The Strongest Gents of Misters of Filipinas 2017

Recently a number of pageant fans asked me to do a feature on the guys of Misters of Filipinas 2017. Some of which asked me who are on my list this year. After perusing on the list of candidates and their photos, I have narrowed them down to four gentlemen who are strongest and are at least international competition-caliber. I am also posting some tips that I hope they could heed to improve their overall style and packaging…

Clint Karkliñs26 year old, 6’01”, Camarines Sur
Clint is one of the best in the batch and it is almost guaranteed that he will be taking home a title this year: perhaps the Mister Supranational Philippines. The only thing he needs to do is to style him a bit more to make him look more Pinoy. I also suggest that he hyphen his last name to Clint Karklins-Peralta to have a more Filipino sounding name. He has a bit of a nonchalant look, his eyes look dead in most of his photographs… make his eyes alive, his look less flat. This is why he doesn’t look approachable in most of his pics and almost looks aloof. This should be addressed by his coaches…

Lyre Yves Campos24 years old, 5’10”, FilComm of Hawaii
Despite the controversy that one of his page admins did, it does not take away the fact that Yves is one of the most winnable guys. The fact that he has the most commercial face among the batch should almost guarantee him a win. He has a very amiable face and looks great in photos (both professionally made pics and candids). I think he should run away with the photogenic award and should be awarded with best smile. He needs to select swimming trunks that are shorter in leg length to make his legs look longer, if he couldn’t he can just fold it up by an inch to show more leg and hence appear taller. Winning the sports challenge is a sign that this hunk is a serious competitor.

Carlo Pasion21 years old, 5’11”, Laoag City
He was voted Darling of the Press and I see why. He has charm by the tons adding to his boyish good-looks. He is over all one of the strongest guys in the batch and I believe he does know it. So, he needs to milk that out to be able to go head to head with the taller gents in his batch. I think he needs to crop his hair shorter as his head size is a little dis-proportioned to his shoulder. Having close cropped hair will balance it out by making his head look smaller. Nevertheless he is a strong contender for the top title: Mister International Philippines.

Joe-mhar Padilla Mangi23 years old, 5’10”, Oriental Mindoro
This guy is the underdog in the batch, perhaps one of the darkhorses in the competition. I am seeing a frontrunner in this guy despite being relatively unknown to most pageant fans. Despite being only 5’10” you can immediately see in photos that he has one of the more proportional bodies. It doesn’t hurt that he is very photogenic as well as he registers really good even in candids (to which some favorites don’t look half as good as he is in candids). I only suggest a couple of things for him 1) crop the sides of his hair a little closer and 2) he uses his smile more often as he has one of the better smiles (bleach the teeth if needed).

So far I only see these four as potential international reps for the Philippines. Though we should also keep eye on the couple of gents below, they could be spoilers…
Rubi Küst – 21 years old, 6’1″, FilComm of Germany
Ion Perez – 26 year old, 5’10”, Capas -Tarlac


Will There be a Back-to-Back for Ecuador’s Lessie Giler

Katherine Espin has been succeeded by an equally gorgeous Miss Tierra Ecuador by the name Lessie Giler. Question is are we ready to see another back to back win in Miss Earth?

Lessie Giller bested 10 other national finalists for the Miss Earth Ecuador title. The 18 year old, who has been likened to Miss World Ivian Sarcos, was also Miss Teen Ecuador 2015. An interesting fact about her is that she is a survivor of the earthquake of April 16, 2016 in her hometown of Portoviejo (Manabí). Her  house broke due to the earthquake and the accompanying landslide caused by deforestation. In an interview with local media she says, “I want to encourage environmental education in coastal families, tree planting which creates a mesh that protects the river banks of natural disasters. The earthquake and the heavy winters affected the coastal families in my hometown because the ground was unprotected, the earth slipped away taking houses with them. I was one of those affected, in my family we only lost material goods, but we cannot say the same for other families [who lost loved ones].

She plans to work during her reign in a prevention project focused on the protection of the banks of the Rivers through reforestation, with the help of local municipalities in her region. Giller will represent Ecuador in Miss Earth, considered as the third major international pageant, whose finals will be held on November 4 in Manila. She will be traveling on the first week of October to participate in a month-long competition that integrates beauty, attitude and promotes environmental causes. Lessie brings with her not only beauty and smarts but a real/tangible story of a natural disaster survivor… which makes her advocacy more poignant. It would not be surprising to see her make it past the first cut and even score a back to back win in Miss Earth for Ecuador.

Jay Daniel Verano for Top International Model of The World

Starting tomorrow, the Philippine reps to the Top International Model of The World, Ashley Klaudine Palma and Jay Daniel Verano will be in Sofia, Bulgaria to compete in a modeling competitions for male and female models across the globe. The competition is joined by around 25 countries in an unique competition, where models not only compete for the title, but also have specific modeling activities, training and cultural activities.

Below is the a statement by our male model rep, Jay:
My outlook that I hold dearly in life is to stay morally upright despite the prevalent acts in our society, to respect and to gain respect, to become a friend to everyone and to help other people. I believe I can be a great title holder. For me, a great title holder understands its role. It is a huge responsibility not for myself but to our country to bring awareness and share my thoughts to other people and to our community’s responsibilities.

Another reason why I joined this prestigious pageant is that to help our fellow people to face our environmental problem which is flooding. This makes me very eager and motivated to raise my advocacy which is reforestation. We all know that the major cause of global warming is the result of burning fossil fuels and destroying tropical rainforests. Trees help to filter pollution from the air, create shade, give shelter and also the food we consume and much more. Planting even one tree by single person can make a huge difference. Without trees, there will be no life in this planet.

Please support our representatives to the Top International Model of The World 2017 September 20-27, 2017.

PhotoCollage of the Day: DR Swim Sakura Collection

Check out these photos of Binibining Pilipinas Supranational 2016 Joanna Eden, Mister Worldwide Universe Philippines Jolo Dayrit, and Man of the World Philippines 2017 Chriz Dulagan in DR Swim Sakura Collection

arvin cruz

bts photog Carlo Damocles
stylist Patrick Henry Mergano
Kevin Dela Cruz
creative director Drei Soriano
make up Oliver Bumatay Glenn Mendoza Gokongwei Lhexie Pangilinan David Yamileth Torres
accesories Christopher E Munar
shoes Jojo Bragais
set design HGR EVENTS Henry Reyes

Karen Ibasco is Ready for Miss Earth 2017!

In three weeks’ time the Miss Earth 2017 pageant would be in full swing. So it wouldn’t be a surprise that the Philippine rep, Karen Ibasco has started to have her presence felt on social media. Below are several of her most recent photo-releases on her official Instagram account.

It seems that the straight her is her go-to-style, but I actually think that a side parting with curls would look great on her too. Karen’s latest photos are actually looking good although I still think that soft pastels in blush pinks, sky blues, and lilacs would be great on her for the competition. Then if she brings on the fierce reds and fully saturated violets on the finals, that would be a reveal!

I trust that her team would have a thorough game-plan by now and would put it into action. By the track record of her camp, it is safe to assume that Karen is in the right hands. She will be facing a lot of tough competition in this year’s batch with a reported number of candidates breaking into the 100 mark. So she has to be prepared for the battle ahead as it is going be a hard battle, to which I have full confidence that she can make it. I trust that this medical practitioner/ physicist/ math instructor/ renewable energy advocate would have what it takes to emerge triumphant in the competition ahead…
As a bonus, check out her Miss Earth eco-video below…


Emma Sheedy Won’t Compete in Miss Earth 2017!

Miss Earth Guam Emma Sheedy won’t be competing in Miss Earth this year!

Below is an official press release from her regarding this matter:
Yesterday I got news of a slight set back in my journey to being Miss Earth. I will not be representing Guam in the International Miss Earth Pageant 2017, due to age requirements. The age requirement is 18. Being that I’m turning 18 in January they thought I would be able to compete due to the new year which is incorrect. The Miss Earth Guam organization misunderstood the policy. In a show of commitment in me, the Miss Earth Guam organization will not be sending a delegate to compete this year.
I however, will be competing in the International Miss Earth Pageant in 2018. My rein and journey has just begun. Watch out for Miss Earth Guam 2017/18 because I’m not going anywhere. I would like to thank MEG for their dedication and confidence in me.
Earthlings, fans, family and friends continue to follow my journey as Miss Earth Guam as I become a stronger delegate and do more for my beautiful island of Guam. Oh, one more thing- current and future delegates I will be watching- see you soon.

On a personal note, I am quite sad about this development. I believe that Emma is one of the ladies to watch out for in this year’s Miss Earth edition, and that she is definitely a shoo-in for the winners. Despite this set-back I am still relieved that she can come back next year to compete. I hope and wish her all the best, and I hope that when she competes later in 2018, she would be successful as I believed her to be…

Mister Planet 2017 Winners

After some confusion on the announcement of the runners up, here is the official list of winners for the recently concluded Mister Planet 2017 pageant in Batumi, Georgia…

Mister Planet 2017 – Georgia, Zura Tsilosani
1st Runner Up – Latvia, Janis Kliests
2nd Runner Up – Philippines, Arnold Rajan Provido
Zura bested11 other candidates in the competition finals which was held side by side with the Miss Planet 2017. The 27 year old winner  stands 6’4″. Portugal’s Camila Vitorino won the Miss Planet title. 

Recipients of the special awards are as below…
Best in Talent – Bulgaria, Ivel Yordanov
Best Body – Algeria, Hamza Mansouri
Best in National Costume – Thailand, Sittiyos Sittikorn
Mister Sport – Spain, Francisco Jose Merida

Congratulations to the winners!