Miss Philippines Earth 2020 is Roxanne Allison Baeyens

The 5’5″ Baguio lass Roxanne Allison Baeyens was named Miss Philippines Earth 2020!

Her elemental court comprise of:
Miss Philippines Air: Patrixia Santos, Daraga, Albay
Miss Philippines Fire: Shane Tormes, Atimonan, Quezon
Miss Philippines Water: Gianna Llanes, Mandaluyong City
Miss Philippines Eco-Tourism: Illysa Mendoza, Fil-Melbourne, Australia

Roxie is a 23-years-old Tourism degree holder from St. Louis University. She works as a commercial model and had commercials for Nescafe’s Creamy White Coffee, Axe among others.

Not new to pageantry, Roxie has participated at Miss Tourism and Culture Universe 2019 where she was placed as the first runner-up. She had also competed last 2019 at Miss Mandaluyong where she was placed as fourth runner-up.

Roxie’s advocacy is urban gardening because she feels that the cities are no longer green and we as individuals must start making decision in according to the environment. She is inspired by her mother who is an environmentalist and wanted to continue her legacy as the family strongly believes in making a change in the society. In her Instagram post last Mother’s Day, Roxanne said she has planted her first three as early as she was only six years old. The action bloomed to make urban farming her advocacy.

The Baguio lass also has a soft spot for animals. Amid the lockdown, she has been helping feed stray fur babies, who were left hungry for days. She started a small feeding drive called the STRAY-t From the Heart which helped feed several dogs and cats left on the streets.

During the finals, the top 5 were all asked what is the most important quality should a leader possess during a pandemic by host Paolo Bediones. Roxie responded, “A leader should display having a green thumb because at this point in time, we have a shortage in food supply. It is important to open the eyes of people to embrace having a sustainable life and start urban agriculture at their own homes. After all, a green life is a better life. I hope our leaders will give that to us.

Special awards winners during the finals included:
Eco-Angel award: Lyka Chamberlaigneh Lagasca, Lallo, Cagayan
Darling of the Press: Roxanne Allison Baeyens, Baguio City
Eco-Video award: Roxanne Allison Baeyens, Baguio City
Hannah Shampoo award: Shane Tormes, Atimonan, Quezon

Sashes&Scripts’ Final Leaderboard for Bb.Pilipinas2018

40 ladies…
6 crowns…
1 nerve-wracking finals night…
With a very competitive batch of ladies I can name at least 20 ladies that should make semis and it still wouldn’t be enough to fairly squeeze in the strong girls in the competition. So this year, my final leaderboard follows a different format. I took away the ranking of the semifinalists as it would not matter who makes #15 vis-a-vis #9.

Alternate Semifinalists – one way or another, these ladies have left an impression on this blogger. Each girl could easily sneak into the top 16 semis this year. But I am sure that these ladies will make top 25 in the finals.
* Loren Mar Artajos
* Sarah Joson
* Shane Tormes
* Aubrey Asuncion
* Wynonah Buot
* Kristie Cequeña
* Janette Sturm
* Patrizia Garcia
* Anjame Magbitang
Semifinalists – no surprises here as these ladies have continually made a mark in the course of the competition. However, these ladies at some point lost consistency along the competition. Some had a strong start, other had their moment on the latter parts of the competition. But they are still a threat for those in the upper half of the list
* Agatha Romero
* Ahtisa Manalo
* Samantha Bernardo
* Ana Patricia Asturias
* Karen Gallman
* Sandra Lemonon
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Sashes&Scripts’ Selection of 12 Best Costumes in Bb. Pilipinas 2018!

The Jag Jeans and the National Costume fashion show had finished last March 3rd but it still dominates pageant discussions on social media. While the BPCI has selected its 10 best costumes, I felt that the quality of national costumes this year is so high that I have to shout out my own picks of 12.

12. Agatha Romero in John Cliff – being so close to the stage, I could see all these intricate details of the bodice of this terno. On top of that is how parts of it are added with LED lights!
11. Anjame Magbitang in Sonny Boy Mindo – this was one of those costumes that would make you feel you are a Filipino. This Katipunero costume was a breathe of fresh air as it was apt for the youngest Binibini in the pageant.
10. Shane Tormes in Polly Lagyap – another creative take on the national costume in this year’s competition. It is said to celebrate the Laing and the Magbubuko, which was an awesome idea.
9. Kristie Rose Cequena in Richard Barretto – an out of the box costume that celebrates the Moriones festival. This was one of the more creative ensembles that night.

8. Janette Sturm in Jay-R Gamboa Flores – the novelty of this costume is so much welcome. I can only imagine the long hours of creating an outfit that is almost devoid of fabric. Yes, the gown was almost made entirely out of interlocking beads!
7. Stephanie Abellanida in Archie Castillo – black and gold is my color du jour! And I loved everything about this costume, the headpiece was superb as well as the intricacy of the beading on the outfit.
6. Mary Joy de Castro in Albert Figueras – would have preferred the outfit with a different headpiece. I remembered the headpiece of this costume being worn by Emma Tiglao in MWP.
5. Eva Patalinjug in Philipp Tampus – gave drama in spades! Styled like a golden era screen goddess, the worked the costume to the Nth level.

4. Sandra Lemonon in Edwin Uy – the girl performed her best ‘Urduja’ moves in this costume. Although I don’t get which was the Ibong Adarna part, Sandra carried it with aplomb.
3. Aya Abesamis in Chico Estiva – thank God for the cape or else it would have looked like a generic gown with the apir fans and a sunray headdress. Aya carried it effortlessly.
2. Sarah Joson in Jay-R Gamboa Flores – it was a gorgeous ensemble. And it looked better in person. This amalgam of several indigenous tribes’ outfits was perfection. I loved the tiny brass bells in it as well.
1. Vickie Rushton in Francis Libiran – that punch of red at the start of the natcos segment placed the bar high. I thought this is one of the best that night. It was haute couture levels in its construction technique!
I felt that the BPCI selection has shut out a number of gorgeous ternos so I am giving it equal footing here on the list. There is also a diversity in terms of creative and out of the box choices for the costumes. I commend the designers for a leveled up national costumes this year!

Another thing I also observed that the BPCI selection of the 10 best NCs seems to be a test of which fandom will likely be the noisiest online. So I am very much excited to see which of the girls’ fan groups is the strongest on voting for the national costume award.
Note that since I had helped conceptualize the national costume for Binibini 20, it goes to say that it has automatically been excluded in this list, you know, for obvious reasons.

An Underrated Binibini 8 Shane Tormes

One of the girls that were a surprise performer during the press presentation was Binibini 8 Marie Shery Ann Quintana Tormes. When I did my 3rd leaderboard, on the last two spots I had three names Agatha Romero, Wynonah Buot and Shane Tormes. It was an oversight that Sashes&Scripts overlooked her performance in the PP hence I’d like to correct that in today’s blog.

The 5’7″ Shane is a fermer sale account executive. Shane should easily be one of the girls that you should remember in the competition as she was one of the standouts during the Talent competition weeks ago. The 26 year old belted out her rendition of the Aretha Franklin classic, (You make Me Feel) Natural Woman. As a matter of fact, because she was such a surprise belter she might be one of the three girls that could romp away with that special award.

Fast-forward to the press presentation, where she was one with the more polished and energetic walks among the 40 candidates. This should not be a surprise as she is a pageant veteran on her own right. The Albayana is 1st runner up in Miss Hannah’s Eco Tourism Philippines in 2016 and Miss Mandaluyong 2nd Runner Up last year. She also participated in several other regional pageants like Miss Bicolandia and Mutya ng Daragang Magayon. She also tried her luck in Miss Philippines Earth.

With a heavy and competitive batch this year, it is easy to overlook certain candidates. With the underdogs performing just as much as the darkhorses and frontrunners in the competition, we certainly have to be more discerning of the girls. Shane certainly is one of those that could surprise us come finals.

Bb. Pilipinas 2018 Talent Review

For the Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Talent competition review, I’m kinda’ switching the tone of my writing. So for those that are expecting a “proper” polite review, this won’t be one. LOLs. Strong language ahead folk! This is gonna be a long-@ss post so yah betta’ not complain that it’s too tiring to read.
15 out of 40 girls this year had the guts to perform their talents in front of a crowd. And while some may have talents that ranged from so-so to complete meh, other femmes gave us a show! This batch has amazeballs talents! So let’s get to each of the 15 girls…

Binibini 1 Vickie Marie Rushton – girl gave the ivory keys a tickle. The problem is she should have positioned herself in a sideview so that the front audience could see her actually tickling the keys as the electronic keyboard blocked the view of her performance. It would have been better if they were able to put in a baby grand and she played that instead (I know, logistics is gonna be a b!tch but hey go for the gold right?).

Binibini 2 Katherine Jane Ventura – f#ck (pardon my French!) but this girl can sing! You don’t choose a Whitney/ Mariah song and not be expected to deliver. She sang “When You Believe” superbly with a vocal quality that you see in professional singing contests. If this pageant thing doesn’t work out for her then boy, head on to The Voice as ya probably gonna earn bigger bucks there!

Binibini 4 Ana Patricia Asturias – she sang a medley of songs from the beloved musical ‘The Sound of Music’. But it was her guitar playing brother that stole the show with the guitar! Naughty brother…bad bad bad… You shouldn’t have upstaged your sister… You’ll be in Santa’s Naughty List come December, so you better know how to bribe the fat man in the red suit. #lols

Binibini 7 Sigrid Grace Flores – ukelele plus a well loved Disney tune? What could go wrong? Sigrid performed the song “How Far I’ll Go” from Moana… and despite a shaky start (the ukelele wasn’t tuned before she started her song), she managed to pull off a decent performance. Props to the floral maxi-dress for being fashionably on point!

Binibini 8 Marie Sherry Ann “Shane” Tormes – when she came out in a red dress with a slit from here to hoochie infinity, you knew she is up to something. And boy didn’t she surprise everyone with her voice. Forgive the foul language but beeyotch brought the house down with her Aretha Franklin classic, (You make Me Feel) Natural Woman!!!  She even made me feel like a natural woman! And I don’t have the right anatomical parts for it! Brava! Bravissima!

Binibini 14 Samantha Mae Bernardo – I thought she would be performing the most difficult dance steps of the Binasuan folkdance. Instead we all got a half-half performance. After the Binasuan she did death defying (at least to me) acrobatics that I actually preferred. The acrobatics was the stronger performance and should have sticked to it. Throw in some “The Greatest Showman” songs and moves, and the crowd would have gone apes#!t for it!

Binibini 19 Michelle Therese Gumabao – for a slight moment there I thought the dogs are the ones with talent. But gurrlll, didn’t you know that dogs have heightened senses and hearing than us humans? The dogs couldn’t do the tricks because they can’t hear you over the gazillion decibels of noise they could only hear and the poor cute doggies are reading all the emotions of the people surrounding them. That is how sensitive dogs are. They were so confused with all these stimuli to do the tricks. Ay mi hija! Perros pobrecitos!

Binibini 20 Catriona Elisa Gray – has the Bb. Pilipinas talent night become an audition night for The Voice Philippines? Sorry but I didn’t seem to have gotten the memo. If I’d have pipes like that I’d go directly to LA for The Voice or the now defunct American Idol. Bebe gurl got pipes and she knows how to use them! Props as well for selecting an Adele song ‘coz she’s a staple for every contemporary singing competitions.

Binibini 23 Ena Louise Velasco – props to her for selecting a Sarah Geronimo song to dance to in front of ABS-CBN Director Chit Guerrero! Not to mention that her wardrobe is so reminiscent of what Sarah wore in the music video of Tala… from hair to wardrobe and even the choice of colors. Now that’s proper planning. Bebe gurl knows how to earn dem brownie points!

Binibini 27 KC Cajandig – she danced to the Kappa Malong Malong folkdance but didn’t really register a strong presence (unlike Emma Tiglao’s Asik back in MWP2015). What I remembered from the performance was that she did okay enough but was upstaged by how host Chanel Olive Thomas pronounced the dance by stressing on the wrong vowels. You gotta see the video to hear it being mispronounced terribly wrong…. lols

Binibini 28 Angelica Mae Corbes – she belly danced to a remix of an Arabian instrumental but I wished she had those tasseled belts so that the movement of the hips are more emphasized. Without those, her performance tasted bland, like a salad without vinaigrette or dressing… Her saving grace was that she look gorgeous while doing her routine.

Binibini 30 Sarah Margarette Joson – she did an interpretative jazz dance and did just okay. It wasn’t that spectacular but at least wasn’t bad either. It coasted along well enough. Next time she should have added more angst and grit in the performance to pop out.

Binibini 32 Eva Psychee Patalinjug – I said it over Facebook that I seriously did not peg this girl to dance like Beyonce’s life depends on it. Beeyotch got serious moves. Just when I thought I got her figured out, she surprises everyone by twerking it like Miley! And those hairflips? I wonder if she didn’t give herself neck problems after all the hair tossing during the dance.

Binibini 36 Loren Mar Artajos – booyah! This belter sang Whitney Houston’s “One Moment in Time” and I’m floored. She laid serious pipes during the talent night that I thought her high notes would literally bring down the entire Farmer’s Plaza and cause massive loss of life and property. Loren sang the hell out of the song that I was afraid she’d pop up a vein and cause herself an aneurysm. Whitney would rise up her grave to give her a standing ovation!

Binibini 40 Angelie Aubrey Asuncion – after the vocal calisthenics of Loren, I was glad I was soothed back to earth by Aubrey’s rendition of Sitti’s bossa nova classic “Para sa Akin”. Which was a welcome soothing relaxation that we all needed in the audience.
How about you folk? What did you think of the girls’ talent performances during talent night?