The Self Made Miss Earth Croatia, Nera Torlak

Miss Earth Croatia Nera Torlak is a self-made businesswoman, self-supporting student and beauty queen… all at the young age of 18!

She’s one of the youngest delegates this year in Miss Earth but she has shown that nothing can be obstacles if you truly want an education and a future for yourself. Here are some snippets of her message to us in Sash Factor… 
I started my business when I was 16 years old, so nobody can tell me that is difficult to find job. Nowadays with internet, if you want to work, you can. I love to cook. I’m real food lover. Most memorable customers are all customers because I make sweets for best days in they life. B-day, first B-day, baby showers, weddings. Like I’m part of it! I was first to start this trend with cupcakes in my country. It’s fun to do, also I make people happy and earn extra money for education. I also make hand made jewlery from reuse items, metals…
#BeautyforACause is not like beautiful girl doing something good, for me it means a beautiful life. For example you can make b-day party and tell your friend to bring you presents for something that other people need … toys for kids with special needs … lets be honest we always get gifts that are expensive and we don’t like it… hihihihi let’s change that and do something good plus with friends included.

Her self-made cupcake business, Candy Shop Online, sells cupcake mini-cakes, cupcake bouquet, cake pops and her earnings are funneled back to her business with part of it funding her education. Now this is truly a girl that the MEOrg can be proud of…


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