Ena Louise Velasco, M.D. on Maternal, Newborn and Child Health Awareness

Beauty, body & height, and a meaty resume. Ena Velasco is not just a pretty face wanting to win another beauty pageant. She is a woman, or rather a Doctor with a mission… She advocates for Maternal, Newborn and Child health awareness and accessibility in far flung areas of the Philippines.

The Doctor also knows how to groove on the dancefloor…

“I was 5 years old back then when I first realized my dream to become a doctor. I would always play with my little doctor’s kit pretending that I am one and my doll’s were my first patients then.
Growing up I held on to that dream. I took up BS Biology as my pre-medical course at the University of St. La Salle. Four years later, I went on to proceed to medicine proper for yet another four year journey in Southwestern University-Matias H. Aznar Memorial College of Medicine in Cebu City.
Last June 2017, finally, I graduated as Doctor of Medicine! Currently, I’m having my post graduate internship at Adventist Medical Center Manila. In my experience, I have met different people from all walks of life and it’s fulfilling being able to reach out a hand to people who needed it most. To give a sense of hope and a better state of health gives more opportunities to life.”

My advocacy is to raise and promote health awareness and accessibility in far flung areas especially maternal, newborn and child health to eliminate maternal and child mortality rates in our country. The world cannot grow at good pace unless women come forward and take initiative for the development works. For that to happen, one must first take care of herself while the privileged should take the lead.
Ena is also an active member of the Dugong Alay Dugtong Buhay Inc., a non-profit organization that drives bloodletting programs to public and private hospitals.

Among the candidates in Binibining Pilipinas this year, Ena belongs to the more underrated group. But she is definitely a darkhorse that we should watch out for.  With a clear advocacy up her sleeves, she could give any frontrunner a hard time for the title. Ena is one of the Cebuanas that is currently making a killing in the contest and she is definitely one of the crown-worthy girls this year…


Could We Have Nicole Cordoves as Host for Binibining Pilipinas 2018?

If there is one recent Binibining Pilipinas winner I would like to host this year’s pageant, that would 2016 Binibining Pilipinas Grand International and Miss Grand International 1st runner-up Nicole Cordoves.

I find her more fluid, have more grace and pleasant than most females who had hosted the pageant in recent years. I believe Nicole is born for hosting especially when she served as co-host with Xian Lim in the Miss Grand International pageant last year. Nicole has a pleasant tone of voice and a strong command of the English language and you feel she can carry possible blunders with seasoned professionalism and presence of mind. Not to mention that she is possibly the most articulate Binibini winner from her batch.

Currently a staff correspondent at the Manila Bulletin, Nicole was once praised by one of her camp’s mentor, Atty. Nad Bronce, as the gold standard when it comes to public speaking among the girls he has trained. So I am confident in my recommendation for her as Binibining Pilipinas host…

Binibini 3 Muriel Adrienne Orais & Her Love of the Outdoors

I was reading up on my research on Binibini 3 Muriel Adrienne Orais and found out that she is quite the adventurous soul. Here are some interesting things that you might not know about her…

Favorite Hobbies & Recreational Activities
* loves to work out like indoor cycling, muay Thai and gym
* loves to travel been to a lot of places
* have done paragliding, parasailing, skiing, bungy jump, sky dive.
Before deciding to join the Binibining Pilipinas 2017, she was a flight attendant at Philippine Airlines. That job allowed her to travel the world and to a number of tourist spots in the Philippines. While on travel and she was able to experience a lot of outdoors-y things like:
* hot air balloon in Cappadocia
* paragliding in Australia
* parasailing in San Francisco
* skiing in South Korea
* paddle boarding in Hawaii
* sky diving in Dubai
* bungee jumping in Macau and Bangkok
* canyoneering in Kawasan Falls
* water rafting in Davao
* surfing in Siargao
* wake boarding in Nuvali

This Binibini has started to make her presence felt as each day passes by. She clearly is a standout and knows how to command attention in a Binibini line up. So I expect her to keep on cementing her lead up to the coming finals come March 18th.

#MANicMondays: Mister World 1998 Sandro Finoglio

The second man to win the Mister World title is the 6’0″ tall Sandro Finoglio. I consider him as one of the winning-est male pageant winner in the history of male pageants having won 1st runner up in Manhunt International 1997 and Mister World 1998.

Sandro in a couple of magazine covers…on the left he is pictured with Miss World Venezuela 1998 Veronica Schneider…

Born Sandro Finoglio Speranza to Italian immigrants in Venezuela, he was only  24 years old when he won the Mister Venezuela title in 1997. His parents traces their roots in Rome and in Pisa.
At the 2nd edition of Mister World pageant, he beat out 42 other candidates for the title. Puerto Rico’s German Cardoso won the first runner-up title and French Gregory Rossi was 2nd runner up. While Kinte Thelwell from Jamaica, Enrique Miranda Garcia from Spain and Daniel Weaver from United States were the other top 6 finalists. The Mr. World pageant took place at the Troia Peninsula, Grandola, Portugal on 18th Septermber, 1998.

Sandro during the Mister Venezuela 1997 contest. He was candidate #11…

After his reign, he became a sought after model having done Versace, Giovanni Scutaro, Armani, Gianfraco Ferre and Dolce & Gabbana during his prime. Sandro also did several soap operas, one of his most notable was Gata Salvaje. He is currently an entrepreneur and runs a restaurant and a franchise of churros in the United States.

Sashes and Scripts’ 1st Cardinal Rule in Pageant Blogging

I have gotten a number of feedback (some of them are quite recent) from fellow Sash Factor colleagues that I don’t look very close or chummy with beauty queens and pageant girls over the years. Well I have a perfectly good explanation for that. What most do not know about me is that I strictly follow a list of 10 Cardinal Rules.
Yes, I have 10 Rules in Pageant Blogging…and while I won’t be talking about them all here in this post I will be discussing at length my Rule #1: Do not Get Too Close for Comfort (a.k.a. Admire from a Distance). This rule applies to any pageant girl, any pageant organization or pageant personality. And I have number of reasons for it.

Some of the very few beauty queen friends: Bianca Guidotti & Angelia Ong…

1. Objectivity – the last thing I would want to do is to not be able to write objectively about anyone or anything in the pageant industry. When you are friends with a pageant girl or personality, it is quite difficult to make your critique objective. And more than sugar-coating stuff for them, they need honest feedback. I do not aim to please everyone in my reviews and leaderboards. Feelings can get hurt because of my write ups, even if it was unintentional on my part (I learned this the hard painful way).The only way I can look pageant people in the eye is to be objective, neutral and polite in my articles.
2. Professionalism – it doesn’t look professional to get all chummy with any pageant personality… especially when there are fans or people in the pageant industry as witness. I was Editor-in-Chief of my high school paper and was trained like a journalist. That has shown through my writing style. Journalists are taught not to be emotional when it comes to a story. What people see as detachment is just being keenly observant for me. When I cover pageants I tend to be quiet that is because I don’t want to be distracted with the task at hand. I do not want to look like a giddy fan in the presence of a pageant personality.

Some of the very few beauty queen friends: Valerie Weigmann and Catharina Choi…

3. Keep the Mystery Alive – when you know all the ins and outs of the pageant industry, it loses its appeal and sense of excitement…more so with people. When you are too close to a beauty queen, you see their personality flaws. Too much exposure to their character flaws may cause you to lose your admiration and even respect for them. That is why I rarely have a lot of beauty queen friends on Facebook. I am very picky that way because I do not want to lose the mystery of it all. When a blogger losses wonder for the thing that he blogs about, that spells doom for his readers. The articles ultimately suffer and become mediocre.
4. Safety – when you are too close for comfort, you tend to know the really nasty insider secrets that isn’t for public consumption. We aren’t talking about the run-off-the-mill cat-fights behind the scenes, we are talking about scandalous and libelous secrets. You get to know terrible behind-closed-door secrets that you are forced to keep and that you cannot blog about. Or you can be accused of spilling secrets even if you have kept your mouth shut. You lose your reputation in the process and pageant people will start to treat you like a pariah.

Some of the very few beauty queen friends: Kylie Verzosa and Rachel Peters…

It took me 5 years with Sash Factor as a forumer-writer-moderator-to-admin and now blogger, over 2000 articles written, almost 4 years of blogging on 2 different Sashes and Scripts blog sites, countless friendships formed nationally and internationally, before I have started to be recognized by peers in the pageant world… My 10 Rules has kept me away from pitfalls of having my reputation tainted. That is why I’d rather stick to them because they work.

The 2nd Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Rumor Mill!

I thought I’m done doing rumor mills with Binibining Pilipinas for this month but it seems that the gossips just can’t stop from landing on my lap. I have several insiders that has given me juicy notes that could tide us up until the next salvo of Bb. Pilipinas activities.

* There is an observation from a BBP insider that a certain group of girls doesn’t seem to know proper pageant decorum when it comes to sponsor visits. Instead of mingling and going friendly to everyone in one of the staff visits, this group of candidates are seen only amongst ladies from their same camp. Several of the staffs noticed that and rather than engage to get photos from these girls, they avoided them instead.
* Apparently, there are a couple of girls who did not come in prepared to the Binibining Pilipinas national costume shoot. They reportedly came with either an unfinished natcos or that their costume didn’t bear any resemblance to that of the sketch that they submitted. It is not surprising that those two costumes were reportedly rejected.
* A number of the candidates this year presented their national costume sketches through their phones or tablet. So when a candidate presented hers with a complete colored sketch with fabric swatches, the BPCI panel was impressed. One of the BPCI managers even showed the rest of the candidates the sketch to show how a natcos is presented properly.
* The national costume shoot is rumored to be simpler than last year. A simple white backdrop is made to make sure that the colorful national costumes will be the focal point.
* One of our moles has confirmed some of the insider buzz about the national costume/s that were leaked online this year. Our mole said that several of the girls who had either selfies or photos of their natcos that were posted online were ‘scolded’ by BPCI. This is why Sash Factor and Sashes&Scripts were adamant in releasing any of the leaked photos because there are rumors even from previous years that it will be the candidates that will get scolded, not the designers/ fans who posted them.
* This one is still to be clarified as I have some doubts regarding the sources of this ‘chismis’. The Bb. Pilipinas finals swimsuit is said to be a one-piece swimsuit that would be a ‘tribute to Pitoy Moreno’. Another conflicting rumor says that the girls would have an option to wear a two-piece.
* With regards to the swimsuit glamshots, our told us to expect something in the lines of a Miss Universe glamshot. The mole even mentioned something about flowers, gold or mustard swimsuits, and large chunky gold accessories. This is actually exciting and hopefully it will be of Miss Venezuela level in terms of concept.
* Some girls who had ‘difficulties’ with several designers with their national costumes are said to be worried about their evening gowns for the pageant. In some instances, their pageant camp/s are the ones that assign which designer would dress up which candidate/s. This doesn’t go well with some of the girls who would get last minute gowns, or gowns that don’t look like the submitted sketches.
* On the same line of rumor, at least 2 candidates that are worried about their gowns are said to be preparing a secondary ‘back up’ gown should the designers assigned to them fail to bring a finished gown (or the gown as originally sketched and submitted). There are at least a couple of designers who are notorious in submitting late gowns for the finals or submit gowns that aren’t as per submitted sketch or even with wrong/ terrible fit.

Those juicy insider gossips are a tell-tale of some problems that most pageant fans do not see or know. So I really hope that fans would be a little more cooperative and mindful about the girls. Because if there is something to take away from these rumors, its that being a beauty pageant candidate isn’t that all glamorous…the stress is definitely a killer.

Denise Quiñones, MUPR National Director

Former Miss Universe Denise Quiñones confirmed to Primera Hora that she was in talks with WapaTv for the possibility to be the National Director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico. And yesterday, she was officially announced as such.

WapaTV programming president, Jimmy Arteaga, introduced the new national director of the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant, Denise Quinones, in a press conference yesterday. According to Primera Hora, the local pageant will be held in September at the Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Center and applicants can now begin to register through www.Wapa.tv/missuniversepuertorico as of February 19 until the 15th March.
In a separate news article by El Vocero, Denise said she is willing to count on the advice of veteran beauty pageant, Magali Febles (National Director of Miss Universe Dominican Republic), if conversations with the management of Wapa TV are successful.  She further says, “Magali is excellent at what she does, I trained with her and I definitely learned a lot. She has a lot of experience and it would not be bad to talk to her and learn a little more about this world…

A week ago Desirée Lowry and partner Luisito Vigoreaux lost the franchise of Miss Universe Puerto Rico to WapaTV. Vigoreaux indicated that he does not see himself as part of the new MUPR team. Although he commented that whether Desiree would be a part of the new team would be up to her.