Who is Afraid of Catriona Gray?

Who is Afraid of Catriona Gray? Well apparently everybody is. 

The latest behind-the-scenes photos of the campaign shoot for Jojo Bragais perfumes features Mister Philippines Man of the World and Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray. And guess what?
Catriona’s styling is so perfectly spot on! No wonder we are hearing insider buzz that if Catriona will enter her application to Binibining Pilipinas 2018, a number of returnees are re-thinking of joining in 2019 instead. Well, who wouldn’t blame them? It won’t be easy to knock down someone like Catriona. We have seen how diligent she is and how determined she is if she sets her eyes on something. However, if insider gossips are true that Catriona is indeed thinking of joining Binibining Pilipinas, albeit for 2019, then anyone thinking of joining should re-think their game strategy.

Catriona has the face, height and body, not to mention the fan-following to propel her towards Miss Universe. So you tell me, who shouldn’t afraid of Catriona Gray? 


Are You Ready for Another Bout of Mobstar Voting in Miss World?

Several days ago Miss World Philippines Laura Lehmann posted on the Miss World Philippines Facebook page that there will be a Mobstar voting for the Multimedia challenge. But what was unnerving to see is how Pinoy pageant fans have reacted to this news on the MWP Facebook page. And Filipino pageant fans didn’t hold back…

A huge number of Pinoys fans expressed their dislike of the Mobstar voting and have expressed that they would still support Laura but just not on Mobstar. Others expressed that Laura do better in other challenges as the Mobstar voting is a lost cause. None seem to want to download the app once again and swipe crazily like they did during Miss World 2016. Last year’s well organized Mobstar voting was a huge disappointment to Pinoy fans upon seeing Catriona Gray settle for  2nd place behind Mongolia for the Talent award. The Talent fasttrack was done thru Mobstar voting after a top 10 was selected by a preliminary judges. This supposedly last minute decision was a deviation from the usual judges who pick the winner for this fasttrack.

The Mobstar voting will be perhaps a major contributor to the Multimedia challenge and perhaps not on Facebook. As we all know China’s strict governmental controls on social media platforms has barred Facebook in its territory, hence it is very unlikely that Facebook would be part of the Multimedia challenge.

Sashes&Scripts Special Feature: A Spotlight on HIV-AIDS Advocacy

Pia Wurtzbach, Bianca Guidotti, Katarina Rodriguez, Sam Ajdani, Reniel Villareal, Rick Kristopher Palencia, Willan Pagayon, Kevin Balot and even now Catriona Gray have spoken in awareness of the growing HIV-AIDS epidemic that is now gripping the country. 

Here is what we should know about this epidemic:
1. The Philippines has become the country with the fastest growing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) epidemic in the Asia Pacific region
2. The Philippines recorded a 140% increase in the number of new infections… At the end of 2016, there were 10,500 Filipinos infected with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) up from 4,300 in 2010.
3. The Philippines has become one of the eight countries accounting for more than 90 percent of new HIV infections in Asia and the Pacific. The number of new infections in the country, however, is not as high as several countries in the region which have tens of thousands of new infections every year.
4. In 2016, 83 percent of new HIV cases occurred among males who have sex with males (MSM) and transgender women who have sex with males (TGW). Majority of these infections were reported among 15- to 24-year-old MSM and TGW.

5. Only 35% of MSM and TGW aged 15 to 24 had correct knowledge on HIV transmission and prevention. Two out of three new HIV infections were among 15 to 24 year-old men, who she said have insufficient awareness of HIV, its symptoms and treatment.
6. In May 2017 alone saw 1,098 new cases of HIV infections in the Philippines, the highest recorded number of cases since 1984 when infections were first reported.
7. Most of the men had their first sexual encounter at 16 years old and only get tested for HIV eight years later.
8. The Department of Health is now providing free antiretroviral medicine to anyone who tests positive for HIV and other out-patient services to a maximum of P30,000 per person annually. The DOH has three HIV treatment hubs in Metro Manila—Research Institute for Tropical Medicine, San Lazaro Hospital and Makati Medical Center.

Photo from Philippine Star…

Those who are 90’s babies are quite familiar with the HIV-AIDS epidemic that gripped the world in the 1970’s to the mid-90’s. This was quite a huge deal for the LGBT community back then as it further ostracized the gay community. It is just sad that despite advancement in communications and technology, the fight still lingers on with HIV-AIDS gaining an upper-hand.

This is why there is a need for this post, a need for beauty queens  and pageant fans to spread awareness of how this disease is a huge risk to Filipinos, specially to the LGBT community. It is timely, it is relevant (as Pia Wurtzbach said back in Miss Universe 2015), even more so now that the Philippines seems to be at the eye of the storm. The Filipino pageant community should help to their part, not just our beauty queens to spread awareness.
Below are some of the available links for HIV-AIDS awareness and support in the Philippines:
* http://www.loveyourself.ph
* http://www.theredwhistle.com/
* http://pafpi.org/
* http://theredwhistle.com/
* https://www.facebook.com/pg/bchangenow/about/
Don’t be another statistic in the HIV epidemic. Protect yourselves and your partner, be in the know, get tested, spread the word… 

* http://www.philstar.com/headlines/2017/08/01/1723570/report-philippines-has-fastest-growing-hiv-epidemic-asia-pacific

A Break from Pageants for Catriona Gray

Finally, the moment every Catriona Gray fan has been anticipating for, her freedom from her commitments from the Miss World Philippines organization.

Catriona has been the most in-demand MWP winner beating every past queen before her in terms of public appearances. She has done judging and guesting from different pageants all over the country aside from the numerous fundraising activities she has made for her Beauty with a Purpose project. She has single-handedly raised enough funds for the Smokey Mountain pre-school renovation she partnered with Young Focus. And that is without any additional funding from the Miss World organization which yearly promises to visit the top 5 BWAP projects of the MW candidates to support and provide aid. We are all glad to see that despite her 3rd runner up last year, she has fully committed herself to what she begun and saw it through to the end.

With the crowning of a new winner, Catriona Gray has finally have enough time to take a break from pageantry. A time of quiet contemplation to plan out her next moves. Will she or won’t she jump into the coming Binibining Pilipinas pageant? That would be a question that she has to answer herself… in due time. For now, we should afford her that break away from the heels and the limelight. Let her take a breather as her Miss World Philippines reign has been one of the busiest of any of the past queens. And welcome her back if and when she decides to give Binibining Pilipinas a try in the future…

How Busy was Catriona Gray as Miss World Philippines?

Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray can finally take a break. After being the busiest MWP winner ever, she deserves a break from pageantry. But to just let you know this is how Catriona spent her reign, one activity after another…

1. Canada- Paraiso Concert/Beauty with a Purpose Fundraising Event
2. Pasig (SEDE)- Paraiso Concert/Beauty with a Purpose Fundraising Event
3. Tondo (Young Focus/Child Care Plus Visit)- Donation Giving/Beauty with a Purpose
4. Tondo (Young Focus Library Visit)- Book Donation Drive
5. Mandaluyong- Love Yourself Inc. Clinic Visit: HIV 101 & Pageant 101 (Volunteer Organization that aims to prevent the spread of HIV/AIDS among the youth and key affected population through awareness, counseling and education.)

1. Makati (Pitogo High School)- Leadership Workshop Guest Speaker
2. 11th International ICT Awards Philippines- Special Guest Presenter
3. Manila Bulletin Guesting with Nicole Cordoves
4. MOR 101.9 Guesting
5. PREEN. Inquirer.Net Interview
6. Inquirer.Net Guesting- Showbiz Live
7. Leyte- Pintados Kasadyaan Festival Parade

1. Mega Magazine Cover 
2. Wedding Essentials Magazine Cover
3. HK, Taiwan, Vigan – Star Cruise Virgo
4. Figlia Shoes 
5. Francis Libiran Wedding Collection 
6. Leo Almodal Gown Collection
7. Jojo Bragais Footwear
8. ASUS Phone 
9. Bohol- Amorita Resort 
10. Novotel Manila- Going Places with Maxine Medina & Nicole Cordoves
11. Spotted Magazine Feature
12. Creations Photoshoot: Endorsement (Lourd Ramos Salon)


1. Ilocos Norte- Miss Hannah’s Judging
2. Ilocos Norte- Miss Philippines Earth Swimsuit Competition Judging
3. Sorsogon- Mr & Miss Gubat Judging
4. Agusan del Sur- Miss Naliyagan 2017 Judging
5. Leyte- Miss Bituon Han Leyte 2017 Judging
6. Davao- Bb Davao del Norte 2017 Judging
7. Ilocos Norte- Mutya ng Pilipinas 2017 Swimsuit & Evening Gown Competition Judging
8. Samar- Miss Manaragat 2017 Judging
9. Dumaguete City- Miss Silliman 2017
10. North Cotabato- Mutya ng North Cotabato 2017

Catriona Gray & Why She is the Best Thing for Miss World

Around this time back in 2016, I was asked to write a feature on Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray for a Canadian paper. While the article was published on newsprint, I have never put it in the blog. So I thought it would be a nice idea to finally publish it in the Sashes&Scipts blog for the first time…

Catriona Gray & Why She is the Best Thing for Miss World
By Jesson Capuchino, Sashes&Scripts.Wordpress.com
The Miss World crown is still considered the most elusive title for the Philippines among the four biggest pageants in the world. It took more than four decades of waiting before a Filipina is finally crowned with Megan Young in 2013 at Bali, Indonesia. Currently, a Filipina-Australian by the name of Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray is competing in National Harbor, Maryland to capture the second Miss World title for the Philippines.
Catriona Gray by no means is just another fly-by-night model-turned-beauty-queen. She never thought she would be joining a pageant for that matter. Up until last year, she has no plans in joining at all with her modeling career still at full steam. However, learning of the ‘Beauty With A Purpose’ ethos of the pageant became the catalyst of her participation in Miss World Philippines and now Miss World.
For her BWAP project Cat, as she is lovingly nicknamed, travelled to Smokey Mountain the biggest landfill in Metro Manila with the hopes of raising funds to procure and renovate a 3-story building that could be converted into a pre-school for children in the slums. Having been involved with the foundation Young Focus even before becoming a beauty queen, Cat has high hopes that thru providing education to the youngsters the cycle of poverty would be stopped.
But there is more to her than just that. Catriona is actually a talented artist having creatively dabbled in illustration and photography. But what people are amazed at is her talent for singing who could also strum the guitar whenever she wants to. Her voice is what I would describe as a mix of Pixie Lot and Adele, and is trained at the Berklee College of Music, Boston.
She also is a travel blogger with trips that brought her in different spots in the Philippines (Bohol, Coron, Dumaguete, Banaue, Sagada, Albay…) to Hawaii, Vietnam, France, China, Thailand, England among others. They say travel enriches the soul and this is perhaps why when she speaks; she talks with confidence, conviction and a matured intelligence not always seen among ladies her age. Despite being only 23 years old, she interviews extremely well and this author is a witness to that. Having interviewed her recently we threw in the most difficult questions we could… not to test her rather as a testament to her abilities. Giving her ‘less difficult’ questions would be an insult to her intelligence and maturity.
Within that intelligence is also a facet most pageant fans do not get to see: her discipline. Her coaches testified that among the girls they are training this year, Catriona is never late for any training or any assignment. She never missed any training session. That kind of discipline is an admirable quality as it translates on the quality of her Multimedia posts on Facebook, Twitter and Mobstar. The way she interacts with her fans in social media and even in person is a showcase of how she was brought up well by her parents in Cairns, Australia before settling in her late teens in the Philippines.

Catriona is always full of energy and vitality even with zero hours of sleep. A certifiable ‘Miss Nice’ and this author have seen that even during her days at Miss World Philippines. A trait she shares with former Miss World, Priyanka Chopra, who in an interview said that she couldn’t afford to have bad days and that the moment she steps out of the car, its game face on.
And it is game face on for Catriona, as she is giving her best in the competition. She is currently the favored candidate to win the title, not a surprise as she came in prepared and with the correct mindset. Talent, attitude, discipline, determination and heart. Those are the things that makes Catriona uniquely fit for the sapphire and turquoise crown and embody the traits of what a Miss World should be. If we are to believe the statement that Miss World Chairperson Julia Morley told the MW national directors to “send her another Megan Young”, the Philippines did better… we sent a Catriona Gray.

Catriona Gray: Still Busy as a Bee

Miss World 3rd Princess Catriona Gray’s reign is perhaps the most packed among past Miss World Philippines winners.

Aside from her countless charity events and shows, she hasn’t run out of public appearances too boot. Earlier today we saw her with past Miss World Philippines winners Queneerich Rehman, Hillarie Parungao, Gwendoline Ruais and Megan Young during the Miss World Philippines press launch. The MWPh is now under new management with Arnold Vegafria as National Director. Despite this, Catriona whose contract is under the previous MWPh management is still lending her presence to the MWPh pageant. She truly is committed to finish her reign as she promised.

Despite nearing the end of her reign, Catriona is still busy going over the Philippines with multiple gigs as host or as a pageant judge. She has been to Davao, Agusan de Sur, and Ilocos for a number of local and national pageants. Not only that she has just recently shot a campaign with other beauty queens like Maxine Medina and Nicole Cordoves for GoingPlaces.ph. Could these Binibining Pilipinas beauties finally be able to convince her to jump ship for the biggest national pageant in the country? Well we are all waiting anxiously for her answer…