What’s In-store for Sashes&Scripts for the Year of the Dog?

We just recently celebrated the Chinese New Year last February 16th. And this has gotten your blogger to reminisce of what we have achieved so far. Last October 25th 2017, the new Sashes&Scripts blog has reached its first 1 million clicks in just 13 months. I promised then that we would be hitting 2 million hits in less than a year… within 10 months to be specific. I have targeted to hit 2 million by my birth month of August.

Guess what? In just 4 months we already hit 1.43 million clicks! In fact, if this trend continues, we might overshoot that target and reach our second million much faster than expected! So I am working to reach that goal of achieving just that plus getting more followers of my blog.
Of course this is not just the only thing that I dreamed of achieving this year. I also have recently launched @sashesandscriptsofficial on Instagram. Being a neophyte in the Instagram world, I have been taking baby steps in improving our IG feed. I am planning to create more exclusive content for Instagram and will be launching that real soon. Of course we couldn’t just do this without any form of metrics to track our progress. I am targeting to reach 10k followers by end of the year. So I hope you can all help me to do so by following @sashesandscriptsofficial on Instagram.

Add to that is a Sashes&Scripts Facebook official page where you can get the latest blog updates immediately at your convenience plus exclusive content that won’t be seen on any Sash Factor pages. And we have recently launched the newest featured post which we call “The Hidden Post“. This password-protected blogpost will pop up every now and then for special interest topics that will only be available to a few… The first hidden post received quite a remarkable feedback from the initial group of readers and will be a mainstay in the blog.

This blogger also dreams of helping more pageant girls in the future. One of my fervent wishes is to be able to talk to a group of pageant hopefuls and inspire/prepare them on their journey to become beauty queens. I have to admit that I have dreams of being able to guide pageant hopefuls through inspirational talks and explaining about either: 1) social media strategy, 2) self-image and branding or 3) image consultation. I have worked long enough in the fashion industry to share a few things on those topics. Hopefully  one day someday I get to be invited for a talk on any of those…

Your Sashes&Scripts blogger have more dreams to achieve and hopefully, this would become a full-blown career in the following years ahead. The poet Yeats once said, “In dreams begins responsibilities…” Once you have a dream, you are aligning yourself to goals. With those goals come duties and responsibilities to make those come true.


12 thoughts on “What’s In-store for Sashes&Scripts for the Year of the Dog?”

  1. Saka yung moderation mukhang forever na proseso ha. Puede naman di ba sa wordpress na moderated lang pag first comment, pero gora na ang succeeding ones. Puede naman i block ang mga barubal. Para lang mas masaya divah.


      1. Hi Gina,
        How do you like the latest color scheme? We have taken into account your comments to improve the site.
        Hi Joel,
        We couldn’t change the layout of the site drastically because this current format allows easier reading for mobile phones, tablets and PC’s. Commenting is enabled at the left side of the screen, though not very noticeable. It is one of the trade offs we have to make.
        Thanks for the feedback!

        Jesson Capuchino/ Sashes&Scripts


        1. The Password Protected posts are highly sensitive posts where I would want to engage with few. Each blogpost gets viewed by an average of 2.4k people and I’d like to have these sensitive posts narrowed to only the hundreds.
          I have worked a temporary solution to this conundrum. That is to post the links and password via the Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/sashesandscriptsofficial/
          This page has less than 300 followers and it would be perfect as it doesn’t have the 100k plus audience of the Sash Factor page. It’s more intimate and it will be posting new blogposts on real-time as they are released. I will be communicating this to everyone much clearly a bit later.


  2. So how do you pick people who gets access to the hidden post? Wouldnt that just alienate regular readers, like myself, who prefers to read but often does not comment?


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