Mariam Habach or Keysi Sayago?

When the news broke out that a new rule is being implemented that no simultaneous queens are allowed for national franchises of Miss Universe, the first question in people’s minds is how does this affect Venezuela, Myanmar, Korea, Colombia and other Latin countries who crown their queens a year in advance?

According to the new IME| WME  rule, when two queens are reigning simultaneously, one of them would certainly not be able to compete in Miss Universe. Which could be interpreted that the newest queen would be the one to be sent for the competition. This affects Mariam Habach who has recently crowned Keysi Sayago as the new Miss Venezuela. If this new rule is to be followed, then the newly crowned Keysi would be sent to compete. 

While this new rule ensures a level playing field for all competitors, it does pose a devastating to Mariam who has trained for more than a year for the Miss Universe pageant.
Who among these concurrent Venezuelan queens should you want competing in the next Miss Universe: Mariam Habach or Keysi Sayago?


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