4 Types of Sashes and Scripts Blogposts

When you visit my blog, you would typically see a number articles posted. On a daily basis, I would post one or two articles for my readers. While I may have written hundreds of articles on the blog, they essentially fall into one or two of these 4 categories: a News bit, an Editorial, a feature article or a Photo-essay.

To further distinguish one from the other, here is a brief explanation of each…
1. News Article – they usually are articles that are packed with factual and accurate information. They should be devoid of personal biases and should stick to the cold hard facts. This type of blogpost is usually accompanied by sources to ensure that it won’t be just treated as a ‘hearsay article’.
2. The Editorial – this is where personal opinions on a subject matter or a topic is involved. Serious in tone, the editorial is an exposition of the personal thoughts of the writer. It is at times involve discussing a delicate topic or a controversial issue.
3. Feature Articles – the most common type of post in my blog as it is very versatile in tone and in mood. The feature article aims to either entertain, educate, expose or a combination of the three. It can be serious in tone, it can be funny or sarcastic, or it can be melancholy in mood. It’s versatility allows the writer to experiment in various writing styles.
4. Photo-essays – mainly an exposition of graphics or photos following a theme or a line of thought. They can be comprised of as little as one graphic in a post to as much as 3 to 15 graphic images in one post. The ‘FunArt’ banners, ‘PhotoCollage of the Day’ and the ‘MANicMonday’ posts are prime examples of the photo-essays.

There are also rare multi-combination types like the #FashionFridays post or the ‘Sashes&Scripts Leaderboard’ which can be a combination of a number of the four types… So next time you visit the blog, you can now distinguish what type of post are you looking at.


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