Hidden Posts – Sashes&Scripts Major ANNOUNCEMENT!

There are quite a number of people who have been asking me on socmed, email and on comments about the Hidden Posts. Why are there Hidden Posts? How do we access those posts? Can we be advised on how to be able to access them? So today I will be explaining them, its purpose and how to access them.

These password protected Hidden Posts are either 1) highly sensitive topics, 2) intellectual posts not easily digestible to the average persons, 3) blind items or rumors, or 4) a combination of those three. Each Sashes&Scripts blogpost gets viewed by an average of 2.4k to 4.5k people each day. What I’d like to do is to have these sensitive posts narrowed to only the hundreds. And engage in real intelligent conversations for these kinds of posts, specially with the followers of the blog.

I have worked a temporary solution to this conundrum. First is the emailing list. Email followers of the blog would be emailed for access link and password for each Hidden Post. I would encourage everyone to follow the blog to be included in the mailing list.
Second is via the Sashes&Scripts official Facebook page  https://www.facebook.com/sashesandscriptsofficial/
This page has less than 200 followers and it would be perfect as it doesn’t have the 100k plus audience of the Sash Factor page. It’s more intimate and as a special feature it will be posting new blogposts on real-time as they are published. In addition, there will be a number of posts that will only appear in that page that will not appear elsewhere in other Sash Factor social media accounts.

Please do bear in mind that these changes are in line with Sashes&Scripts’ move to become more of a professional business page. We have included ways for you to help this site running (check out how you can be a patron of the blog on the upper right corner of the site) without resorting to having lots of pop-up ads that ruins the brand experience. As we move forwards, more and more exclusive content and Hidden Posts will be available for our loyal patrons and followers.


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