Are we Ready for A Transgender Miss Universe Winner?

Anita Green grabbed headlines earlier when she was named the first open transgender woman to compete in Miss Montana USA. The 26 year old beauty queen aspirant would only be the second transgender woman to vie for a state title in Miss USA after Arianna Wenzel in Miss California USA 2013. Back in 2012, then owner Donald Trump has openly allowed transgender contestants to compete in Miss Universe (and consequently in Miss USA & Miss Teen USA). This was after Jenna Talackova was initially barred from joining Miss Universe Canada that caused major uproar. While people may see this as a move towards the right direction, I thought that Trump did that just to gain publicity for the pageant not out of altruistic reasons.

Gabriela Isler, former Miss Universe 2013 from Venezuela (in a statement attributed to her) said that, “there is more to being a woman. We were born female, we experience menstruation cycle for decades, we struggle to be recognized in a mad men era too, we nurture life. That is what Miss Universe is about. You don’t buy womanhood.” The Venezuela beauty told Hufftington Post that transgenders “should have their own pageant, I think, and maybe they can realize [that] in this pageant, Miss Universe, or the other pageants [were] made for women.” Owing perhaps to the narrowing area of opportunities for women to excel, her statement can be deemed in support for naturally-borne females. On the other side of the debate was Miss Universe 2012 Olivia Culpo who had no issues against transgender women competing in Miss USA or Miss Universe.

I am on the fence regarding this issue. It is a bit difficult to allow transgender women into the pageant as it may alienate traditional pageant followers who still believe that natural-born females should compete. Yet with the “diversity” that the MUOrg seems to be shoving out on our throats lately, we have to be inclusive of all women of shapes and sizes, and yes of different forms. On a personal note, I think that transgender women should compete in pageants that are specifically designed for them and elevate it into a world-class competition to the level of the Miss Universe pageant, although I do not have any problems seeing a transgender female in MU competing for the title.

EDIT, April 26, 10:45pm – Talleen Abu Hanna is the recent transgender female to compete at the nationals of Miss Israel. Should she win, she will have the opportunity to compete in Miss World and/or Miss Universe. Back in 2015, Angela Ponce competed in the nationals of Miss World Spain (which was won by Mireia Lalaguna).
EDIT, May 14, 11:45am – Angela Ponce has been confirmed to be running for the Miss Universe Spain title this year. This will be her second time competing for a national title.
EDIT, June 30, 11:28am – Angela Ponce won the Miss Universe Spain title and is going to represent Spain in Miss Universe this year!



4 thoughts on “Are we Ready for A Transgender Miss Universe Winner?”

  1. I would have given you a salute for choosing either side and defended your choice. But instead you gave us a safe answer. A person can not have the best of both worlds.


  2. i think it will arrive sooner or later, but i feel like it won’t happen in five years. though i personally think we’re gonna get to that point.


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