Javelona
Miss Photogenic/AGFA = #26 Bleisha Berden
Miss Friendship = #3 Maria Liwayway Baterna
Miss Talent = #2 Jeanne Harn
Miss Lux 24-Hour Beauty = #17 Margaret-Ann Bayot
Miss Creamsilk Beauty = #19 Maricar Balagtas
Miss Pond’s Beautiful Skin = #26 Bleisha Berden
Miss Close-Up Smile = #20 Tracy Ann Javelona
Binibining Avon = #20 Tracy Ann Javelona
Miss Philippine Airlines (PAL) Sunniest Personality = #19 Maricar Balagtas
Miss Red Bull Supreme Energy = #19 Maricar Balagtas
Miss Internet = #19 Maricar Balagtas
People’s Choice Award = #17 Margaret-Ann Bayot