Rumor Mill: 2 Pageants Goes Head to Head

In the mood for some gossip?

So here’s how the story goes Newbie Pageant is said to be in talks with a broadcasting network that is the home of a very prestigious Legacy Pageant. How sure are we that the talks has already happened? Well let’s just say that the table discussions happened just earlier today! How far are the talks gone now? Rumor has it that the heads are already talking about music copyrights for songs to be used in the pageant. It is said that NP will be paying for air-time in the said Family-Friendly Network sometime May of this year. Two rival pageants in one broadcast station, LET THE DRAMA UNFOLD!
This would be a huge declaration of war as NP is on the move to set the stage for the biggest pageant in terms of number of candidates. It is rumored that the target number of candidates this year is at the minimum of 50 delegates or more! Rumor has it that it was stipulated in their contract with a Foreign Pageant that NP has to have twice as much candidates as that of LP.  But then again that is not exactly how the rumored contract is worded. But it is clear that NP has to have the biggest number of candidates in record. LP on the other hand has not set in a date for its finals but there are talks that it is in negotiations to hold its finals either on April or June. LP is said to be unaffected with NP’s overly dramatic stunts on social media and is planning something up their sleeves themselves. Pageant insiders have been gossiping about how the number of applicants in LP is of larger quantities and are of better quality. While LP’s roster of candidates will be named soon, NP is said to be struggling to fill in the 50-80 slots with quality candidates.
But that is not the only thing happening that would put their rivalry into a boil. A high profile lady by the name of Laroja is seem at the premises of the LP pageant. What she is doing there is anybody’s guess, but it will be clear that Laroja will play a major role in LP’s pageant finals. How about NP?  Well our gossipy friends are saying that another high profile lady by the name of Azura will figure prominently in NP’s activities. So it seems that the paths for Laroja and Azura are meant to go head to head as much as NP and LP currently is. As fate would have it, Laroja and Azura’s loyalties will put them at odds with each other and will test who is the stronger high profile lady…
Question will be: which will the fans support and patrionize? NP or LP? Laroja or Azura?

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