The 3rd Sashes&Scripts Binibining Pilipinas 2018 Leaderboard Pt.2

This is the second of two parts and it still will be a shocker for a number of pageant fans.

One of the things I have observed in this batch is how they collectively seem to be all gifted on the chest area. That is a stark contrast with the 2016 batch that looked all too flat on the bussom area. I noticed that because they all fill in their swimsuits well. DR Swim by Domz Ramos provided teal blue colored two piece bikinis.
8. Kayesha Chua – channeling a Kylie Verzosa vibe with her straight hair. I happen to notice her performance as it was one that left an impression. It just happened that she is up in a strong batch who are to out-do each other. So she needs to keep on delivering on every occasion.
7. Eva Patalinjug – because she is blessed on the chest area, she tends to look shorter because her torso appears to look longer.  Thankfully her face is one that carries it all. I hope that she tries to experiment a bit on her hairstyle as she tends to default on her usual big curls.
6. Vickie Marie Rushton – looks very graceful onstage. Her biggest asset are the fact that she is one of the best faces in the group and is blessed with a curvy body. She is perhaps one of the bussom-y beauties in the batch.
5. Samantha Bernardo – she gave it everything she got. She knew her twirls and her poses well and looked good doing it. She was like Riyo Mori on Gatorade with her hip sway.

4. Muriel Orais
– not a surprise in the list as her lean and lithe body coupled with a very arresting face won me hands down. The girl is a performer and delivers onstage without overdoing it. I could say that she is the Janine Tugonon of her batch.
3. Catriona Gray –  she slides down from my list although still high in the leaderboard. Catriona showed that she can do fierce and is not stuck to the tweetums look. Visibly trimmed down but we all want to see more definition on her midsection.
2. Binibining Pilipinas International, Aya Abesamis – surprise, surprise! She was in her element onstage. The catwalk is her domain and she lords over it. She has the stature that makes her 5’7″ frame look 6 feet tall. I have to comment on the heavy make up though as it looked cake-y on some photographs.
1. Miss Universe Philippines, Ena Velasco – The doctor is IN! (Sorry just had to put that in). Ena surely looked good and was a standout in the press presentation. According to my moles, she was one of the girls that looked great in motion and had strong commanding presence. If you have that plus a meaty resume to bank up on, then you surely know why this gal is a dynamite in the contest.


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