Bb Pilipinas 2017: A Fashion Review Pt.2

This is the second part of my Binibining Pilipinas fashion review. While not a lot of girls went off-road with their fashion choices, a number of them went via the tried and tested pageant patty/ typical gowns: lots of beads lace and see-though fabrics. 
Kylie Verzosa
– I have seen this Francis Libiran multitude of times already (on Marie Ann Umali, Shamcey Supsup or was it Venus Raj, several models during fashion shows, etc…) and the novelty has worn out. I was wishing that Kylie would have worn the powder blue gown she wore during the Miss International finals instead. Nevertheless Kylie looked immaculate in this gown. 

Joanna Eden – simple and understated. She is the best dressed among the outgoing queens that evening. It didn’t need too much bling but she looked tres tres chic in her white column gown.

Maxine Medina – her gown by Rhett Eala was a high fashion risk that didn’t pay off. It was perfection from the neck up and looked like Cousin Itt got a reverse Mr. T head-shave from the neck down. I didn’t expect that the outgoing MUP would wear such a disastrous gown. Didn’t Maxine read my sarcastic post on what we would want to see during finals?
Elizabeth Clenci – her fashion choice paid off big time as this ranks as one of the best gowns that night. Her hair and make up was also spot on which made the gown stand out more. I would put this gown as my 2nd fave among the gowns that night.

Jehza Huelar – went for the Zuleyka look, which was almost a fashion home-run except for the high slit in the middle that shown the huge platform sandals she was wearing. These type of heels would look great in swimsuits, but not necessarily on evening gowns. Still a fashion win though.
Mariel de Leon – she shone in her Cary Santiago red berry gown. While she may have not been my choice as the best in gown that evening, she nevertheless was one of those that scored a fashion win.

Sirene Sutton – I love this girl and her purple gown! But I would loved it even more had she wore this gown in a deep berry color or in dazzling white. She could have also styled her hair up to really set off the gown’s color. That would have earned her major diosa points.
Charmaine Elima – hers was a gown that could compete with the best gowns that Misses Colombia would wear in Miss Universe. Pablo Galicia Mendez’s gown could stand at par with any of the best gown Alfredo Barraza could dish out. I would have preferred if Maine styled her hair up to really set off her neck and the neckline of the gown.

If I were to pick my best dressed it wold be a toss between these three ladies: Elizabeth Clenci, Charmaine Elima and Pia Wurtzbach’s powder blue gown…


In Defense of Sirene Sutton

I feel the need to defend Binibini 13 Sirene Sutton from hecklers and bashers alike. After freezing during the Binibining Pilipinas question and answer portion, I felt that everyone has to collectively find kindness towards her. After all it is not easy going forward and stepping/ facing a national audience to be judged publicly.

It was painful to see Sirene getting unnerved by the question. How do you balance familial duty with your sense of freedom and independence? And the question hits Sirene the most, being one who had issues with who her father is (as per the ABSCBN primer). I believe that the question hits a nerve on a personal level. How would you take care of a parent who you never knew? I believe that is what was going in her head that time. That was quite difficult, I would assume, for her.

Understanding is a common word that is rarely understood by most. And that is what I would encourage everyone to have for Sirene. Her answer was imperfect but I believe there is more depth in her we can uncover. Hopefully, this experience wouldn’t scare her off the Binibining Pilipinas stage…

The Binibining Pilipinas 2017 Recap!

The Binibining Pilipinas coronation night has come and gone and now we have a new set of winners that will represent us in several international competitions later this year! So before we do a full review of the pageant here is a quick recap of the coronation night…

Opening Number – the girls went out onstage wearing Bing Cristobal identical dresses in red, greed purple and gold. They came out in 4 batches of 10 each to the tune of Sia’s “Move Your Body” (which coincidentally was one of my music wishlist for the 65th Miss Universe pageant).

Special Awardees – they were split into batches. Early lead went on to Chanel Olive and Rachel before Katarina and Mariel catched up on their respective awards…
Miss Friendship – 22 Chanel Olive Thomas
Miss Photogenic – 19 Rachel Peters
Best in Talent – 1 Dane Felise Marasigan
Best National Costume – 22 Chane Olive Thomas
Manila Bulletin Readers Choice – 20 Christagale Borja
Jag Denim Queen – 19 Rachel Peters
Miss CreamSilk – 15 Mariel de Leon
Best in Swimsuit – 19 Rachel Peters
Best in Evening Gown – 15 Mariel de Leon
Miss PAL – 31 Katarina Rodriguez

The top 25 Semi-finalists – this year there was two major cuts before going to the winners circle. First was the cut to the top 25 which comprised of the following (in order of call out):
2 Arienne Calingo
27 Beatrice Valiente
1 Dane Felisse Marasigan
37 Sammie Anne Legaspi
6 Ma. Benjieleen Nama
7 Jennyline Carla Malpaya
9 Vanessa Saliba
33 Kristi Rose Cequena
26 Ruffa Nava
38 Ana Patricia Asturias

After the top 15 competed in the swimsuits and evening gowns, they were then narrowed to the top 15 where each of the girls were asked by the panel of judges a question. They were split into two batches of question and answer. 
The Top 15 – 6 from KF, 1 independent and 7 from A&Q.
10 Jehza Huelar
13 Sirene Sutton
20 Christa Gale Borja
17 Camille Manalo
34 Gabriela Ortega
16 Sarah Grace Lacap
28 Juliana Kapuendl – People’s Choice winner (automatic top 15)

The Winners
2nd Runner up – 40 Kristel Guelos
1st Runner up – 32 Charmaine Elima
Bb. Pilipinas Globe – 18 Nelda Ibe 
Bb. Pilipinas Intercontinental – 31 Katarina Rodriguez
Bb. Pilipinas Grand International – 39 Elizabeth Clenci
Bb. Pilipinas Supranational – 22 Chanel Olive Thomas
Bb. Pilipinas International – 15 Maria Angelica De Leon
Miss Universe Philippines – 19 Rachel Peters

Congratulations to the new winners!

Binibining Pilipinas 2017: The Crown Contenders

Here is my complete set of Binibining Pilipinas Crown Contenders…
Binibini 12 – Angelique de Leon
Binibini 13 – Sirene Sutton
Binibini 15 – Mariel de Leon

Binibini 19 – Rachel Peters
Binibini 20 – Christagale Borja
Binibini 24 – Dindi Pajares
Binibini 32 – Charmaine Elima
* As my possible 8th placer, I am adding Nelda Ibe into the list…

I believe that all seven (plus one) of these girls could easily take home any of the titles at stake.
Good luck to all the girls competing in the pageant finals!

2017 Bb. Pilipinas Crown Contender: Sirene Sutton

Sirene Sutton
Strengths: she has a strong presence on the ramp plus an undeniable face. She is one of the facially strong mestizas in the batch who comes with a bonafide experience on the ramp. She manages to always bring out an impressive shot after shot in pictorials. 
Weaknesses: she has a face that might be too ‘foreign-looking’ for most Filipino pageant fans and that could be something that the judges might take against her.

Best Suited for: Miss Supranational with her ramp experience…
Most Likely will be: perhaps Miss Supranational would be her best strategic placement for the Philippines to have another international crown. Although she could fit any of the top titles from Miss Universe Philippines to  Bb. Pilipinas International and Intercontinental.

How Sirene Sutton Would Change the Binibining Pilipinas Game

Sirene Sutton is not going to be your typical Binibining Pilipinas contender. With her being an independent candidate, she is set to begin a motion something we haven’t seen for a long time: a campless girl possibly winning the Miss Universe Philippines title.

While we have the conventional camp flagbearers warring over the main title in the pageant, we cannot deny the simple fact that Sirene might just be the darkhorse that could possibly snatch the title up under the noses of Rachel Peters and Charmaine Elima. Sirene with her 5’7” frame also has the goods: nice body proportions, a lovely face and international appeal to win the most coveted title in the competition.
Some pageant insiders have whispered in muted conversations that it is no longer a major advantage to belong to a camp (to which we all have strong opinions for or against that) and that the powers-at-be are considering girls with ‘no strings attached’ for the MUP crown. Add to that are rumors that this year is a gonna be a year where camp affiliations won’t matter on the assignment of the main title. Such conspiracy theory could really bring in a major upset in the current status quo.

This would make Sirene a prime candidate that could shake up the competition. Should she win the MUP title, we can see a rise in independent candidates in years to come. She would usher in a wave of how we play the pageant game. She could possibly cement the dependence on the individual glamsquad. She could change the game by opening up doors for those pageant hopefuls who are not accepted by pageant camps. She just could possibly be the next Miss Universe we are look for.

The Bb. Pilipinas 2017 Jag Jeans Review

Upon the release of the Binibining Pilipinas Jag Jeans videos (and losing major sleep in the process), Sashes&Scripts has come up with 15 videos that stood out from the rest.

The Good
Elizabeth Clenci – strong video, she is slowly making a bigger mark in the competition.
Joselle Mariano – when this girl does fierce, she shoots immediately to the top of my list. I was right to say that she looks great with a smirk than a full blown smile.
Maria Gail Tobes – gave good face in the vid and was channeling a sexy Maxine Medina vibes.
Christagale Borja – with her long legs, she managed to make the Jag Long Leg jeans look short. She nailed the walk and her projection hit the mark well enough to be on the ‘good’ list.
Jehza Huelar – the strong eyes have been her trademark of late and she surely knows how to work it. Her vid shows why she is still a contender.
Ruffa Nava – she was exquisite in her Jag video. Kudos to her for sporting a ponytail to showcase her swanlike neck and her lovely features.
Liezel Ramos – what can I say, she looks great in motion. Her best assets are those piercing eyes. I just wished she didn’t put those hands on the jeans while walking.
Angelique de Leon – showed some sexy side to her. Plus she walked well and she projected well, I just hoped she had her hair in a ponytail to show more of her face. 

The Less-than-Stellar
Katarina Rodriguez – perfection when it comes to overall projection but her waterloo is the walk. Had she mastered the walk, she would have been in my top 3 videos list…
Mariel de Leon – the walk looked awkward but the face was divine. She looked heavy and struggling in the video, thankfully she can always rely on that heavenly face of hers to save it.
Chanel Olive Thomas – she delivered a memorable performance, not top of the line but surely not forgettable. I just wish her twirl was stronger to book this vid solid.
Dindi Pajares – she looked tired in this video, like something is off and it shows in her eyes. A little more concealer on the eye and perhaps a bit more energy from the eyes would have saved her video.

The Best Jag Jeans video
Charmaine Elima – one of the strong videos in the batch. She has a universally gorgeous face that could sell any product and she just did that with the Jag jeans.
Rachel Peters – is it just me or Rachel’s legs looked impossibly long in this vid? Nevertheless she delivered a solid performance here. Plus that twirl on the catwalk was flawless.
Sirene Sutton – this girl might just win the Jag Jeans award for her video! She registered well, had a strong walk and it was genius of her to wear nude heels. She was impeccable.

Best OBB Photos of Bb. Pilipinas 2017

Sometimes some girls truly peak at the most opportune moments as evidenced by four ladies who had the best OBB photos from the ABS-CBN shoot…
But before we name the best, let’s give a shout out to these ladies who nailed their shots as well:
7. Dindi Pajares
6. Maria Gail Tobes
5. Elizabeth Clenci

Now on to the best photos…
4. Rachel Peters – despite a pose that didn’t flatter the dress she was wearing, Rachel’s money shot was the face. IMHO, this was what carried the entire pic.
3. Mariel de Leon – that dark eye makeup is truly working for her. Doesn’t hurt that hers is one of the most photogenic faces in her batch. 
2. Angelique de Leon – the hat, dress and the face…all styled impeccable! No wonder she is the lead photo in the BBP Facebook album. She is a close second to Sirene’s pic IMHO.
1. Sirene Sutton
– best pic hands down! Perfection in this shot. She looked effortless in her photo that it drowns out everybody else’s

As an added bonus, check out the videos of the ladies in their ABC-CBN commercial….


Sashes&Scripts 2nd Binibining Pilipinas 2017 LeaderBoard

After several Binibining Pilipinas activities (charity visit, PAWS, etc…) and the recent unveiling of their swimsuit and national costume portraits, it is time to release the Sashes&Scripts’ Binibining Pilipinas 2017 second leader board.

The Honorable Mentions
12. Arienne Calingo
11. Katarina Rodriguez
10. Maria Gail Tobes
9. Jehza Huelar
8. Elizabeth Clenci
The BETAS – still a mix of the front runners and underdogs. A possible shake up can happen later as the competition progresses. 
7. Dindi Pajares
6. Angelique de Leon

5. Christagale Borja
4. Charmaine Elima
The ALPHAS – they still are the leaders of the pack and during public appearances, they continue to cement their lead over the others. 
3. Sirene Sutton
2. Rachel Peters
1. Mariel de Leon

The Best Binibining Pilipinas Swimsuit Pics

Yesterday, the Binibining Pilipinas page released 39 official swimsuit photos for the online part of the Miss Photogenic award. Although I have some pageant friends who didn’t like the minimalist approach to this shoot, I am actually liking the overall theme. But perhaps I may suggest not wearing black swimsuits as dusky morena beauties like Jamaica Ambal and Charmaine Elima  would not look flattering on this color. Today Sashes&Scripts picks the 10 best shots from the roster of 39…
Before we list the 10 best, I’d like to mention a couple of Binibinis that I think could have done better in their swimsuit pics:

Mariel de Leon – her photo looked ‘airbrushed to perfection’ that even her divine face couldn’t save it. For one who has worked in the fashion industry for more than a decade, I’ve seen the practice of airbrushing done to create an image… but it looked like it was overly done on certain areas (though not on the face) of Mariel’s photo.
Charmaine Elima – she just stood there. This girl can do better as I’ve seen it before. Her photo also lacked re-touching IMHO. Thankfully she has a lovely face that saves it from being a bad pic…

On to the 10 best pics….
10. Karla Manongsong – a surprise in the list as her photo was actually reminiscent of Janine Tugonon at some angles. That jawline and the pursing of her lips was perfect!

9. Liezel Ramos – on shoots like this, that’s when she shines. It was good to see that her photo had dialed down the sexpot image and that she gave a strong eye. Not quite sure on the contrast editing of the photo but the photo was okay overall…
8. Ruffa Nava – another girl who does not disappoint when it comes to her photos. She has stunning facial features and she knows how to put it to good use.

7. Sirene Sutton – I am beginning to get tired with her open mouth pout she seems to favor in shoots. Nevertheless she delivered in this shot.
6. Nelda Ibe – her body positioning was good to start off so that any edits will look minimal. The money shot though was the facial expression, the way she stared out and opened her lips a bit, that was what made the pic a good one.
5. Joselle Mariano – dang, she was a revelation on her shot… This lady looks better when she does a smirk rather than smiling with exposed teeth. The way she positioned her body in an ‘S’ like curve was a stroke of genius.
4. Ana Patricia Asturias – another surprise who made my list. Girl made that awkward pose look effortless and the angles made by her face was great enough to put her into my list.

3.  Dindi Pajares – this girl worked her best angles in this pic. After a rough start, I am expecting that Dindi would start bringing on the heat after this pictorial.
2. Katarina Rodriguez – being an alum of a modeling reality show, I am expecting her never to fail a photoshoot… and she did splendidly in this one. The face and the body angles was on point.
1. Rachel Peters – she owned this photoshoot! I’ve said it once and I’m saying over and over: Rachel has the body of past MU winners Paulina Vega and Gabriela Isler. This is actually the 2nd time that she placed #1 in my list. She looked luminous and radiant in this shot!