A Miss Universe Wardrobe for Rachel Peters

Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters has already revealed that designer Val Taguba will be doing her national costume and evening gowns for Miss Universe.

The designer who also did Rachel’s wardrobe in Binibining Pilipinas is up for the challenge to dress up our rep for MU. Rachel’s national costume will be a Sarimanok inspired costume as revealed by Rachel herself in a private chat with this blogger. And yes, don’t worry it won’t look anything like the Garuda costume of Indonesia’s Kezia Warouw last MU2016. That is an assurance coming from our rep herself. While I do not want to spoil the surprise, the costume will feature a ‘heavy headdress’. The entire ensemble will be completed by shoes from Jojo Bragais.

As for the evening gown, I am tight lipped as to what the color and silhouette will be. I can only say that there will be two gowns that will be prepared and brought for the evening gown competition. One will be an option for the preliminaries while one would be for the finals. Although it is still possible that she would be wearing just one gown for both prelims and finals. As I have said, no spoilers because we wouldn’t want others to get a peek on her strategy.

I have also revealed earlier that we should be watching her daily wardrobe. It will be modern and it will be very ‘strategic’ to say the least. The Kagandahang Flores and the amazing styling team of Ton Lau, Bonita Penaranda, et al… have truly made a strong wardrobe selection for Rachel to wear in Las Vegas.


#FashionFridays: Miss Universe Wardrobe Wishlist for Rachel Peters

I have talked a couple of weeks ago about preparing your pageant wardrobe. And today’s #FashionFridays post will be about my take on a pageant wardrobe for Miss Universe Philippines Rachel Peters.
Rachel has a fun loving free spirited vibe to her. But there is a kind of feminine sensuality in her that isn’t overtly seen. Rachel shines best when she wears clothes without too much frills…no fussy details, no laces, no florals, just clean lines. So I imagined that she would be perfect in a wardrobe that is a shout-out to designers like Balmain, Lanvin and Versace.

The Silhouettes: linear silhouettes to emphasize Rachel’s height and proportions, boned corseted bodices that act like armour, pinched waists
The Colors: Gold, Mango and Canary (only for the key pieces of the collection)
The Fabrics: silk gazaar, silk back crepe, mid-weight coated twill,
The Design Elements: huge flirty flounces, zipper back details on pencil skirts, suede finish crocodile tone-on-tone prints, Swarovski crystals in different shapes & sizes mirroring shattered glass, printed paillettes with matte gold back…

A collection of daywear separates

The first set of clothes is a group of separates that comprises of a corset and cigarette pants that has printed sequins with matte gold back (which changes colors depending on how one pats down the sequins), a pencil skirt with suede croc print and a zip back detail, a loose square blazer with tone-on-tone gold-thread embroidery, a double breasted sleeveless blazer with corseted bodice and slim leg pants both with suede croc print. This set conveys strong empowered young woman.

A collection of more formal clothes for events…

The second group of clothes are dressier outfits that can cross from day to nighttime events. Huge flounces, printed sequins, suede finish crocodile prints and back zip details adds coherence in this group. This has a more decidedly sexy vibe to it but adds some flirty fun into it.

Evening gowns and Interview outfits… The pleated ball gown has a deep V on the back as the front but with gold-thread embroidery.
Evening gowns and Interview outfits…

The last set has a haute couture feel to it that is gonna have people look twice on the wearer. A play on symmetry and pattern manipulation is made on these outfits to have more of an Alber Elbaz’ Lanvin feel to them. Nude tulle detail with embroidery or polymorphic crystal detail ties the gowns together. Bling is dialed down to a minimum but the exaggerated flounces and swags adds enough drama to the entire collection.
This collection is a simple wishlist and an exercise in creativity. Hopefully Rachel would be given a great wardrobe for Miss Universe this year. 

Planning the Perfect Pageant Wardrobe Pt.2

By now you have an idea on your personal style. You know what works for you and your body type. It is now time to prepare for the type of clothes that you would be needing for your competition.
This post covers the most basic outfit items you need to plan out. It is probably not the most extensive list as some pageants require additional outfits for talent, preliminaries, outdoor activities, etc…

The Interview Outfit
In some pageants, the close-door interviews accounts for the biggest chunk of your preliminary scores. It is wise to make a good lasting impression during the interviews. Which makes the outfit you wear all the more important. Your interview outfit has to communicate you as a person. But it should be treated like interviewing like a job as this is exactly like a job interview. So make sure you do select the appropriate outfit and accessory: not too over bling-y, not too sexy or revealing, not too colorful, not too drab either. You are not required to wear a blazer. A dress or dressed-up separates would do. Prepare a couple of outfits just in case that there would be two separate interview sessions.
The Evening Gown
You might want to prepare at least 4-5 evening gowns for international pageants. Separate them by those that we call the “competition gown” versus the evening gown that you may be required to wear during the welcome dinner or a fancy party like the Governor’s Ball or the Charity Gala. What is a competition gown you say? The competition gown is usually the gown that has the ‘wow factor’ on stage. They are typically embellished or create movement… or they simply are the ones that would make the wearer get noticed during the evening gown competition.
The Swimsuit
Your swimsuit option should be made based on your body type. Some two piece bikinis are only flattering to a narrow range of body types, so you have to know what works for you. In cases where you can choose from a wide array of swimsuit styles, try to choose one that is monochromatic and doesn’t have a lot of patterns or prints so as it does not distract from the wearer.

The National Costume
Most international pageants require a national costume to be included in their wardrobe requirements. Most local pageants do not require this however. To really get the most out of your national costume, try to do research with your designer on the type of costume you want to wear. Try to make it authentic to your country. But you can be creative and over-the-top for this if you want.
Daily Wardrobe
This is the most difficult portion of the wardrobe to prepare because of the number of outfits you have to prepare. Try to get a picture of how many days there are in the pageant and that is the minimum number of day outfits you need to have. This number does not include rehearsal outfits, interview outfits, gowns and the like. So you need to know how much dresses vis-à-vis separates do you need to bring.
Rehearsal Outfits
Rehearsals are part of your pageant activities so you might want to come in prepared for this. While there is no clear-cut rules on what to wear, you might want to consider an option that is both comfortable and stylish. You want to be comfortable in rehearsals, but you can do that and still look like you are fashionably on point. Try to do research on sportswear brands (sportswear doesn’t necessarily mean athletic wear brands like Nike or Adidas) and imagine how they would fit to the activity.

Not all pageants have the same personalities and preparing outfits for the competition proper should include consideration on the activities you will be having. Each of your outfit should communicate something about you. Each outfit should offer a glimpse of your personality and taste. They say clothes makes the man, hence you should take into consideration how your clothes affect how you feel about yourself and how people see you in them.
In the end of the day your clothes should always enhance you and you should never wear anything that overpowers you or those that are not in sync with your personal style. Your clothes should reflect you, the best version of you…

Planning the Perfect Pageant Wardrobe Pt.1

How do you plan for your perfect pageant wardrobe? This is obviously something that all pageant girls have to think of. It may not be simple as you think but we can help out the planning stage to get into your best pageant wardrobe.

When planning for pageants, keep in mind that this is not your usual day-to-day outfit planning. This is a bit trickier than that. You have to know what you want and what image you want the world to know through your wardrobe. Most people do not necessary think about this but your pageant wardrobe should be a tool to communicate yourself to the world. It should be able to speak something about you without you having to verbalize it.
You have to consider carefully the following points before shopping for clothes.
1. Personal Brand/ Image – before discussing your personal style, you have to think first about your personal brand or the personal image. Are you: strong, empowered, confident… or empathetic, soft, approachable… or classy, sophisticated, reserved…or edgy, fun, energetic? You have to know who you are inside-out. Your personal brand should be true to your personality. You have to amplify this on your pageant wardrobe because it is one way of getting yourself noticed.
Your personal brand should be consistent in all aspects. Because this is the building blocks of how your wardrobe should be. This will dictate the fabric, color, silhouette and embellishments that your pageant wardrobe will be.

2. Body Type & Skin Tone – crucial to your wardrobe is figuring out your body type. You really need to assess whether you are top or bottom heavy, an apple shape, or an inverted triangle. You need to figure out if you have a long torso with short legs or wide hips with small bust. Because if your body is not the ideal proportions, you should use your wardrobe to make you look taller, leaner and stylish. Use fashion to create the image of a fuller bust, leaner legs, smaller waist, etc… You also need to know your skin tone because honestly no one skin color can pull off all colors. Blue, the most flattering color for all skin types, have hundreds of shades that will look differently on different skin color. Not all whites can flatter every complexion…warm whites have different effect as optic whites on a variety of skin types.
So, pageant girls you really have to invest time on pre-planning your wardrobes. Dress according to your body type to minimize your flaws and maximize your assets. This is where a good image consultant/ stylist slash friend can come in handy.
3. Personal Style – your personal style will be defined by combining your personal brand with consideration for your body type…because every wardrobe decision would have to be consistent with your brand. This makes building up your wardrobe easy, because you can easily put in those that reflect your image or the image you want to project. Once you have streamlined what pieces you would want to include in your wardrobe, it would be easy to tie them all up with accessories (earrings, belts, neck-pieces, arm bands and bracelets, shoes, bags, etc…) that complement your style. This would entail investing on pieces that you can use and re-use in varying mix-and-matches to keep your over-all look always adhering to your personal brand.

One of the most common mistake in planning pageant wardrobes is that pageant girls jump immediately to the selection of the gowns, national costumes and the dresses. This would only result to an incoherent personal style. Try to build your wardrobe by working on your personal brand and style to achieve a consistent look throughout the pageant proper.
Part 2 of this 2-part blogpost focuses on the items you need to think and plan for.