Cindy Miranda: The Binibini Gold that Never Aged!

There was one absolutely gorgeous gal that took my attention during the Miss Manila 2017 pageant, and it’s not the winner… former Binibining Pilipinas Tourism Cindy Miranda stole the show.

The now short haired 5’8″ beauty wore two lovely gowns during that night styled by Gian Carlo David. She looked immacualate and could have passed as one of the candidates for Miss Manila. Actually she could still best the candidates that night and could easily run away with the title. She still looks just as fresh as when she was crowned during Binibining Pilipinas Gold. 

Since we are at that same vein I was thinking should this Viva Entertainment artist think of a go for another pageant? I think she would definitely slam dunk and win it all. Too bad that she has probably aged out by now for most pageant. She was only 23 years old when she won in 2013 which means she is around 27 nowadays. Nevertheless, she still remains as beautiful as ever. Prooving the saying that once a Binibini, always a Binibini.


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