Jennifer ‘Fahsai’ Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin: Miss Universe Thailand Next-in-Line?

She is Jennifer Paweensuda Saetan-Drouin, or ‘Fahsai’  for short. This Bachelor of Kinesiology graduate from the University of Calgary in Canada is one of the talked about ladies in this year’s Miss Universe Thailand screenings.

Fahsai is a 23-year old model who grew partly in the province of Alberta. She stands 5’10 1/2″ tall and has amassed quite a following on social media with her bubbly and energetic personality. She speaks both fluent Thai and English. It is quite interesting to note that during the Miss Universe Thailand screenings she opted to use her Thai name, Paweensuda Saetan, instead of her English name. A smart strategy IMHO since it helps to get her closer to more fans. 
With the alleged MUTOrg’s bias towards the full-blooded Thai girls, Fahsai’s smart move could just be the ticket to get endeared to the pageant heads. It also pays that her Thai looks is much stronger than her Caucasian looks. This will make it easier for her to be more relatable.

Looks like the Miss Universe Thailand competition is getting more intense by the day. With a bumper crop of beauties, I think the MUT org has a huge headache in picking the next Miss Universe rep. I am betting Fahsai will be one of the girls who will easily cruise into the top spot…and it will be a major fight from there for the crown.


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