Why Maureen Wroblewitz Won…

I have vowed to myself not to talk anymore about a certain reality-TV competition after witnessing past seasons of forgettable winners who were nothing more than accessories to boost ratings. But I think it would be a mistake not to talk about how Maureen Wroblewitz deserved to win. 

With all due respect to the fans’ opinions coming from different countries’, I believe that this season was nothing more than just a reality-TV drama series. None of this year’s candidates have it to be big-time models outside Asia. Why is that? Because true modeling big-wigs come from ‘real’ modeling competitions like the Ford Supermodel Search or the Elite Model Look. Unless this competition comes up with winners the caliber of Tao Okamoto,  Liu Wen, or Ai Tominaga… it will be just another generic competition watched for the drama.

In all honesty, I wished that Maureen wouldn’t have won as I prefer to see her instead in Binibining Pilipinas in the next couple of years. She would do much better as a beauty queen rather than a model, attitude and face-wise. But between the top 3 Maureen is undoubtedly the better choice, because of her face. Maureen is the face that could sell any product. Tu is too sexy and coudln’t seem to know how to dial it down. Shikin is too editorial and better suited on the catwalks. I honestly could not imagine either of them selling products like perfumes, toothpaste, shampoos, cosmetics or any beauty product. As a matter of fact any model would want to score those because those are the ones that pay big bucks. Let’s face it, in the end every model would want to have that 6 figure salaries that large cosmetics & beauty companies would pay for product endorsements or commercials. That is not inclusive of the fees if the commercial is to be air internationally, we are talking another set of paycheck/s for that. Magazine covers, fashion editorials and yes even catwalk shows don’t pay much to cover the bills. The difference in paycheck is as huge as the dropping of two 0’s.

If this reality TV competition wants to get afloat with sponsors, they had to wise up and select one that can actually sell products. Having Subaru as a major sponsor is not enough. Not all car brands do commercials in all ASEAN countries. So the best bet is to get someone who can sell Colgate, Pantene, Nivea, Maybelline, etc… Sadly for the top 3 only one has that face. Criticisms that she is “only face and no skill” is just that. Having a commercial face is nothing to laugh at, because that kind of face would ensure endorsement deals. 
So I will let the haters and the bitter gourds have their moment pulling down Maureen. After all, nothing is more satisfying than to watch Maureen laugh her way to the bank…


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