Sthefany Gutierrez on Politics and Sexual Harassment

One of the news articles that I have saved after the crowning of Miss Venezuela Sthefany Gutiérrez last year was this article about her views on a political career and sexual harassment. Now the issue is quite a huge news considering the alleged prostitution scandal that is creeping along the halls of the Miss Venezuela organization.

Asked by EFE about the sexual harassment and abuse denounced by a number of models and actresses, the young beauty did not hesitate to repudiate those evils within the world of showbiz, and urged Venezuelan women not to keep quiet when such aggression occur.
“The person who feels sexually harassed has to report it immediately, whether in the entertainment industry or in ordinary life. It’s a very delicate matter, I believe no woman should have to go through that, because we women deserve respect,” she said.
In that sense, she asked that women overcome their fear and publicly expose whoever is “harassing” or “disgracing” them, without letting too much time go by.

It is ironic that she would be saying that back then and now the issue has now hit closer to home. I wonder what is her thoughts on Osmel Sousa’s alleged involvement in the prostitution of Miss Venezuela girls. Would she be trained to remain neutral to such politically-laden question as it puts the credibility of the Miss Venezual organization at peril? Would she shy away from it now that it hits the organization very terribly?
Whatever the case maybe, she should be ready for that come Miss Universe pageant because it may well be asked in closed-door interviews…


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