Why Binibining Pilipinas Still is the Best Org to Handle the Miss Universe Franchise

Until now the rumors of having the Miss Universe franchise taken by other organizations would not die down. So we have heard that this is supposedly the last year that BPCI would be holding on to the MUP franchise and that it might change hands come next year. So we ask ourselves if after 55 years of handling the franchise, is it time for other organizations to take over the Miss Universe franchise?

1. The Bb. Pilipinas Charities Inc. is headed by a woman, a former beauty queen. Which means she is more likely to know what are the issues that the queens would be facing. With the current political atmosphere in the US with the #MeToo and #TimesUp movement, it is only a matter of time before this movement hit Philippine shores. With a woman at the helm of the BPCI, it is more likely that SMA would be more sympathetic and protective of her queens. In fact, she is very much concerned for each of her ward that she makes sure that each one of them is taken cared of.
2.  BPCI has held the franchise for 55 years. And that means it has built a reputation of professionalism and stability throughout the highs and lows of the industry. More than that, the name Binibining Pilipinas itself is a recognized heritage brand and it is difficult to erase its history from the minds of Filipino fans. And in that span of time, the BPCI has been able to sustain their pageant franchises and fees, maintain strong relationships with the international pageant owners, and has kept its name as prestigious and untainted as ever.
3. BPCI is a part of a bigger corporate family, the Araneta group. Unless a serious mismanagement occurs, the BPCI will keep itself afloat as it is part of a larger corporate group. This is important because the pageant will not easily go belly up after all this time. It will remain stable as long as it has a parent organization that will continuously steer it towards being self-sustaining. And so far, we haven’t heard of major losses in revenue for the 55 year old pageant.
4. Business connections and partnerships it has established. Let’s face it, putting up a pageant is financially exhausting, in more cases it operates at a loss for the owners unless it has major sponsors. With BPCI having been in the industry for so long, big brand names would not shy away from becoming major sponsors. Just take a look at other pageants and their sponsors, not all of them have high profile sponsors that would invest money for ads during their telecasts. Continue reading “Why Binibining Pilipinas Still is the Best Org to Handle the Miss Universe Franchise”


Denise Quiñones, MUPR National Director

Former Miss Universe Denise Quiñones confirmed to Primera Hora that she was in talks with WapaTv for the possibility to be the National Director of Miss Universe Puerto Rico. And yesterday, she was officially announced as such.

WapaTV programming president, Jimmy Arteaga, introduced the new national director of the Miss Universe Puerto Rico pageant, Denise Quinones, in a press conference yesterday. According to Primera Hora, the local pageant will be held in September at the Luis A. Ferré Fine Arts Center and applicants can now begin to register through www.Wapa.tv/missuniversepuertorico as of February 19 until the 15th March.
In a separate news article by El Vocero, Denise said she is willing to count on the advice of veteran beauty pageant, Magali Febles (National Director of Miss Universe Dominican Republic), if conversations with the management of Wapa TV are successful.  She further says, “Magali is excellent at what she does, I trained with her and I definitely learned a lot. She has a lot of experience and it would not be bad to talk to her and learn a little more about this world…

A week ago Desirée Lowry and partner Luisito Vigoreaux lost the franchise of Miss Universe Puerto Rico to WapaTV. Vigoreaux indicated that he does not see himself as part of the new MUPR team. Although he commented that whether Desiree would be a part of the new team would be up to her.

Desiree Lowry & Luis Vigoreaux: The Loss of the Miss Universe Franchise

Yesterday we received news of the Miss Universe Puerto Rico franchise being transferred away from Puerto RIco Crown Entertainment. Former Miss Puerto Rico Universe Desiree Lowry and business partner Luis Vigoreaux has lost the franchise to television network Wapa TV. The franchise is renewed annually and was said that the decision not to renew was from the Miss Universe organization.

Under the tutelage of Lowry, who had the local franchise since 2009, the Puerto Rican candidates made semifinals in 2009 (Mayra Matos), 2010 (Mariana Vicente), 2011 (Viviana Ortiz Pastrana) and 2013 (Monic Marie Pérez). Puerto Rican delegates hasn’t been in the semifinalists table since Monic in Moscow, Russia. However, Gabriela Berríos was given the Miss Photogenic special award in the 2014 pageant. The only time that the pageant was involved in a controversy was when Kristhielee Caride was dethroned in 2016.

At the end of the day, the decision not to renew by the MUOrg is a business decision. With Wapa TV, they might be able to boost further the local pageant in terms of visibility and prestige. Nevertheless, there is still hope as Wapa TV can still choose to have Desiree and Luis on board to serve as directors and trainers (but no longer franchise owners). I have hopes that the talks between Luis Vigoreaux and Wapa TV would bring a resolution to the satisfaction of all parties. After all Desiree and Luis did bring a fresher  modern take on the age old pageant.

How Much is the Annual Franchise Fee for Miss Universe?

With the news that Miss Venezuela Keysi Sayago is likely not able to participate in Miss Universe this year, we ask if the MU franchise fee is too expensive to pay for this pageant powerhouse?

It is said that the Miss Universe pageant franchise varies from country to country. Smaller countries who have little competition in their hometown for a rival pageant could pay around US$ 10,000 for the annual fee. And if a country wins the MU title, they are exempt from paying the franchise fee the subsequent year.
In the Philippines, BPCI through its Chairperson Stella Marquez Araneta has a stable cash cow with the annual Binibining Pilipinas pageant thus is able to pay off the annual franchise fee. The BPCI stalwart has been able to manage 50 years of holding the franchise with her ability to manage the funds of the pageant. Pageant insiders has it that by the late 2000’s, the Philippines pays around US$ 40,000 annually. Rumored updated figures have it now between US$ 50,000- 60,000.

During Mariangel Ruiz’ time the Venezuelan franchise was only around US$ 70,000.00 to 80,000. And she too had the misfortune of almost not being able to be sent to MU, until other countries stepped in to pay the lacking amount. But that was in 2003, recent reports say that the Venezuelan franchise fee is currently around US$ 100,000. However, some pageant insiders estimates that it could be more and we may be looking at a figure between US$ 120,000- 150,000.
Those amounts seem to be too exorbitant compared to the annual US$ 10,000 franchise fees for Miss World. But that comes with a catch, each national organization has to select a national winner in a separate beauty pageant. And we know how extremely difficult it is to set up two national pageants for MW and MU. Just ask Osmel how the Miss World Venezuela is less spectacular than the Miss Venezuela pageant itself. That is altogether a different expense that could impound to a struggling national pageant.

Although the exact figures are unconfirmed, we are looking at huge amounts of money being spent annually. So can we truly grasp the enormity of Venezuela’s situation. They are currently under huge socio-political-economic crisis. Pageants might not be their priority for now…

Is it Only 5 Crowns for Binibining Pilipinas 2017?

First it was rumored to be 7, then it went back to 6, now is the final number going to be 5?
We are talking about the number of the titles up for grabs in this year’s Binibining Pilipinas pageant. It was whispered among pageant insiders that the initial 7th international pageant franchise acquired by BPCI was the Miss United Continents only to be squashed later on when Philippine ND John dela Vega confirmed that the franchise is still his. So it was back to the original 6 titles up for grabs. However we have seen that only 5 titles were named in the BbPilipinas.com website.

Clearly the Miss Grand International title is not visible in the pageant’s official website. This is baffling as Bb. Pilipinas Grand Int’l and Miss Grand International 1st runner-up, Nicole Cordoves was seen recently with Ariska Pertiwi and the rest of the winners in Thailand for a series of public appearances. Not to mention that it was still mentioned in the previous press presentation that 6 titles were up for grabs.
Has BPCI dropped the franchise of MGI? We are not yet sure until we get confirmation from the heads of BPCI on this matter. So keep tuned in…