Miss USA and Miss Teen USA: Under New Management?

Everyone is looking forward to the official announcement that the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA will now be under a new management.

This rumor has been buzzing around Miss USA insiders for weeks now and we just can’t help but think that the separation of the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA is another revenue-earning move from the Miss Universe organization.

Rumor has it that the reigning Miss USA Asya Branch and Miss Teen USA Ki’ilani Arruda will be the last queens that the Miss Universe organization will have to handle as starting 2021, Crystle and her organization will crown their own winner sometime fourth quarter of 2021 (most probably around October or November).

MISS Academy and Crystle Stewart

According to what we have heard, the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA are now separate from the Miss Universe organization and is now under former Miss USA 2008 Crystle Stewart’s leadership. This would probably mean that the Miss USA would have to pay an annual franchise fee to the MUOrg. It is likely that they will have to function like any other national pageant and put up their own pageant for the nationals.

Crystle and her husband, Max Sebrechts, run the Miss Academy, a pageant training school with headquarters in Houston Texas. According to their website the Miss Academy offers hands-on training for ladies aged 13 to 27 intended to “upgrade [your] manners, image and style to claim your success at every stage of life, with or without a crown.

To elevate the status of women in society, beginning on the individual level; showing them the entirety of their potential and giving them the tools to access and utilize it through pageantry.

MISS Academy is committed to translating traditional values through pop culture. We envision a society in which every girl, across cultural borders can become her best self through life and image education, with hands on training in pageantry. Guiding young women globally to loving their individuality, discovering their talents, knowing how to best present themselves, and owning every aspect of who they are, MISS Academy will be synonymous with the history of female success.

According to unverified reports, the new Miss USA and Miss Teen USA winners will either live in Los Angeles or even possibly in Houston for their year of reign. They are set to receive a whole new set of prizes, accommodations/ living quarters, and even possibly new crowns. No word how will this impact the MUOrg arrangements with Mouawad, the current maker of the Miss Universe, Miss USA and Miss Teen USA crowns. If the new owners are to continue the relationship with the Thai-based Lebanese jewelry brand or if it will find new crown makers in the future.

If rumors are true that the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA are now under a different national director, then we think that USA’s winning Miss Universe got more difficult. In the past, American reps go further in the MU competition simply because they are Miss USA. 
What Does these Changes Mean?

What would this development mean for the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA pageants? It would perhaps mean that the next Miss USA would have difficulty as she is now at the same level playing field as the rest of the candidates. It can be noted that the USA seems to enjoy dominance in Miss Universe but not much in other international pageants.

This might also mean that the state pageants are to pay state franchises over to the new national directors. With new national leadership could also mean some changes in the leadership and franchise-holders at the state levels.

We may not know the extent of how these changes would mean but it can be noted that the years 2019 and 2020 were the years of change in national franchise owners for the Miss Universe pageant. Thailand, the Philippines, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Puerto Rico, etc… all saw changes in leadership and franchise ownership. It shouldn’t be a surprise that USA followed suit.

UPDATE (Dec. 31, 2020) – it was confirmed that Crystle Stewart is the new Miss USA & Miss Teen USA Licensee. It was announced in Good Morning America and was later confirmed by Paula Shugart, MUO President, on her official Instagram account. Here is what she has said on Instagram:

"I am so excited to work alongside @missusa 2008 Crystle Stewart in her new role as the national director for Miss USA and Miss Teen USA. Crystle exemplifies the best qualities in a Miss USA, and I am so excited for the women who will grow under her guidance and mentorship, and for our state directors, who will have a loyal partner in Crystle."

In a separate Instagram reply, Paula also mentioned that the Miss Universe organization still owns the Miss USA and Miss Teen USA brands stating: “MUO absolutely still owns Miss USA and Miss Teen USA and we will be very much involved. Crystle will be a licensee just as we have licensees all around the world. We have been working on this for quite a while and I am excited it has become a reality. Crystle loves the brand as much as I do and could not be more thrilled to be working with her.

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