Catriona, Alaiza and Samantha | Defining a Pageant Campaign

If there are three Filipina pageant girls that have redefined what a pageant campaign should be, those would be Catriona Gray, Alaiza Malinao and Samantha Bernardo.

These are what these three ladies brought into their pageant campaigns that revolutionized how the pageant game is played…

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Pageant Pages and their Toxic Positivity

It is no shock that the past week has been a tumultuous one on social media, specifically on Instagram. Several obscure pageant pages on Instagram have targeted Sashes&Scripts of being against a certain beauty queen simply because we posted a graphic on our IG that simply reads, “I Am Worried”.

Three words that would turn their lives upside-down and caused them to a frenzied discharge of miasma.

Imagine how fragile are such egos that it only takes 3 simple words from us to unravel their feeble sanity. How they reacted only illustrates the power we unknowingly yield that it shook them to their core. Accusations and falsehoods later abounded on how toxic and vile seem to be and it was propagated by these social media pages with dodgy reputation.

That is why following the backlash, we written a lengthy piece on why we are concerned on an article titled, “For the Record | I Am Worried“…

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Social Media’s Power in Pageantry

It has been a long drawn out debate how social media is not a barometer of one’s success in pageants. But let us reflect back on this topic now, in the context of the global pandemic, where being connected digitally is the norm rather than the exception.

In the past 3-4 years, we all have relegated Social Media as a non-essential factor in one’s pageant journey. However, here at Sashes&Scripts, we no longer subscribe to that ideology. And we believe this to have changed around 2 years ago.

Before anything else, let us first clear one thing: social media following is NOT the same as a Strong social media. They are not and will never be the same thing. Social Media Following is speaks of quantity, that’s number of followers and number of updates. Having a Strong Social Media is about quality. It’s about a strong visual language, engaging captions and conversations, discussions in the comment section, and most importantly image building. Social media strength is not about frequency of posting, but rather putting out quality content that your audience will respond positively to.

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2020 Year End Special Report – A Year That Was

2020 will be remembered as a year that shifted the entire way we live. It has shifted how pageantry could still be relevant in a society that has altered its course permanently. This is the year that was.

Same can be said of how this year has changed in the pageant industry. The industry as a whole had to re-evaluate and reassess a number of things this year. From how they select their winners, how to prep them for international competitions, to how pageants are held, how to improve revenue streams, etc… pageantry as a whole had an entire year to reconfigure what it means to hold pageants in a tumultuous year.

Through triumphs and trials, these are some of Sashes&Scripts’ actions and counter-actions to a year of difficulty…

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Pageant Candidates and Social Media at the Time of Covid-19 Pandemic

What can our pageant girls do during these times of quiet and quarantine period? Here are some of our suggestions…

Pageant girls can make use of this time to get their names out on social media when pageant activities are on hold. The great thing about this is that all pageant hopefuls have equal opportunity to ‘seen and heard’ on social media. There are no frontrunners or underdogs during this time every pageant hopeful has equal opportunities to be on every pageant fan’s and pages’ feed. Each pageant girl also has the creative control on the message she wants to send across. This pageant break is an opportunity to reach out to fans with regular social content that is timely, informative and useful.

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Is Social Media a Huge Factor in Winning Miss Universe?

Can a huge social media following boost your chances of winning the Miss Universe crown?

That is a question we will discuss in this post.

Social media presence is one of the few gray areas in pageants that is hard to quantify or even to qualify how it affects the Miss Universe competition. The social media phenomenon in pageants is a relatively new aspect in Miss Universe. In fact we only felt it affect pageants only after Pia Wurtzbach’s win in 2015. In her batch, Pia wasn’t the most followed candidate on Instagram. But what she did on social media the year of her reign changed how pageantry has consumed social media. Since then, pageant fans have increasingly followed pageant girls even before they step into the national pageants through their social media. MU winners aren’t immune to this as they are in constant public eye through posts in different social platforms. In 2018, due to her well planned and viral presence in Facebook and Instagram, Filipina rep Catriona Gray seemingly slayed the pageant in Bangkok due to being the talk of the town on different social media channels.

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Beauty Queens & the Follow, Follow Back, & Unfollow (f-FU!) Phenomenon on Instagram

At first I thought that it was just a juicy gossip, that is until it happens to you…

This wasn’t the first time that I encountered beauty queens adding me on social media, and in fact I do have a few on Facebook. But I have generally shied away from having a beauty queen add me on social media with reasons I have previously explained in this blog. But it is a different beast when it’s Instagram. I have very few BQs who follow me back on IG, the number is pathetic really, but I’m okay with that.  I don’t need them to follow me as long as they allow me to follow them, that is the relationship that works for me. But when a beauty queen follows you in Instagram and you follow back only to find out that a day after that she unfollowed you, then that is when s#!t hits the fan.
I’d call it the f-FU! phenomenon (follow-Follow back-Unfollow, patent pending). LOLs. Or in short – a really f!ck3d up way of adding followers on Instagram. Now here is the problem, such way of faking it with followers is such a piss-poor way of treating pageant fans. Because if you are doing that (specially those that are verified accounts) you are building more and more haters rather than followers. Soon, the knowledge of that practice will spread to a number of pageant fans until it reaches the pageant media, myself included. And sometimes pageant media people aren’t as nice as to not drop names. Others would blog about it like what I am doing now. Such practice shows just how big of an @ss these girls are. Now if they argue that they are using bots to gain more followers and that this is how these bots work, then congratulations! You’re not an @ass, just pathetic! What an upgrade! YIPEE!!! (dripping with sarcasm) Continue reading “Beauty Queens & the Follow, Follow Back, & Unfollow (f-FU!) Phenomenon on Instagram”