Miss Universe Malaysia 2017, Samantha Katie James

It has been almost over a month since a new Miss Universe Malaysia has been crowned and the honor of competing was bestowed on Samantha Katie James.

Samantha comes from a very interesting background being of Brazilian and Chinese descent. She speaks English and Malay fluently and can speak a little Mandarin and Tamil. An actress-model by profession, she confessed that she is a pescatarian (which means she doesn’t eat meat which is similar to vegetarian but can eat fish, eggs and some dairy products). This is not the first time that the 22 year old beauty competed in the Miss Universe Malaysia pageant. Her first time was back in 2013 when she was only 18 years old. The 5’7″ stunner bested 16 other candidates for the title in a reality-television show “The Next Miss Universe Malaysia” (the show aired on Diva and StarWorld. She succeeded Kiran Jassal who was Miss Universe Malaysia 2016.

If I may offer some tips for her, I believe she looks best with nude lipstick and strong smoky eyes. A good pair of hazel-colored contact lenses would compliment her Brazilian-Chinese features. Because she has strong jawline and wide lips, a smirk would work best on her (no teeth-y grin) as this would add mystery to her than a full wide smile. As for the hair, it would work best if she sports a lighter color as jet black would be to much of a contrast to her facial features. Having it in a soft chocolate brown with some highlights would bring out her best features. Her interesting mix has some advantages and challenges, I believe that how she is styled and packaged for the Miss Universe is going to be crucial. She should nail the styling part impeccably as she doesn’t look like a typical Asian lass. I would also recommend that she play up her being from a multi-cultural background living on a multi-cultural country like Malaysia. This will drum up bigger buzz during the interview rounds in Miss Universe.

I am excited on the transformation that the MUMOrg will do with Samantha. With a strong focus on Asian ladies in the past Miss Universe editions, I await the time when Malaysia becomes one of the ladies called into the semi-finalists…


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