Costa Rica could Host Miss Universe with Declaration of Tourist Interest

Without such management, the country would not have the budget to pay for the requirements of the Miss Universe pageant.

El Instituto Costarricense de Turismo (ICT) suggested to the organizers of the Miss Universe pageant request, to the Board of Directors of the institution, a declaration of interest.

This management, as indicated by the ICT, must be accompanied by documentation that justifies how this contest would promote the values ​​of the Esencial Costa Rica brand in the markets of interest and priority in the ICT marketing strategy. 

These values ​​are an image of sustainability, of a society that promotes social progress, the defense of nature, excellence, innovation and of course that promotes real equality for women.

"We consider that, if a declaration of tourist interest is obtained, the Miss Universe event would have a letter of presentation facilitating the negotiations that its represented will require to carry out with the different actors and suppliers of the private sector to pay for the goods and services described in its proposal "said the ICT in a letter addressed to Shawn C. McClain, organizer of the beauty pageant.

Without this declaration, the country could not afford all the requirements that Miss Universe asks Costa Rica to host. These requirements are as follows:

  • Have the venue of the event and the staff to attend it. 
  • Almost 6,000 hotel nights, meals, among others, for contestants, staff, crew, and judges.
  • Local transportation for the staff of the contest organizing company, the crew and the contestants, as well as air tickets for the staff and crew.
  • Shipping and air freight to and from the host city for equipment; auxiliary events, filming, taxes, fees and visas.
  • Local workforce, translators, security and host committee to assist in the production of the event.

The ICT explained in said letter that it is not possible to pay for these requirements because the budget allocated for the promotion of the country as a tourist destination in issuing markets for travelers has been significantly reduced as a result of the pandemic.

"This reality limits the margin of institutional action to pay for the goods and services described in its proposal as obligations that the host country of the Miss Universe 2021 contest must assume," says the letter signed by Carolina Trejos, ICT Marketing Deputy Manager.
For this reason, the only way that the contest will eventually take place in our country is to declare it of tourist interest.

The Miss Universe organization hopes to announce the next venue for its pageant (2021) before May 16, the date on which the 2020 pageant will be held in Miami, United States. 

This news report was originally published by in March 18 and was translated in this blogpost.

Amandine for 2020, Clemence for 2021!

It’s official! Miss France 2020 Amandine Petit will compete in the 69th edition of the Miss Universe pageant in Hollywood, Metropolitan Miami, while Miss France 2020 Clemence Botino will represent France in the 2021 edition of the pageant tentatively in Costa Rica!

Usually, it is the Miss France of the previous year who competes since the national pageant takes place at the same time as the national competition in December. In an Instagram live session with Miss France national director Sylvie Tellier announced which Miss Universe edition the two Miss France winners will go to.

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Shawn McClain Interview with ‘La Nacion’

Miss Universe 2021: Vice President of organization reveals how negotiation for contest in Costa Rica is progressing…

In an exclusive interview with ‘La Nación’, Shawn McClain, vice president of Miss Universe, reaffirmed the interest that exists on the part of the organization to carry out the contest in Costa Rican territory at the end of 2021

Interviewed by Kimberly Herrera
The contest would be held in December 2021, however, the place where in Costa Rica it would take place is still unknown. The possibility that the Miss Universe 2021 is held in Costa Rica is increasingly feasible.

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2015, 2017 AND 2021: Two Miss Universe Pageants in a Year

There will be no Sweden in the 69th Miss Universe pageant to be held in March of 2021. Previously Germany, and Saint Lucia also announced their withdrawal from the 69th edition of Miss Universe.

On a now deleted reply on their Instagram account, the Miss Universe Sweden let it slip that there will be 2 Miss Universe editions to be held next year. Are we even surprised?

Miss Universe 2014/2015 and 2016/2017 also had 2 Miss Universe editions in the same year…
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