Bb. Pilipinas 2021 Suggestions

With no assurances that the local NCR+ bubble will lift restrictions on mass gatherings and curfews any time soon. It is quite safe to assume that the Binibining Pilipinas 2021 would be postponed to a much latter date than the announced April 17th finals.

If our assumptions and rumors are correct, then the finals might happen sometime June 6th. With that lengthy delay, there are a few more things that we believe would be great additions to the pageant activities and finals. These are suggestions that we believe would help boost the image and brand of the Bb. Pilipinas pageant and build more exposure for the remaining 34 candidates to even out the playing field.

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Catriona, Alaiza and Samantha | Defining a Pageant Campaign

If there are three Filipina pageant girls that have redefined what a pageant campaign should be, those would be Catriona Gray, Alaiza Malinao and Samantha Bernardo.

These are what these three ladies brought into their pageant campaigns that revolutionized how the pageant game is played…

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Year End Special Report – 5 Beauty Queens that Defined 2020

Who among the beauty queens and pageant girls do we see as the ones who made a mark in pageantry this past year? Read on below…

2020 was a year of pageant postponements and cancellations but for the handful few that were able to push through, they were able to offer us a few competitors that made the past year bearable.

DISCLAIMER: this list is a subjective list of the women that your blogger felt to have showed some extraordinary achievements, performance and show of character during the year.

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Catriona: A Most Successful Post-Pageant Career

Among all the IMG queens, only two stands out for the work they have done after their pageant careers have ended. The first one is Iris Mittenaere of France and the other is none other than Catriona Gray of the Philippines.

In today’s blogpost, let’s review what the 5’10” stunner has been up to since she relinquished her title in December of 2019.

– Early in the year, in January, Catriona was named as a Ambassador for the NCCAA. No other national winner has been given the honor to represent the NCCAA with such impact as Catriona have. During her stint as a Miss Universe candidate and winner, she has made public her support for local culture by showcasing Philippine traditional weaves and indigenous cultures in her wardrobe and promotional videos. With her Raise Your Flag campaign she has promoted the arts and crafts of Laguna and La Union. She’s been quite effective in her role that she is tapped later in the year by another government body as a spokesperson.

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Catriona Gray: Like She Never Passed Her Miss Universe Title

If there is something to be wowed about 2018 Miss Universe Catriona Gray it is that she’s more active nowadays after her reign.

Three months after passing her crown, Catriona Gray is doing public appearances left and right. This is something that pageant fans would have wanted during her reign as Miss Universe. Free from her contract with Endeavor, Catriona is gobbling up one opportunity after another.

  1. Book Deal – one of the first things that was announced was her book deal with ABSCBN publishing that will detail her Miss Universe experience. What people will surely be looking at is her life in NYC and what was it like to be a Miss Universe titleholder. Catriona’s reign was marked with product endorsements and a litany of public appearances for charity that isn’t talked about by most pageant fans. Surely there will be a huge anticipation over the release of this book.
  2. Product Endorsement – if rumors are true that a endorsement as the reigning Miss Universe would cost somewhere to the tune of PHP 3.5 million, then surely some brands are lining up now that she is free from her Endeavor contracts. Catriona is still a Samsung endorser and just got another commercial with Creamsilk. And we won’t be surprised if later we see her endorsing Belo skincare products…
  3. TV Appearances and digital magazine covers – she’s had guestings in a couple of ABSCBN shows as well as a spread on which is packed into her tight schedule. On the widely popular It’s Showtime, she was a guest for a week. Then we saw her duet with veteran songstress Regine Velasquez, dubbed as Asia’s Songbird, in ASAP Official. Surely there will be more magazine covers in the months to come…
  4. Public Appearances – everyone got excited to see her being invited at the Milan Fashion Week. Unlike the NYFW, the Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week are considered the home of the biggest luxury brands in the world. Catriona was seen in the shows of luxury brands Versace and Prada, brands that are considered at the pinnacle of fashion. She’s also invited to speak at ALP Summit 2020 and as a guest in Binibining Cebu.
  5. Cultural Ambassadress – one of the cultural legacies that Catriona has left in pageantry is promotion of Philippine culture and textiles in her bid for the Miss Universe pageant.  Since her participation, pageant girls and national titleholders have followed suit in incorporating traditional Philippine weaves into their wardrobe. It is no surprise that she was named National Commission for Culture and the Arts ambassador.
  6. Charity Work – when Catriona was named as the newest Global Ambassador of Smile Train, pageant fans knew that she is being true to her reasons in joining pageants: her advocacies. During her birthday celebration she was able to raise PHP 388,200 from her “Catriona Gives A Smile” fundraiser, which will support cleft care treatment for at least 30 Filipino babies born with a cleft.

These are some of the things that Filipino pageant fans were hoping to see during her reign. Thankfully, these are the things that pageant fans are seeing her do now. And that’s just 3 months after relinquishing her title…

The Philippines’ Longest Streak in Miss Universe

2010-2019 has been the longest streak of the Philippines in terms of placements in Miss Universe. Will the new decade be just as kind with a new organization handling the Miss Universe Philippines franchise?

It started off with 4 successive runner up placements with Venus, Shamcey, Janine and Ariella. Then came the Miss Universe wins of Pia and Catriona which later culminated with the top 20 placement of Gazini alongside the award for Best in National Costume.  This is partly due to the support that the girls have received from the Binibining Pilipinas organization headed by Madame Stella Marquez-Araneta. 10 consecutive years of placements that is only seconded by the 4 successive placements of the Binibining Pilipinas Universe winners of 1972-75. SMA surely stands tall with how her ward has made the country proud.

2010 – Venus Raj, 4th runner up
2011 – Shamcey Supsup, 3rd runner up
2012 – Janine Tugonon, 1st runner up
2013 – Ariella Arida, 3rd runner up
2014 – Mary Jean Lastimosa, Top 10
2015 – Pia Wurtzbach, Miss Universe
2016 – Maxine Medina, Top 6
2017 – Rachel Peters, Top 10
2018 – Catriona Gray,  Miss Universe
2019 – Gazini Ganados, Top 20 & Best in National Costume

Here’s to 10 years of more Miss Universe placements!

Year-End Special: 10 Filipina Beauty Queens That Defined The 2010’s

In the years 2010 to 2019, the Philippines has produced some of the most memorable wins and placements in every international pageant of note. However, only a few of them has remained in our collective psyche’s over the years.

NOTE: before we proceed with the list, this blogger has to dig deep into our image archives for the old photocollages from the early 2010’s. So you will be seeing how our visuals have changed through the years. You will be seeing our old collages from the old Sash Factor blog with its white and blue imagery to the current black and gold. This blogger hopes that this will make you truly appreciative of how long have we come in pageantry…

Here is our list of the decade defining Filipinas in Philippine pageantry:
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2010-2019: The Philippines’ Second Golden Era of Pageantry

From the years 2010 to 2019, the Philippines have raked over 16 international titles, 8 of which are from the four biggest international pageants: Miss Earth, Miss International, Miss Universe and Miss World…
The past decade is the Philippines’ most winning-est years in pageantry. 8 Alpha pageant titles,  over 10 international crowns (male and female pageants) and countless runner up placements and semifinal finishes. It truly is the Golden Era of Philippine pageants…
No matter how haters, trolls and naysayers are gonna say about the Philippines, the years 2010 to 2019 made way for the Philippines to be recognized as the most successful country in pageant of the decade. Harp all they want for a top 10 or a top 5 spot, the Philippines may have been called “Pagpag Land” but it is THE PAGEANT POWERHOUSE OF ASIA… The Philippines has collected 8 Alpha pageant titles in a span of 6 consecutive years, a feat no other country has done thus far, not even Venezuela.
* Miss World 2013 – Megan Young
* Miss International 2013 – Bea Rose Santiago
* Miss Earth 2014 – Jamie Herrell
* Miss Earth 2015 – Angelia Gabrena Ong
* Miss Universe 2015 – Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach
* Miss International 2016 – Kylie Versoza
* Miss Earth 2017 – Karen Ibasco
* Miss Universe 2018 – Catriona Elisa Gray

1 Miss Supranational win – 2013, Mutya Johanna Datul
1 Miss Intercontinental win – 2018, Karen Gallman
1 Miss Asia Pacific International win – 2018,  Sharifa Akeel
1 Miss Globe win – 2015,  Ann Colis
1 Reina HispanoAmericana win – 2017,  Teresita Ssen Marquez
1 Miss United Continents win – 2017, Jesly Santos
1 Miss Eco-International win – 2018, Cynthia Thomalla
1 Miss Multinational win – 2018, Sophia Senoron

1 Manhunt International win – 2012, June Macasaet
1 Mister International win – 2014, Neil Perez
1 Man of the Year win – 2016, Karan Singhdole
2 Mister Gay World wins – 2017, John Raspado & 2019, John Jeffrey ‘Janjep’ Carlos
1 Mister Universal Ambassador win – 2018, George Raylor de Lumen
1 Mister Model Worldwide win – 2018, Carlo Pasion
1 Mister Universe Tourism win – 2018, Ion Perez
1 Mister Tourism and Culture Universe – 2019, Yves Campos

All of this is thanks largely to the Philippine camp system, Kagandahang Flores produced half of the 8 crowns won, Aces & Queens has produced 3 titles, and an independent Catriona Gray won the 8th. It is also time to stop belittling the KF camp for they have produced 7 Alpha titles so far, a feat no other local camp has done. While Aces may have started the MU placements they have yet to replicate that success with their international wards, KF has been able to manage to score international crowns with their Filipina queens but they also have scored 3 other crowns with their foreign queens pushing their number to 7 Alpha titles. And it is also time to recognize smaller camps like RL’s Angels (who trained Thailand’s first Miss Supranational), and for them to come into the fray of training more Filipinas for competitions both local and international.
This decade is also the time where the Philippines outshone every pageant powerhouse in terms of performance in Miss Universe. It nailed 2 crowns and 4 runner up placements plus six other semifinal placements. The Philippines also scored 3 Miss Earth wins (a back-to-back and a sandwich win) pushing the country with the most ME wins. In Miss International the two times we missed making semis were in 2014 and 2017, coincidentally both Aces wards. They managed to redeem themselves though in Miss World Philippines where no girls from other camps have won the title since 2011.
Come 2020 and onwards, the Philippines would have to usher in more strategies, newer ideas and fresh perspectives to remain competitive in the ever changing landscape of international pageantry. And always have the mantra that “the Philippines come to win, not just to participate.”
Cheers to the next decade and all the crown to be won!

5 Filipinas Who Could Have Been Miss World Winners

The new Miss World Philippines organization has already started its siren call for applicants to the national competition. To drum up the buzz for the pageant we list down several past Miss World representatives that could have been Miss World winners…

Evangeline Pascual – it is said that she should have won the Miss World title in 1973 which went to Marjorie Wallace. 17-year old Evangeline was relegated to 1st runner up at the pageant held at the Royal Albert Hall. So when Marjorie was dethroned, the Miss World organization offered the responsibilities of a winner to Evangeline, who was already under a movie contract by then. Only the responsibilities of a winner is offered and not the title as Miss World. Evangeline declined the offer due to contract conflicts; she would have been the first Filipina Miss World.

Sharmaine Ruffa Gutierrez – beauty, poise, wit and charm, those were the qualities that distinguished 19-year old Ruffa among her competitors in Sun City, South Africa. Despite being the favorite to win, she only managed a 2nd Princess finish that has left a number of pageant observers baffled.

Carlene Aguilar – hers was a landmark year where it was announced that the Miss World semifinalists will be selected through a worldwide voting. Previous year had a bit of a controversy when there was a sudden inclusion of judges at the 2004 finals when it was previously announced that internet and SMS voting would determine the winner. Carlene placed among the top 15 in Sanya, China that year despite being among the top 3 bets to win the title. She was also popular among the locals and pageant connoisseurs/ experts to win the title.

Valerie Weigmann – she came in at the heels of the first Filipina Miss World, Megan Young yet she prepared stronger in her participation with strong Beauty with a Purpose Project, Multimedia and Topmodel fast-tracks. The 25 year old German-Filipina was also shut out from the Beach Fashion as well despite having modelesque body proportions. Her non-inclusion among the top scorers in the latter 2 were baffling. Some believed that had she been able to make top 5 that year, she could have provided ample competition to reps from South Africa and India.

Catriona Gray – undoubtedly the strongest Filipina rep to ever set foot to the Miss World stage. Tall, articulate, talented, and well prepared, she was poised to become the second Filipina MW winner. During the finals, she was named one of the top 5 finalists and was awarded the 3rd runner up honors during the post coronation ceremonies. Her placement left a number of Filipino fans angered at the lack of transparency on the judging criteria and process of the pageant (having also removed earlier the leader-board which showed the rankings of the candidates during the fast-tracks).


RUMOR MILL: An Extended Reign for Catriona Gray? Pt.2

If you have read our initial post on this matter last September, then you will find it this update quite interesting!

Reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray is so commercially viable that she is rumored to have been offered an extension of her contract with the Miss Universe organization! And in a #chichiandchaah session, we learned that the extension offered was for another three years. The MUOrg must have been very impressed with the amount of endorsements that the Filipina beauty queen has brought into the organization to offer that. This would be something similar to the offer they made with Pia Wurtzbach when she won back in 2015.

But will it be worth it? IMHO, not really. This blogger feel that as Miss Universe, Catriona was under-utilized in the duration of her reign. There wasn’t much high profile events that the MUOrg have been able to give to her. There isn’t much travels compared to other formers, there aren’t much high-profile glamorous events we all expected from Endevour’s caliber, there wasn’t a lot of occasions that we saw her with the crown either. Catriona may have brought in more money into the organization as compared to other previous queens during their reign. The only thing that the MUORG can do is to give her a hefty bonus in full after her reign and contract has ended. I think that would just be the fair thing to do.
Question is will she like to have that contract extended? Our insiders tell us that she is not keen in extending any further.

And I feel that not to extend is the right decision for her. She will be much more happy and successful if she has hands-on control of her career here in the Philippines. Think of how much more endorsements she will be able to book without the ‘representation cut’ by the MUOrg. She can make a name even without Endeavor/ MUOrg’s hand in her future. And rumor has it that a number of agencies are just waiting to pounce once her contract has ended and the endless offers would be pouring in! Rumors from people working inside ad agencies say that they are waiting for Catriona’s contract with MUO to expire and they are ready to book her for endorsements. Her fee under MUO is said to be exorbitant that some brands may not think that it is wise to have her while still under MUO. It is rumored that a big chunk of her contract fee goes to what they call a “representation fee” by the MUOrg. So we really know that Catriona was able to bring in big buck revenue for the Miss Universe organization during her reign.

While some may argue that it would be wasteful to turn down such opportunity, but I would say it doesn’t look to be worth it. It may have served Pia because she was and actress and a celebrity endorser, which is aligned with what she want to do for her career. I don’t think it would suit Catriona’s plans for her future though. Catriona is a smart woman and she is going to do greater things now that she is no longer held back by her contract with the Miss Universe org.
What do you think though? Is it wasteful to turn down this opportunity? Or there are better things in-store for her?

Reasons for the Philippines’ Longest Placement Streak in Miss Universe

The years 2010 to 2019 brought the longest unbroken placement streak of the Philippines in the Miss Universe pageant. It has brought to the country 2 Miss Universe wins, 4 runner up placements, two top 10 semifinalists and 1 top 6 placer. These years has been called another Golden Age of Philippine Pageantry.

Following a long placement drought of 2000-2009, it was a huge victory for the Philippines to make it again in the semifinals of Miss Universe pageant in 2010 with Venus Raj. Since her 4th runner up placement, the country has moved from strength to strength as it clinches one placement after another in one of the oldest beauty pageants in the world, universe rather.
While we already have written something about this topic previously, we haven’t tried to answer this question: what makes the Philippine reps successful in the Miss Universe pageant? These are our thoughts…

  1. Diversity of Beauty – if you are to look at the Filipina reps from 2010 to present you would see the different faces of Filipina beauty. We have a great mix of pure Pinay ladies with their lovely morena, chinita and mestiza features. And we also have a good mix of Pinay halfies with theirCaucasian looks mixed with Filipino features. You cannot say one is a copycat of the other in terms of beauty. Each of these ladies have something unique about her that differentiates her from her predecessor and successor.
  2. Training and Preparations – this is one of the country’s best weapons. The training system here is much more than just the physical training to refine our reps. Training here goes beyond skin-deep. Yes, there is that requisite pasarela, hair and makeup and interview mentoring. But training here goes beyond that with our reps having an active hand on what they want to learn. It is that clear, razor-sharp focus that elevates their training to a different level. And the ability of the Filipina queens to absorb lessons like a sponge is another factor.

    Binibining Pilipinas Universe winners from 2010 to 2019…
  3. The Filipino Fanbase – let’s face it, having that Philippine sash commands a huge advantage in terms of support from fans. The Philippines is one of the biggest pageant fanbase of the Miss Universe pageant. No matter where the pageant is held, you can be sure that a portion of Filipinos will travel there just to catch a glimpse of our rep and to support her in her journey. For Filipinos, our reps’ victories are victories of the country. They are one and the same, so Pinoy fans are loyal in that way.
  4. Individual Drive – this is perhaps the biggest factor why Filipina beauties keep on scoring one placement after another. Nobody could question the drive and the motivation these Pinay queens have in terms of their goal to win. This is the part that nobody can teach anyone. It is the part that differentiates Filipinas from its contemporaries. This is not a spectator sport for our reps, this is life and the realization that the Philippine sash comes with honor and responsibility of representing 100+ million Filipinos.

An Extended Reign for Catriona Gray?

Warning: this is a rumor mill post and thus should not be treated seriously. It is also written with a heavy gay lingo that may make your heads spin so buckle up! And learn your gay lingo!

The pageant gods must be happy with reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray as our moles from Nueva York are so happy to chichi with us gossips direct from the headquarters of the biggest pageant in the world, the universe rather… Due to the bankability as an endorser of Catriona, insider frogettes are whispering that ‘her reign may be extended beyond‘ her original contract.

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Is Imitation the Highest Form of Flattery?

We all have heard the age old adage: Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… But there’s a line when it’s just a downright POOR SECOND-RATE, COPYCAT OF THE ORIGINAL!

Originality does seem to be a rare currency these days. The recent released photoshoots by famed photographer of Puteri Indonesia 2019, Frederika Cull seemed to be just a copycat shots from Fadil’s own catalogue of shots. Every shot is seemed to have been a photocopy of someone’s shot! The recently released images of Frederika mirrors those of reigning Miss Universe Catriona Gray’s earlier pictures. These side by side images show the very blatant similarity of the hair, makeup and even almost the same poses that is just ridiculous beyond words.

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery… But there's a line when it's just downright a POOR COPYCAT OF THE ORIGINAL! These side by side copying of the hair, makeup and even almost the same poses is just ridiculous, bordering to pathetic. Has Fadil really ran out of ideas for a shoot? Has Frederika or her team sabotaging her by making her look desperate to look like a COPYCAT? Or this is just an uninspired generic farce to stay relevant on social media? Somebody in her team gotta be fired for not doing their own research. When a certain BBP wore a costume similar to that of an Indonesian queen, we gotta say it was a terrible error on the part of the designer and even the girl herself should have done her research. This case is no different than that. In fact this is exactly like that. An uninspired generic remake of a perfectly done original. I'm not saying that Catriona or any queen has the patent for that kind of shot but when you are copying something without adding something personal to it, it becomes nothing less than just a knock-off of the original. It's like buying a Zara look-a-like coz you cannot get the original Dior. A shadow of the real thing. The Miss Universe motto is Confidently Beautiful, not "Confidently Copying What is Beautiful". Fred and her team has to realize that to be successful as a queen, she has to walk her own path, not lurk behind the shadows of a successful Miss Universe winner. Here's a thought: why would the Miss Universe organization crown a Catriona Gray copycat when they already have the real Catriona Gray? It's just like settling for a lab grown diamond when you already have a real diamond. It doesn't make sense, ain't it? . . . . . . . #SashesAndScripts #UltimatePageantBlog #thoughtsandopinions #copycat #CatrionaGray #FrederikaCull #MissUniverse #PuteriIndonesia #FadilBerisha

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If it is done once, then it is perhaps a coincidence but seeing that it is repeated with another shoot of another MU winner, then you will see this might be deliberate. Let’s look at Miss Universe, Pia Wurtzbach’s shoot back in 2015-2016. Same short bobbed hair/ hair on one eye, fiery red lips, outfit with strong shoulders, same hands on the waist/hips pose, heck even the same photographer!
Has Fadil really ran out of ideas for a shoot? Has Frederika or her team sabotaging her by making her look desperate to look like a COPYCAT? Or this is just an uninspired generic farce to stay relevant on social media?  These are questions that comes to mind. While we are open to give them the benefit of the doubt, we gotta admit that the similarities are just too close to call it a coincidence.
If Fadil was hired to do this shoot with explicit instructions on how Frederika wanted to be styled, then that’s on her. The stylist and creatives in charge of this shoot gotta be fired. Some heads will roll for not doing their own research. It’s just painting Frederika as a sad second rate, trying-hard, wannabe copycat… If it was Fadil who chose to recreate this look, then Frederika was handed short for what she paid for. We have high respects for Fadil’s work with the Miss Universe pageant but this isn’t his best work. With all due respect to him, this doesn’t compare to the work that he usually does with the Miss Universe candidates.

I’m not saying that Catriona, Pia or any queen has the patent for that kind of shot but when you are copying something without adding something personal to it, it becomes nothing less than just a knock-off of the original. And everyone in the world knows how everyone feels about knock-offs. It’s like buying a Zara look-a-like coz you cannot get the original Dior. A shadow of the real thing.
The Miss Universe motto is Confidently Beautiful, not “Confidently Copying What is Beautiful”. Fred and her team has to realize that to be successful as a queen, she has to walk her own path, not lurk behind the shadows of a successful Miss Universe winner.
Here’s a thought: why would the Miss Universe organization crown a Catriona Gray copycat when they already have the real Catriona Gray? It’s just like settling for a lab grown diamond when you already have a real diamond. It doesn’t make sense, ain’t it?

How Pia and Catriona Changed Standards of a Miss Universe Winner

In the two times that the Philippines has won the Miss Universe pageant this decade, the two Filipina queens who have won has changed and redefined what it means to be a Miss Universe.
This is how Pia Wurtzbach and Catriona Gray have set aside and defined a whole new different MU reigns…

PIA WURTZBACH, MISS UNIVERSE 2015 – winning in a very controversial announcement gaffe marked the start of her reign to be one that is to be remembered for years to come. But that hasn’t stopped her from making a mark for her reign…
1. Approachability and Charm – whenever you think of Pia, you cannot deny how charming she is and how you are draw to her in person. That is one of the reasons why wherever she traveled as MU, she manages to charm her way into the hearts of the locals. Doesn’t matter if it was in Latin America or Middle East, Pia has a way of winning people…
This trait seems to have been a trait that is common with her and her successors like Iris Mittenaere, Demi Leigh Nel-Peters and even Catriona. All of these IMG queens appear to be down-to-earth and very approachable. One that you would love not just to admire but to follow and engage with. Pia brought the Miss Universe closer to people being “real” and within grasp. She made it okay for regular people to see themselves in a queen that is both approachable and warm.

2. Public Speaking – while most Miss Universe winners can speak, not all of them can manage to carry a conversation as a professional spokesperson of the organization. She showed to everyone why being Miss Universe is a job and it is a job that she is born to do. Pia’s ability to navigate possible pitfalls in a tough conversations meant that she is almost always given tough interview questions to answer. A trait that she similarly shares with another former winner, Olivia Culpo. The only difference is that because of her innate charm and approachability, Pia has always been admired to win over people in her interviews.

This is perhaps her best contribution to the Miss Universe title. Since then, the MU-Pia prototype has always been someone who is charming, well-spoken and professional. Pia redefined who is a Miss Universe as a person.

CATRIONA GRAY, MISS UNIVERSE 2018 – to win just within years after a Filipina won the crown meant that Catriona is in a position to put her own stamp into the title that is unique to her own. While Pia redefined who is a Miss Universe, Catriona redefined what a Miss Universe does with the title. And redefine she did…

1. Advocacy and Public Appearances – this is perhaps the biggest contribution that Catriona will be known for. She didn’t define her reign with glossy magazine covers or high-voltage photoshoots, to which we have no doubt she could. Instead she defined her biggest contribution into the MU title with her charity work and public appearances. It is a rarity that you see her not getting involved in a charity event whether it be for HIV-AIDS, children’s wellfare and education, music, or women’s issues and women empowerment movements. What she did and is doing for the title is to make pageant relevant to an audience that feels and thinks that pageants are an archaic institution.
The way she took the reins of her reign illustrates that this is no stereotypical Barbie doll who does what its owner tells her to do. No, Catriona made her reign a definitive one by discussing with the MUOrg officials on the things she wants to accomplish by the end of reign. And with that path, she continues to walk.

2. Endorsements – this one is simply obvious. Catriona has made high profile endorsements that overshadowed those of other previous Miss Universe winners. And all of these are while she is still the reigning queen! For most MU winners, it is the opportunities after their reigns end is where they get serious moolah. Whether it will be endorsements or a career in the entertainment industry, they would usually have to wait until their reigns are over to milk those opportunities.
That isn’t the case with Catriona, as multi-national companies based in the Philippines would seriously shell out for her talent fee as an IMG|WME talent under the Miss Universe org to endorse products ranging from fastfood, beauty, banks and tech gadgets. This means that the org representing her, gets a hefty amount of payload from these endorsements. This is why she will be a tough act to follow because not all women from around the globe could hold a candle to what she has accomplished and pioneered as a winner.
Whenever a Filipina is crowned Miss Universe, expect that she will do something relevant with the title. And expect that she will be followed by queens similar to their mold…

Successful Miss World to Miss Universe Crossovers

Crossovers aren’t new to pageantry but there is something interesting about successful Miss World to Miss Universe contestants. Today let’s meet 5 prominent Miss Universe winners who first competed in t Miss World pageant…

1. Georgina Rizk of Lebanon, Miss Universe 1971 – from being unplaced at Miss World in 1970 and winning Miss Universe in 1971. The green-eyed 5’8″ brunette’  beauty was  the first and only victory of Lebanon in MU. Although she made history by being the first Middle Eastern to win the title and the 4th Asian to become MU.
It is also interesting to note that she wasn’t able to turn over her crown to the 1972 Miss Universe winner. On 30 May 1972, a month before the pageant telecast, 17 Christian pilgrims from Puerto Rico along with other victims, were killed during an attack at the Lod Airport in Israel (now Ben Gurion International Airport). The massacre was perpetrated by three members of the Japanese Red Army on behalf of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Due to the possible retaliation from the massacre, Rizk was not allowed to attend the Miss Universe Pageant to crown her successor in Puerto Rico.

2. Angela Visser of the Netherlands, Miss Universe 1989 – from being unplaced at Miss World in 1988 to winning Miss Universe in 1989. She remains as the only Dutch beauty to win the Miss Universe pageant. Their longest drought in the Miss Universe is staggering 20 years from 1993 to 2013. Angela’s 5’9″ stature coupled with her green eyes and blonde hair was a hit in Miss Universe as she garnered one of the highest scores during the finals in every area of the competition. TRIVIA: Angela’s evening gown score was one of the highest scores ever in MU. After her reign she would then serve as a color commentator for the Miss Universe pageants in years to come. She also established for herself a Hollywood career with a notable roles in TV’s Baywatch.

3. Michelle Mclean of Namibia, Miss Universe 1992 – from Top 5 Finalist at Miss World in 1991 and winning Miss Universe in 1992.
Despite being the perceived frontrunner in the competition, Michelle only placed amongst the top 5 in the Miss World 1991 pageant. The 6’0″ statuesque model became the first and only Miss Universe winner from Namibia after her participation in Bangkok, Thailand a year later. After her victory, this African nation took 11 years before placing again in the Miss Universe pageant in 2003. As for Michelle, she later made a name as a philanthropist with the establishment of the Michelle McLean Children’s Trust in Namibia, which focuses on the education and care of under-privileged children.

4. Mpule Kwelagobe of Botswana, Miss Universe 1999 – unplaced at Miss World 1997 to winning Miss Universe 1999.
The lithe 5’10” first competed in the Miss World pageant held in 7 in Baie Lazare, Seychelles against 85 other contestants. It was the first time that Botswana joined the Miss World pageant. Her participation in Miss Universe in 1999 was the first for her country as well. For the record, she is the only winner from Botswana and the only placement for them in MU. After her win, Botswana has never placed in the Miss Universe pageant for almost 2 decades. But that may change soon as Mpule is the current President of the Miss Universe Botswana Organization.

5. Catriona Gray of the Philippines, Miss Universe 2018 – Top 5 Finalist at Miss World 2016 and Miss Universe 2018.
She is the 4th Filipina to win the Miss Universe pageant and the Philippines is the 4th most successful country in the Miss Universe pageant after USA with 8 wins, Venezuela with 7 wins and Puerto Rico with 5 wins.Like Michelle McLean, Catriona was poised to be one of the major favorites to win the crown but only had to settle for a top 5 finish. The parrallels doesn’t end there as both were also crowned in Bangkok, Thailand.