Aya Abesamis and the Polar Opposites of Her Fans and Bashers

When I read social media posts on Binibini 11, Aya Abesamis I just couldn’t help but notice the extreme polarized opinions of those that support her and those that do not like her.

Aya is in a tough position being a Binibini Legacy. She has Miss Universe 3rd runner up Desiree Verdadero as her mother, then she has Miss World top 5 finalist Mafae Yunon as her cousin. That alone is quite a burden that she has to shoulder because she would never escape being compared to either two. Being a Binibini Legacy is actually a disadvantage for Aya simply because of that reason. It opens her to attacks by those that dislike her on social media. This is exactly what we see now happening.
The harshest criticism was that she wouldn’t get any attention without her mom or cousin. This is where I would strongly disagree. Because we are witness to how she is improving as the competition progresses. Her styling is getting much better, and despite being called out for similarities with Maxine Medina’s styling, I have no problem with that. Do what works when in a competition.
On the other side of the spectrum there are supporters that say she will only be eligible for the Miss Universe Philippines title because of her age. Hence she should be getting MUP because of that technicality. Being 26 years old does not narrow her chances of winning other Binibini titles. Back in 2015, the Miss International competition has already moved the ceiling age to 26 years old (there were three 26 year-olds that competed in MI2015, two in MI2016 and one last year). Other Binibini titles like Supranational (28 y/o ceiling age), Grand International (27 y/o ceiling age) and Globe (30 y/o ceiling age) are within reach aside from the MUP.

According to pageant friends who have observed Aya closely in the competition, she is one of the nice pleasant girls that doesn’t throw attitude. In fact she seems to be on the quiet side. From what little I have observed of her, I feel that Aya could easily snatch one of the titles up for grabs in Binibining Pilipinas. My gut says that she will be taking home one of the titles this year, we only have to wait to know which title would that be.


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