Catriona Gray: Still Busy as a Bee

Miss World 3rd Princess Catriona Gray’s reign is perhaps the most packed among past Miss World Philippines winners.

Aside from her countless charity events and shows, she hasn’t run out of public appearances too boot. Earlier today we saw her with past Miss World Philippines winners Queneerich Rehman, Hillarie Parungao, Gwendoline Ruais and Megan Young during the Miss World Philippines press launch. The MWPh is now under new management with Arnold Vegafria as National Director. Despite this, Catriona whose contract is under the previous MWPh management is still lending her presence to the MWPh pageant. She truly is committed to finish her reign as she promised.

Despite nearing the end of her reign, Catriona is still busy going over the Philippines with multiple gigs as host or as a pageant judge. She has been to Davao, Agusan de Sur, and Ilocos for a number of local and national pageants. Not only that she has just recently shot a campaign with other beauty queens like Maxine Medina and Nicole Cordoves for Could these Binibining Pilipinas beauties finally be able to convince her to jump ship for the biggest national pageant in the country? Well we are all waiting anxiously for her answer…

Catriona Gray: the Beauty Completes her Purpose

She set out to help Young Focus to reach out and provide education to the slums of Smokey Mountain, one of Metro Manila’s most impoverished communities, and through her passion, determination, hardwork, the task is near completion…

Miss World 3rd runner up Catriona Gray has almost come full circle since her winning Miss World Philippines. From the onset, she sought out to help Young Focus in their mission to reach out and provide free and accessible education in Smokey Mountain. Since then they were able to purchase a three story building that they have transformed and renovated into a Childcare and Preschool Center. Check out the work that has been done to change the building into a youth and study center…

The crown represented a journey. One that began in my room as I was praying. This was after my first trip to Tondo, Manila and I was asking God, “God why does there continue to be so much suffering in this world?” And God spoke to me in my own voice saying “That is why I created you (my children).”
This revelation struck me so deep in my core that I knew I had set foot a new path. The crown represented a journey that grew from being an independent endeavor to one that became more than me. A journey that rallied the support and love of my countrymen. A journey that forced me to look into myself and discover what I was made of. A journey that found its heart in the children in one of the poorest slums of my country. Yes, the crown represented a journey…until I realized that the journey could continue and exist without it. – Catriona Gray

This is what true Beauty with a Purpose looks like. Catriona has used her celebrity and beauty queen status to raise funds from corporate sponsorships, benefit concerts and auctions, private fundraisers, etc… Now with her Miss World Philippines reign almost nearing completion, we can proudly say that this beauty has completed her Purpose. 

5 Filipinas Who Could Have Been Miss World Winners

The new Miss World Philippines organization has already started its siren call for applicants to the national competition. To drum up the buzz for the pageant we list down several past Miss World representatives that could have been Miss World winners…

Evangeline Pascual – it is said that she should have won the Miss World title in 1973 which went to Marjorie Wallace. 17-year old Evangeline was relegated to 1st runner up at the pageant held at the Royal Albert Hall. So when Marjorie was dethroned, the Miss World organization offered the responsibilities of a winner to Evangeline, who was already under a movie contract by then. Only the responsibilities of a winner is offered and not the title as Miss World. Evangeline declined the offer due to contract conflicts; she would have been the first Filipina Miss World.
Sharmaine Ruffa Gutierrez – beauty, poise, wit and charm, those were the qualities that distinguished 19-year old Ruffa among her competitors in Sun City, South Africa. Despite being the favorite to win, she only managed a 2nd Princess finish that has left a number of pageant observers baffled. 
Carlene Aguilar – hers was a landmark year where it was announced that the Miss World semifinalists will be selected through a worldwide voting. Previous year had a bit of a controversy when there was a sudden inclusion of judges at the 2004 finals when it was previously announced that internet and SMS voting would determine the winner. Carlene placed among the top 15 in Sanya, China that year despite being among the top 3 bets to win the title. She was also popular among the locals and pageant connoisseurs/ experts to win the title. 
Valerie Weigmann – she came in at the heels of the first Filipina Miss World, Megan Young yet she prepared stronger in her participation with strong Beauty with a Purpose Project, Multimedia and Topmodel fasttracks. The 25 year old German-Filipina was also shut out from the Beach Fashion as well despite having modelesque body proportions. Her non-inclusion among the top scorers in the latter 2 were baffling. Some believed that had she been able to make top 5 that year, she could have provided ample competition to reps from South Africa and India.

Catriona Gray – undoubtedly the strongest Filipina rep to ever set foot to the Miss World stage. Tall, articulate, talented, and well prepared, she was poised to become the second Filipina MW winner. During the finals, she was named one of the top 5 finalists and was awarded the 3rd runner up honors during the post coronation ceremonies. Her placement left a number of Filipino fans angered at the lack of transparency on the judging criteria and process of the pageant (having also removed earlier the leaderboard which showed the rankings of the candidates during the fasttracks).
With the Miss World Philippines under new directorship and management, who do you think will follow these ladies footsteps in representing the country in Miss World?

PhotoCollage of the Day: Catriona Gray Stuns in Leo Almodal!

Miss World 3rd runner up and current Miss World Philippines Catriona Gray stunning in Leo Almodal!

Looking incredibly divine!

Photographer: Ahleks Fusilero 
Make Up Artist: Sharms De Castro 
Hair: Dave Grona 
And special thanks to Jojo Bragais 
Stylist: Patrick Henry Mergano 
Fashion Coordinator: Richard Sumait

Video courtesy of Leo Almodal

Catriona Gray: “I’m a Woman of My Word”

So the million dollar question has been answered and Catriona Gray has expressed her intention to finish up her reign as well as her duties as Miss World Philippines 2016.

Wearing a white cardigan with black piping (reminiscent of Chanel’s iconic colors), Miss World 3rd Princess Catriona Gray arrived  yesterday in Manila and gave Sash Factor her first exclusive interview upon arrival. Aside from telling us about her experience in Miss World, she gamely answered the question that is in everybody’s minds: Will she joing Binibining Pilipinas? And here is what she had to say.
“There is a chance naman. I’m keeping my options open. I am very flattered and grateful that everyone believes in me so much and that there is such noise even after Miss World. It has taken me by surprise, I didn’t expect it so I’m not gonna close the door on it. But for now, I’m just asking for people to just let me rest muna because just as I’ve said, I did give so much to Miss World.
And it’s not just about the pageant, so I am going to fulfill my reign. It’s not going to be this year. I really want to fulfill my duties as much as I can for my charity. But it’s open naman. And I am a woman of my word too. I’m not just doing it for the pageant.”

So that should be clear enough for everyone. Catriona is a woman of her word and she pledged herself to the promise of fulfilling her obligations as the reigning Miss World Philippines. A commendable trait which endears her more to her supporters and believers.
The universe can wait, and it will surely wait for Catriona Gray…

Welcome Back, Catriona!

Arriving today at the Terminal 2 of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is Miss World top 5 finalist and Miss World Philippines 2016 Catriona Elisa Magnayon Gray.

The beauty queen is back in Manila after a long break which includes a visit to Canada and a quick stop in New York City. Catriona will be gereted by her loving supporters and fans who have started assembly at the airport around 9am today. Despite the results of the Miss World competitions that shocked pageant experts around the world, Catriona hs still considered to have been the girl that could have won the title. Much to her fans delight, Catriona still manages to drop some kind words on her official Facebook group and FB Messenger chat group. Later today, the lovely 5’10 beauty will have a lunch with her fans.
Her arrival is very much good timing as the Binibining Pilipinas applications are coming to a close on February 24th. Surely rabid pageant followers are more than eager to see Catriona pass her application at the BPCI office at Araneta, Cubao. Nevertheless, whatever her decision maybe, whether to join this year or in 2018/19, it is assured that she will be a major contender for the Miss Universe Philippines title.

Welcome back Catriona! And we hope to see more of you in the (immediate?) future…

Cory Quirino Gives Blessing to Catriona for Bb Pilipinas!

I just have to blog about this! Former Miss World Philippines National Director has given 2016 Miss World 3rd runner up Catriona Gray the permission to join Binibining Pilipinas!

In a report from, Madam Cory Quirino gave the beauty queen her blessing should she want to pursue Bb Pilipinas and chase for the Miss Universe title. Below is a snippet of her statement with
“Catriona can join. If she asks our permission to join, we can release her. She is still under contract with my company CQ Global Quest Inc. and Viva. We still have the power to give her her freedom. If she wants to join Bb. Pilipinas, she has my blessing.
“I feel she has a strong chance. She should try again. She can do a Pia Wurtzbach.”

This blogger has high hopes that Catriona would think of joining Binibining Pilipinas for 2018. I believe that she should finish up her contract with CQGQ as it will be good for her public image. I believe that Catriona is going to be a formidable girl should she be sent to Miss Universe in 2018 and I particularly feel that she can bring back the Miss Universe title to the Philippines once again.