#MANicMondays: Htoo Ant Lwin for Kora Mag

It has been a long while since we posted anything new for our usual MANic Mondays post.  Today we are posting something that is quite controversial as we are featuring a ‘not safe for work’ content.

Warning: the following post is for mature audiences and viewer discretion is advised. 
What is with male pageant titleholders and their propensity to pose provocatively in gay-magazines? After Rome Phanuphong bared it for Harder magazine, here comes Htoo Ant Lwin of Myanmar out-stripping Rome in his spread for Kora magazine.

The 6’1″ tall Htoo is from Yangoon and studyies Law at Meiktila University. He represented Myanmar in Man of the Year 2016 and Mister Supranational in 2017.

The photos we have selected in today’s post are the more tame ones from his Kora mag spread. He had numerous full frontal shots in the magazine spread which we deemed unsafe for audiences of the blog. You can easily find his photos all over the internet.
Earlier in 2018, he created buzz when his nude selfies leaked in the internet after his phone was stolen.

UPDATE (10/13/2019): We’ve managed to uncover several more of his risque shoots below…

4 thoughts on “#MANicMondays: Htoo Ant Lwin for Kora Mag”

  1. This guy is apparently maximizing his being fodder for raunchy magazine soft porn spreads simply because he is quite well endowed down there with a chiseled physique despite the average facial features. But he was practically unnoticeable during Mister Supranational 2017 and pales in comparison in group photographs particularly when positioned beside the likes of the drop dead gorgeous delegates from Brazil and Spain.


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